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Lucario454 can sprite! (I hope)

Discussion in 'Creative Archive' started by Lucario454, Jun 15, 2009.

  1. I think I can sprite. I'll let you guys decide if I'm good at it. Sorry I couldn't make them transparent. :(

    [​IMG] She's mad because someone dyed her hair and put her in a dress.

    [​IMG] I was thinking Japenese fighter in a skirt, and then realized she'd need a slit in her skirt to kick.

    I don't take requests yet. I do like suggestions though. I may make random sprites as gifts for people, but don't ask for one.
  2. Well, much better than what I can do. :p The first sprite's arms look like they have something on them that's red and white. I recommend trying to get rid of that. The second one could have some better shoes.
  3. I didn't do anything from scratch.They're edited D/P/P sprites. :p The first is an edited Maylene sprite (thus the red and white.) and the other is an edited sprite as well. I just put Maylene in a dress and high heels, and dyed her hair. And the other I recolered black and added a skirt.

    Oh and this is what the Hearthome Gym leader looks like in a bathing suit. She just couldn't lose the skirt. :)

    [​IMG] I'm pretty sure the legs suck. :(
  4. No offense, but kinda, yeah, very. :(
  5. I'm working on it. Any ideas on what would make them better?

    I just finished another! Yay! :D

    [​IMG] This is what happens when I think of both monkies and ninjas.
  6. I believe this is what you'd call a bump.

    [​IMG] Made the hair longer and changed the outfit and hair color.

    [​IMG] I really wanted to put the scarf behind her. Changed a few colors as well.

    [​IMG] This was actually the first thing I did. It's a lucario pokeball.

    Oh and I've tried making some of my sprites transparent. Couldn't make them turn out right when they were transparent. Again, trying.
  7. Celadon

    Celadon Guest

    Just use iaza.com.


    Fill the parts you want transparent with a colour which have not used anywhere in your sprite. Then, upload your sprite there, choose the colour you want transparentised, and it will do it.

    By the way, you have made quite nice sprites. The walkie is lovely.

    The Japanese fighter sprite is also quite good.

    In the other two trainer sprites, though, the legs look a bit off. I agree that scratching is tough, though. Just keep trying, and you will get it.
  8. The Maylene one is her real legs. ;D I've fixed the other one's legs I think. Let me try to get it up..........

    [​IMG] The leg on the right is still a bit messed up. The one on the left looks better though.

    Edit: Tried iaza.com this is how it turned out.
    [​IMG] Must not of worked. :(
  9. Celadon

    Celadon Guest

    You should try not to make the borders in black, unless that specific part has a shade of black in it. Making borders in black just makes the whole thing look flat.

    Actually, the position of the legs is a bit wonky. Try to make them flow in the correct direction. For example, here she is facing one side, so at least one of the legs must be pointing toward us.

    I just hope that was not rude. ^^;
  10. I think I'm just going to drop that sprite for now. I'm going to do a Lucas walkie. I also need some ideas. Suggestions?
  11. Celadon

    Celadon Guest

    Are you a beginner spriter?

    In that case, I would suggest that you don't try to edit mugshots and walkies right now (Though the walkie you did make was quite good). You should right now try your hand at easy and basic things like chao, fusions and recolours. They will all help you give an idea about shading and scratching. When you have perfected them, you can move on to mugshots, trainers, scratches and walkies.

    Hope that Helped. ^^

    EDIT: oh no, you saved your walkie as a .jpeg? It destroys the quality of sprites! You should always save as .png. Also, transparency does not work on .jpegs. That is why iaza did not work. :(
  12. Darn, I like walkies. :( Well, I am working on a fusion, but it just doesn't come to me as easily. I just don't do scratches. They're to hard for me right now. :(
  13. Celadon

    Celadon Guest

    Well, as I said, you're walkies are quite good, so you can make them. Just don't do mugshots, trainers and scratches right now.

    The sticky topic has a few tutorials and tips to learn how to make fusions and chao. You can use them, they are very good. ^^

    Also, always save your sprites as .png or .gif and not as .jpeg.
  14. Yay! I made chao!

    [​IMG] It's a little umbreon! What do you think?
  15. Celadon

    Celadon Guest

    Very adorable! ^^

    See? Making chao is definitely your thing. Just keep on practicing and you will be able to even scratch.

    Good work!
  16. I made more chao!

    [​IMG] It's a pichu! It's supposed to be transparent. :( At least it's cute! ;D
  17. Celadon

    Celadon Guest

    That is another very cute sprite that you have made! The shading is perfect!

    Good job!^^
  18. More! ( I must be obsessed, coming up with stuff as quick as I do. Let's just call me the exited newbie with a new toy.)

    [​IMG] It'sa munchlax!

    Tell me the one you like best:

    [​IMG] This, (I scratched the pony tail)


    [​IMG] this? I like this one but I didn't put as much effort into it. :-\

    I like the first one best. :)
  19. I really like your sprites, espically that ranger sprite with the pony tail, she looks really cool.

    Love that 'Latest trend' Fantina, but the legs don't match the beauty of it... it just doesn't match fantinas skin colour on the other parts. I suggest that you could have used fantinas original legs instead. These are my critisicms and suggestions.

    ;)[move] [glow=yellow,2,300]Hope this helps you improve your work. [/glow] [/move]
  20. Well, Fantina's legs are always covered up,so I had to scratch them. I don't scratch. :(
  21. Yay! More spritage!

    [​IMG] It's supposed to be cleffary. :( But it's cute! ;D It's hard to to make chao un-cute!

    [​IMG] Shinxy!


    [​IMG] The shirt could of gone better. I didn't know what to do when I got rid of the scarf. :( (I hate scarfs.)
  22. An idea on the skirt part was that you could have added a PARTIAL outline to the leg-and-heel part and the edge of the skirt, but otherwise, it looks fine.

    Also, what I mean as a partial outline is this:
    Look over there between the spine and the left leg. I'll get a zoom-in and a highlight in here. It's gonna pixellate it a whole lot, though.
    See the partial outline between the tail and the back, or again at the upper corner of the tail. Also, for transparency reasons, it's best to use a dot-PNG resource for non-animated and dot-GIF resource for animated, like in my avatar. Hope this helps!

    Unfortunately, with every sprite resource used, there must be a disclaimer. That'll be below.

  23. I need ideas. I've got spriters block. :p
  24. Okay... okay. Put Lucario's head on Maylene's torso with Barry hair...


    (As in make it from scratch, not cancel it.)
  25. Err.... I was thinking in terms of something I could actually do. :-\ I don't do scratch you know.
  26. Alrighty. You don't have to scratch it. (It'd be good practice if you did, though.)


    [​IMG] Darkevoir

    [​IMG] Grassrai

    They switched elements for a day.

    You like?
  28. Hehe... GRASSRAI and DARKEVIOR. You crack me up.

    Hmmm... How about HOLYRAI and DIRTEVOIR?
  29. pretty good Click here to feed me a Rare Candy!
  30. I won't be able to do anything for the next couple of weeks considering I have no photoshop usage as of now. When I get home I'll come up with some more.
  31. Yay! My photoshop has returned!

    [​IMG] re-element. Water. Not sure what happenned to the backround to make it blue. :-\ Let's say it's underwater.

    [​IMG] Remember when you told me not to do trainers? Evidently I don't listen. ;D Cosplayer?
  32. Holy crap! A mega bump!

    [​IMG] I did it from scratch! A bit light on shading though...

    [​IMG] It's frankensprite!

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