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Link Attacks in Mystery Dungeon

Discussion in 'Pokémon Games Discussion' started by Linkachu, Sep 25, 2006.

  1. Linkachu

    Linkachu Hero of Pizza
    Staff Member Administrator

    I'm wondering what nifty Link combos people have come up with in Dungeon, because the one I've been using pretty much all game works like a charm ^^

    Since I had Bulbasaur as my main Pokemon, I ended up linking together Vine Whip and Sleep Powder and damn did it come in handy. Sleep Powder worked even on the bosses, so while they did tend to wake up quickly it still gave my team the chance to get in some hits or heal without backfire. The range of Sleep Powder was also an asset, making taking on multiple enemies at a time fairly easy (if I still had the PP to use it).

    Why Vine Whip? Well, mainly because it was the best attack I had at the time when I linked the moves XP

    Which leads me to a slightly off-topic question. Do the usual rules for accuracy apply to attacks in Dungeon? It doesn't say so for the attack descriptions, but Razor Leaf does seem to miss a lot more than Vine Whip.
  2. As far as Accuracy goes, I think it does - I taught Pikachu Slam. That was a bad move. He doesn't hit near as often as he should.

    Incidentally, the only Link I've used is Tail Whip + Quick Attack. It seemed to work well enough, then I overwrote Quick Attack for Slam, and... never got around to relinking. :\
  3. well i havent had much luck with the linking but i find lots of those linking boxes along the way
  4. Okay, to replace my Tail Whip + Quick Attack combo, Drivy Runn can now do Slam + Attract. It even works on bosses, which was surprising, but hey, whatever works.
  5. Doctor Oak

    Staff Member Overlord


    Link attacks?
  6. Link attacks are two attacks that you link together. The end result is that you use both attacks in one move.
  7. Don't got cool ones, but I think I'll do Dive+Surf for my Wooper (he already knows them)
  8. For my Seviper I always link flamethrower with crunch because it takes alot of damage away from my enemy & I link glare with poisin tail so the enemy will be paralyssed and poisined.

    For my Charmeleon I link flamethrower with scratch because I dont really have good mmoves for him so i just linked them together.

    and for my Totodile I link dive with water gun and bite because they are my Totodiles best moves.

    So those are the moves I link for my rescue team.
  9. I'll delete this if this is too little of new information to make a resurrection legit...but...

    So far, the only link I used was with me/Narue/Torchic, where I linked Growl + Scratch. It worked pretty well...and I then delinked them when I thought I was going to overwrite Scratch for Peck...then didn't...>_<

    I'm thinking I should relink Growl with something...it was nice, causing damage and causing your opponent to cause less damage to you. Plus, there wasn't Leer or anything...all Narue had were those two moves! ^_^;;
  10. i linked growth and razor leaf or vine whip, i forgot which...
  11. [glow=red,2,300][/glow]i linked ice beam and surf to kill rayquaza
    for monster houses i link heat wave and flamethrower ;D

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