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Lunar DS (Spoilers roll double 6)

Discussion in 'General Video Game Discussion' started by Yoshimitsu, Apr 10, 2006.

  1. Yoshimitsu

    Former Moderator

    AKA Lunar Dragon Song (I think).

    I got this game a few months ago, waaaay back in October when I was in Florida. This demon costed my £30... ¬_¬

    Ok, let's start. The story is, you're a delivery boy, who has to deliver this package to a town in the middle of nowhere. On the way, the package gets stolen and you have to go get it back. You get it back, and get paid (I'd better bloody get paid after that god-awful 30 minuts), but you go to a town of 'Beastmen' (which are just pointy-eared people), and enter a tournament. You win, but you get put under 'The Curse of Lost Equilibrium'. This line is the best ever:

    Lufia: Jian, what's wrong?
    Jian: I... I can't stand on my head!
    Me: o_O... XDDDD

    Anyway... You keep going, but eventually, after god only knows how long, you end up getting your terrible gymnastics back, and you get thrown into a war. Lufia vanishes, you get some beastman, to go with your beastwoman. Beastman dies, you get 13 year old archer with magic. Eh? You go rescue Lufia, save the world, everyone is happy.

    Yeah, I missed a few things out, but how much do I care?

    Moving on... Gameplay. For some reason, whne you run around, you lose HP. When you walk, it's fine, but when you run... And if your HP decreases a to certain amount, you can't run any more, so you have to walk. When you walk, your HP increases again, but you can't get away from the not-so-random encounters. Apart from making NO SENSE AT ALL, this is just annoying when you're forced into fights on decreased HP. Hell, the weaker enemies kicked my ass because of that.

    The towns disappointed me, as did the world map (though less so). All the movement you do on the world map or in towns is selecting where you want to go. You get into that area, and have to run tedious amounts just to get around. It's not needed, dammit!

    Also (and this is linked into battling) they did one of the stupidest things ever. Combat and Justice(?) modes. One mode, you gain experience, and can level up. The other, you get items. Why not just combine the two, instead of making everything much more difficult?

    There is a delivery element going on as well. You go to some shop, and you but info to get items and stuff, and then you go give the items to whoever wants them. You get a recipt, and you get paid. This is annoying because it's THE ONLY way to get money, unless you want to sell your useless junk which is used for the deliveries. It's pointless and confusing.

    That said, the battles are quite good. Every character has some unique ability (Apart from Lufia and Flora, who both have a variation of White Magic). Jian's, Rufus's and Gabi's are all similar, costing 10mp to hurt all enemies. Jian, with me, usually just kicked enemies, as he was doing 600+ damage, which is more than what most enemies have. Wimps. The are some accessories that decrease the amount of MP used (they saved my life more than once), which are pretty useful. However, you can't hit enemies on the top screen, but they can hit you. So the battle system is good, but very flawed.

    Graphics. Out of battle, they gave all the guys (and Gabi) one template to run, and just messed with that. Lufia and Flora both got the same template to run as too. While not blatantly obvious, they could've still given everybody their own unique running. There is very little to do in towns, so there are about 3 different sprites for all the races, all of which look pretty pathetic. In the shops, you see some decent (decent, not good) art of some of the sprites, but it's still not that great.

    In battle, the graphics look both glorious, and bloody fugly. Unless you're against a particularly large boss, your character sprites get enlarged to about 160%. The sprites look very blotchy, very icky. When you attack, your sprite is normal size for about two seconds (three for Jian). A lot of the action is restricted to two sprites, so it looks very shabbily done. Against bosses, you're always 100%, so it looks tons better, but still not great.

    Overall opinions?

    Well, as far as RPGs go, it's very meh. I wouldn't get it if you have other, BETTER games. However, if you see it in a sale or preowned for a fiver, you may as well grab it. It'll keep you occupied, for a few hours at least.
  2. Linkachu

    Linkachu Hero of Pizza
    Staff Member Administrator

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    Back when I first played the game I wrote a very annoyed rant about its quality... even called the topic "Do not buy Lunar Dragon Song". Alex said I just sounded like a pissed off fan-girl, which I pretty much was, so I deleted it. Thing is... Everything I said WAS true, even if I could've said it with more tact. They f'upd a great gaming series with a lot of pointless, stupid things. As of now I'm just holding out that it won't effect the prospects of another being made someday down the road.

    If you search hard enough you probably will find a few positives about the game, but is it really worth the trouble when so much else is wrong? You can only give something the benefit of the doubt and grin and bear it for so long until you gotta ask yourself why you're wasting your time.

    I still really want to play through Lunar DS for the story but I have at least 10 other RPGs waiting for attention, and something tells me they're mostly all better games. If someone ever finds a site that details the plot of the game, though, let me know.
  3. Yoshimitsu

    Former Moderator

    You could just ask me about the plot, Katie. I finished it ages ago. ;)

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