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Private/Closed Looking for Good Commited RPers for a Traveling RP

Discussion in 'Pokémon Role Play Discussion' started by Ry_Burst, Dec 4, 2017.


Which region should be traveled?

Poll closed Dec 18, 2017.
  1. Kanto

    4 vote(s)
  2. Hoenn

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  3. Kalos

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  1. So, I’ve noticed that having a RP travel RP, always seems to die. I’ve been in few RPs that finish. So, my question is are there any RPers willing to commit to a traveling RP. All i request, is that if you want to, you submit an RP example. I don’t want people who I feel won’t really help the story. I want decent RPers for the RP, so that’s why I’m asking. So once five more people are accepted, I will get the plot things started.

    Accepted RPErs
    @Spoiled Bread
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  2. I'd be up to it. I notice the same problem happens as well. I've only been in one RP that lasted all the way through, and this is my RP example, but it's called Kanto Tournament by Jagson. So I'd be up to it.
  3. I'm in. I like simple traveling RP. Sadly, most RP i'm interested doesn't last long. I'm new here but not new to RPing.


    Sissela ride her brand new bike. It cost 99999999999... Actually, she forgot the cost of the bike. Too much nines. She doesn't care anyway as long as she can avoid execive walking. The downfall is, she still need to drag her bikes whenever she feels like walking.

    "Criioooo......." Oricorio is enjoying the basket attched in front of the bike. Her pom pom wings raised high.

    Sissela giggled seeing the overjoyed Oricorio.

    "You know, Rico? This bike is a mach bike. It's supposed to be able to do some manouver called bunny hops or something. Hey, let's try it!" Sissela slow down her bike and try the manouver. The bike bounce smoothly, leaving the ground for a second before collapsed on the ground.


    Sissela groan before inspect her new bruises. This bike is dangerous, she should be more careful in the future, like wearing racing suit before attempting another bunny hop.

    "Ahhh... Lunala. You okay, Rico?"

    "Criiiooo!" Rico looks fine. Just a little dazzled.

    "Good. Let's go to nearby pokemon center. I need healing."
  4. Eis


    Okay, I know I don't exactly have the best track record when it comes to finishing RPs, but if you're willing to give the benefit of the doubt I would love to be a part of this.

    Here's the RP sample, though it's kind of irrelevant since this is from one of your RPs :p
    Overall, Willa was pleased with the bracket results. Berry Fields was very close to the motel she was staying at, so she would probably have an opportunity to signal Fortran to return after her battle. Not only that, it was also close to a few other battle locations. Maybe she could send out a team member or two to perform some reconnaissance. The only thing that concerned Willa was the opponent she was facing, a man in a funny looking get-up named Garett. Putting it lightly, the man looked a hair short of ridiculous, with a yellow magician's top hat and a cape covered in multi-colored glitter. Because Fortran's sweep of the area was rudely interrupted, Willa had no data on the performer. She would have to brainstorm a plan on the spot. Even with his ludicrous outfit, Willa didn't dare think the battle would be easy. After all, many a plan has been foiled by underestimating the opponent. The key to staying two steps ahead is to assume your opponent already is.

    Garett had already arrived at Berry Fields by the time Willa caught up, standing on the edge of a fence post. "Oho! The challenger reveals herself! Now the show may commence!" The magician twirled in the air as he jumped down from the fence post, hurling glitter from his cape to the ground below. "You face Garett the Great! Now prepare yourself for-"

    "Look, glitter guy," Willa interrupted, "I would love to listen to the grand speech you probably stayed up all night writing, but if it's not too much trouble I would prefer we skip the pleasantries and get straight to the battle."

    Garett looked taken aback for a moment, but then he began to chuckle. "Ah, I see! If you are so eager to taste defeat, then I shall waste no time in serving it! En garde, madamoiselle!"
  5. I think I could? If you will let me?
  6. You two are accepted.

    You both didn’t review all the rules. Before I can accept you, I need an RP example so I know what you are capable of.
  7. Ooohh... Sorry. I didn't know what RP sample meant. (Despite the fact it is blatantly obvious based on it's title...)

    Zack just stopped when Layla brought up his mother. He sent out Foliage.
    "Sludge bomb, on her feet," Zack ordered. His victreebel hesitated at the command, but shot a blob of sludge at Layla's feet, keeping her stuck there.
    "Just stop. Your not going to help. Your not special to me. We are not anything. That kiss was nothing. I was way to emotional, and shouldn't have even laid a hand on you. Go back to Riley, when you get free, and stop following me. I can't do this anymore," Zack said, as he kept walking down the roof in the rain. He returned Foliage, and the Speedster. Then he walked over to the ledge.
    "Lance," was all Zack quietly said, throwing out his dragon. He jumped off the roof as Lance caught him. He knew Torch would follow once he brought the two back.
    "Now actually take me somewhere no one is going to be unlike Torch, where they can't find me," he ordered. Lance didn't look happy about his masters sudden change, but did as commanded.
    Eh, not the best sample, but I think it's pretty good.
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  8. Hello, Ry, as you may know, I'm Sukoku (DUUUUH) and I'd like to join this RP. XD. I will be posting my sample soon.
  9. M&E ST CH2

    The tournament!

    "Electivire, dodge it and use Thunder Punch!" Kelvin shouted, placing his hands inside his pockets. Kelvin's Electivire closed its right hand, creating a lightning cloak around it, it smirked, running towards Kaddy, sending its big fist towards him. But! Electivire got hit by the Psybeam while it was running... Electivire fell onto the ground, but it got up, glaring at Kaddy.

    "Kaddy, use Hypnosis!" Mark shouted as Kaddy pulled a watch from his tail, moving it slowly from the left to the right. "Sleep... Relax..." Kaddy said, looking directly at Electivire's eyes. The Electivire yawned, falling down, sleeping. "ALRIGHT! NOW, USE PSYCHIC!" Mark shouted as Kaddy closed its eyes, moving it's spoon forwards, sending a powerful purple beam from the tip of it towards Electivire, who just took the hit and didn't wake up.

    "No... This can't be... Electivire! Wake up!" Kelvin shouted, slamming his left foot onto the ground, closing his eye, raising Electivire's Pokéball. "Are you sure you want to retrieve your Electivire? It can still battle, if you retrieve it, you won't be able to use it again." The man on the chair said. "Hmmm... Yes." Kelvin said as the Electivire got caught by a red line, being retrieved to its Pokéball.

    "YES!!!! WE DID IT!!!!" Mark shouted, jumping towards Kaddy, hugging him. "Yup! That's right!" Kaddy said, giggling. "WOOHOOOOOOO!!" Euclides shouted, raising his right fist into the air, Euclides' Pikachu kept shouting her own name, as well as his Croconaw and his Gligar, his Pidgey wasn't there, he was eating on the Pokémon lounge.

    "Ok... Electrode, I choose you!" Kelvin shouted, throwing a Pokéball towards the air, as it opened, an Electrode came out, glaring at Kaddy. "Right! Now, Electrode, use Rollout!!!" Kelvin shouted, pointing forwards, as the Electrode rolled towards Kaddy, hitting him at not-so-high speeds.

    "Kaddy! Dodge the next move and use Psychic!" Mark said, pointing at Kaddy. "Right!" Kaddy shouted, trying to dodge the Rollout, but getting hit, being propelled back, and getting hit once again, this time, he couldn't endure the hit, he fainted. "KADDY!!! NO!!!" Mark shouted, looking at Kaddy. "Sorry, Mark..." Kaddy got up, walking towards Euclides, sitting down with him.

    "You did great!" Euclides said, smirking. "Thanks, bro!" Kaddy said, turning his head to Mark. "Right... Laddy... You can do it!" Mark shouted, tapping his hoodie, as a Snorunt came out. "LADDY! USE SHEER COLD!!!" Mark shouted, pointing forwards. Laddy's body started to glow blue, as the battlefield got surrounded by snow and ice... as the fog covering the area faded, Electrode could be seem fainted... It was Kelvin's last Pokémon!

    "I can't believe this... How?! I lost to a mere 14-year-old kid... Ugh...." Kelvin retrieved his Electrode, walking away with a sad expression. "Kelvin Spark lost, Mark Wang is the winner!!!" The man on the chair screamed.

    "Ok... For the next battle, we have Johan Louisine vs Christopher." The man on the chair said as both came down. "Let's watch it!!!" Euclides said, looking happy. "So... The battlefield is completely frozen.... Heh, I am going to make it an advantage." Euclides thought, smirking.


    "After 2 battles, it's finally me!!!" Euclides thought, getting up. "The next battle is Euclides Levi vs Evan Bass!" The man on the chair shouted as Euclides walked towards the rectangle on the ground, pulling out a Pokéball. "Gligar! I choose you!" Euclides shouted, throwing the Pokéball forwards, but nothing came out! "Uh? What happened?" Euclides said, going next to the PokéBall, looking at it, as the Gligar came out, slamming his tail at Euclides' head, laughing. "GWOH!!!!" Euclides got sent back, playing dead on the ground. His Gligar went towards him, touching his gut. "BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHA!!!!! GOT YOU GUYS, RIGHT????" Euclides screamed, getting up and giggling a bit, walking towards the rectangle again.

    "Agh, you're awful... Anyways, I choose you, Victreebel!!!" Evan shouted, throwing Victreebel's Pokémon forwards, the Pokéball opened, revealing the Victreebel, which was looking angrier than usual. "Victreebel, use Vine Whip!" Evan screamed as his Victreebel spilled out three vines, they started to move wildly on the air, as the Victreebel moved them towards Gligar.

    "Gligar, dodge it and use Acrobatics!!!" Euclides screamed as his Gligar flew up, standing upside down on an icicle, watching the vines come towards him, as it came near him, he flew towards Victreebel, the vines constricting the icicle, making Victreebel getting stuck. Gligar went at high speeds towards Victreebel - however, Victreebel closed it's mouth, cutting the vines and then opened them again, spilling out more vines, this time, constricting Gligar, pulling him inside it.

    "GLIGAR, USE YOUR PINCERS INSIDE IT... I DON'T KNOW!!!" Euclides screamed, his eyes widening. "Please... Do it.." Euclides thought. The Gligar, inside Victreebel, could hear the command, as it started to do what Euclides said, making the Victreebel get weaker and weaker.

    "Hehehehe! Got you!!!" Evan said, smirking, looking at the guy sat down on the chair. "You won't say anything? Didn't it lose already?!" Evan said crossly. "No, it didn't," The man replied, pointing to Victreebel, who suddenly opened its mouth, falling to the ground fainted.

    "GH?! HOW... WHAT THE.... THAT JUST CAN'T BE... NO.... VICTREEBEL!!!!" Evan screamed, looking down. "Hey, bro! Don't cry!!! You got 3 other Pokémon with you! Don't tell me you expected to beat me with only one Pokémon?" Euclides said, staring at Evan. "No... Agh, anyways, time to show you what I could do!!!" Evan screamed, pulling out a Pokéball, throwing it forwards, as it opened, revealing a Pachirisu. "Now, Pachirisu, use Thunderbolt!!!" Evan screamed, glaring at Pachirisu.

    "Ehhh... Okay... Gligar, use Poison Jab," Euclides said, watching the Gligar flying towards the Pachirisu, taking the Thunderbolt as if it was nothing and shoving its sting on Pachirisu's chest, then flying back. "Good job, now it's just wait..." Euclides thought, smirking. "Right, Gligar, you can rest for now."

    "WHAT?! HOW IS THAT EVEN POSSIBLE!? YOU'RE CHEATING! PACHIRISU!!!!" Evan screamed, running towards the poisoned Pachirisu, who grinned, then fainted. "No.... I can't believe this... You're going down!!!" Evan shouted, pulling out a strange Pokéball, it had some strange patterns, but Euclides ignored it. "I choose you, Abomasnow!!!" Evan shouted, throwing the Pokéball forwards and retrieving the fainted Pachirisu. "Abomasnow, end this with Ice Beam!!!" Evan shouted, pointing forwards, as the big monster slammed its arm on the ground, then looking up at Gligar, opening its mouth and sending a teal beam towards it.

    "DANG IT, GLIGAR, DON'T LET THAT THING HIT YOU!" Euclides screamed, placing his hand beside his mouth, he had a worried expression on his face, he really didn't want Gligar to be hit by the Ice Beam due to its power and it's effectiveness against Gligar.
    Gligar tried to evade the beam by swinging his body to the right, but it was too late, Gligar was hit by the beam right on the chest, he tried to struggle his body to keep flying, but he started to fall down, and as soon as he hit the ground, he fainted. "NO! GLIGAR! ARE YOU OKAY?!" Euclides screamed, walking towards Gligar, crouching down and petting his head. "Dude... You did good, you can rest now." Euclides whispered on Gligar's ear, raising his Pokéball and retrieving him. "Right, Pidgey, I choose you!!!"

    "Right... Let's see if you get past it... I'm sure you won't lay a hit on my Abomasnow!!!" Evan thought, grinning like a maniac. "HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH!!!!!! A PIDGEY?! YOU THINK THAT A BIRD IS GOING TO TAKE DOWN MY TITAN?!" Evan screamed, falling to the ground and laughing. "Yup, he is going to defeat it," Euclides said, grinning. "Right, Pidgey, do what you- wait, that's a song. Pidgey! Use Wing Attack!!!" Euclides screamed, pointing forwards, watching the Pidgey fly towards Abomasnow, slamming her it's wing on the Pokémon's body.

    "Abomasnow, use Ice Beam!!! End that birdo," Evan screamed, grinning, he was really sure he could end Euclides quickly. The giant monster opened its mouth, sending a teal beam towards Pidgey. "PIDGEY! EVADE THE ICE BEAM AND FLY UP, USE PECK ON THOSE ICICLES AND USE ICICLE SPEAR!!!" Euclides screamed, thinking of a new attack for Pidgey, it was really creative!!! Pidgey flew up to the first icicle, evading the Ice Beam easily, she started to peck the icicle until it fell down on Abosmasnow, who got hit, getting a bit mad. The Pidgey started to peck the icicles made my Snrount while it used Sheer Cold. After every icicle and fell down, the Abomasnow had bruises around its body, it was really angry, and its eyes were darker than usual.

    "Abomasnow, use Slam and finish that thing," Evan said, giving Euclides a devilish grin, he sure had bad intentions. Abomasnow raised its hand up, moving it down at high speeds towards the poor Pidgey, who got hit out cold, being smacked down to the ground, nearly fainted. "PIDGEY!!!! YOU FOOL!!! WHY DID YOU DO THAT?!" Euclides screamed, he got really angry. "PIDGEY! KEEP UP WITH THE GOOD BATTLE! DON'T GIVE UP!!" Euclides screamed as the Pidgey tried to get up, but she fell down, she was really weak, but! Suddenly, she started to glow, her body started to grow, as well as her feathers and feet. "What?! Is it evolving?" Evan thought, looking at the glowing Pidgey. "PIDGEY!? YOU'RE EVOLVING?!" Euclides shouted, shocked. The Pidgey stopped glowing, she was bigger and darker... She was now a Pidgeotto!

    "PIDGEY! Or should I call you Pidgeotto? Ok, anyways, use Wing Attack!!!" Euclides screamed, his hopes on Pidgeotto growing even more. Pidgeotto flew up, she was much faster now, as the got near Abomasnow, she slammed her wing on the Abomasnow gut. "DON'T STOP!!!" Euclides screamed, opening a grin. The Pidgeotto started to hit Abomasnow with her wings without stopping, the Abomasnow was finally getting weak. "ABOMASNOW! GET IT!!! USE SLAM," Evan screamed, he had a worried expression. The Abomasnow tried to catch Pidgeotto, but due to its slower speed, Abomasnow ended up completely weak due to the wing attacks.

    "NOW! END THIS WITH HURRICANE, PIDGEOTTO!!!" Euclides screamed, placing his hand beside his mouth, then turning back, crouching down and blocking his ears. Pidgeotto flew up to Abomasnow, flying in circles around it at high speeds, she then got so fast that she couldn't be seem, creating a medium hurricane around Abomasnow, the force of the hurricane made the ice around the battlefield crack, creating sharp pieces of glass, who flew towards Abomasnow, Abomasnow ended up fainted after everything, and the battlefield ice started to melt, flooding it a bit. "Pidgeotto, you can come back, you did great!!!" Euclides said, thumbing up to her, who flew towards Mark, landing on top of Cyndaquil. "Pikachu!!!! It's your time!!! That's right!!!" Euclides said, moving his hand forwards. The Pikachu screamed her name, patting her hair and getting in front of Euclides.

    "Hmph, worthless," Evan said, closing his eyes, raising Abomasnow's Pokéball and retrieving it. "Time to show you my second best!!! I choose you! Nidoking!" Evan screamed, pulling out a Pokéball from his pocket, throwing it forwards, as it opened, Nidoking came out. "Nidoking! Use Magnitude!!!" Evan screamed as Nidoking jumped, stomping the ground, creating a tremor. "PIKACHU! JUMP! WHEN YOU LAND, USE VOLT TACKLE! TAKE ADVANTAGE OF YOUR WET BODY!!!" Euclides screamed, grinning right after his sentence. His Pikachu jumped up, the time she spent in the air was enough for the magnitude end, as she came down, she ran towards Nidoking, concentrating the electricity on her hair then engulfing herself with it, when she got next to Nidoking, she slammed her body on it, causing the Nidoking to fall down, it was bruised and weak, it could barely stand up, as it tried to get up, Euclides thought of something.

    "Pikachu! get your tail wet, then make it get engulfed by electricity and slam it on Nidoking!!!" Euclides screamed as the Pikachu placed her tail on the water, lifting it out of it some seconds after, she then ran towards Nidoking, engulfing her tail with electricity, then slamming it on Nidoking, whom's body was wet, causing the 'Electric Tail' not just to hit it, but deal some good damage. After getting hit, Nidoking fell down, it had fainted!!! "GOOD JOB!!!" Euclides shouted, getting next to Pikachu and hugging her.

    < To be continued >
  10. Hey dude! I haven't rped in a while, but may as well now. I've rped with you before, but may as well:

    "The battlefield was set. The small, plant-like Lileep firmly planted herself into the ground, bracing against any attack. "Ancient Power." Xavier commanded the Pokemon. He'd uttered that quite a bit; it was one he was very familiar with. Rocks clumped from the ground and rose into three chunks. They were then launched using some sort of energy. The first two rocks were masterfully dodged, the second landing a Super-Effective shot head-on. The Dustox, injured, looped back and fled. Xavier recalled his Pokemon and reclipped the ball to his coat-pocket."

    Sorry, it's a bit short and I'm not sure how to do collapsibles.
  11. I'm Interested. Do I need to post a post for the sample, or can I just say review back to the pokemon tournament rp you made?
  12. Yo, my dude. I've been trying to stay active here now, and I think this might help me do that.

    Angelina Hale let out a yawn as she awoke from her slumber. Her eyes darted over to the window in her room to see sunlight creeping through the blinds. 'Morning already?' She thought as she rubbed her eyes. 'When did I go to sleep? I don't remember-'Angel stopped her train of thought as she realized she was, in fact, not in her bed, but in her computer chair.

    "Oh, shoot..." Angel murmured aloud. She looked at the time on her computer screen to see that she was, in fact, not late. "Oh, thank Mew..." She immediately got up and slid on the nearest jacket, her violet one, and her gloves. She had everything else on, she intended to sleep in her clothes the night prior, but she must've stayed up later than intended and crashed. She ran down the stairs of her home, grabbing her backpack on the way. Before she ran out of her house, Angel grabbed a bagel from the fridge.

    By the time Angel arrived, only two people were inside, neither of which were the Professor. This caused the girl to sigh in relief. "Whew, not late then, alright. Hey there!" She greeted the other two as she walked in.
  13. @Sukoku, @Sciencewars, and @Dapper_Cat, accepted.

    @Hotshot14380, sorry but there were a few errors within your post, and I left am feeling a bit unsatifified with the amount of actual information given. (As in a lot of things that were vital to the post, were left unaddressed, like which Pokemon you were talking about.)

    @Glaceon trainer, yes I would have wanted an RP example, but we’re already full. Also, rom the posts you’ve had in the Tournament, I have noticed a few grammatical errors. Sorry, but maybe next time.

    So with that, we’re full. I’ll be setting up a convo for the people who have been decided upon, and judging by the poll, Kanto won. So I’ll be setting that up, so the plot can get set up, and character sheets and all of that jazz.

    As for everyone else, thank you for your interest. I hope you’ll enjoy reading the RP! :)
  14. Dang. Well fair enough, good luck to everyone else though!
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  15. Hey @Ry_Burst you know me right? Surely you know how I get way to into the RPs I'm in.

    Anyways here's my sample since its required
    Suzanne walked into U.A.'s school ground followed by Holly who was looking really nervous. Suzanne put her arm over Holly's shoulder. "What wrong Holly? Why are you looking so nervous?" She asked. "Well, this IS the number 1 hero school we are trying to enroll in." She said holding her arms together in front of her. Suzanne thought for a moment and got an idea. "Hey I know, how about we do that thing that always calm you down." She said before creating 3 bubbled in her hand before having them float up. "Oh, alright." Holly said as she summoned her gun into her hand and shot 3 bullets that popped the bubbles. "Feel better?" Asked Suzanne. "Yeah." Answered Holly.
    hope this is good enough
  16. The RolePlay is closed. Sorry, Koopa :/.
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  17. @Koopa6000, I said I wasn't going to accept anyone else and am going to keep it that way. Sorry. We're too far into the plot anyways.
  18. Ry, you forgot to place my name in the accepted people. (Ah, and you also forgot Dapper's and Science's name.)
  19. really? It wasn't closed when I posted my thing
  20. You are?
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  21. Yup, we were discussing it while you were typing.
  22. Yes, I already said we were full, and that was kinda the reason that this thread was changed to Private. We’ve been planning things in a convo for a while, and the plot has been set up quite well. Adding another person would put the plot we have, offset. Also I’ve said this in the convo, but having 7 would be too many OCs, anyways.
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  23. Hey @Ry_Burst can I join Ur cool rP bRo I good RPer I have no simples tho iS that problem.
  24. As someone who admires the resolve to commit all the way to the end of a long-term story, I wish you guys the best. At risk of overstepping my bounds, let me ask: did your private conversations with the participants include a plan for what you would do in the likely event that one or more contributors would, for one reason or another, vanish? I'm curious, because if the plot can be offset with the addition of a player, I wonder what a subtraction would do to it.

    May your creative energy flow, long after the initial adrenaline has worn off. Just keep taking it one day at a time.

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