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Looking for a Slaking's moveset

Discussion in 'The Doctor's Clinic' started by Naturematthe, Dec 28, 2010.

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  1. Hello,

    I'm looking for a moveset for Slaking that works well in 1on1 (so there are no switches), UnderUsed. I thought about something like the following, but I need the last two attacks:

    Slaking@Choice Band/Scarf (?)
    252 Attack - 252 Speed - 6 HP - Adamant
    ~Giga Impact

    Some moves I thought of for the last slots were Night Slash, Sucker Punch, Shadow Claw, Hammer Arm, and Brick Break (and even Gunk Shot, but I don't know...). Please help me find the best option for the last slots.

    Thank you already now!
  2. Jeydis

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    I would stay stick with Scarf to have a bit of a surprise effect on the opponent as Scarfed slaking with high enough EVs in speed can outrun a surprising amount of pokemon.

    For the last 2 slots an elemental puch could suit it quite well, the selection of which punch to use is up to you, they are all handy.

    The last slot I think I would run for a 1v1 would be sucker punch. To grab the few that outspeed him by surprise.
  3. There is one little problem: Slaking doesn't learn an elemental punch... I wanted to give it one, but they are not available for it.
  4. Stark

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    Sure it can, the Heart Gold and Soul Silver move tutors have it for sure - I think the others will too :)
  5. That's strange... Smogon University did not list the elemental punches in Slaking's movepool, but Pokecharms does. Never trust persons that say they are experts ;)

    So then I will take Ice Punch against the big balloon. (Man, why don't I know its English name and why don't I just google it?)
  6. I recommend teaching it hyper beam because truant makes the recharge not matter at all. And yeah an elemental punch is good. I don't really use Slaking in single battle, I find it much better to use with a Blissey that knows skill swap since Blissey has a ton of health and its attacks don't do much damage in the first place. Then Slaking is no longer slowed down and can be a real monster. But for 1v1 I suggest a move like hyper beam for bulk damage.
  7. KoL

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    Gravedigging with bad advice Redyr123? You wouldn't be the first...

    Warned, topic locked, read the rules.
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