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LoZ Oneshot: For Hyrule, or For Her?

Discussion in 'Creative Archive' started by Moonlight-Zelda, Jun 30, 2009.

  1. LoZ: For Hyrule, or For Her?

    Rain hammered Hyrule Field, falling in large, cold droplets. The icy eyed Hylian sighed, moving for the cover of a large oak.

    "Better than nothing, I suppose …" he murmured, directing his comment at the faerie hovering near by. Link's golden locks clung to the sides of his face, dripping, rainwater saturating his garments.

    Mud spattered his knee length brown boots, speckling the knees of his white trousers. The Hylian's tunic had turned a dark forest green, masking the occasional bloodstains. He pulled off his soaked hat, wringing it between his gauntleted hands. A thin stream of water hit the already wet ground, forming a small puddle.

    Link fingered the worn wool, once again tuning Navi's ceaseless chatter out of his mind. Despite the down pour, what was left of Hyrule Castle was faintly visible to the teen - Now a looming shadow, towering over the vacant town below.

    He leaned against the smooth tree trunk, unsheathing the Master Sword. A droplet of water hit the gleaming steel blade, sliding down the cold metal. The blue hilted sword reflected half of his face, it's wielder lost in thought.

    For whom did he really battle for? The sake of Hyrule, or it's Princess?

    Link tucked the still moist hat in his belt, running his fingertips up the flat of his sword. Recalling the kindly maiden of his lost youth. Always attempting to be positive, despite Gannondorf's threat. Resolute.

    Zelda's gentle, sapphire blue gaze danced in mind's eye. But was she still alive, after seven years? Yet the elusive Shiekah's scarlet eyes seemed strangely familiar, as well as her essence.

    Questions, possibilities - Yet no logical solutions.

    (Author's Note: Yeah ... All fluff, XD. I hope you enjoyed it, but I apologize about this being just over a page long. Comments are much appreciated. ^_^ )
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