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Open M L P Rp.

Discussion in 'General Role Play Discussion' started by Sunlight Isekai Overdrive, Jan 6, 2020.



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  1. You know what? Fuck it. I'm a Furry / Brony! Sue me!
    I might not be good at making these, but Im going to have fun, dammit!

    1. There will be One Alicorn OC, which is what I'll will supply.
    2. Pokecharms Rules.
    3. Changelings are fine, as are any other race.
    4. This is during the Future Saga, where Twilight is the New Princess.
    5. Note Taking is the password.

    " The new Generation of Children have grown, Realizing the true Magic of Friendship. Of course, with new knowledge, comes Great foes. The old Elements of Harmony are Old, and New ones are bound to be Needed. Will your Children be the ones? Only time can tell. "

    ~Character Sheet~

    Element of Honesty:
    Element of Loyalty: Rainy Notes
    Element of Magic:
    Element of Generosity:
    Element of Laughter:
    Element of Kindness:

    ~My Characters~
    Name: Blank Note
    Gender: Hermaphrodite ( Both Organs )
    Age: 125. ( 29, if you don't count Hibernating for awhile. )
    Race: Changeling / Demon.
    Appearance: He is a Dark-Grey changeling, with Lighter-grey Hair. He has Green Eyes, Similarly to his Mother. He stands at a whopping 5`3 normally, and is capable of transforming to be taller. He wears a Dark Blue Formal Guard attire, with Yellow Belts. He has Darkened parts on his Hooves, and the Usual Holes.
    Backstory: He was just a Usual Changeling. Y'know, playing rough with his Hatch mates, and all that stuff. Difference being, he was Fed Royal Jelly, meaning he was of the Royal Blood during the time of his Hatching. Despite his Relations to Chrysalis, he didn't necessarily Enjoy being in the Hive. He was put into some Cryo-stasis thing, keeping him Aged, without him being Conscious.

    Before the Events of the Rp, he was Awoken. Confused, he wandered around the Forest, stumbling upon Dusk. He was 102 at the time, but looked like a Foal. He undertook the name of Blank Note, and met Dusk Sky, his Future Waifu.

    Now 125, he is a Proud Royal Advisor, Husband, and Father.

    Other: Note Taking.
    Name: Blank Space ( Junior )
    Gender: Hermaphrodite
    Age: 8
    Race: Changeling / Bat / Demon
    Appearance: He looks like a Dark Violet Reformed changeling, with Grey hair Similar to his Fathers, His eyes are a Mixture of Hazel and Green. Standing at 2`3, he Wears his Fathers old Blue Sweatshirt.
    Backstory: He is just a 8 year old Kid with big dreams. Whats it to you?
    Other: Note Taking.
    Name: Rainy Notes
    Gender: Female
    Age: 8 ( Younger by a Minute )
    Race: Bat / Changeling / Demon
    Appearance: She is 2ft, and has a Dark Grey Coat like her Father. Her hair is a a Three-Shaded mixture of Yellow, Blue, and Pink. She has a Top hat, and a Magic Cape. She has yet to obtain her Cutie mark.
    Backstory: Uh. Magic..?
    Other: Note Taking. The Element of Loyalty.
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