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Looking for good Digital Artist for Art-Writing Trade

Discussion in 'Requests' started by Ry_Burst, Mar 19, 2018.

  1. So I'm hoping to get a picture or two of an OC of mine, and I'm turning to this community for help, as I know there is tons of artists all scampering about. But My mamma told me to not ask for something without offering something in return. So instead of asking, I want to do a trade, with me giving away a writing request in return for drawing me this character.

    So some info on my request, I'm hoping for a regular picture of him and one with him using his quirk (It's a BnHA OC) and in his vigilante garb. Preferably Digital, (but if it's on paper and a good well taken photo, that works well too.) And since it is technically two pictures I'm asking for, I'm willing to write two pieces for the artist in question.

    Here is a description of the character and his quirk,
    General Appearance: Ryoka is a fit young teen with a decent amount of muscles. His light brown shaggy hair comes down over his face that shows more American Features than Japanese. His chin is rounded and he has amber eyes and thick dark eyebrows. His skin is lightly tanned with tan lines around his neck and shoulders, outlining a tank top. His body is in good physical condition and there is a birthmark on his right shoulder blade that somewhat resembles the US state Texas. His teeth are pearly white. His looks much like his father and inherited his Quirk from his father’s side. He also has faint scratches that are vertical and parallel on his face, with the five of them at his cheek down to his neck.
    Clothing: Ryoka prefers to wear clothes are comfortable rather than stylish ones. Because of this, he usually sticks to baggy cargo pants, sneakers, a loose t-shirt, and a light jacket over a hoodie. He often has a skateboard with him, and a messenger bag over his shoulder. He doesn't like to wear hats as he feels they are confining, and he doesn't wear any jewelry (watches, necklaces, piercings, etc.). However he does wear a pair of headphones around his neck occasionally.

    He also has an outfit for his vigilante work. It's not much and is somewhat simple. It's a motorcycle Body Armor Jacket with plastic plates on the back and plastic shoulder plates. He wears baggy back jeans and fingerless gloves, and black combat boots. He also wear a black Half Face Ski Mask.
    Quirk: Alchemist Skin - He can change his skin to various metals ranging from Iron, Gold, and Titanium.
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  2. would you say i'm decent enough?
  3. Yeah! What would you like me to write about?
  4. Could you do a Mary-sue Eske Backstory for my "Trying to be Edgy" OC? by mary-sue Eske, I mean Stuff like she was an orphan, her parent's killed in a tragic accident when she was young, she was never the same since, Never made friends, but still really strong, Nobody liked her, then she meets someone her gave her chance, Blah blah blah, mary-sue, Ironically Mary-sue backstory... just not so much mary-sue. the person she meets can be an OC of your own or anything else. hope thats enough

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