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LoZ Oneshot: Reflections and Promises

Discussion in 'Creative Archive' started by Moonlight-Zelda, Jun 30, 2009.

  1. LoZ: Reflections and Promises

    Clear waters sparkled under the sunset, a light breeze drifting across Lake Hylia's gently lapping surface. Darkening blue and streaks of lavender were laying claim to the cooling amber sky. Zelda sighed, feeling the wind tugging at her long, unbound golden tresses. Her sapphire-like gaze trailed over the lake surface, stretching her legs on the sandy bank. The heels of her short brown boots gouged two small streaks in the beige grains, her pale lilac kirtle almost lavender under the fading light.

    Footsteps were audible behind her, the young woman twisting slightly. Icy blue eyes met her gaze, startled. "It has been some time, Link …" she said softly, noticing the green-clad warrior hesitate. He had changed, in his absence over the years.

    His eyes, once soft and playful, were now somber. Link's wheat-colored locks had grown in the back, now pulled into a short queue. The sleeveless green tunic he adorned was tightly belted, the longsleeved cerulean shirt beneath it clinging to his muscular frame. Travel hardened and scuffed boots encased his legs knee down, gray trousers tucked in the worn leather. Rather than the blue hilted Master Sword, a plain steel longsword hung from his hip.

    "… Yes, it has," he murmured, moving towards her. Farore's Bearer lowered himself to the ground after a moment, his gazed trained on the young woman before him. "How did you manage the feat of escaping the castle, Majesty?"

    Zelda's composed demeanor faltered at the mention of her title, eyes falling to the sand. "I retained some of the Shiekah skill … It proves useful still, on occasion … Might I inquired as to your presence here? You have not returned to Hyrule but once since Gannondorf was sealed … That was eight years ago, Link … I've only heard of your doings, not your well being," the young Queen added quietly, disappointment touching her tone.

    "I returned to stay true to my promise … Unless you'd rather I not stay?" Link queried uncertainly, shifting his weight.

    Zelda glanced up, startled. "You still remember?" she breathed, barely audiable. The Hero of Time nodded, a smile touching his lips.

    "Of course. It has just taken far longer than I thought … Zelda?" he suddenly inquired, his gaze boring into her own. She cocked her head slightly, curious.

    "What is it?"

    Link hesitated once more, sighing. "… To be blunt, I am puzzled that you did not give up waiting a while ago … Why?"

    Zelda stiffened slightly, ashamed. "Gannondorf's reign … It still haunts my sleep … But it causes me to remember, and hold to, what you did. I could only assist you so much as Shiek, though I am still indebted to you. Yet, when I knew you under the guise, I felt something akin to the friendship I hoped we held …" she mused, turning to face the lake. It's clear waters glistened with the remaining rays of light, stars beginning to appear in the reflection.

    She felt Link's hand touch her shoulder, and heard him inch nearer. "And now?" he said calmly, his voice carefully toned.

    "Call me a fool … But still, yes, despite the possibilities. What of you?" the young woman inquired, her tone mirroring his. Link suddenly reached across her lap, lightly gripping her chin as he turned her head towards him. A shadow of his old self now danced his eyes, Zelda holding their new position as he released her. Her pulse quickened, realizing how close they were.

    "Since the beginning …" he whispered, hesitantly leaning closer as the last rays of light vanished. But leaving way for a new dawn, once intertwined destinies uniting once more.

    (Author's Note: More fluff ... As you can see, I may not be the best with it, but ... I can't help myself when the muse strikes. At least this one is a little longer than the last one I posted, XD. Comments are still much appreciated, though.)
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  2. *Claps hands*

    Bravo, excellent, plain and graceful art. Need I go on?

    This one-shot is set perfectly both time-wise and plot-wise. I can easily see this event really occurring in the game. Zelda has very strong persona, however, I can see her relieving her feelings alone in the way you had her sitting during the beginning of the post. Lake Hylia is also a good location to put this.

    Link was also brilliant. Perfectly in character, despite him never talking in the games. I believe he's really had time to think about things like this, and that he really has wanted to think about them.

    Me, being this horrible sap for fluff that I am, give this one-shot a grade A score. I hope you write more in the future.

  3. *glomp*

    Thanks for reading and reviewing, Kazea. As you can probably tell, I really appreciate that you took the time to review it (and that you're generally lurking on CLC. *huggles*).

    I've actually had this thought many times, and a song (Bluest Eyes in Texas, by Restless Heart) helped get the rest of it on paper. I'm glad that you like how I portrayed Zellie and Link, too.

    And, don't worry. I'm sure more fluff will be coming sooner or later. ^_^

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