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Looking fo a good RP

Discussion in 'Pokémon Role Play Discussion' started by Murdergurl, May 14, 2015.

  1. S o I have been scouring the internet for a decent site that I might be able to play a pokemon RP. Due to the nature of pokemon, I can understand that a lot of the audience that gravitate towards the genre are... juvenile. I'm trying to find something literate and something that is not canonized to the video games or anime. I would normally just start my own RP, but this seems to be something that I always have to do (on other RP sites) and quite frankly, I'm tired of being the authoring person in a storyline.

    So... is there anyone out there hosting something that I seem to be looking for?
  2. I was thinking of creating one, potentially based in the chats (I find it a very convenient way to roleplay here) though forums could work as well. I was looking to find a committed group of literate roleplayers! And I have also noticed the age range here tends to be a bit young for me personally, and it can lead to frustration when it comes to following the rules.

    I haven't come up with the specifics yet, but I'm trying to nail down a basic plot/outline to start with. Let me know if you have any ideas. :) I tend to roleplay as my own pre-existing OC, so plots tend to involve semi-experienced or experienced trainers (as opposed to everyone starting as a rookie with one starter pokemon) which can get old, fast. I'm just trying to find more likeminded people to get a group started. n_n
  3. I'm rather new here, but I would love to take part in a RP similar to what you described. Like I said, I'm kind of new to this, but I try to be as literate as possible. I suppose I might be a bit young? I tend to try to keep an eye on the rules as well. If I'm doing anything wrong, even this reply, a friendly heads up would be appreciated, since I've never actually used a forum before :/
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  4. You guys want an RP? Well, I made one myself!

    It's called Pokémon Journeys: The Missing Yveltal. It's about a group called the Pokémon Adventurers who go around the globe training Pokémon. The Missing Yveltal is when an Yveltal belonging to Sara, my own character, goes missing and the adventurers go across Kalos to find it.

    I guarantee it's what you're looking for. I want you to try it out!
  5. As much as I like that idea, you should really read the RP rules. Yveltal is a legendary that can only be encountered, not captured or bonded with. So I'm afraid your RP won't last long. :/
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  6. I've got an RP you might like. I've included a link if you're interested.


    Also, despite its appearance, it doesn't break any rules. Fixed that with StellarWind.

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