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Lufia Games

Discussion in 'General Video Game Discussion' started by arek, Aug 9, 2007.

  1. You know with the Virtual Console on the Wii it makes me wonder if any classic RPG's will ever make it. I did see where Japan is getting Breath of Fire II (the game that got me hooked on RPG's). But the most perfect RPG ever, (Lufia II), would be a great addition.

    Lufia II also holds as being one of the few games that makes me cry when I finish it. To bad Natsume carried the Lufia name to the ground of Lufia: The Legend Returns and then Taito trashed it even more with Ruins of Lore( or whatever the American name was). I would love it if Lufia II came to Virtual Console.

    So any other fans of this classic series?
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    Lufia II is a game that constantly comes to mind when recalling my favourite SNES RPGs. It was one that we rented multiple times but could never actually find to buy... for that reason, I've never 100% completed the game before and would jump at the chance to properly play it again (roms just didn't do it for me). The music in Lufia II stands out for me as well. Its been years since I last heard the main battle theme but I can still hum it from memory XD

    It'd be awesome if the VC started releasing more of these SNES RPGs, but I don't have my hopes set on it. Mark my words, though. If it ever becomes available, I'll be giddy. I enjoyed what I played of the original Lufia, but the second is something else (for me).

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