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Looking for some people to particapte in a GONE style rp. (Violence)

Discussion in 'General Role Play Discussion' started by Jake Acker, Jan 14, 2017.

  1. So before I even begin I'll just say it would really help if you were at least familiar with the books by the wonderful Michael Grant, even if you only know the basic concept. If not I recommend you just look up a summary as this is a really cool concept. For the sake of this rp it will be set in the same location as the books, Perdido Beach and instead of everybody over the age of 15 vanishing were gonna raise it to 17. Its all going to be non cannon with none of the same characters as the books and will begin just as the FAZE wall goes up and all the adults vanish.

    Rules: Not too many here other than the usual roleplay stuff so please give that a look over if you haven't already. Other than that I will have to approve your character but dont worry im not harsh and try and keep the superpowers within reason.

    I'll place my characters bio below, when creating your own ensure you fill out all the same categories I did with mine. Thanks!

    Name: Jake Acker
    Age: 17
    Height: 5ft 9
    Gender: male
    Weight: 11 stone or about 40 stone when his powers become active.
    Physical appearance: Jake is a fairly average looking guy, average height, brown hair, brown eyes, kinda good looking but nothing crazy. His few defining features are his decent physique and a splattering of freckles on his face. He has the broad chest and shoulders of somebody who clearly does their fair share of exercise but that’s simply because he enjoys going mountain climbing. His brown hair is brushed over so the fringe goes to one side and is normally well kept. His eyes are a soft chocolate colour that is at odds with the hardness they actually have, which unintentionally gives him an almost intimidating air.
    Personality: Despite his upbringing Jake has managed to come out a kinda shy but friendly guy, unfortunately most people tend to avoid him due to the rumours about what his dad had done. He may be a nice guy but anybody who knows him will know he can be headstrong and stubborn and clearly has some issues that he carries with him. Has a soft spot for little kids and animals, and a real dislike for bullying. Particularly the physical kind.
    Clothing, at least before the event: Generally jeans, a simple t shirt of some description and a hoodie, simple but it worked for him.
    Backstory: Jake has limited memories of his mother. That is put rather crudely because she was murdered when he was at the tender age of 8. Luckily he hadn’t seen it happen but he had witnessed what led up to it, years of violence from his father, to him, to his mother, basically anybody who got in his way. Young Jake had broken more bones by the age of 6 than most had by 40, the doctors were always told he had been climbing and fell, he tried to lift something too heavy and of course they believed it, why wouldn’t they? In reality it had been his father every time. So when the cops came and took him away he was almost glad, he was free, finally, from his hell. After this he lived with his father’s own father, a kind old man who was broken by the news about what his son had done. Of course the rumours spread to school, nobody went near him, parents told their kids to leave him be and honestly he got used to it pretty fast. After a while it didn’t even bother him. Even all these years later he didn’t have many friends, although people didn’t fear him like they once did, just kind of avoided him.
    Power: Jakes skin is replaced by a layer of thick and heavily armoured metallic scales, his insides becoming just as reinforced. In this state he is pretty much immune to physical attacks but is heavily affected by things such as electricity. He also becomes much, much heavier and that has its own problems.
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  2. Name: Kimberly (Kim) Jackson

    Age: 17

    Height: 6’4” (Large child…)

    Weight: 150 lbs. (Underweight for a reason)

    Gender: Male

    Physical Appearance: Nothing extremely striking, he has fair skin and sky blue eyes, with naturally red hair that sticks out everywhere. He dyed the tips bright red though, and he has several cartilage piercings on his left ear. He has a fair amount of muscle from his daily workouts, and he overall is an average looking guy… minus the four arms and lady beetle shell on his back.

    His arms aren’t human like in appearance, at least as much. Their length and joint count remains the same, although they now are split into four separate pieces of armor like shell; the shoulders, upper and lower arm, and the hand which all protect soft flesh inside. All his joints have changed, allowing full 360 degree rotation of any part of the arm he so chooses. He has three black claws protruding from the gauntlet like armor on his hand, placed where his thumb, pinkie, and pointer fingers once were. The shoulders and skin seamlessly blend into one another, but looking closely reveals that the skin does overlap the shoulder armor.

    The extra set of arms is located just beneath and a little behind the original pair, and they both match in coloration: Black shoulders, black claws, red arms with black spots. Sometimes, if you look hard enough, just underneath where some of the armor pieces overlap you can catch sight of the white, shiny flesh underneath. He has a second set of pectoral muscles for the second pair of arms, but unless he has a wet shirt or no shirt at all you can’t tell. As such, his torso is a bit longer.

    On his back he has a completely ordinary, bright red shell with softball sized black spots.

    Clothing before the event: More often than not he could be found sporting a dark grey beanie and t-shirt, dark wash jeans, dark blue and grey flannel, and sky blue converse.

    Current Clothing: Hasn’t changed, but holes cut into t-shirt and flannel for secondary arms, and holes in the back for his wings. He has a dark and faded army green hoodie that doesn’t have holes for the arms, and is zipped up enough to cover his pectoral muscles and shoulders for the secondary arms. The hoodie has a hole in the back for his wings, and he wears a waterproof backpack with the entire back cut out to cover up his wings, and as such he never takes it off unless he’s alone. Thankfully the various pockets in the large back still work so he stores stuff there. His second set of arms he has folded up to curl behind him and under the shells of his wing.

    Personality: Nervous and shy, but he can quickly warm up. He doesn’t need to know a person well to be the extroverted dork he is, but first impressions make everything for him, so he developes opinions rather quickly. He is only ever shy upon first sight of a new person, but after a few minutes he is loud and proud, thankfully he’s not obnoxious. Has a really bad habit of nicknaming people, and he is straight when at times he seems…. To heavily swing the other direction. What makes this weird is he doesn’t have a high or deep voice, so he really boggles some people’s minds. He also adores physical affection, especially hugs, but usually his way of showing comfort, condolences, or any other sort of support he uses touching, usually on the shoulder.

    Backstory: He has a rather ordinary origin story. He is an only child, loving parents, did exceptionally well in school, did a lot of sports with his pops, helped his mom out a lot like the gentleman he is, and he did art. EVERYWHERE. Chalk art on the sidewalks, murals on abandoned buildings, he even started a giant paintball fight once.

    Power: Flight, increased strength, increased durability on arms and wings only, and heightened sensitivity to surroundings (Sound waves, motion waves, heat waves) The only downfall is that he cannot endure cold, still has the same durability and weaknesses of a human, but also is attracted to the warm more often than not. So if his body temperature drops and you are just fine, beware, he will smother you. Also, for unknown reasons his blood has been turned yellow.
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  3. Approved, just remember that those mutations won't be instantaneous and will honestly probably be horrifying for the poor lad. :)
  4. Jade Woker & Amber Woker (Yes, I'm mad)

    Jade (Female)
    Age - 14
    Height - 5'7"
    Weapon (aquirred) - Cricket bat
    Hair - Platinum blonde, goes down to her waist, often tied in a ponytail
    Eyes - Dark Brown
    Appearance/notable features - She would have quite soft features but (as she rarely eats enough) she is quite bony and angular instead. Her skin is grossly pale from the amount of time she's spent inside, gaming, and she has freckles dusted over her nose. She has her nose pierced and multiple piercings in her ear and will wear black rings in them. All of them.
    Build - Naturally, she should be quite strong and bulky, but the lack of excercise that she had lived with has led her to have kept very little of that strength, but maintaining the endurance and agility aspects.
    Clothes (Pre-whatever the event is called) - Light blue hoodies ~unzipped~ over dark vests and denim, acid wash, short shorts with ripped tights. Oh, and black converse.
    Personality - An extrovert, but also a loner (trust me, it happens). She is mature for her age but is in turn quite... hormonal. She has a tendency to forget her age and act adult in more than one way. The fact that she has to look after Amber has made her seem to age even further. She is also quite rebellious.
    Power - She can access technology, as long as she is making physical contact with the electronic device in question. By this she can turn it on or off, control it, access data, etc.

    Amber (Also female)
    Age - 8
    Height - 4'4"
    Weapon (aquirred) - Kitchen knife, though she has an aversion to using it and will only use it in extreme circumstances
    Hair - Golden blonde, goes just past her shoulder blades, often tied in twin braids.
    Eyes - Blue
    Appearance/notable features - She has quite soft features and has light freckles dusted over her cheeks. She is very child-like and has a look of innocence that cannot be faked.
    Build - Skinny but not fragile. She is neither weak nor strong and is quite agile - like her sister.
    Clothes - Pink and white check shirts with plain pastel t-shirts underneath. She then wears denim skirts and a pair of cream ballet pumps.
    Personality - A pure introvert. She is incredibly naive and innocent and though she is intelligent, she is not wise. Her knowledge is limited to school-subjects with little or no practical applications.
    Power - She has weak telepathy, being able to read only current thoughts. Her real strength is in being able to create a "tunnel" telepathically, that she can use to communicate in a smiliar way to a conversaton with one other person. The other person can respond via this "tunnel".

    Backstory - Jade was a failed abortion, with her parents being 17 years old. She wasn't a nightmare child, but she wasn't perfect. Prone to hiding in screens (laptop or otherwise), her parents made a shared decision to have another child in hopes of them turning out better. Amber was basically their dream child - quiet and dosile. Jade became rebellious, creating a further gap between her and her parents. She and Amber always got along though and they were always close.
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  5. Both characters approved, if anybody else wants multiple characters just run that by me first, sorry I forgot to mention that earlier :p

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