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[LIVE] E3 2015 - Nintendo World Championships

  1. Doctor Oak

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    E3 2015 starts RIGHT NOW.​
    Join us as we watch the Nintendo World Championships live from E3 2015 in Los Angeles. Among the games featured in the competition will be old games such as the original Legend of Zelda mixed with new games such as the latest Super Smash Bros. We don't fully know what to expect, but if it's half as good as last E3's Smash Bros tournament we're in for a treat.

    Watch the live twitch stream here.

    Remember you can join in with the overall E3 discussion in our official discussion thread.

    Before the show, Nintendo revealed that, on Monday, for the very first time since its initial release on the NES in 1989, the first Mother game will be released in America and Europe on the Wii U Virtual Console as Earthbound Beginnings:

    Another new announcement is Blast Ball, a competitive game for the 3DS that can basically be summed up as soccer with guns. There's no further information about the game right now, but we'll let you know once there is.

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