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Luckiest Moments

Discussion in 'Pokémon Games Discussion' started by Blisk, Nov 25, 2009.

  1. Haven't seen this topic, so I'm posting it.

    What are your luckiest moments in the game? Can be anything from shinys to lucky breaks in battle to a lucky Pokemon trade from the GTS. Post anything you think is worth mentioning.

    I have found a Pokerus. Bulbapedia says that it's so rare, most trainers never find one.

    I also have a few battles that were lucky but the only one I remember is once in the Sinnoh League, I was fighting Fliint's Infernape with my Empoleon and Infernape used Earthquake and Empoleon was left with 1 HP. Empoleon promptly KO'd it. Just didn't do it right away because of Infernape's speed.

    My captures of Lati@s were also luck. Instead of hunting for them like most people, I just carried a Master Ball (1 per game R/S) with me to capture them if I happened upon them. Luck was in my favor and one day I found Latias and a few months later Latios.

    The Pokerus is the luckiest thing that has ever occured to me though and it's so cool because it just happened yesterday.
  2. Magpie

    Magpie Feathered Overseer
    Staff Member Moderator

    When I got my shiny Electrike via breeding
  3. I got the Pokerus while training my glalie in emerald. (Though I didn't know what Pokerus did at the time =p)

    Also, I got a Shiny Venomoth at a chain of 7 with me barely paying attention. he is now named Dave =3

    I've caughten legends in great balls before, and Darkrai in a pokeball recently.
  4. Linkachu

    Linkachu Hero of Pizza
    Staff Member Administrator

    Shiny female, Modest Cyndaquil hatched on Diamond. That's probably my luckiest shiny so far, even moreso than my hatched shiny Feebas because everything with the Cyndaquil was just right.

    There's a battling moment that stands out to me from PBR, tho. I'm not sure if you could define it was "luck", but it was definitely a close call. I was battling the first Master Match version of Mysterial and down to my last Pokemon. He had Lucario and Uxie (both at full HP because his Lucario had OHKO'd my own), and I had Vaporeon. There wasn't a whole lot I could do, so I started spamming Surf. Turns went by - his Pokemon bombarding Vaporeon, and me using Surf... and then, somehow, they both went down leaving me with a sliver of HP. I could barely believe it and was so very happy once it was all over XD
  5. Hmmm, I don't have too many lucky moments now that I think about it. But a few do come to mind.

    I remember it took me forever to get Mesprit on my Diamond version, and everytime I saw them I would always try to do some elaborate plan or throw an Ultra Ball or something, but it never seemed to work. Then I ran into them once, unprepared, and I was feeling lazy so I just threw a PokeBall at it to make it go away. It did go away, right into my PokeBall :p

    Then I remember a semi-recent battle on my Platinum in that foggy area. It was a long battle but my opponent didn't get a single hit on me and I managed to kill all of their monsters easily. I felt powerful. 8)
  6. I got Pokerus in Emerald, as well as a random shiny in Emerald, Diamond, and Platinum.

    Also, in Platinum, I manged to catch Giratina in a Pokeball, so that was pretty cool.
  7. I don't know if this happens to everyone, or it's just me, but every time I play XD, i ALWAYS catch Houndour with the first ball I throw(Premier Ball each and every time) at Full HP, no status conditions.

    Another one is when I caught my all-Physical team, and all 6 of them had an IV of 31 in Attack and Speed :D
  8. luckiest catch for me was when I first found Lugia in silver, my battery was running very low at the time and I never thought I was going to make it, luckily for me though, 30 minutes later I caught Lugia, saved, then the damn thing shuts off.
  9. My luckiest game was Sapphire :D
    I had the pokerus, I encountered a shiny tentacool, and I caught Kyogre in a poke ball. It was my last ball, with the exception of my master ball (which I was by no means using on it).
  10. In Diamond I was able to chain a shiny venonat near the resort area.

    The venemoth is one of the reaosns I am so attached to poison types, and he is fairly forgotten at this point. I love rooting for the little guy, especially if he's a different color.
  11. Today, actually, whilst randomly catching inside the Great Marsh I encountered a surprise. I had just nagged a Drapion, and had decided to go fishing for a Carvanha(I reeeeaaaally love Sharpedo
  12. Oh Man, that happened to my friend as well.

    Of all the shiny pokemon you could get, a gyarados! The good news is that is says where it was encountered, so you can show you got it at a place other than the lake of rage to prove it was luck rather than a simple playthrough of HGSS.
  13. This was mostly fun, but I don't walk away with anything.

    The other day, I got the demo of Pokémon Rumble. On my first play through I managed to get both a Shiny Ratatta and a Shiny Geodude.
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  14. Holy crap! Just today, I won the Master Ball in the lottery in Jubilife city (Platinum)! I won it with an Electrivire I got off the GTS. I was so ecstatic.

    Think of all the combinations there are of those numbers. I was insanely lucky.
  15. I was in my 14th consecutive battle in the Battle Factory and the Altaria (the opponent's last Pokemon) used Perish Song. Both my Pokemon left were poisoned and in the red.
    Found a shiny Marill in Ruby but I killed it ;D
    Caught a female Feebas on my FIRST TRY in Mt. Coronet!

    I might think of more later...
  16. On my first Diamond file, when I went against the Sinnoh Elite Four for the first time, I won, my highest being a level 55 Honchkrow.

    To this day, I still have no idea how it happened.
  17. I caught a wild shiny Graveller at Iron Island yesterday. The reason it's more lucky than normal, it knew selfdestruct so it could faint at any time. ;D
  18. My luckiest moment in recent years would have to be when I was challenging Dalia during a no-event match in the Battle Arcade, when I beat Dalia's Ludicolo and she sent out Medicham, it began abusing zen headbutt and my Emploeon wouldn't stop flinching, up until when the finishing blow should have been pulled. That was when the Medicham decided to miss and give Emploeon an opening to strike a critical hit. Dusknoir was easily taken out afterwards. It was a very close match, and earned a spot in my VS Recorder.
  19. Wow, Brendan, what a coincidence! I had an encounter with Dahlia as well.

    A few days ago, I challenged the Arcade Star and lost because I kept missing. However, on my second try, I won. The first Pokemon she sent out was Dusknoir. I attacked it with my Empoleon's Surf. It cut it's HP down to about half. Then it used Trick Room, and then Shadow Ball. I easily KO'd it with Surf. Next was Medicham. Medicham was usually faster than I, but with Trick Room, my Empoleon was. I KO'd it with Drill Peck. Last time I was KO'd with a Hi Jump Kick. When Ludicolo was sent out, the Trick Room deactivated, so I went first. I pwned Ludi with Drill Peck and won the Silver Print.

    Thank you, Game Freak, for Dusknoir with Trick Room.
  20. This might not be that much luck in your eyes, but in mine, it is.

    Okay, i wanted to try to get my first shiny, and learned how to do it from Youtube. I found myself some grass, and a Shinx appeared. Nice first shiny. So i tried, got it to a streak of 5, always hitting the 4Th number bush. but i was careless and walked straight up one block. as we all know, that's stupid.

    The bush contained a Pokemon, and i thought.. "omg..." but here the luck, it was actually another Shinx. And not only did this happend once, but twice!

    I consider that luck! :p
  21. Just caught a shiny Kricketot about 20 minutes ago. It's extremely lucky since I wasn't searching for it. :p I was EV training my Chimchar...
  22. Nim


    Well im not a very lucky person at all. In fact I have never seen a shiny except for one weedle which I found at the very start of silver before I had received any pokeballs. :(

    Anyways my luckiest moment would have to be that time in my first saphire playthrough when i went yo catch kyogre. I bought heaps of great balls because i was too poor for ultra balls and thought I would need heaps to catch it. But when i entered the battle a threw my first greatball whithout even hurting it hoping for a lucky shot, fortunately it was a very lucky shot and I caught it straight away. :)
  23. When I beat the Factory head in platinum months back =p


    Those were months ago. =p
  24. A few days ago, I caught a shiny Zubat. I was EV training something. All of my shinies have been random. Most people have to search for them. But the fact I caught 2 randomly so close together scares me.
  25. Nim


    I think shiny zubats are the most common shiny because my neighbor has seen two shiniea in the wild and thwy were both zuubats.

    Also last week i got a shiny charmander which is now a black charizard. ;D
  26. My luckiest moment of all time.

    In my Ruby file, I caught Groudon with a Pokeball. A regular, old Pokeball. Very lucky catch. All I had left were Pokeballs, I was on my last Pokemon, it was under leveled also.
  27. forgot one: When I chained my shiny venomoth Dave with a chain of 7. I was randomly chaining stuff while chatting with Middy and then, SHINY VENOMOTH FROM NOWHERE.

    He is now named Dave :3
  28. I have two. Back in RS I was out two catch an Altaria when I found a level 49 Golbat. My old love of Crobat compeled me to cach it. But my sp was in the red and the light was off to conserve power. Not until I got home did I notice I caught a Bright Green Golbat! :o

    And my first shot at the battle hall. My Lucario lucy and I had a straight shot straight to the frontier brain. When she threw out a Charizard and use Flamethrower right out of the starting gate. Lucy has two HP left and byy some miracle Aura Sphere cuts it in half. After that through sheer luck the charizard keeps using protect and all it's offense moves miss. Luckiest win I ever had.
  29. The Luckiest thing that happend to me is that I was looking around in the Eterna Woods when I started a chain for Gastlys then I found a Shiny Gastly at the start of the chain!
    Pretty Cool huh?
    And the Worst thing that happend to me is that I just found a shiny Hippowdon I caught it then my game froze then it was gone.
  30. Probaly the time i found 3 shinys in a week, 1st a shiny Masquerain(Platinum)
    2nd a shiny Zubat (Also Platinum) and to finish it, a shiny staravia( yep, you guessed it, Platinum).

    That was probaly th luckiest week in my life! :)
  31. Mine has to be about a yaer ago when I was going through one of the early caves in my emerald for items, when I came upon a shiny sableye convieniantly. :D :D :D

    In that same month, I used that very same sableye to beat the Pkmn League.
  32. Hmm, i can think of a few.

    First, and the oldest, was when i was playing Gold on the N64 game pak. Yes "Pak", not "Pack". I thought it was cool to play it on my TV. So i decided after a bit to go for Ho-Oh. Skip ahead 30 minutes. Im at Ho-oh, with its health at the red, like, eve na level one magikarp with splash would kill it...Provided Ho-Oh didn Sacred Fire it...But im down to my Meganium, with 1 HP left, with one pokeball left, out for 70+ Pokeballs and 99+ Ultra balls.

    This thig did not want to be caught....Last pokeball...hell, the last turn of the battle, and i catch it.

    Then, in R/S/E, well, one of them, i restarted...Emerald probably. So, i figure, lets try a Treeko. Guess what? Its Shiny....Only wish i never evolved it into Sceptile.

    Then in Pearl, i was headed to the flower town, god knows the name of it,...and im just out side of it, in the last patch of grass, on the toilet no less, and wild battle! Im thinking "Come on, really, now?" Wwell, a Yellow/Gold Shinx pops up. It is now my Pearls team leader named Loki...i think.
  33. My luckiest moment would be back when crystal was when the game boy advance just came out and I was still playing crystal. I got to the day care, got the egg and when it hatched out popped a shin tyrouge. Its the only shiny I've had to date and the luckiest thing thats ever happened.
  34. Sorry to burst your bubble, but that egg had a 50% chance of being shiny.
  35. Within the last few months, I must say a match in the hax tower...
    (My team at the time was Metagross (meteor mash/earthquake/ice punch/agility), Salamence (draco meteor/fire blast/hydro pump/dragon pulse), and Gengar (shadow ball/thunderbolt/HP [ice]/Hypnosis)

    I forget what the first two pokes were, but I ended up scrapping those w/o even trying, and then the guy switches in a Vespiqueen. I had to switch out my 'mence since he was -4 sp.atk from the meteors into Metagross, and vespi uses double team. Shit. Next turn, ice punch from me misses, the thing spams DT again. The turn after, I miss again, defend order. Next turn, I finally hit it, defend order again. Then lefties. I switch out into my 'mence, heal order. Etc, etc, etc.
    Knowing this thing has pressure, can someone see where this is going?
    ...a ton of turns later, its got 6 DTs, 6 defend orders, my Gengar is completely drained of PP, my 'mence is completely drained, and, after a lucky hit with ice punch, my 'gross has 4PPs left in meteor mash, 2PPs left in EQ.
    And then the amazingness happens. Meteor mash hits. I get the attack boost. Meteor mash hits again, I score a critical and kill the annoying thing.

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