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Looking for a onexone

Discussion in 'Pokémon Role Play Discussion' started by rawheight, Nov 23, 2019.

  1. Hi friends! I've recently been wanting to RP again but my current partner is at college doing all kinds of learning and is naturally very busy. For an example of my writing style, you can check out our RP here (https://pokecharms.com/threads/dexters-eye.17249/)

    I'm open to try just about anything, but to be honest I'm pretty picky about writing style. I would like to develop this story and world together. I love Pokemon and enjoy crossovers too, like medieval Pokemon or Pokemon mixed with another anime, etc. Pretty much if you have an interesting and unique idea, there's a chance I'd like to try it!

    I don't mind romance but it's not necessary. If present, I only do MxF relationships and only PG-13. I generally play a male character. I work full-time and then some, but I can usually do at least one post a week, if not more. My usual post length is a paragraph or two, once we get past introductions.

    Let me know if you're interested! (:
  2. Heya. I'd be happy to do a onexone, I've never actually done one before but I'd love to give it a go! ^.^
  3. Hi there! Do you have any particular genres or plotlines you've been wanting to try out?
  4. Nothing, really. I'm terrible at coming up w/ plots from scratch. xD
    Honestly, I'm fine with doing anything Pokemon-related, whether it be more journey-oriented or with an antagonist-focused plot or something in between. As long as it's not overly romantic I'm fine with it.
    I do prefer RPs with overarching storylines rather than casual "character-hangout" RPs, but that's really my only idea. Do you have any ideas?
  5. I am absolutely ok with not being romance-focused :up: I prefer adventure myself (: I have a vague idea of a plot that I was toying around with earlier, not sure if it'll be up your alley or not... But kind of Pokemon/futuristic/post-apocalyptic kind of thing.

    Basically earth went to hell in a handbasket (not sure if they have nukes in Pokemon world but I'm sure you could do some pretty hefty damage with an army of Electrodes) and the remains of humanity escaped into space thanks to Pokemon like Deoxys. From there I've been toying with two different ideas... one is that humanity has decided that earth has had enough time to heal and it's time to re-colonize the planet so they send down landing parties to tame the land again. It's kind of gone prehistoric while they've been away so the RP would basically be centered around reclaiming the land and fighting off giant Yanmega and Tyrantrum and stuff like that. The second possibility I was considering is that a space vessel gets knocked off course or loses power and gets sucked into earth's gravitational pull or something along those lines that forces them to crash-land on earth, a planet they thought was totally uninhabited by humans. But as those who crashed are trying to find a way to send for help and get rescued, they discover that there are small pockets of human civilizations that have survived the thousand years or whatever it's been since the majority of humanity fled the planet.

    Again, not sure if any of that is something you'd be interested in! If not, I'm sure we can come up with something we'd both enjoy. Do you have a writing sample I could take a look at?
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  6. I really like both ideas! They both sound really creative ^^ (I love the first one though)
    If we do tentatively pick a plot idea, I'd be glad to write up a sample in my typical style.
    We would need permission if we wanted to explicitly say that Deoxys was involved in the plot, though (even if it's never stated in a post). Neither of us want to be slashed by Stellar, now do we?
    I typically post at least a paragraph or two, depending on the situation and my personal goings-on at the moment (I haven't been posting a whole lot lately due to life throwing curveballs at me every five seconds, lol).
  7. Great! I'm glad you like them (: Sounds like we'll go with the first one!

    Yes, I definitely think it would be a good idea to alert the powers that be, once we flesh out the plot a little more. I don't expect any of the legendaries to have any kind of role in the present aspect of the RP, but I think it would be necessary to have their power on the side of humanity to be able to launch such an ambitious expedition of making an Ark-like spaceship. Perhaps Deoxys, MewTwo, and Arceus? Maybe Giratina? I pretty much stopped playing the games and watching the movies after Gen 5, so I'm pretty rusty with anything after that.

    No problem, I totally understand that real life takes precedence. With the holidays coming up, I might be busier than usual, too. I usually try to give a heads up if I'm not going to be able to make my one post a week minimum.
  8. We would have to come up with a logical reason why the legends would step in - I've seen plenty of applications get nuked for that - but it would definitely be interesting. Maybe not Arceus - I think that's a bit far-fetched - but maybe Deoxys would work.
    Once we flesh out the plot a touch, I can write a sample (or I can just use a writing prompt if you'd like it sooner).
  9. So my thought process was that whatever war humanity had started (possibly caused by Team Rocket or one of the other antagonistic groups in the games) ended up leaving the world un
    suitable for life (or so they thought). They have a very limited margin of time to escape into space before every living thing suffocates or is irradiated or whatever it is that causes the final exodus. But humanity doesn't have the technology to carry enough people out of earth's gravity to survive. They have a few rockets and shuttles scattered across the globe, but not nearly enough to maintain one species, let alone all of them. So those legendaries who are able to exist in space and know some of the mechanics more intuitively or are able to use their elemental powers to help bolster human machines agree to help humanity with the understanding that the humans must also protect every single species of Pokémon as well.

    Meanwhile on earth, yes a lot of things die, but not everything like the scientists originally thought. The Pokémon world is one, after all, that is intrinsically reliant on evolution. So the world kind of reverts back to a primeval state over a matter of, say, 500-1000 years? And when human scientists realize this, they begin making the case for returning to earth and re-colonizing their home.

    Let me know what you think about that?? Also, I guess we should figure out if we want our characters to be part of the very first return expedition, or a subsequent expedition where there might be some groundwork already laid for them.

    Don't worry about the writing sample anymore - I'm pretty confident about your RP ability based on your grasp of grammar and language and the questions you're asking. Thanks for being willing to offer it, though!
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  10. I am sorry for barging in on your guys conversation, but I have been reading about this sonce it was first drafted as an idea. I have to say that I think this is a great concept for an RP, and would have asked to join if it was not meant for two people.

    I also enjoyed the thought of maybe having a surviving human settlement that has been forced to adapt like pokemon and maybe become more primitive in the process.

    Having them learn how to use the technology that people of the past have used and learning to adapt to the harsher climates of the world. It would also be an idea that they have some fantasy and steampunk inspired clothing and tech if you want them to be set back, but have learned to adapt in their new world. It would also show how they evolved and changed from what they once were.

    Again sorry for butting in, but I had to add this as I am enjoying reading the ideas you have for this RP and would love to read it once you guys have it set up.
  11. This sounds like a really fun concept! (kinda reminds me of The 100, too)
    Our chars should probably be either the first group sent or part of the first group sent - it'd probably be the most interesting plot-wise.
    It could probably have been TR that started the war, they're really the only organization that still has some form of influence in the Pokemon timeline. All the other generational gangs have been disbanded, so they're pretty much the only option (aside from any non-canon organizations).
    We should probably have a backup plan in case our legend application gets rejected, though - I've never done a successful application for a legendary. (I've never felt the need to have one.) It would be great if we could get it though.
    Our characters could probably be young adults, as I can see that age range being picked for their best chance of survival.

    Glad to see you here Emo! You're not being intrusive at all~
    A surviving settlement could be cool, I like that idea!
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  12. @EmoKitty21 no problem, you're not butting in :). I wouldn't mind doing a onexone with you as well following that plot line, if you'd like. I just prefer onexones to group RPs because it's easier to align two people's schedules and posting times than it is 3+. If one person can't post as often as the others, they either get left behind in the RP or everyone has to wait, and that's no fun. I also don't own a monopoly on this idea, so if you want to try it out for yourself that's fine with me, too!

    @EeviumZ yeah, the more I began to flesh the idea out the more I realized it had that The 100/Planet of the Apes feel. It's hard to have a truly original idea these days!

    Team Rocket it is, then. I like pinning evil stuff on them. They're kind of a joke in the anime, but I feel like they really had the potential to do so much harm and they're a great scapegoat for that in RPs.

    I guess a backup plan could be that the humans just did have the capability they needed to get into space on their own?? Perhaps they knew that the earth had taken too much damage and needed time to heal and had been planning this exodus for a long time. In that case perhaps they'd even developed a colony on the moon or a different planet or something already.

    I think anywhere from like 20-35 sounds about right for a good age group. People tend to go soft and squishy in space so they'd need time to fully develop and get the training they need to be able to survive on a planet trying to kill them again. And let's put them in the first wave! That sounds fun.
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  13. Hey, just popping in. Looks cool. But you do realize that you don't have to apply for Legendaries and stuff if you keep the RP in Conversations/PMs, right? Just a suggestion, since a similar thing happened to me with some of my friends. Good luck with the rp! :)
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  14. Well at the moment I am free to join new RPs, but I do not know how much free time I will have since I will be helping my grandma more during the holidays. Though most of the time I am active, but I have been a bit busier then normal.

    Though I do think it depends on the person if the RP runs smoothly or not. I tend to wait for the person I am RPing with to make a post as to not leave someone behind. It sucks when you get left behind, so I try not to do it to others.

    On the note of the RP, I would love to flesh out a world for an RP. I tend to have ideas for them, but sometimes lack direction so it helps to bounce around ideas and see what sparks. Also sorry if I seem a bit rambly, but I am in a good mood so a bit hyper.

    On the note of the RP that you and Eeviumz are doing, you could have the human as a back up set up a space station as well to orbit around Earth. Instead of them crashing down to the earth in a rocket, maybe the life support systems are falling, so they have to find a way to fix it. A group could be sent down to try and navigate their way through the rubble of the humans old home.
  15. @EmoKitty21 no problem on the time schedule deal, I'll be pretty busy during the holidays too.

    I agree with you - with concentrated effort, it is possible to keep a roleplay like that moving forward without a problem. However, I have had many promising roleplays fizzle out because one player falls off the face of the planet or is unable to reply on a regular basis and then the other players get tired of waiting and just disappear. I, too, don't like to continue the RP by skipping over someone's turn, so things tend to grind to a halt. It's unfortunate, but it's also just kind of the reality of working with people through the internet. Real life happens, and people don't always communicate very well.

    One of the reasons I love RPing is because you get to bounce ideas off of someone else and end up with a better story than you could ever develop on your own. I'm glad you're in a good mood! And don't worry about rambling, I don't mind :)

    I did initially have the two different plot possibilities. One kind of centered around humanity "accidentally" finding out earth is habitable again via the crash land and the other was centered around the intentional return in order to recolonize. If you prefer one over the other, I'm happy with that! I also kind of liked the idea of human colonies surviving all this time on earth despite the bleak outlook. I did a prehistoric dinosaur RP once where each clan of people bonded with one specific type of dinosaur and each individual person had a partner dinosaur they bonded with. It was a lot of fun! I feel like that kind of symbiotic relationship could have really helped the humans left in this RP survive all those years.
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