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Lysis' Debut! Vs. Chadwyck

Discussion in 'General Role Play' started by Sem, Jan 25, 2011.

  1. Sem

    Sem The Last of the Snowmen
    Former Administrator

    OOC: As the title suggests, this is an RP between me and Chadwyck. I'm debuting my alternative Lysis, who exists outside of my Pokemon universe but is otherwise fairly identical.

    Lysis Fox walked confidently through the busy streets of downtown. The young woman was quite tall, her 5'10'' frame towered over most of the people in the crowd, seeing she was also in a pair of four-inch heels. She was dressed smartly in black suit trousers that hugged her legs nicely before loosening a bit below the knee. Her suit jacket was also black, and tailored specifically for her strong, shapely frame. Underneath the jacket was a deep red blouse, with ruffles going down the center, and ruffled sleeves extending just a bit out from under the jacket sleeves.

    Her heels were actually more like boots, made of black leather, and extremely durable - they had to be. The boot only went just past her ankles, and had silver buckles on either side. Her black wavy hair was worn down, with a dark fringe falling over part of her face, but flapping up in the wind as she walked with a sure look on her face. Her skin was fair and pale, but not unpleasantly so. She wore a darker red lipstick and a light brush of blush on her cheeks. Her midnight blue eyes were striking, easily the first thing you saw thanks to a bit of mascara.

    She was only in the city for a specific purpose, as a favor for one of her friends. Seems they needed someone dead, and Lysis was happy to assist when her friend gave her a very nice sum of money. Miss Fox often took jobs that required the death of some individual. It was the easiest way to make a large amount of money fast, considering Lysis' specific and exceptional skills.

    She was discovered to have some sort of psychic abilities when she was very young, barely even five years old, but from that moment she was taken and trained harshly for years and years through a variety of means, effectively making her who she was today. She was no longer with the organization that had tried to train her and others into their personal super soldiers, but she would not ever toss aside the skills they had given her.

    Her life was now a life of luxury, and she lived as she pleased, acting upon mere whims and passions.

    Miss Fox now caught site of who she was looking for. As she had been told she would find her target out in the city. He was currently getting out of a car, followed by a bodyguard. The bodyguard was immediately striking, seeing as he carried a sword that was ever so massive and intricately designed. Lysis smirked and lowered a pair of stylish glasses over her eyes. The shades, were of course, more than just for show. Upon the inside of the lenses was displayed a variety of information regarding her target, including a confirmation that he was indeed her target. There had been a time many years prior when she had accidentally taken out someone who wasn't a target. Of course, she had only been nine at the time, so you couldn't blame her too much.

    The bodyguard had glimpsed her putting on her sunglasses, casting a suspicious eye upon her. She acted completely inconspicuous, passing the two completely without giving them any attention. A minuscule camera that was in the tips of her glasses showed her that they had both gone inside.

    "Excellent," she grinned, catching the attention of a man passing by her, think she had been smiling at him. Before he could turn around to make sure she was no where to be seen.

    Lysis walked briskly down the alley that was between the building her target was in and the next. She found a side door that would take her inside, but found it fairly locked. Stepping back, she cracked her neck and began to focus telekinetic energy into her leg. With a skillful spin she brought her leg around and kicked the steel door squarely in its center, sending it flying off of its hinges. She had found herself in a kitchen, though no one was around. Lysis left the kitchen, finding herself in the hallway. She could search the building telepathically for her target, but she needed to be careful - most competent bodyguards were trained to know the feel of the brush of a telepathic presence on their minds. It would be better to lie in wait.

    Making her way to the building's lobby she took a seat facing the entrance, meaning that whenever her target had completed whatever business he had his back would be to her when he left. Her chair was nestled with its back against a corner of the fancy lobby, giving her a view of the entire room. Crossing one leg over the other, she picked up a newspaper, casually reading the stories inside and hiding her face.

    After thirty or so minutes she saw her target enter the room, preparing the leave. His driver was already back in front of the building with rear passenger door open. The young woman reached inside her jacket, pulling one of her two guns out if its holster. It was a pistol, but a large pistol, simply called the Strata .500. As the name suggested, the semi-automatic pistol fired .50 caliber rounds, which was incredibly powerful. The barrel was 10.5 inches long, which was quite long as well. The pistol was black, with a silver stripe along the barrel, with the word "Strata" engraved along the side.

    The gun was one of two identical pistols, which she had acquired a long while ago. The pistols were not only special in that they were incredibly powerful, strong enough to take out a creature as large as an elephant, but they had been originally stolen and enchanted. Lysis, of course, stole them from the enchanter, reaping the rewards of owning two pistols that now had magical properties. The enchantment was simple, yet effective - the bullets were enchanted to replicate inside the magazine, meaning she had never once had to reload the weapons. The guns were invaluable, and she would sooner tear down the sky than give them up.

    Lysis dropped the newspaper and extended her right arm, gripping the pistol in one hand. You generally didn't hold a pistol with one hand - it was safer and more accurate with two, but when you had the kind of training that Lysis had, and you could reinforce your hand and wrist with telekinetic energy as to remove recoil completely - it didn't matter.

    With a grin she aimed the weapon at her target's back and fired.
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  2. (OoC: A bit disappointed you changed my Anime!title D: I wanted it to be Lysis' Debut: A Duel with Chadwyck!? - Oh well, I suppose you only took out a bit of it xP)


    The car sped through the city without much concern for traffic signals or pedestrians. It wasn't the driver's fault, he normally preferred to observe and obey most of the rules of the road; when he deemed it necessary to drive a vehicle at all. The fault lie instead with the passenger of the car, a certain bigwig of some important company that felt he was more important than the rest of the world. It wasn't necessarily true, he was just considerably more wealthy than the rest of the world. It was because of this wealth that he had managed to rope himself the two best bodyguards that money could buy.

    "Hurry up, I'm expected to be there now! What am I paying you for?" The man shouted to the driver, but he looked instead at the man sitting opposite him in the back. The man in question was the second bodyguard, Chadwyck Felling. He was tall, around six foot one. He was dressed in in black jeans and heavy combat boots that were steel-toed. He wore a formal white shirt beneath a suit jacket that had been modified with several zippers. He eyed his client with his hazel eyes and flicked a strand of dark brown hair out of his eyes.

    "Relax, sir, my partner is one of the best drivers on this or any world. We'll get you to your meeting." Chadwyck stated reassuringly, before resting his head on the headrest behind him. As soon as his client turned his head to peer out the window, Chadwyck rolled his eyes. Bodyguard? More like a babysitter for a spoiled brat. He scoffed inwardly, I know we need the money, but I can't stand jackasses like him.

    He took a moment to look over his client once more. He was an older man, possibly in his sixties. Life had been good to him, Chadwyck had guessed, and he hadn't really needed to work for anything. Probably inherited the business from his father, judging by his spoiled attitude. His hair was graying and he wore a full beard that was trimmed close to his face, also gray. He wore a brown suit, black shoes, and a dark yellow tie. His shirt wasn't white, being closer to an off-white color, but Chadwyck couldn't tell if that was intentional or if the shirt was just old. He walked with a cane that sat beside him on the seat, much like Chadwyck's own sword beside himself.

    He turned abruptly and scrutinized Chadwyck, "What are you looking at, Mister Felling?" He asked coldly.

    "We're here, Mister Jacobson." The driver said pulling up beside a curb outside of a tall office building. Mister Jacobson, their client, had a meeting with one of the head honchos of the company. Luckily, the arrival of the car at the building distracted the man from his bitterness toward Chadwyck.

    The driver got out and opened the door for Jacobson, who got out and stood close to the car, not daring to venture away from it without his bodyguard. Chadwyck followed behind the man, sliding his sword into the clasp he wore on his back. The man stepped toward the building and Chadwyck only lingered a second. "Thanks, Liam." Chadwyck said under his breath to the driver; a green haired man dressed in an all black suit and a matching fedora. He smiled and nodded as he returned to the driver's seat.

    "Return for us in half an hour, Mister Monroe." Jacobson said sternly. Afterward, the car drove off.

    Chadwyck noticed a girl walking down the street toward them, she raised more than a few flags in Chadwyck's mind as she stepped past them, putting on her sunglasses. He was ready for anything, but she kept on walking by, Chadwyck didn't lower his guard until they were safely in the elevator on the way to the top floor. And even then, he didn't fully relax.

    The man stepped out followed by Jacobson. He had to pay off the company CEO so that his company could move into their business, or some other such nonsense. It didn't matter to Chadwyck so long as he got paid at the end of the day.

    It was about a week ago that they had first been hired by Mister Jacobson. Which was interesting because they had been caught stealing from him by his bodyguards who were currently hospitalized. They had been paid to steal an artifact back from Mister Jacobson's home, an artifact that he had stolen himself from a museum. Well, not stolen himself, but he arranged the heist. When the old man caught Chadwyck and Liam with his two bodyguards in serious need of a hospital, he offered them three times what they had been paid to steal the artifact, every week, in exchange for their services until his normal bodyguards could return to work. Liam took the deal, dragging Chadwyck along with him.

    The young man stood patiently while his client talked away to his new found prey. It didn't take long to convince the man that the money upfront was more than generous of Mister Jacobson to offer. They shook hands and Mister Jacobson found himself with a nice new business deal, one in which he made all of the profit. Chadwyck pressed the button for the elevator and the pair rode down in silence.

    When the elevator doors opened again, on the bottom floor, Chadwyck was the first out once more. He scanned the room and didn't notice anything immediately dangerous, and so signaled for Jacobson to follow. Liam was outside with the car waiting and the door open, now they just had to cross the lobby and get in the car. They passed by the front desk, and Chadwyck noticed something out of the corner of his eye, it was the girl from before. She was standing up and preparing a shot for Mister Jacobson.

    Acting fast, Chadwyck drew his sword and let the bullet deflect off of it. At the sound of the gunshot everyone in the building went running in every direction. Some people fell to the floor. Mister Jacobson ran toward the door on Chadwyck's orders, and Liam was there to meet him half way. He didn't stop with Jacobson, however, he moved to keep heading to Chadwyck's side.

    "Liam!" He said quickly, causing the green-haired man to stop running. "Take care of the old man, this chick is mine." He smiled at his partner and gave a thumbs-up.

    "Show-off." Liam said with a chuckle, "fine! But don't go dying now, Chadwyck." Liam smirked and took Mister Jacobson's arm. "This may feel a bit strange, Mister Jacobson." And then they disappeared instantly, a resounding pop from the air filling the pocket they had previously been inhabiting.

    Chadwyck rested his sword on his shoulder and looked the young lady over, definitely the same one from earlier. "All right, as you can see my client's no longer here. You can leave now and save yourself some trouble," he smiled as he held his hand toward her in the shape of a gun, "or you can try and get past me. And, since I already know what you're going to choose," he didn't finish the sentence but instead acted like he fired the 'gun' in his hand, sending a ball of fire roughly the size of a handgun bullet toward the woman.
  3. Sem

    Sem The Last of the Snowmen
    Former Administrator

    Lysis stood for a moment, gun still raised. She bit her lip, contemplating what to do now. Her target was now God-knows-where. She never failed. What would happen to her reputation? Nothing significant, she realized. Her friend may not be so pleased with her though. Good thing she asked for half of the money up front. Of course, she could always find out where the target had gone by fishing through this bodyguard's mind, which would be easy to do once he was unconscious. He also neatly blocked her bullet - he was good - he would be fun with play with.

    Seeming to read her own mind, he knew that she would stay and fight, firing off a small spurt of fire in her direction. She quickly jumped to the side as the fire-bullet hit the wall and blackened it with a small explosion of fire and heat. As she jumped she fired upon the man, grinning at the sound her gun made as each shot was fire, a sound that never failed to get her adrenaline pumping.

    "A special, huh?" she said with a smile. It wasn't common for her to run into elementals or magicians. Whatever this guy was, it would only add to the enjoyment. Without a warning she broke into a sprint towards him, firing more as she ran before turning on her heel and delivering a telekinetically-enforced kick towards his ribs.
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  4. The woman jumped out of the way of his small exertion of power. No surprise there, it hadn't really been meant as more than a warning shot. Not to mention, as Liam so readily pointed out, Chadwyck couldn't resist the opportunity to show-off his strength in a fight. True enough, this woman could prove to be nothing more than a common assassin, but the young man wagered that she wasn't.

    The woman fired several rounds as she dove out of the way of his attack. He opted to try blocking his vitals as he moved. He held the flat-edge of his blade in front of his body and face as he caused a small explosion beneath his feet to send him up and back at an angle that would remove him from harms way for the time being. A few rounds were blocked by his sword, sending jolts up his arm as each one hit. "Those are some big bullets." He noted aloud as he removed himself from the barrage's path.

    Immediately upon his landing, the woman was running at him at full speed. She fired several more rounds at him, this time he decided that he'd rather stand his ground. He waved his palm in front of him, if one was paying close attention it would be possible to notice the disruption in the air directly in front of the young man. He had charged the air particles via electrokinesis and as the bullets came in contact with the electronic shield, they began to slow. Several stopped entirely, others had slowed enough for Chadwyck to easily avoid.

    Next he met the kick that she had delivered, quite literally. He barely had the time to raise his sword before the kick connected with the flat-edge. Chadwyck's body was rocked from the force of impact and he was sent sliding back. Thinking quickly, he used the momentum to his advantage. He twisted, stabbing the sword into the ground and coming to rest vertically upon it; the force of the impact focusing itself into his legs. With a kick, he leapt toward her; his palms open to reveal swirling balls of flames within each of them.

    A flurry of open-palm hits were targeted for the young woman's torso, each one bringing with it a small controlled explosion. After several of these, he flipped forward and kicked off of her. With hands extended he grabbed hold of his sword's handle, coming to a land neatly on his feet and drawing the blade up. The entirety of the attack executed within a manner of seconds. "Trust me, babe," Chadwyck said with a cocky smirk, apparently positive that any blows that actually landed hardly damaged her, "you've never fought anyone like me." For the pure showiness of it, he caused a quick spark to streak above his head.

    "Chadwyck Felling." He added abruptly, "I make it a point of knowing who I'm going to kill." Whether he considered it chivalrous to ask his opponent's name, or he was simply curious couldn't be said, but he waited her answer; and her next move.
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    Sem The Last of the Snowmen
    Former Administrator

    Lysis immediately jumped far back, using a telekinetically enhanced jump, but she had still sustained some damage from the small-scale explosions - her suit jacket singed. He followed her, bringing his leg down in order to kick her. Drawing her second pistol, she threw up her arms, crossing the barrels of the identical guns. The action blocked the kick nicely, so much that the young man was able to kick off of her block.

    He introduced himself, being quite cocky in his attitude.

    "Kill me?" she replied. "You think much too highly of yourself, babe," she winked. "I'm not anyone you've ever faced before either - flashy fireworks won't help you. Lysis Fox is who you're dealing with."

    She gazed at him for a moment, wrinkling her nose at the smell of her singed outfit. The suit had cost quite a lot, he would pay for ruining it. He could stop her bullets, she had seen what he did with the electricity, but they were still the first and foremost option in her arsenal. He was well aware that she could deal blows more powerful than that of any average human, but awareness would prove useless if he couldn't see her coming.

    She aimed both guns at him, grinning as the sounds of sirens began to fill her ears. The police no doubt. They would storm the place any second. Spinning on her heel, she kicked one of the lounge's sofas at the man as if it were nothing. She fired from both hands at him as he dealt with the flying furniture. It was also typically ludicrous to use two guns at once, as it was very difficult for the mind to keep track of multiple targets, which would be why one would ever think of using two at once. Lysis was, of course, again, a special case, and being ambidextrous, as well as a psychic, had its advantages.

    In the blink of an eye she vanished, appearing behind Chadwyck in the same moment. As the police cars came to screaming halts outside and officers aimed their weapons at the front of the building, Lysis grabbed Chadwyck's arm, and then they both vanished from sight.

    They reappeared on the roof of the building, the skyline now being their battleground. Lysis twirled around the man, hoping that he was too disoriented to avoid the knee to his stomach.
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  6. "Lysis Fox," he echoed her name, choosing to ignore that she insulted him. It worked to his advantage if she thought he was just some cocky kinetic. "That explains it. It's a powerful name," his smirk was erased by the sound of sirens in the distance. The police showing up wasn't necessarily trouble for him from a legal standpoint; he had evidence to prove he was employed as a bodyguard for Mister Jacobson and several witnesses to this woman trying to assassinate his client.

    That wasn't where his concerns lie at all. He was more concerned about his fight with Lysis being interrupted; that simply wouldn't do, not this early into the festivities. Lysis Fox didn't appear ready to call it quits either as she hurled a sofa toward him with a powerful kick. She then opened fire with her dual pistols.

    Chadwyck went into action, swinging his sword in a vertical slice and enhancing the swing with pyrokinetic energy, sending a burst of fire along the path of the slice. It met the sofa and split it in half, sending the two halves veering away from him. The next obstacle was the gunfire, which, he had to admit, wasn't as easy to stop as he let on. They were big rounds that traveled with a lot of momentum, of course now that he knew that he'd be more prepared for it.

    He did the same as before, only he enhanced the area of effect. The bullets still took a lot of energy to stop, but at least this time they all halted completely before falling harmlessly to the ground. He looked up and noticed that Lysis had disappeared; before he could even bat an eyelash at this fact she was upon him again. She took a hold of his arm and in an instant they were on the roof, and Chadwyck was facing a knee to the gut.

    He brought up his free hand and took the brunt of the force, but his stomach still felt the repercussions of his hand being forced back by the impact. It would have quite possibly rendered him unconscious if he was a second slower. "Another teleporter?" He asked looking up at the woman, "guess I should thank Liam for getting me use to that stomach churning sensation of teleportation." He looked her over again. Not for the first time, his suspicions had been right on the money; she was something more than an average assassin.

    He didn't waste any time with chitchat, instead he began to raise his sword with a smile. Despite the immediate danger to his person, he was enjoying himself. He spun three hundred and sixty degrees, dragging his foot along the ground with him as he did so; sending out an arc of fire that hovered inches above the ground. He continued the spin a second time, his sword extended, sending a similar arc just above her head; leaving her with limited options of avoidance.
  7. Sem

    Sem The Last of the Snowmen
    Former Administrator

    Lysis flipped forward, twisting her body so that it was horizontal - parallel with the roof. The flames passed below and above her, with her safely in-between.

    Miss Fox landed in a crouch, her eyes fixed upon Chadwyck. She thought quickly to herself as she stood, aiming a gun and unloading more rounds in the young man's direction as she walked forward. Despite the fact that he had a sword, he didn't seem to want her too close to him. Of course it could just be coincidence, but why not try to bring it in closer?

    Lysis broke into a sprint, rearing back a telekinetically-enforced fist. As she began to throw the fist forward she teleported. Reappearing on the man's right side her fist continued as if nothing had happened, aiming for the right side of his head. Swinging around, she swung her left arm at him in an attempt to pistol-whip him.
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  8. Lysis avoided the attack easily with a display of acrobatics. Chadwyck sighed inwardly, he wasn't expecting a lot from the attack, but she avoided it so easily that it sort of felt like a waste. He liked the set up of that attack, but at least she was trying to close the distance now; and he wasn't about to try and stop her from getting closer.

    He slammed his sword into the ground in front of him, deciding not to use it for the next few moments. She was coming right at him, but was she really? He could nearly hear Liam's taunting from their sparring sessions: "You aren't thinking three-dimensionally, Chad. I can be anywhere, remember?" It had gotten old really fast.

    Chadwyck prepared himself for a frontal assault, regardless, just in case it was a fake out; but he kept ready for anything. "Teleporters make me jumpy, it's like watching a freaking horror movie." He muttered as she disappeared in front of him, "I knew it." The same instant she was to his right, following through with the punch that had been seconds ago heading for his face. He had less than a second to move his head, and no time to dodge the pistol-whip.

    He was hit, and it hurt like hell, but he wasn't about to let her get away clean. As his head was knocked one way, he grabbed her arm and wrapped his own around it; keeping her close. Standing less than an inch away from her he threw his own punch for her stomach, as his fist came forward he created a small jet of flame at his elbow; increasing the speed and power of the blow.
  9. Sem

    Sem The Last of the Snowmen
    Former Administrator

    Lysis gasped as the rocket-powered punch drilled into her stomach. Gasping for air, she kept a firm grip on Chad's arm as they were now interlocked. She spun and kneeled down, throwing her pistol up under his chin and pulling the trigger.
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  10. It appeared as though miss Fox was human after all, the punch to her stomach had hit wonderfully. Not so wonderful was the fact that Lysis had maintained her grip on Chadwyck and the two were still intertwined, from a perspective that focused on continued living this was bad. From Chadwyck's perspective, it was ridiculously interesting.

    She put her gun up to his chin and pulled the trigger; just as Chadwyck got his hand around the barrel. The hammer on the gun couldn't fall because Chadwyck had magnetized it with his electrokinesis. The gun fired, but the hammer hadn't hit the bullet casing yet. He wrenched the gun away from his chin and allowed it to fall; the bullet firing harmlessly into the sky. That had been a little too close for comfort.

    For reasons that couldn't be explained by any rational human being, Chadwyck smiled. "Those guns are nice." He commented as if a compliment was all he had in mind while he kept a hold on Lysis, "I bet they make fantastic conduits." He grinned as he lit himself up like a Christmas tree, electricity coursing from his body into the gun he still grasped in his hand.
  11. Sem

    Sem The Last of the Snowmen
    Former Administrator

    "Son of a bitch," Lysis muttered, teleporting just a foot away, leaving her precious weapon in the hands of another as he lit up. She reappeared in a crouch, swiftly swing her leg around in order to knock out Chad's feet from under him. She continued to spin up into a standing position, grabbing hold of the man's sword as she did so. Continuing her spin, she swung the blade at him, possibly swinging it harder than it had ever been swung before.

    Despite his arrogance, she couldn't say that she wasn't enjoying herself - though she wanted her gun back. "Nice sword, babe," she commented. "What's it made of? I sure hope it won't break," she said with a grin, swinging it again at the man.
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  12. Lysis was gone, leaving her gun in Chadwyck's hand. It wasn't plan A, no, that included Lysis being an electrocuted mess on the floor twitching from remnant electricity in her system. However, plan A also sounded like it would lead to the fight ending rather abruptly, thus plan B was sufficient. He concluded as he jumped over her leg sweep. He had one of her pistols and... "Damn," he grunted as she grabbed a hold of his sword and brought it round to attack while he was still airborne.

    He kicked with his leg and a burst of heat twisted his body in midair, as he did so he found his world upside down. He placed his free hand briefly on the flat of his sword and continued his side-flip off of it. "It's enchanted silver, actually." He shrugged as he landed lightly, "I couldn't had a normal steel sword, but I liked the look of the silver better." It was odd, he answered the question as he would in normal conversation; despite the fact that his life was on the line.

    She swung his sword at him again, this time he jumped up and forward, flipping as he did so. When he was directly above Lysis, they were like mirror images; his head facing the roof as her's faced the sky. He brought the hand holding her own gun up and aimed for her; he wasn't as skilled with guns as Liam, but he wouldn't miss from this range. He fired three times just to be safe.
  13. Sem

    Sem The Last of the Snowmen
    Former Administrator

    Lysis swung the large blade up across her face and blocked the shots, frowning slightly. Someone had just used her gun and she felt a bit defiled. Black-flipping, she hoped to nail Chadwyck in the face with her pointed boot.

    Landing in a crouch once more, "How's that recoil?" she asked as she was about to leap at him with another swing. Before she could do so the doorway to the roof burst open, unleashing dozens of SWAT members out onto the roof. "Time to move," Lysis thought, breaking into a sprint towards the edge of the roof. Ignoring the shouts of angry officers she jumped, using her telekinesis to give her a boost. She flew across the alley, landing rather gracefully on the next roof belonging to a building that was a bit shorter than the one they had been on.

    Police would be all over that roof as well only momentarily, and snipers would soon be in place, and Lysis could even hear the sounds of a chopper not far off. "We're gonna be on the six o' clock news for sure," she said to herself as she watched Chad jump off of the other roof as well. Aiming her pistol she fired at him as he fell.
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  14. Chadwyck could tell by the look on Lysis' face that she didn't particularly like being fired upon by her own weapon. It was strange to see his sword being used to block one of his own attacks too. Weapon trading made everything so backwards. She flipped back trying to hit Chadwyck with a heel to his face; and such an encounter probably wouldn't end well for his face.

    He cartwheeled off to the side, aiming the gun at her again as she readied for another attack with his sword. "It's a bit excessive," came his response to her question, "I'd hate to see you and Liam at a shooting range, there'd be nothing left of the place." He sighed as he readied to resume the attack when SWAT burst onto the roof.

    Lysis ran immediately, and Chadwyck followed not far behind; ignoring several shouts of "stop!" and "cease!" and other angry phrases that were just allegory for "we are about to shoot you!" and Chadwyck didn't feel like sticking around for that. Lysis leapt to another building across an alleyway, and Chadwyck followed suit.

    She wasted no time firing at him as he found himself suspended in the air. He kicked out behind him and burst forward with enough speed to move away from the area of gunshots; landing with a tuck and roll on the rooftop and coming to a stop behind an air conditioning unit. Usually he would've just used electrokinesis to fly over to the other rooftop, but under heavy fire a burst of speed from an explosion was more appropriate.

    He stood up once again and looked over to Lysis; the police would be here in a moment and there would undoubtedly be more waiting for them. SWAT sniper teams, air support, from the looks of things Chadwyck decided they needed to get off the roof. Chadwyck raised his stolen gun and began firing rapidly at Lysis as he closed the gap to her; though he purposefully shot around her to make sure she stayed in roughly the same spot. He jumped up before he reached her and came down onto the roof with white-hot flames beneath his feet as he grabbed a hold of Lysis again.

    "Hold on, babe, this will be rough." He commented as the roof beneath them began to cave in and they fell through to the next floor, a room full of cubicles and computers. Though it looked as though the building had been evacuated because of the trouble next door. At least this way snipers wouldn't have as clear a shot and airsupport was pretty useless.

    Chadwyck stood up and dusted himself off, "Trade you back," he held up Lysis' gun to her, "even though an endless clip is pretty neat." Chadwyck wasn't even fighting for the old man anymore, he simply wanted to enjoy himself. It was like a sport to him, and he played fair. He wanted to fight with their own weapons again; and see how much damage they could do.
  15. Sem

    Sem The Last of the Snowmen
    Former Administrator

    "But your sword's got such a nice feel to it," Lysis commented swinging it around. Of course, despite her skill with a blade, her hand ached for the grip of her pistol. She tossed the blade, watching as it embedded itself into the floor while Chad tossed her her Strata.

    Catching it, she grinned at Chad for only a moment before resuming the festivities. She began running down an aisle of desks, shooting with both pistols as she went. A powerful kick sent a desk, computer and all, flying at the man before she rebounded off of the wall into his aisle, running towards him at full speed guns blazing.
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  16. His sword found itself embedded in the ground at his feet; Chadwyck kept his word and tossed Lysis her gun back. "I know you're itching for your gun back." Lysis didn't waste any time getting back to the fighting, and Chadwyck didn't hesitate to rip his sword from the ground at his feet.

    Chadwyck used the walls of the cubicles to keep the line of sight broken between himself and her, meaning that her shots were still pretty spot on, but easy enough to avoid. When she kicked a desk at him, he swung upwards and halved the desk. She bounded off the wall into the same aisle as him. He blocked the bullets with his sword, running forward toward Lysis; swing his sword in a wide arc. Several cubicle walls were cut apart as he aimed for Lysis' neck.
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    The sword was swung and Lysis immediately put up her arms, blocking the massive sword with the barrels of her pistols. Still, the force of the blow knocked her to the side into a cubicle. Stopping her fall by supporting herself against the desk, she reached over and grabbed the massive computer monitor with her hand and threw it at Chadwyck.

    Then, she grabbed onto the top of the cubicle wall and flipped over it, tips of her boots almost brushing against the ceiling as she flipped, landing on Chad's shoulders and aiming a gun straight down at his head before firing. Jumping off of him, she shot at his back with her typical wry grin on her face.
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  18. Lysis' guns took the slicing potential from Chadwyck's swing, but the momentum was great enough to push her back. At least he knew that his strength was still up to par. Of course, he wouldn't carry such an oversized weapon if he wasn't efficient with it. Lysis responded immediately by hurling a computer monitor at him, and while it was obviously meant as a distraction, he couldn't really afford not to pay attention to it; a reinforced throw plus a hunk of technology aimed for his face meant pain.

    He dismissively threw his hand in front of his face and swatted, flames ignited in front of him in a small wave and they carried the, now slightly melted, monitor with them to the side. Afterward, he saw that he was right about it being a distraction. Then again, he knew Lysis never would have expected to defeat him with a haphazardly thrown piece of debris. Before he had time to register her next move, however, she was already flipping. Landing on his shoulders, she took aim. Chadwyck found himself staring past the barrel of her lovely gun into her brilliant blue eyes as she pulled the trigger.

    He had just enough time to throw his hand up in front of his face as she pulled the trigger, and even less time to focus his entire force of will into the palm of his hand to stop a bullet from pointblank range. He closed his fist around the bullet as it met with its electrical stasis and, in a gesture that served no purpose other than calm his nerves from his close brush with death, he channeled a condensed ball of flame into his hand; turning the small pocket of air in his hand into an oven. He opened his hand and let the liquefied lead drip onto the floor as Lysis jumped off of his shoulders and opened fire again.

    Chadwyck rolled to the side, trying to decide on his next move; eventually he'd wear himself out and be left relying on much less power. He guessed that Lysis could only go so long without a rest too. Then it'd come down to her guns. He had to step up his game. He mimicked Lysis' earlier move and kicked a desk at her; not with as much force as she had managed, but it would suffice.

    While she dealt with that he closed his eyes to concentrate. What he was going to attempt he'd only ever managed to do once before, and only in a confined space. Luckily they were inside the building now, outside on the roof his effectiveness would have suffered greatly. Indeed, he doubted he would be able to use the technique at all. After a short moment his eyes snapped open; they were aglow with energy. He stood stock still as the temperature in the room quickly escalated; as he focused his will on the air around them.

    It was a difficult technique, seeing as his power rested within his body. He had to reach out and begin heating up the molecules of air, causing them to move faster and faster until they were at the very limit before combustion. However, it left him wide open; he couldn't move while he was focusing so intently on heating everything in the room. He looked at Lysis and spoke, wavering his control slightly, but unable to resist the opportunity. "A little warm, babe? Just be careful where you step." He fell silent again, regaining full control of the ability. No more than a foot from where Lysis stood a burst of fire exploded suddenly.

    Chadwyck had turned the room into a minefield, only there was no way for either of them to know where the next explosion was going to take place. But they would increase in frequency until the whole room was ablaze. Now all he needed was to wait and see Lysis' next move.
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    The desk came at her, but she avoided it easily enough. Walking towards it she teleported the instant before it would have hit her, appearing on the other side completely unhindered, still walking towards Chadwyck as the desk continued to fly by before slamming into a wall. Of course, in the instant this had all occurred her enemy was already well into preparing his next attack.

    "Just a bit, hun," Lysis answered, though it was an obvious understatement. The room was smoldering - various electronics were quickly rendered unusable as their screens bubbled and melted.

    An explosion near her made her realize what exactly her foe had done. Such a dangerous game, with no regard to her or the welfare of the location in which they fought. She liked him, though, not enough to not want to kill him. Or maybe... The details would sort themselves out later. If he survived then maybe they could go out for drinks later, hit the club.

    Lysis grinned to herself, holstering her pistols. What she was about to do would use up more of her energy than she would like, but there were few options available to her without moving to a new location - which will have to happen momentarily anyway considering the rate at which the room was combusting.

    A faint dark blue aura surrounded her body, fitting her like a glove. As soon as it had settled into place a new layer appeared, and then another and another, until she was surrounded by several layers of telekinetic armor. Another explosion rocked the room as she broke into a sprint towards her opponent. The armor significantly enhanced her natural speed, allowing her to shoot across the room.

    As she neared she through a punch at the young man, and then a kick, attacking him with a flurry of swiftly and gracefully executed punches and kicks.
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  20. Lysis did one thing that Chadwyck had been hoping she'd do; she was closing the distance between them. Step one was working out perfectly, beside the fact that the woman had surrounded herself with layers of telekinetic armor that the kinetic could see glowing along the outline of her body. She was closing the gap quickly, the room around them was combusting rapidly, and with that armor he wasn't sure how well step two was going to work out.

    "Ah," he started with a shrug, lowering himself into a fighting stance; sheathing his sword quickly as he did so, "what the hell?" He smiled in a distinctly 'let's see how many overpowered punches I can take' sort of way and began dodging and weaving as gracefully as he could manage. Which is to say, not very gracefully at all. He either avoided or blocked the first several of the hits, but he quickly learned that blocking was going to be tough; the few that he blocked had sent shockwaves through his entire skeleton.

    He waited for an opportunity to present itself, but he didn't have to wait long, luckily, as Lysis threw another punch at him. This may crack a few bones, he thought with a frown and reinforced his forearm with a layer of flames and electricity. When Lysis' punch met his block, three things happened. Firstly, sparks literally flew from the impact of the two energies colliding. Secondly, Chadwyck reached out and grabbed Lysis around the throat. And lastly, with the hand around Lysis' throat Chadwyck began to draw the heat from her body, her own inner fire, into his own body. The result would leave Lysis a bit cold and maybe a little dizzy, depending on how long he could keep it up before she broke free, and it would help replenish his own strength.
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    The grin never left Lysis' face, even with her throat in her enemy's grasp. Of course, it did change to a contemplative frown once she felt the chills run down her spine. The room had become an oven, yet she suddenly felt as if she had been thrown into a freezer.

    "You turned up the heat and now it's all cold," Lysis muttered as best she could with her throat in Chadwyck's hand. "I must admit - it's a huge turn-off."

    Cocky jargon aside, Lysis sensed that she was in a bit of a predicament - she could see the outside of her vision blurring. With their current environment going to hell she decided it was time to change, but with her mind becoming more and more dizzy she doubted how well - or safe - a teleport would be, especially taking Chadwyck with her.

    "Oh well," she thought. There was no fun without the risk. The duo suddenly vanished as more explosions consumed the room. The next thing Lysis felt was wind simply blasting by her face. Her throat was still firmly trapped in Chadwyck's hand, but the freezing sensation was fading.

    Opening her eyes, she looked up and was only somewhat surprised to see that they were both fairly high up in the sky falling headfirst to their deaths. They were somewhere in the city still, and she could make out the minuscule shapes of cars speeding by beneath them. Using Chad's brief moment of shock, she tucked her legs in and then planted them on his chest, kicking herself free of him as her telekinetic armor flickered and vanished.

    Not bothering to turn herself upright, she pulled out her Strata again and opened fire once again.
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  22. Chadwyck heard the distinct crack of an explosion as the room around him continued to combust; only the explosion sounded as if it was getting farther away. Suddenly he and Lysis found themselves falling headfirst in a plummet toward certain doom. Lysis' powers of teleportation had moved the scene of the battle away again, only this time it looked as if she didn't have a place in mind.

    She kicked herself free as Chadwyck tried to get his head on straight. It didn't matter, he'd gotten a good boost from the heat he drew from her, and he was glad that she had freed herself. He wasn't sure if he wanted to kill her. She actually seemed like someone he'd get along with under different circumstances. It was a nice thought as she pulled her guns and began to fire again.

    Chadwyck drew his sword again, grateful that he had remembered to sheath it before the teleporting; otherwise his blade would be who knows how far from him in the middle of a rapidly combusting room. And as such, it wouldn't have been much help to block Lysis' shots. Luckily he did have the blade and he held it in front of him, deflecting shots as the wind roared in his ears and tore at his body. He spotted a tear in his jacket where a bullet had grazed him. "Another inch and that arm would be useless," he muttered, appreciating his brief moment of luck.

    He answered Lysis' shots with a projectile of his own. He threw his hand in front of him as a loud crack echoed over the sound of the rushing wind, and a bolt of lightning arced toward the woman.
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    Lysis reacted instantly to the sparks she saw dancing between Chad's fingers, knowing what was about to him. Outstretching her own hand, a ball of midnight-blue psychic energy formed in her palm. The lightning hit her hand, sending jolts up her arm and causing her to cringe, however, the blast was mostly absorbed by psychic orb, which now glowed rather violently before slowly calming down and reabsorbing back into her body.

    What she had done was a technique that converted foreign energy into energy she could use, and she felt alive with the energy of the bolt now coursing through her veins, returning whatever was lost from when Chadwyck stole her body heat.

    With a short laugh she disappeared from sight, reappearing next to Chadwyck and aiming a punch at him, then teleporting again, and again, and again - faster and faster until it seemed like she was in more than one place, attacking him with regular, human-powered hits. The teleporting was using enough energy as it was - she didn't want to waste more by adding a telekinetic boost to every blow.
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  24. Lysis was back to teleporting, apparently rejuvenated by the lightning that had dissolved into her palm. So Chadwyck wasn't the only one who could use another person's energy to replenish his own. But she wasn't reinforcing her punches; as he quickly learned after the first one connected with his stomach. She was being cautious with her energy, as he knew he should be doing too.

    He blocked as many of the punches as he could, but several of them kept connecting; he couldn't watch everywhere at once. He focused straight ahead, taking a few more punches as he did so. He was grateful she was being frugal with her abilities, he'd be in a sorry state otherwise. Then she was in front of him, another punch connected with his stomach; but this time he caught her fist and pulled her toward him while he brought up his legs to her chest and kicked her away.

    After a second to gather his bearings, which was difficult enough to do with the whole plummeting situation, he moved toward her with a burst of fire to give him momentum. He pulled back his fist and readied himself to deliver a punch toward Lysis' stomach. He felt odd, using such a normal attack, but he had a not so normal plan cooking in his mind.
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    Lysis saw Chadwyck rocket towards her in a burst of flame, fist extended towards her. His punch became enveloped in a harmonious mixture of electricity and fire, swirling around his hand. Lysis reared back her own fist, charging it with psychic energy. Using her other hand she generated a telekinetic pulse, propelling her towards Chad. Their fists met and they both hung silently in the air for but a second.

    The psychic energy mixed with Chad's powers, upsetting their delicate balance and generating an explosion of fire, electricity, and psychic energy, causing both fighters to fly back father apart from each other. The explosion had been powerful, and Lysis hadn't gotten out of it without an harm. Her hand was throbbing and she was once again lightheaded.

    Looking down she saw that the ground was rapidly approaching - they would start falling down past the tallest skyscrapers in only seconds. With Chad being father away Lysis teleported closer, firing at him from a single pistol as she rematerialized. It would be interesting to see what would happen once they reached the ground. Lysis could simply teleport at the last moment and be safe from the fall, but she had no idea if her foe had any method of surviving, though seeing that he wasn't too panicked she assumed that he did.
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  26. The explosion sent Chadwyck reeling back, the pair were now separated by a significant distance. His arm stung up to his shoulder, and the edges of his vision blurred momentarily. "Glad that I decided to reinforce that punch after all." He groaned as he regained his composure, looking down at the rapidly approaching ground. It was time to stop this fall.

    Lysis was attacking again, but he didn't have time to focus entirely on her, it didn't matter anyway. Her bullets met with his current force of will, a dome of electromagnetic energy that encompassed him. It didn't stop there; he spread it out from him in a huge area. He stopped falling within the field, and soon Lysis did as well.

    The pair were suspended in weightlessness inside the field. For now, the threat of plummeting to their dooms was diminished. The next problem was that the police had found them again; particularly the police helicopter from the rooftop. It flew toward them, but when its propellers met with the field, they stopped; the controls locked and the vehicle went spiraling out of control. A distant explosion concluded that it had landed less than ideally.

    Chadwyck had to focus to keep the field in place, but he knew that he could do it. "Ever fought while weightless before?" He asked, then without waiting for her response he said, "neither have I." He held out a hand and sent a blast of flames toward her; the force sending him moving backward thanks to inertia.
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    It took a few moments for Lysis to realize what was happening, and then a bit longer to get used to her newly acquired weightlessness. The helicopter had found them again, but it unknowingly flew into the magnetic field, effectively sealing its own doom and crashing, annihilating whoever was inside. Lysis let out a low whistle as she watched the plume of smoke rise up into the air.

    Within moments Chad was on the offensive, getting ready to launch a column of fire at her. Pulling out her other pistol, she aimed both of them off to the side and fired. The recoil alone was enough to move her to the side, out of harm's way. Thinking quickly, she soon realized that there was little momentum she could generate on her own, not without using her psychic abilities. Teleportation would be of little use to her as she would still have no momentum after teleporting. She hovered with her hands out to she sides. In her palms she generated psychic orbs which began to cone-out like the flare of a rocket. Orbs appeared under her feet as well, and she took a moment to get used to the sensation.

    Lysis was using a lot more energy than it looked like. Chadwyck would also be unlikely to send another bolt of lightning her way, knowing she could convert the energy. She shot up and flipped forward, arcing over the distance between her and Chadwyck. As she flipped she brought her leg up and swung it down, hoping to knock Chad on the head with her heel. As fun as it was fighting in zero-gravity, it would use too much of her energy in the long run.

    Miss Fox teleported back, moving quite far now after her teleportation thanks to the momentum she had. Her psychic-rockets were gone now, but she had both her pistols out once more, shooting at the young man as she drifted away from him.
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  28. It was interesting, being in zero-gravity. Chadwyck had never used his electrokinesis like this before. He usually used it to make himself levitate, sure, but while he was flying he still had a weight to him. In this field he was entirely at the mercy of the smallest act of force; it would make him move with nothing to slow his movement. He would just keep going. He would have to be careful.

    Lysis was coming at him, using psychic energy to propel herself forward. That was a neat trick. Chadwyck avoided the incoming kick by extending a hand upward, toward her heel, and making an explosion in his palm. The explosion sent him careening downward, if he really was moving downward; it was easy to become disoriented in this strange weightlessness, and direction was all relative anyway, he supposed.

    The bullets came flying toward him, he held his hands out to his side and bent his legs slightly so that his palms and the soles of his feet faced behind him. Then he created streams of fire that propelled him forward, and he moved in a sort of angled spiral around Lysis, with every completed circle he was closer to her. He finally got close enough to attack. He moved backward, spinning upward in a backflip; his foot aimed for Lysis' chin, a wave of flames arching out after his foot.
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    Before she knew it she was being circled by Chadwyck. He flipped, swinging his leg at her. She had no time to react, but she was able to focus telekinetic energy into her chin, creating a strong guard that minimized the pain, and hopefully injured a few of the man's toes.

    Still, the force of the kick sent her flying upwards. Using this momentum to her advantage she teleported and appearing directly underneath Chadwyck, flying up at him. Firing up at him, she focused energy into her knee and aimed it for his gut.
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  30. Luckily Chadwyck's shoes were made for this sort of thing: they were strong, durable and easy enough to brawl in. They probably saved his toes from being broken, but the impact still hurt a bit. Her psychic reinforcing abilities were so irritatingly tuned that she had defended from that kick with hardly any time to prepare.

    She was flying upwards at him now, thanks to the momentum he'd just given her. He made a barrier to stop the bullets, straining to hold both the field around them and the shield in place. It made him dizzy and he almost didn't see the knee coming at him. He drew his sword and used the flat edge to block the kick; the force sending him backward.

    He twisted his sword so that he was holding it backhanded, and he twisted. He spun three times, sending three spiraling rings of flames at Lysis.
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    Lysis flinched slightly as her knee met the flat of Chad's sword, jarring her body. A flash alerted her to the incoming flames, and she rotated her body to face them. She reached into her jacket, to a sheath in the small of her back, pulling out a hunting knife with a ten inch blade.

    The first wave came, and Lysis had only a moment to put up a thin veil of psychic energy. around her midsection where the flames hit. The veil prevented anything from singing and going up in flames, but the heat was still strong enough to cause her to grit her teeth in pain. Shaking her head, she teleported between the next two waves and then again, appearing right in front of Chadwyck. She spun, holding the knife in a reverse-grip and slashing at him. Continuing her spin her other arm came around holding a Strata, which she aimed at his chest and fired once.
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  32. Lysis moved quick again, and Chadwyck didn't have time to think of a way around the knife. He tried to move away from it, the blade still managing to cut him across the chest. The slice was enough to make him lose concentration momentarily, the field around them blinking out for an instant, but then immediately returning.

    He barely noticed that she had continued her spin and brought her gun to his chest; he moved his sword to the side and knocked the gun out of the way, the bullet passing right past his arm as Lysis fired. He brought the hilt of his sword forward, trying to get a bit of room. Afterward he brought his blade up and swung it down diagonally; aiming for Lysis' shoulder.
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    Crossing the knife and the barrel of her gun, Lysis blocked the sword, but the force sent her shooting downwards - or whatever direction it was. Activating her power again, she slowed her fall until she stopped completely, hovering with small dark blue spheres in her hands and feet.

    Her attack had caused him to lose focus of the field, which meant that attacking him with a powerful enough blow would probably eliminate his concentration and they would resume their free-fall. Gazing at her knife for a moment, she planned out what she would do. She would worry about her energy later - there were a few ways to replenish herself that weren't reliant on Chadwyck attacking her with lightning.

    Holstering her pistol, she flicked the knife up into the air. It flipped slowly in the zero gravity, and she caught it with her left hand, no long holding it in a reverse-grip. Cracking her neck, she focused on the blade with her midnight-blue eyes, which suddenly glowed with her midnight-blue psychic energy. The power streamed from her eyes in wisps, and in only a moment her entire body was burning with it. In an instant the energy that covered her body flew into the knife, and from it exploded a much larger blade made up of the dark blue energy. It was as tall as she was, and about a foot in its width - massive as far as swords went.

    Lysis held the handle of the hunting knife firmly, as the knife was still the core of her new ethereal blade. The sword flashed and pulsed with psychic power as more poured into it, condensing into itself. She smiled at her creation, knowing that it could very well cut through most anything thanks to all the power she had poured into it. Granted, this meant she had very little psychic energy left - enough for a single teleport that would save her from her fall.

    She couldn't let her enemy onto the fact that she was practically dry, though, and so she looked up at him with her confident grin. She shot up at him, using the remaining three spheres attached to her limbs. Flipping forward she swung the sword around in her left hand before slamming it down towards Chadwyck. Unless his sword was particularly special it would probably be annihilated along with him if he didn't reinforce it. And of course the mixing of his power and hers would cause another explosive reaction, one much more violent than the last. Surely, he would be unable to hold up the magnetic field.
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  34. Chadwyck sighed heavily as Lysis shot away from the force of his swing. He hadn't been reinforcing his blows, nor had he been relying too heavily on using his kinetic powers. He was exhausted; keeping the magnetic field around them up was difficult enough without adding even more strain by reinforcing his attacks with his energy.

    The ugly truth was: he was running low on energy. The disturbing thought in there being that he was practically a normal person with no enhanced abilities; he shuddered at the thought. He looked down at Lysis, at least, down relative to his current position. She was readying herself for something big.

    She flew towards him with a massive sword made of psychic energy. He was guessing that the massive size of the thing was equivalent to the power it would carry with it. He didn't fancy his sword being sliced in twain followed closely by himself. He raised his sword in a block, giving a loud shout as he tried to focus his energy. The blade was encased in the same delicate balance of fire and electricity, which resulted in the harmonious, purple combination of swirling energies. Lysis' sword met his own and then there was darkness.

    Chadwyck's eyes snapped open, he could only assume he'd been unconscious for several seconds. The only reason he didn't believe he was out for longer was the fact that he was still falling and very much alive. If he'd been a bit slower to regain consciousness, he'd have been reduced to little more than a gory mess on the street that was now rapidly approaching.

    He corrected himself, falling with his feet downward toward the earth; he wasn't high up now and he could see that they were directly above a freeway. He tried to slow his descent, coming to rest only inches above the ground; a faint blue hue around his body, and sparks leaping through the air about his person. "That was close." He took a deep breath before he locked eyes with Lysis and grinned; not daring to show her how close he'd come to becoming road kill.
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    Lysis' eyes snapped opened, again feeling the rush of wind blowing past her. To her left she saw the roof of a building shoot past her, followed by floors and floors of windows that showed her her reflection. She didn't look quite as elegant as she normally did. Her hair was mess, and there was still that unsightly burn on her coat. Looking directly below her was a freeway, and it was approaching fast.

    Mustering on what was almost all that was left of her power she vanished when she was only a couple dozen feet from the road. She reappeared perched on a streetlamp. A high zing alerted her to her hunting knife that was currently falling towards the ground. Holding out her arm she caught it before it could pass her.

    "Where is he?" she wondered to herself, though the sound of high pitched tire squeals alerted her attention. Not far from her Chadwyck was hovering just an inch above the freeway. Cars honked and swerved around him as he flashed a cocky smile at her.

    She smiled back at him she again surrounded the knife and her hand with a psychic aura as she drove the weapon into the pole of the lamp on which she kneeled. Electricity quickly coursed through the knife and into her body, passing through her hand and converting into psychic energy. She felt life return to her body, like a rain in a parched land. Her eyes widened, her mind cleared, and her senses became re-attuned to everything around her. She drew in as much energy as she could before removing the knife and sheathing it once more.

    Using perfect balance she stood up on the lamp itself, and putting telekinetic force into her lower legs she weighed down on it, snapping it along with the pole that connected it to the main column clean off. She landed onto the freeway, impact cracking the ground beneath her heeled boots. The broken lamp fixture was in her hand, and she gripped it lightly as she walked towards Chadwyck against incoming traffic.

    Breaking into a sprint, she vaulted over one car and then rolled to the left out of another car's way. She continued to dodge as she ran, before jumping onto the hood of an eighteen-wheeler. From there she jumped onto the top of the cabin and then onto the top of the container itself. She ran to the end of the truck and flung the light fixture at Chadwyck like a boomerang before jumping off. Still walking against the flow of traffic, she pulled out her Strata and fired as she walked towards him.
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  36. Watching Lysis drain the light post of energy was like watching a how-to film on replenishing one's energy. Chadwyck could probably learn a lot from the woman, a fact that was bittersweet to admit. Now she resumed her attack, looking a fair bit better off than the young man felt at that moment; that would have to change if this fight was going to continue.

    Still levitating, he flipped over the incoming street light fixture that she had hurled at him. As he landed fully on the ground he extended his hand to the left, at a spot on the ground as a car sped past. He made an explosion erupt from the spot, flipping the car toward the woman as he used his sword to block her bullets.

    While she was preoccupied with avoiding a car flying toward her face, he flew up to a streetlight and copied her idea. He punched the bulb within it, shattering it, cutting his knuckles, but he didn't have the time to care. Once his hand was connected with the power source, he felt the electricity course into his veins, turning into pure energy within his body.

    Now he could fight for a bit longer. He landed back on the street, avoiding some cars, jumping up and over others, working his way toward Lysis. He jumped, with the aid of some burst of flames on the soles of his feet, and landed on a car that was speeding down the freeway. As it passed Lysis, Chadwyck flipped and brought his sword down in front of her; flames tearing through the ground toward her.
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    Lysis sprinted towards the incoming car, falling to the ground last second and sliding beneath it as it flew overhead. Before she knew it her opponent was speeding past, swinging his sword down at her. She immediately rolled out of the way, but was unable to avoid being grazed by the sword, which cut her upper arm.

    A honk alerted her to an incoming vehicle. She turned her head towards it as she grasped her arm and vanished the moment before it would have hit her, reappearing on top of the car. The car was slowing down, the driver thinking they had hit her. She jumped from it onto another car that sped past. Lysis continued jumping from automobile to automobile until she was in a relative close distance with Chadwyck.

    "Careful with the civilains, babe - we've already got the death of a helicopter crew on our hands," she said rather matter-of-factly without much hint of remorse over the lives lost. "Rather, on your hands - it was your anti-gravity field," she winked as she opened fire again as her car became relatively parallel with his, separated by only a lane between them.

    After a quick session of gunfire Lysis leapt over the gap and swung a reinforced kick at her foe.
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  38. Chadwyck eyed the car that he had sent hurling at Lysis, the driver was trying to crawl away from the wreckage. At least they were alive, but Lysis had a point. He didn't kill innocents. Not anymore. He'd been so distracted with trying to keep her occupied he didn't even think about the driver of the car. He didn't want to become that person again.

    "Thanks for the heads-up, but they got just as good a look at you as they did at me, babe. They'll hold us both responsible for what's happened, regardless." He shrugged, the helicopter pilots couldn't be helped, though he still felt slightly guilty. He'd been having a bit too much fun with the fight, it had started to consume his entire thought process.

    She and him were riding the traffic now, and she opened fire again. With the energy he'd gotten from the streetlight, he was more than capable of stopping the bullets with another stasis field. It felt good to have some power back, even if the cuts on his hand stung a bit. He jumped back away from her kick, onto another car that was moving slightly faster; it pulled out in front as Lysis' kick connected with the roof of the car, creating a rather deep crater.

    The driver panicked as his roof was now crushing down upon him and swerved wildly. Chadwyck took the opportunity and leapt at Lysis, flying forward with electrokinesis. As he flew past he commented, "and you were telling me to watch out for the civilians," he smiled as he twisted in a roundhouse kick, trailing flames in a miniature tornado.
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    Lysis swung her arms as she balanced herself on top of the swerving vehicle. Jerking her head, she saw Chadwyck flying at her with one of his legs on fire. Taking a deep breath she summoned a weak telekinetic barrier on her stomach that absorbed only some of the blow. Her lungs begged for the air to be returned to them as she took hold of his leg.

    "It's not my fault you moved," she said, nodding down to the damage on the roof of the car. "Isn't it our responsibility to protect those who are weaker than us?" she said with a grin. It was a popular philosophy among those gifted with supernatural traits and abilities. Despite what one might have thought - the vast majority of "gifted" people weren't evil. More were morally gray at worst. Lysis herself didn't care. She lived to serve only one person in the world, and that was herself. Sure she had friends, but in the end it was her life over theirs. This made her neither evil nor morally gray - It just made her human.

    With a surge of power rushing into her arms she swung her enemy around - around and around and around before letting go. Taking the opportunity she now had she jumped off of the car that was now slowing down and coming to a stop. She landed into a roll and sprung up almost instantly. Traffic was now steadily becoming thinner and thinner as on-ramps everywhere were being blocked and closed. She held up her hand towards an incoming motocyclist, signaling for him to stop as she brandished a pistol.

    The cyclist wisely did as he was told and stopped just in front of her. Lysis smiled and walked towards him. "Hello, darling," she said, grabbing him by the jacket and tossing him off of the bike. "I'm going to take this - the city will compensate you." Straddling the bike she pulled out her pair of sunglasses from within her coat and slid them over her eyes. She revved the engine and sped off down the freeway, hoping that Chadwyck wasn't far behind.
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  40. "Who knows?" He replied to her question about protecting those weaker than themselves, "I look out for me and mine; everyone else can figure their own problems out." Chadwyck smiled despite being within Lysis' grip. He fought for three reasons, and most people only ever knew about one. He fought for the thrill of it, sure, but he also fought to get stronger, and he fought to ensure that he would never be too weak to protect his loved ones again. Of course, he'd never tell anyone that, it'd hurt his image. Lysis started swinging him about then.

    Chadwyck was being thrown around like a bag of kittens. It probably wasn't the most accurate of analogies, but his brain was being scrambled like so many eggs that he didn't rightly care. He had the sensation of flying; it was a sensation he was used to, but the knowledge that this would likely end in pain made him wince slightly before he hit the ground.

    Chadwyck met the ground hard, bouncing once or twice before grinding to a halt. "It was painful, glad the wincing helped." He said to himself sarcastically as he peeled himself off of the road. He was lucky that the traffic was more or less thinning out, it probably saved him from being run over.

    He saw Lysis speeding away on a motorcycle, and he wasn't about to let her get away that easily. A rather nice car sped past him, and he decided it would have to do. He took off with an explosive boost of speed, flying up alongside the car and signaling for the driver to pull over. Not that he waited for him to do so.

    He tore the door open and shoved the man driving aside, into the passenger seat, as he took the wheel. He slowed down to a crawl and shoved the man out, "sorry, man, I'm borrowing this." And then he shifted gears and took off after Lysis.

    He stuck his hand out the window and fired a bolt of lightning, not at her for fear that she'd convert it, but at the road in front of her; creating a mangled mess of asphalt before her.

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