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Ask to Join |> Lostile Region: Adventures Await!

Discussion in 'Pokémon Role Play' started by ImpressiveVolcarona7912, Mar 30, 2017.

  1. Olivia got off of the airport where instead of planes you got to ride Braviaries and Mandibuzzes! Arriving in Flathart Town, Olivia started to make her way towards the Pokemon Center, seeing three other trainers. "Oh hello!" Olivia said as she held onto her backpack straps. Inside her backpack was Cotton. Cotton came out to greet them. "Swir-Swirlix!" She said.

    Meanwhile in Team Toxic's laboratory. A grunt walked up to the Pokemon Jail. Her name was Synnedy, otherwise known as Team Toxic Grunt C. She had captured a Linoone. She put it in the Normal type section. Synnedy smiled. "Soon i'll capture the legendary known as Latios and be promoted up all the way to an Admin." Synnedy said. "Soon.."
  2. Damian was looking around, unsure of how to navigate, but stopped to wave at the trainer and her Swirlix politely. He got a sudden idea and shifted the notebook to his other hand to let out his Hoothoot. The bird cawed in greeting, not letting the constant back and forth motion of her head halt for a moment.
  3. Jack had just gotten off of his brother's Ride-Charizard when he arrived in Flathart Town. "Thanks for the ride, buddy," Jack said to the Charizard as he put it back into it's Poke-ball. "I should probably go to a Pokemon Center, so I can return Charizard to Richard," Jack said to his Dartrix. But Dartrix was still acting too up tight, and pretended like he didn't hear a thing. "All right, lets go," Jack said as he headed to the nearest Pokemon Center. As soon as he reached the Pokemon Center, he saw two other trainers inside; a girl with Swirlix and a boy with a Hoothoot and a notebook. Jack wanted to talk to the trainers, but first he decided to transfer the Charizard to his brother's PC. So that's what he did. So when that was over with, he walked up to the trainers, and said, "Hi there, my name's Jack. I came here, from the Alola region, in order to discover more about other Pokemon." Jack took out his hand, so that he could shake one of the trainer's hand.
  4. Olivia grinned. "Cool! I came from Kalos, my Aunt was babysitting me." Olivia pointed to Route 1, which felt colder than Flathart's normal 48-50 degree weather. "Over there is Route 1. By crossing the path you can get to Coldworn City, where they have a lot of igloos and Swinubs. I suggest you head there now if you want to have a gym battle!" Olivia said, putting Cotton back in her backpack and heading towards Route 1.
  5. Damian marched behind Olivia silently. His Hoothoot fluttered onto his shoulder and continued a careful balancing act assisted by the occasional wing flap. While he walked, the boy wondered how he would win the upcoming gym battle with only two pokemon, since the trainers he usually hung out with had full teams. Serves me right. If only I had Growlithe with me...but he isn't here. He shook his head to clear away negative thoughts and just focused on putting one foot in front of the other.
  6. Jack then said to the girl, "The Kalos region; I heard that the region has so many amazing Pokemon. I'd like to go there one day and challenge the league." The girl then talked about how to head to the next town, and she then started to walk towards the route, but then Jack went up to her and said, "Hey, do you think that we could travel together? It's because I don't really know where things are in this region, and you do." Jack doesn't really have the best sense of direction, but he really wanted to challenge the Lostile region's league.
  7. Aon


    "Did I just hear that you guys are travelling around together?"

    A boy about his 12s had just appeared behind the group, with a very curious expression on his face. He had black straight hair, and today he preferred wearing a cap. He was wearing a yellow jacket, a black trouser and a white shirt. An Absol was walking right next to him.

    "My name is Aon and this is Absol. We are new to this region, and we are looking for some friends to travel with us."

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