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Private/Closed "Lord of the Venonats" - A Pokemon Island Survival RP

Discussion in 'Pokémon Role Play' started by Hisseki, Jun 17, 2017.

  1. {Discussion Thread Here}
    Stranded. No recollection of how you got here. No recollection of those around you. No way to escape. So many questions, and seemingly no answers in sight, but one question springs forth from the mental swamp of confusion and directly into the minds of those on the island.
    "What do we do now?!"

    Simon groggily awoke from his unexpected slumber, taking in his currently blurred surroundings. He could see lots of brown, lots of blue, and some greenish bits. After rubbing his eyes a bit, the Brinneo looks around some more - only to realize that, somehow, he had ended up on some sort of coast or something! Confused, he hesitantly moved across the hot sand (a speed which accelerated greatly as the sand's temperature increased) towards the water, leaving a thick forest behind. With a quick leap, he was in the water, happier than a Munchlax in a candy store. He swam in circles enough times to create a small temporary vortex, one which he swam through with a laugh. Once his little swim was through, he stood where the water met the sand and kept the "grains of evil" cool, looking at the rest of the beach.

    For whatever reason, there were metal scraps and a few broken crates scattered around. One of the crates, a rather small one, had a few cans of lemonade in it. There were two other closed crates, and a large crate filled with wet washcloths and a few small bottles of soap. "Strange, why would a large box have such small things in it?" Simon thought to himself, not leaving the edge of the water for the sake of not burning himself.

    After a moment of thought, he traversed the coast a bit, looking for anyone else. After all, he couldn't possibly be alone in this place?... Could he be?
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  2. Stuck in a tree sat a lonely Sentret, barely moving. The Normal-type was seemingly sound asleep, but in reality, she wasn't conscious. The branch she was forced to lay on, which wasn't stable to begin with, suddenly snapped with a loud crack due to her weight, sending her plummeting towards the ground- that is, until her tail got caught inbetween two other branches. She now dangled upside down in the tall tree, breathing deeply as her consciousness slowly reentered her body and her eyes blinked open. Once she saw just how high up she was...

    ...Micah screamed.
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  3. Water
    His throat felt like two wooden boards rubbing against each other. His legs felt numb and his head felt light. Lest slowly stood up only to feel a rush of dizziness flow to his head before collapsing once more. This time, his eyes were open. A great ocean of green lay before him with boxes, planks, rope, and a variety of strange looking items rose and fell with the waves.
    What... Happened?
    As the Eevee surveyed the waters, he noticed that there was a large flat plate of metal that had washed up against the shore and was slowly being buried by the silt. Walking over, Lest brushed the grit away with his paw revealing the words "L.O.T.V Experimentation." As of now, the words seemed important, but he had larger problems to worry about. The beautiful ocean water, as stunning as it was, was as salty as... well, the sea, rendering it undrinkable.
    Lets see... I'm completely alone on a beach with no food, water, or supplies... Things can only get better from here... Right?
    An explosion.
    In the distance, a large thundering storm cloud seemed to have formed out of nowhere, staring at the island with hunger. Lest face palmed, or I guess face pawed at the clique he had just pulled off before deciding to search the washed up boxes the lay upon the shore. Among the cracked, wet wood lay a small crate. Lest peered inside to find a empty, but durable water skin as well as what seemed like a well made scarf that had water tight storage compartments. Lest let out a sigh with a single tear falling down is cheek.
    Thanks Arceus... But maybe you could give me some supplies before giving me things that actually hold things? Not saying I'm not thankful, I'm incredibly grateful. I don't know, I just feel... What's the word... betrayed?

    Lest had a bad feeling about this.
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  4. Kiana woke with a start at the sound of the scream, muttering in frantic confusion under her breath, before laying her head back against the seaweed-ridden sand she'd found herself beached upon with a tired sigh in the hopes of scoring a few more minutes of beauty sleep. Except... since when did she cozy up at night in beds of seaweed? As a grass type, she had taken some pretty extreme naps among nature in the past, but this was certainly new.

    The explosive crash of thunder made her snap to her senses. Kiana jolted to her feet, wobbling all the while like a drunken sailor as she threw her head this head and that for some semblance of an idea as to what was going on. With a hearty yawn, she started stumbling, then jogging, then full on sprinting running towards the source of the scream in the forest. Her dreams were a little more interactive than usual, but she wasn't about to squander the chance to play along.

    "Hellooo? Who's screaming out there? No one's getting attacked I hope. You're not getting attacked, right?" She called, still fighting off a drowsy yawn.
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  5. At the sound of a freakishly loud explosion that seemed to rock the island itself, Micah yelped as she attempted to curl herself into a ball, leaving her dangling from the tree by her tail and holding her head in her puny paws, legs(?) bent tightly against her underside. Her body began to shake with the fear of there being a large something on the island that had created the explosion, and as they got worse, another sound- no, not a sound, but a voice- caused her to calm down slightly and move a paw to her cheek so she could open an eye and search for its source. With a loud gulp, the Sentret stretched her paws over her head before letting them fall limp on either side of her face. "I... I'm not getting attacked..." Micah spoke in a rather quiet voice, looking up to the sky below her, from her perspective, sheepishly. "I just...I'm a little stuck..."
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  6. A loud crash shot Simon out of a zone-out state of mind, causing him to start frantically looking around for the noise's source. The noise was recognizable by Simon almost immediately - thunder. He raced out of the water without a second thought and ended up crashing into a tree, flopping down on the grass and leaves below a branch with something - no, another Pokemon in it. "... ... Uh... ... 'ello?..." He called up to the Sentret, who didn't look like they were enjoying their position in the tree. "Um... do you need help, like... getting down?"

    He sat up and looked up at them, holding out their arms. "If ya need, I can try to catch ya. Might not work, but hey, better than hitting the ground, I guess..." He chuckled awkwardly, realizing his word choice might not have been optimal.
  7. Kiana hurried through the treeline, slowing to a lazy shamble as she broke through, before yawning yet again and grinding her heels into the dirt at the sight of the two Pokémon before her.

    "Heeey! So that's what all the hubbub's about. Crazy day in dreamland, huh? What's your plan for getting down?" She drawled on, seemingly with no recollection of the fact that she as a Grovyle could climb a tree such as that one perfectly well. "Hey pretty boy! You and the Sentret know each other?"
  8. "Pretty boy?... Thank you very much, but... nope, this is the first time I'm seeing them," Simon answered the suddenly-appearing Grovyle. "I'm just here to try and ca- wait... you'd probably be better at catching than me. You're, um... bigger! That's the word."

    He looked between the Grovyle and the Sentret a few times. "Now might be a bad time to ask their names," thought Simon to himself, "but at the same time, I might not be able to later... ... gonna do it."

    He opened his mouth to speak, but no words exited. He cleared his throat and tried again. "N-names... what are yours?" Simon managed to squeak out.

    "Really?! You choke up on 'what are your names'?!" Simon criticized himself mentally, awkwardly smiling and still holding his arms out just in case the Sentret fell.
  9. Lexi blinked awake, a bit bleary. She was lying on a sandy beach. The Kirlia was then splashed unexpectedly by a burst of seawater. This seemed to startle her awake. Spluttering, Lexi got to her feet and looked around. She saw numerous boards of splintered wood, what looked like a forest, the beach that she stood on, and a seemingly endless expanse of water. Sighing. She began to gather some wood and headed to the forest. It wouldn't be long until she died without shelter, food, and water. Suddenly, Lexi stopped and tipped her head, listening. Voices sounded from her right, and Lexi followed. She saw three Pokemon, one of which looked extremely embarrassed. Arms full of wood, the Kirlia walked up. "Are you guys from around here?" she asked, hoping that they were and knew a way to get off. How the heck did she even get here in the first place?
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  10. After having wandered around, Lest miraculously had only walked into a single tree through the twists and turns of the overgrown forest. Not knowing whether or not your going drives you insane.
    I could have sworn I saw that stump earlier...
    Suddenly, he felt much lighter. Much much lighter. Almost as if he had floated into the sky and drifted away.
    Except he wasn't floating. He was falling. Fast.
    The Eevee landed on a couple branches only to be thrown into some bushes only a couple paw lengths away from the other Pokemon. Not knowing who they were and what they were doing, he didn't exactly know what to say.
    "Sorry for dropping in like this."
    (OOC: Ba dum tss)
  11. The sound of screaming woke Donovan from a deep sleep, and from the second the Shieldon opened his eyes, he was deeply confused. The first real things he saw only raised more questions; it seemed he was on a beach of some sort, with tropical vegetation to one side, and a beautiful ocean view on the other and in the sky was a thunderstorm that appeared to have come from nowhere. He shook his head to clear his mind, he had to focus. The young pokemon saw a few crates laying in the sand and trotted over to look inside of them.
    Nothing useful in here, maybe I should go check out whatever made the scream.
    Donovan slowly walked over towards the sound, and paused when he saw several other pokemon. He thought for a moment then wondered,
    Are they natives, or are they also new to here?
    He walked up to the group, and fumbled for a way to introduce himself.
    "Hello, are you all as confused as I am?"
  12. "Wo-hoah! It's real party now! Sorry to disappoint, but I'm no expert on forests, or why we would ever be waking up in one. Name's Kiana. Put er' there, bub!" She beamed, removing one hand from its place at her hip and sticking it out to Simon first, possibly already forgetting about the poor Sentret stuck just above.
  13. "Kiana, got it. I'm Simon. Nice to meetcha!"

    Finally, you actually spoke correctly! Simon thought critically to himself, shaking the Grovyle's hand.

    Another Pokemon, a Shieldon, appeared at the scene. It was good to know that he wasn't the only Pokemon in this place, but he still wondered how many there were.

    "Hello, are you all as confused as I am?"

    "Uh, yeah, I think so. Does anyone know where we are or why?... ... Ya know what? Let's get this Sentret down first, then worry about questions after," Simon said firmly, assuming a few-seconds-long temporary triumphant stance before looking back up to the dangling Pokemon in the tree. "Can anyone climb up there?"
  14. What's that sound? Laurel thought groggily as she was stirred from her slumber; the crashing of the ocean waves filling her ears, though she had yet to realize that was the sound was. And why is the ground feel so warm? She began fidgeting uncomfortably as she was stirred even more from her slumber. But before she could fully awake of her own accord; an explosion of thunder could be heard that immediately startled the eevee.

    Eyelids shooting open, Laurel jumped to her feet as quickly as she could, before groaning as she closed her eyes again once she was hit with a wave of dizziness. Once the dizziness passed, she opened her eyes again only to be started again as she truly got to see where she was. She was standing on a hot sandy beach with the ocean stretching out seemingly endlessly a few feet away in-front of her, she could also spot some broken crates and metal scraps scattered around, and when she turned around, she could see a thick forest behind her. But what bothered her most about all of this is that nothing here seemed familiar.

    How did I end up here? And did I end up here alone?
    Laurel thought, shifting nervously as she glanced around again; not spotting any other pokémon. Maybe...those crates will tell me something. She silently thought as she made her way over to them. Once she reached them, she began looking through them, but was disappointed to find that they didn't really offer her anything useful, in her questions and in items. Well, this was a waste of-, but before she could finish the thought, a scream sounded out, making her jump as she found herself feeling startled once again.

    What was that? Laurel thought, alarmed. She considered staying far away from the sound before something dawned on her. Wait...that was someone screaming, so that means I'm not the only one here! But they were screaming, so would it really be a good idea to try and find the one who screamed? She silently contemplated this for quite a bit, her occasion indecisiveness coming back to haunt her, before she finally made a decision after a bunch of silent back and forth arguing with herself. Screw it, I'm going and if whoever screamed is in trouble, I can try and help them if need be.

    Laurel set off towards direction she thought she had heard the sound had come from and after some searching, she didn't just find one pokemon, but a few others. Seeing this filled the eevee with relief and worry at the same time as she hesitated, clearly conflicted before speaking. "Um, hello there, I heard a scream, was it any of you guys?" She questioned to the pokémon on the ground, not realizing there was a sentret stuck in the tree and was the one who screamed since she hadn't looked up and because she hadn't gotten confirmation the sentret was that pokémon either.
  15. Even though she had been asked a few different questions, Micah could only make low humming noises in place of words as more and more Pokemon happened upon the scene. She could feel the grip the tree had on her tail loosening every now and then, but for whatever reason, she was more fearful of the fall now that there were others below her, no matter if they were trying to help or not. Looking down to the Brionne that was seemingly above her from her point of view, the Sentret slowly began to shake her head, attempting to curl herself into a tight ball. "I... I'm alright..." Micah choked out in an almost monotone voice, her entire body now shaking. "Don't worry about me..."
  16. Kiana took on a friendly stance as yet another newcomer approached. "Well hi there, fella, and welcome to the club! I don't recall screaming myself, but I'm fairly certain this Sentret here is the one with a bit of a quandary." She explained, tapping her chin in thought at the prospect of getting her down. "Hmm... Mr. Stubby over there doesn't quite have the legs for climbing trees, nor does Puffball one or Puffball two the Eevees..."

    Her line of sight swapped from Donovan, to Lest, and finally to Laurel to appraise them all for the task. A smile that surely shouted 'Eureka!' lit up her wide-eyed expression as she spotted Lexi, leading her to immediately call out. "Hey Ballerina! You look pretty nimble! I'd hate to ask for a favor on a first meeting, but if you think you're cut out for it, I'm sure the Sentret wouldn't mind a- oh, well, you heard her. She's alright after all."

    It was becoming awfully clear that the Grovyle had a bit of an oblivious streak...
  17. Simon put his arms down and looked up at the Sentret. "Are you sure? I mean, I'm not gonna judge y- er, no, I'm not gonna question you, but... ... ... yeah," he said, trailing off in volume as he realized that he was just rambling and fumbling with his words.

    An Eevee had arrived on the scene, so Simon gave them a quick wave and smile, and one of each to another Pokemon that had fallen into the scene a bit ago and went unnoticed by him until now. "So, um, introductions and stuff... ... Simon is me- er, dangit, I'm Simon, and... ... what are your names?" Simon asked, gesturing both to those around him and to the Sentret that hung from the tree.

    Simon knew he was positioned underneath the Sentret, and if they fell, they might fall on top of him. However, he was okay with it, considering the more Pokemon there were together on this island, the better off they'd be. He relaxed a bit, realizing that he was tensing up thanks to the amount of other Pokemon there actually were, and waited patiently for either the response of names or the feeling of someone falling on top of him, though it was the former he hoped for more than the latter.
  18. Lexi looked at the Sentret. "I can help you down from there," she said, and her eyes began to glow blue, as did the Sentret. This was Psychic, and Lexi gently brought the Normal-type down. Then she looked to Simon. "I'm Lexi," she introduced herself. She could definitely tell that the Brionne wasn't the most socially skilled Pokemon in the group.
  19. Laurel's ears twitched as she tensed, startled, when she heard a voice come from above. Quickly looking up, she was surprised to see a sentret stuck in a tree. After spotting the pokemon, she started at her for a few heart-beats before she felt her face heat up. Well, that's....a bit embarrassing that I didn't notice them, but at least that I have a good excuse as to why I didn't, she thought but still found herself feeling a bit embarrassing. She was distracted from her thoughts as a grovyle spoke to her as her gaze then went the sentret and instead went to that pokémon.

    Laurel felt herself relax a bit at the friendly greeting the Grovyle gave her as she then nodded at the rest of what the other pokémon said. "Thanks for the info," she said with a small smile after briefly glancing up at the sentret again. She quietly listened to the rest of what the Grovyle was saying without a word, but was distracted when she noticed a brinneo waving and smiling and her out of the corner of her eye. She proceeded to look at him, before she then smiled back at him before lifting a paw and giving him the best wave she could manage to do. The eevee honestly felt more relaxed at this, she had been afraid the small group of pokémon were going to be hostile, but so far the couple of pokémon that had greeted her had seemed friendly enough; something which made her feel even more at ease.

    Laurel's ear twitched as the brinneo spoke again, this time introducing himself and asking them to introduce themselves too; so giving a friendly smile, she spoke, "It's nice to meet you Simon, I'm Laurel." Her attention then turned to a Kirlia as she told the Sentret she could help her down from the tree before using using psychic to bring the stuck pokémon down. That's good that someone was able to get that Sentret down, she thought with a small smile before listening as the Kirlia introduced herself to Simon as Lexi.
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  20. As she was carefully set down on the ground, Micah slowly unfurled herself from the ball she had created with her body, hoisting herself into a seated position and wrapping her tail around herself defensively. "...Micah..." she quietly replied to the name question, staring down to the dirty earth before her with slightly-widened eyes before glancing up to the Kirlia, who had just introduced herself as Lexi. "Thank you," the Sentret said to the Psychic/Fairy-type, bowing her head respectfully to the taller Pokemon.

    "It's... nice to meet you all. Really. Thanks, too..."

    Even as she spoke, Micah tried not to cause a scene as she attempted to silently stand on all fours and back away from the group she had undoubtedly formed with her scream of terror from earlier, keeping her tail pressed against her back to make sure it didn't make a sound, either. Every once in a while, she'd glance behind her to make sure she didn't bump into a rock, tree, or the like as she made her steady retreat.
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  21. The Sentret, Micah apparently, was safely put onto the ground by Lexi. For this, Simon was relieved, but as she started backing up, he started to be less happy. "H-hey, wait up! We should stick together. We don't know where we are right now, I think, so let's not split up and get lost, kay?" He said, moving a bit closer to her while trying to maintain a calm and less anxious exterior.

    Inside, however, his mind was racing at a mile a minute trying to properly structure the sentences leaving his mouth.

    Think, me, think! I don't wanna sound stupid! What if I screw up and say something stupid like earlier?! I gotta keep calm, but I can't screw this up!

    His flippers shook a bit as he stopped moving forwards, a bit closer to Micah than he was before. "I don't know how many others are here, so I don't know how man- er, I just said that... ... we should stick to- gah! I said that too!... ... U-um... ... hi?... ... ..."

    And with that, Simon facepalmed and flopped down on the grass and dirt below him, giving up on speaking further. He rolled over to look up at the tree's leaves and mumbled "carry on" to the group before him, thinking hard about how to recover from his many consecutive sentence structure slip-ups.
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  22. Lexi watched Micah back away and Simon try to prevent that, and sighed. I guess they're just as confused as I am, she thought. "Simon's right, it wouldn't be the best idea for us to all strike out on our own," Lexi said, but didn't push the matter any further. She didn't want Micah to feel forced into any allegiances.
  23. Micah jumped, pausing her backing away as Simon approached her. Unsure of what to do, she merely grunted in response to both his and Lexi's words, her body's shaking getting worse by the second. However, once the Brionne flopped onto the ground in defeat, the Sentret furrowed her brow, concerned for the Water-type, and slowly padded closer to him in order to poke his shoulder with a paw. "...Hi," she answered the 'question' he had 'asked' earlier, looking at Simon with a tilted head. "Are... Are you okay...?"

    She backed off once more, sitting down on the dirty ground and glancing up to the Kirlia and the others for a moment, unsure of what was happening with Simon.
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  24. "I don't think any of us could have survived a fall from the sky, so maybe we came here by boat" stated Lest being stuck and upside down in a bush. "My name is Lest and I heard there was a Lexi somewhere, but all I can see are leafs.." The Eevee let out a yawn before attempting to squirm himself free from the bushes, causing him to sink further into the sea, or puddle, of green. Letting out a sigh, he felt something spike his nose. Looking downwards, he saw a large black and red spider sitting on his nose. Internally screaming, Lest squirmed left and right before finally rolling himself out of the Bush covered with leaves.
    "Maybe we should.. maybe.. stick together? We could probably put together something before that storm comes."
    Suddenly, the spider he had seen earlier shot out of the bush towards him. Running in circles, the Eevee shouted with terror.
  25. Laurel's gaze flickered back to the Sentret, her ear twitching as she heard her quietly say the name Micah. After hearing this, the Eevee quickly assumed that the Sentret had just introduced herself by giving them her name. But when she noticed the pokémon starting to back away after saying some other things, she opened her mouth to say something when Simon and Lexi spoke before she could. So instead she closed her mouth for a moment as she found herself feeling sympathetic towards the Brinneo the second time he spoke as he seemed to struggle greatly with coming up with what to say, before flopping down in defeat.

    Anyways, once Lexi and Simon were done speaking, she nodded in agreement to show she supported the idea of them sticking together, but decided to just leave it at the nod and not verbally show her support. She found herself feeling glad when Micah stopped, though is seemed to be due to concern for Simon because of the question she had ask. The eevee was distracted though at the sound of a voice, looking over, she saw it was a fellow eevee that was talking and that he was stuck upside down in a bush. She felt surprised and embarrassed again as she realized she hadn't realized yet another pokémon was around until it had spoken.

    Unfortunately, I do not have as good of an excuse for not noticing someone this time, Laurel thought, her face feeling warm again. Despite her embarrassment, she was going to approach Lest and offer to help get him out of the bush he appeared to be stuck in, when he squirmed his way out himself; so she didn't do that of course. She was startled thought as she gave a small jump as the other eevee started suddenly shouting and running in circles. But when she realized what he was shouting about, her feeling melted away to amusement.

    "W-wait, you're freaking out over a spider?" Choked out Laurel, clearly trying to hold back a laugh. But soon failed as some giggles escaped her. She knew it would be nice of her to help, even if she couldn't 'kill it with fire', but come on, it was a spider and she just couldn't help herself as a few more giggles escaped her.
  26. Kiana sprang from her station to put herself between Lest and the spider, paying Laurel's giggles and the others' commotion no mind as she took on the look of a wise camp counselor. "Have no fear, kids! Spiders like these are about as harmless as the day is long... I'm sure. Just look at it. How could something so colorful be violent?" She reasoned, patting the thing on the head with two nubby fingers. "Everyone alright? I mean, it does look like we're stuck somewhere new, but that's just an adventure waiting to happen, right?"
  27. Lexi chuckled at the Eevee seemingly having a panic attack at a spider, then nodded towards the stack of wood she still held in her arms. "We probably ought to get something that at least somewhat resembles a shelter up before some not-so-harmless things see us," she suggested.
  28. "Spiders like these are about as harmless as the day is long... I'm sure."

    "Spiders are a living incarnate of the devil. Every night before going to sleep, I check everywhere, ready to brutally end their lives with way more force than necessary. Sometimes I find one and even if I kill it, I still can't go to sleep because it confirmed my fear that sometimes there are spiders waiting for me.

    I used to pretend that I wasn't afraid of spiders. It made me feel cool - like I was braver than most people. If someone called me on my bluff and asked me to dispose of a spider, I would put on my battle-face and do my best to get rid of it without letting the panic bubble to the surface."
    Lest took a moment to catch his breath before noticing the spider seeming to have crawled up onto the Grovile.
    "Call me insane but I think there's a little something on your... or crawling up your leg... oh no." Lest pointed at the spider before shuddering in fear and slowly backing away. "It's harmless... haah.. haah..." The Eevee's mental state had been shreded to pieces before hearing another boom in the distance. The storm cloud was close and the sky on the outer sides of the island were a dark grey. But the realization of there being giant spiders on the island terrified him.
    "I t-think we s-should probably do something before those clouds come.."

    (OOC: Btw, that beautiful hyperbole isn't mine, but it is exactly how I and Lest feel about spiders xD)
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  29. Kiana could only blink in confusion at the Eevee's passion toward spiders. "Well alright then. We all have our fears after all. Go on bud, shoo." She crooned, trying first to ease it away and onto the ground, before giving up and not-so-gently kicking it off into a nearby bush. The promise of rain sure put a damper on things, and Kiana put a hand on both Eevees heads, before switching one to set it atop Donovan, as part of a headcount. "Shelter sounds like a right minded idea there, spunky one. Oo! You know what sounds wonderful? Setting up a tree house sooner or later and kicking all this lame land to the curb. Simon! Treehanger! Everything in order over there? We're gonna build a shelter!" She called in slight concern.
  30. Simon groaned, once again having to come out of zone-out mode. Apparently, Micah was concerned for him because he decided to flop onto the ground. Great, he thought to himself, you look like an idiot. He slowly stood back up and shook his head, readjusting his eyepatch. "Don't worry, I'm fine. Just a little annoyed at my inability to... speak properly, ya know?" He said, giving himself a mental fist bump after recovering from his failure.

    Someone had mentioned building a shelter, and his mind immediately went back to the metal sheets and crates. "Hey, did anyone else happen to see crates of stuff and metal and whatnot lying around on the coast? We could use that stuff to make a shelter... but we'd have to find a good place to put it..."

    He started pacing around in circles, unintentionally starting to circle Micah. "We could build a treehouse... or maybe near the water?... In this forest jungle place?... ... Maybe there's another landmark we've yet to see... and judging by everyone else here, in the water is a horrible idea... ... hmm..." He continued pacing and thinking aloud for a while before stopping, finally having come to a verdict.

    "... ... Anyone have any ideas?"

    Way to go, now you look even more stupid... ... shut up, me!
  31. "Caves are cool.."
    Lest let out a sigh as he watched Simon think. Maybe not the brightest Pokémon, but he had seen much much worse.
    "Yeah, the beach seemed a bit messy with lots of random stuff laying around. But as of now.." Lest rolled over from being pat on the head and looked up towards the trees and pointed. "We could try to find a cave and cover it up with some branches and moss to make things a bit less.. wet."
    Examining the group, Lest suddenly felt insignificant. The other Pokémon were much taller then he was. Heck, the other Eevee even seemed larger. Letying out a sigh, he stared at the grey clouds that were slowly drifting over the island.
  32. She had missed everything with the spider due to her focus on the ground, which had suddenly become very interesting. As the Grovyle called over to her, using the nickname 'Treehanger,' however, Micah jumped, once again, out of her trance and whipped her head in the Grass-type's direction, lips pursed as she tried to make no sound to accompany her movement. A bit too quickly, she nodded her head multiple times to answer her question, once again wrapping her tail around herself. "...Everything's fi-"

    She wasn't able to finish her sentence as Simon began to make noises, both coherent words and not, and answered the question she had asked earlier. Again, she nodded, not wanting any more attention to be brought to her with any words she decided to speak.

    "...Caves might be a good idea..." the Sentret added quietly, curling in on herself once more as she was circled by Simon. "Maybe... Maybe we could use the metal as wall pieces... just so we're not as... uhm... vulnerable...?"

    So much for keeping attention away from you, dumbass, Micah thought to herself, squeezing her eyes shut tight for a moment as she mentally facepalmed, placing her forehead on the ground before her.
  33. "So we've got two votes for caves... hm... ... let's all look for one, then? D'oh, wait, we don't know if anybody else is here?... ... Shelter first. I guess. Yeah."

    Simon struggled with his own mind a bit before both sides came to a final verdict - quite quickly, in fact. Creating a shelter sounded like a better plan. That way, if there were others, then a safe house of sorts would already have been established. He paused his pacing and faced the entire group. Just as he is about to speak, it hit him again, the number of others that were here. His words quickly became stutters, and those quickly became nothing. He hung his head, defeated by himself once again.

    With a sigh through his nose, he made a small bubble accidentally. When it popped, he jumped back and slammed into a tree behind him. He rubbed his head and winced - only to be immediately hit in the head by a falling Pamtre Berry. He yelped as the berry hit him, then looked up at the tree. "... ... Oh hey... ... berry tree... ... ow... ..." he mumbled to himself, blushing from embarrassment.
  34. "Why's everyone laying on the ground all of a sudden?" Kiana said, flopping down next to Micah in a max-relaxed pose in the dirt. Once again, she was also absolutely oblivious as she tilted her head to the side and watched Simon's attempt at leadership. "I'll add onto that vote for caves. Nothing says 'the great outdoors' like a twisted spine from sleeping on hard rock--Oo! Berries! C'mon! What kind? I make a mean fruit smoothie first thing on mornings like these."
  35. "Smoothies...? What's that?" The Eevee tilted his head towards the berry that had rolled off the of the Pokémon.
    Letting out a snicker, Lest walked up to Simon and said, "That wasn't berry good" followed by a "sorry, that was bad" before sitting back down.
    "How exactly do we find a cave though? Are there any mountains near here?"
    The Eevee watched the others curiously before disappearing into a different bush searching for more berries.
  36. Initially, Simon felt pretty bad about his little screw-up, but after hearing Lest's berry pun, his annoyed and disheartened expression shifted to a smile. He snickered and looked at Lest. "Heh, good one. Didn't take berry long to come up with, I hope~!" He responded with a wink.

    Heh-hey~! Way to go, me! I technically reused the pun, but at least you didn't screw it up~!

    Considering the group's reactions, it seemed as if the cave was the option they were going with. That being said, nobody knew if there even was a cave here. That's when an idea hit him - well, really, he hit the idea earlier, and it was what caused the berry to fall. "H-hey, I don't know if this will work, but maybe Lexi can float somebody up above the tree so they could see? It might work, I-I just don't know if it'll work... I said that already... Shoot." With that, he facepalmed - er, really he just smacked his nose - and sighed. This was going to be a reoccurring thing, no doubt.

    Simon looked up at the Pamtre Berry tree and blew a bubble at one of the berries, encasing the fruit and causing it to float down to him. Once at a reasonable distance, the bubble popped and caused the fruit to land in his mouth. He took a bit, then raised an eyebrow. "... Huh. Dry.. but kinda sweet... but mostly dry... ... oh..." he mumbled as chewed on the admittedly tough nut-like berry, practically forgetting about the shelter-building entirely in favor of this berry.
  37. "Dry berry? That's not berry good, maybe we should find a water source. Does anybody want to dew that?" Lest lifted his front paws and made what sort of looked like paw guns before falling face forwards a second time. "Oh, and it might get cold tonight, so getting some wood wood be nice." After searching for a tiny bit longer in the bush's near the group, Lest came across tiny blue colored berries. Taking a bite, the berries were incredibly tart and juicy. Picking a couple, he brought them back and placed then on the ground.
    "These are good, just a bit sour," The Eevee said with his tail swishing side to side.
  38. Micah kept her forehead on the ground as things around her happened, jumping slightly both as she felt someone drop down next to her and heard someone else say different things along the lines of 'ow.' She made no move to see who was saying what or where anyone was, and since she didn't quite have anyone's voices memorized just yet, she was unable to recognize who they were from them alone. As the puns hit her ears, however, the brown organs twitched and a ghostly hint-of-a-grin crossed her face. "...Good one," she complimented, chuckling a bit too quietly.

    "...maybe we should find a water source. Does anybody want to dew that?"

    "I could do that... make myself useful, I guess..." Micah slowly rose to her paws, surveying the group before her- only to jump high into the air as she noticed Kiana laying next to her. "Y-Yeah, I'll go... do that..." As she had done before, the Sentret resumed her backing away, teeth clenched awkwardly, before she swiftly turned around and darted into the forest, unsure of whether or not she actually did leave to find water.
  39. Laurel watched as Kiana put herself between Lest and the spider. The urge to laugh had subsided for the moment so instead she held an amused smile on her face. She listened to the words the grovyle spoke, hoping despite her amusement at the situation it would reassure Lest at least a bit. She then blinked, surprised when Kiana patted the spider and didn't scurry off then and there. But she just ended up shrugging, deciding to ignore her surprise.

    Laurel's gaze turned to Lexi as she spoke before she nodded. "That wouldn't be a bad idea," she said. But she was distracted as Lest began speaking, looking at him, she found felt unsure as to what to feel as he finished his little rant. Wow um, I don't think I've ever met someone that scared of spiders, she thought as she blinked and her amused smile faded away. Hm, now I think I just feel more bad for him than amused; I hope he ends up not being as scared of them some-day. She was going to go comfort him, especially after he continued speaking, but the seemingly easily distracted eevee was well, distracted, at the sound of the boom of thunder as she quickly turned her gaze to the sky.

    Laurel's gaze turned back towards the ground as Lest spoke again as she nodded in agreement; the parts of her yellow scarf not wrapped around her neck moving due to the movement. She then stiffened, blinking in surprise as Kiana touched the top of her head, unsure as to why she had done this, but allowed it to happen and decided for some reason not to ask. At the suggestion of making a treehouse as their shelter, she felt unsure about the idea, but before she could voice her concerns, she found herself feeling distracted yet again at Simon's question. "Yeah, I saw those crates and stuff on the beach, and you're right, we could," she said, her tail briefly swishing back and forth.

    Laurel listened to Simon's ramblings, but stayed quiet at first at his question because Lest had spoken but found herself continuing to remain quiet. But when Simon jumped back and slammed into a tree and made a berry hit his head, she blinked in concern but held back asking he was alright, because she assumed he was probably alright for the most part. She was quiet for the most part at first, finding herself not feeling the most talkative all of the sudden, but couldn't help but start giggling as Lest and Simon started making puns. At Lest's question though, she got herself to speak up as she said. "I um, personally haven't seen any mountains unfortunately."

    But those are both good question though, especially the one on how are we going to find a cave in the first place, Laurel thought silently; watching as Lest disappeared into a different bush to look for berries. She then turned her attention to Simon as he spoke. "That's not a bad idea, doing that would give us a pidgey's eye view if Lexi and someone else would be willing to do that," she said. She then watched as Simon proceeded to eat the Pamtre berry and describe its flavor. The eevee's attention easily turned to Lest as he began speaking, snickering at his couple of puns but finding his couple of suggestions to be good ideas.

    Laurel's attention switched to Micah volunteered to go look for a source of water before eventually darting off to do that. She then hesitated before saying. "I'm going to go after her so I can accompany her because I don't think it's the best idea for us to go alone in a place we're unfamiliar with." The eevee then darted off before shouting. "Wait up! I'm coming with you!" I hope she doesn't mind me deciding to accompany her and that she doesn't try to send me back the moment I hopefully catch up with her, she thought as she dashed after the Sentret.
  40. Kiana stayed silent for once, lazily trailing each Pokemon who spoke with her eyes while laying comfortably on the ground. She crossed her legs, yawning and stretching at the promise of a new adventure as the others started dishing out duties, before shooting upright in a nimble blast of energy and throwing her hand into the air. "Oo! I can handle trees. If we're going for the Pidgey's eye view after all, then bear me away, Lexirino! Speaking of which, y'know, just saying tree house has my vote in the long run, but a night in a cave sounds wonderful."

    She took another look around at everyone they had on hand after Laurel and Micah went dashing off into the woods. "Hey, Stubs," she suddenly said, upnodding at Donovan, "you've got to know something about caves as a rock type and all--That's not offensive, is it? Dear Arceus, please correct me if that was offensive--" She subtly pleaded.

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