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Light and Darkness Allied

Discussion in 'General Role Play' started by Yoshimitsu, Feb 8, 2010.

  1. Yoshimitsu

    Former Moderator

    Vincent's footsteps were even. His weight distributed perfectly from one foot to the other, his rhythm regular, his rate constant. Absent mindly, he brushed a few strands of his black, messy hair from his eyes and adjusted his sunglasses. The ground beneath him softened the sound of his footsteps, the pavement and the soles of his black trainers effectively silencing his movements. He glanced around a corner of the city, then turned the opposite way and continued walking.

    He was an unusual teenager. Not in appearence. His appearence was fairly tame. He wore a light purple, slim-fit t-shirt that hugged his frame underneath a dark jacket, and fairly baggy jeans. No, he was an unusual teenager because he chose to walk in darkness, embrace the darkness living within him. He was unusual because he was unique.

    A rip in space appeared behind him. The black haired teenager did not flinch or panic. This was a normal occurance for him. From the rip, a boy walked out. This boy had blue hair, spiky at the back but swept into a side fringe at the front. He was wearing a black shirt over a white t-shirt and fairly slim jeans with high-rise skate shoes. Hanging at his waist was a sword, the guard of which was fashioned into the shape of a dragon head.

    "Yoshimitsu," Vincent stated simply. Yoshimitsu's face was just as serious as Vincent's.

    "Hey, Vincent," Yoshimitsu replied. His voice was not cold, but it was not the tone a friend used. He thrust his hands into his pockets and held and easy stance.

    "How come you're here?" The dark haired boy asked. He shifted his hand slightly, opening his palm. Yoshimitsu glanced at the darker haired boy's palm.

    "Probably the same reason you are. I was... I thought we could do this together," Yoshimitsu admitted, looking down.


    "I know. You don't want to be friends, not yet," Yoshimitsu continued quickly, still staring at the ground. "But, this is just work, right? Just a mission? We can do that together, can't we? It's not like I'm asking you to move back in."

    "Yeah, I... Yosh... I dunno," Vincent hesitated. Yoshimitsu looked up, and his expression was unreadable.

    "It's only a small thing. Let's do this together. Just this once," Yoshimitsu asked, almost pleaded. Vincent said nothing for a minute.

    "Okay," Vincent said finally, nodding. Yoshimitsu's face lit up, and Vincent almost forgot his reasons for leaving, for not staying with Yoshimitsu. Almost.

    OOC- Okay, this is a fight topic! My only request is that if you join, please please have your character as a villain-esque or rogue character, since that aligns with the plot nicely :] You can make up whatever backstory to that character you want, since this is just a standalone topic and basically out-of-canon.
  2. It was merely an exploration, nothing more.

    Ardasar's long dark purple hair reflected the bright gleam of the pearl moonlight, before it was shrouded in clouds, his hair and figure blending into the darkness of the night covered city. The apprentice of a powerful Lord was motionless, staring into the horizon ahead of him on the top of a high skyscraper, his face slightly puzzled. Ardasar's Master had given him the okay to explore at his own will - he had claimed enough heads to have his own small sense of responsibility. He thought to himself, the wind now playing through his hair.

    So this is the city... To be honest, I thought it would be a bit more rural.

    Exploration was what the young male was good at. He'd traveled a lot of the continents, and knew some facts of them. But he'd never tackled a city before, but he knew that the feat of crossing through it would be a simple task.

    Suddenly, he felt a heavy pressure in his mind which almost made him clench his head in pain, but quickly faded away. Ardasar was on high guard as soon as he sensed two powerful people in the area.

    Who are those people?! They worry me in such a way. Yes, I'll go and see what these two people are actually doing. But I best be careful - they could attack any second...

    Ardasar pulled out one of his two large hand harpoon cannons from their holders on his back, and fixated his right hand into it, grasping the internal handle and pressed a button on the inside with the hand inside, making the sharp, titanium alloy harpoon shoot halfway out in a split second before stopping, locked into place to be used as a hand to hand combat weapon, and leaped across buildings towards the enigma filled persons, his short black jacket slightly blowing back in the wind.
  3. Rex

    Rex Resident Furry

    A portal opened in the middle of a closed store. A figure stepped out of it, dressed as black as the darkness that he commanded. His name was Rex, and he had once again been reduced to theft. He pulled down the scarf covering his face, and lifted his goggles off of his head, revealing his furry face and otter-like muzzle. Where he was from, he was known a "Halfer," a being half human, half animal. At one point there had been a lot more of them, but now, he was the only one left, the others all taken away by the military.

    Somehow, he had been granted the gift of Umbrakinesis, power over the dark. Of course he had used this power to his advantage, escaping the military, and stealing what he needed to survive. How, he was at yet another weapons store, looking for a replacement dagger. He had stupidly thought that getting a Gunblade meant that he would have no need for the tiny blade. Having almost lost his life in his most resent fight with the military, he would much rather have the thing safely up his sleeve.

    After exploring for a few moments, he found what he was looking for. A beautiful blade made of onyx, just short enough to qualify as a dagger. He quietly slipped the blade into the holster in his sleeve. It just fit, he was lucky.

    "Hey, who are you!?" a voice called behind him.

    Rex turned around, and faced his discoverer. The look of anger on the mans face quickly turned to one of horror.

    "W-what are you!?" the man stuttered.
    "Your worst nightmare," Rex sighed.

    Suddenly, the shadows from all over the shop converged on the man. He let out a blood-curling scream, and then the shadows pulled away. The man was gone, it had been a clean kill, no one would know what happened to the man, unless they happened to have similar powers to him. The shadows pulled together again, this time into something less malevolent. A dark portal, Rex's primary means of transportation when he needed to be silent. He stepped into the portal, and was gone in a flash, long before the police arrived at the scene.

    He reappeared in the middle of a dark alley, not to far from a plaza area. He pulled the scarf back over his muzzle and goggles back over his eyes. He didn't need any mass hysteria. He sat down, a little tired from the two teleports.

    "I can't believe after all this time, I still get tired after teleporting."
  4. Yoshimitsu

    Former Moderator

    "I've got one of them," Yoshimitsu muttered to Vincent, catching movement out of the corner of his eye. He glanced at the source, a male figure who had some kind of cannon attached to his arm. Vincent nodded, but did not turn to look at the newcomer. Instead, he turned his attention elsewhere.

    "There's someone else as well," he replied. He was sure he had felt a type of power similar to his own. Similar, but not the same. Definitely not the same. Yoshimitsu frowned slightly. "Whoever they are, they're hiding. I can barely sense them."

    "Luring them out not an option?" Yoshimitsu asked, moving his hand to grip his sword. He had not counted on there being more than one individual tonight. If they were as powerful as him or Vincent, it could get tricky. Working together had been the right move after all.

    "I doubt it. I'll track him," Vincent said, though it sounded more like he was asking. Yoshimitsu's frown vanished, replaced with a look of mild concern. Yoshimitsu nodded, slowly. Vincent nodded back, and turned to walk away.

    "Be careful," Yoshimitsu said. Vincent waved behind him, and carried on walking. The blue haired teenager turned to face the newcomer, his expression changing to a completely blank one instead. "So, who are you?"

    Vincent made his way quickly along the roads, following the vague direction he could sense the power from. Fighting alongside Yoshimitsu was difficult for him. He had promised himself that he would not put the blue haired boy, the wonderful boy who had saved him, through any kind of trouble like that again. It had nearly killed Yoshimitsu, physically and emotionally. Vincent never wanted to be the source of all that pain again, but he knew that Yoshimitsu was still hurting. There was no way to win that battle. Not for him.

    "Now where are you..." Vincent muttered, curling his hand into a fist. This part of the city was full of alleyways. It was more like a maze than a city. With no hesitation, Vincent sent a blast of blue and black down the nearest alley. He jumped to the next one, his body carrying far further than a normal human, and sent another blast down it. He was hoping to smoke out this mysterious individual who seemed set on hiding themself.
  5. Rex

    Rex Resident Furry

    He rested for a moment, before he was jolted into action again. A wave a black and blue energy came hurling towards him! No time to teleport, Rex did the only thing he could. The shadows from across the alleyway removed themselves from their bonds, and formed a wall between himself and the wave. The wall took the hit and withstood it. Rex grinned, there was once a time where an attack like that would have broken his barrier to pieces. He pulled the collapsible police baton out of his pocket, and extended it, allowing the darkness to begin to seep onto the weapon, and turn it into his dark blade.

    "You have my attention!" he called down the alleyway.
  6. OoC: Don't know if you wanted to keep this at just you three or not, I decided to try my luck and if not I'll delete it.


    Never trust a man in a suit, people in suits usually worked for the government and Jin had learned that the government lied about most things when it came to mages. "Last time I make a deal with them," Jin muttered to himself as he watched a helicopter fly by overhead. He hugged the shadows and kept out of sight, even though he could easily dispatch any of the men on the aircraft, he decided that it was best to avoid confrontation.

    The man appeared very young, somewhere in his late twenties in appearance, but he was actually much older. He had lived long enough to know how to remain unseen. He had silvery-white hair and storm gray eyes, he was dressed in a black and silver robe that covered his whole body, over that he wore a black cloak. Around his neck hung a necklace, the charm at the end was of three cogs that would be found within a clock. In the center of each cog was a violet-blue rune that made the cogs seem to turn and mesh together. The necklace signified his admiration of time altering magic. Though he specialized in arcane battle, the combination of magic and hand-to-hand combat, he was still a powerful mage.

    Some time ago, he had agreed to join a special task force that was being put together of some of the most powerful warriors from around the world, he agreed as a way to be released from prison. Ten years prior he was accused of a crime he didn't commit, at least to his knowledge, his memory of the event in question was blank.

    After his mission with the task force, he had been betrayed, and they tried to send him back to prison. He fought back and managed to escape with the aid of a time slowing spell, a spell that nearly killed him to cast, but he escaped and now he was being hunted.

    The helicopter was out of sight now, and Jin took the chance to move. He drew his dual pistols, they were nothing special to look at, just simple black pistols. At least they were, until he worked his magic. His mouth moved almost imperceptibly and violet-blue runes appeared around the guns, transforming them into much more powerful weapons. They became a navy blue with violet runes swirling around the nozzle and chamber, they fit to his hands perfectly, the handles growing and wrapping around his wrists and the sleek design was perfect for his fighting style. Floating right in front of the nozzle was a rune, that the bullet would have to pass through, and when the bullet passed through the rune it would transform into a magical bullet that packed much more of a punch.

    He ran down an alleyway and came to a dead end, where he approached the wall and muttered another spell. Another rune appeared on the ground beneath him and carried him up the wall and onto the roof, a small torrent of air could be seen beneath the rune. His silver hair blowing in the breeze as he crossed the rooftop, suddenly he saw the flash of blue and black from the alleyways beneath him. "I hope that isn't for me," Jin muttered, "They must be tired of sending normal people after me by now." Jin thought about it and decided it was best not to investigate the attacks and keep moving.

    He heard an exchange of words after another of the blasts and curiosity got the better of him, he stepped to the edge of the roof and saw what appeared to be two men preparing to face off. "That's odd, maybe they aren't after me after all." He sighed, relieved for a moment before looking at the two men again. "I'd be smart to get out of here, none-the-less, before I get spotted." He mumbled, then with a grunt of self irritation he seemed to half jump and half float to the adjacent rooftop, directly above the two men. "Assessing the situation," he sighed, "I guess you can never stop being a soldier." He glanced down at the sword hilt at his side, which was only a hilt with no blade attached, at least prior to another spell, and then his eyes flashed back to the others.
  7. Yoshimitsu

    Former Moderator

    "Good. That's what I was hoping for," Vincent replied. He thrust his fist down the alleyway again, sending another blast of blue and black at the man. He quickly removed his sunglasses, revealing his closed eyes. Keeping his eyes shut, he pulled a long strip of cloth from his pocket and tied it around his head, completely obscuring his vision.

    "That's better," he muttered to himself. He pointed his fist up this time, aimed at another individual on the neighbouring roof. A third blast of black and blue shot upwards, exploding the ground beneath the stranger.

    "So, which one of you is the one who's attracting attention?" Vincent asked.

    OOC- Short and cack, but I didn't have huge amounts to work with.
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  8. "Who am I? Well, I'm -"

    Ardasar's Master snapped at him before he can finish through a small earpiece on his head.

    "Ardasar, what do you think you're doing?"

    He stayed put, still staring at the calm and collected boy down below, with his hand on the earpiece, listening.

    "Don't you understand? That boy is in the way of my plans! Don't go for the nice friendly approach! You HAVE to take him down, understand!?"

    "Yes Master. I apologize for not paying attention."

    Pulling out his other harpoon cannon and slotting it on, he glared down at the new foe, pressing buttons on the inside of the left cannon to extend the harpoon slightly to be used as a blade, a small 'beep' could be heard as the harpoons started to glow a powerful orange; they were only things that could be seen on Ardasar's moonlight shadow as he pointed his left cannon straight at the blue haired boy's face.

    "My name is Ardasar. Just Ardasar. You're in the way of my Master's plans. If you choose to carry on ruining his designs, so be it!"

    With the last word the glowing orange harpoon aimed at the youth's face flew out of the cannon and hit the wall straight next to the left side of his face, as in under a second or two, the iron wire binded together pulled, as Ardasar came flying forward as the iron wire coiled back into his left cannon, as he held his right cannon in front of him to stab into his opponent's stomach.
  9. Yoshimitsu

    Former Moderator

    Yoshimitsu moved with alarming speed, unsheathing his sword in a swift action. The second harpoon tip met the flat of the Bahamut Blade as Yoshimitsu put his strength into his defense, sliding backwards as the harpooned fighter tried to spear him through the stomach.

    "Master, eh? So you're the one causing trouble around here?" Yoshimitsu asked, forcing his mind to stay with him and not stray to worry about Vincent. He shifted his grip on the sword and knocked Ardasar's harpoon away, spinning to thrust his foot at his opponent's face in a powerful kick.
  10. Jin watched the stranger, a bit confused at his tactics, "Did he just blindfold himself?" He whispered inside his head, his mouth moving but not actually speaking, a habit from chanting spells. He had no time to further assess what the man was doing, he immediately attacked, seemingly able to see even better while blindfolded.

    Jin jumped, quickly drawing a rune in the air as he flipped away from the blast. The rune became a torrent of air that Jin rode easily and skillfully, away from the explosion that followed and behind the blindfolded man. "You're pretty good, I wasn't exactly hidden, but I've never seen anyone so perceptive while blinded." Jin said slowly as the wind let him off with a small click of his boots against the ground, "And I don't know to what attention you're referring, but if you mean the helicopter, it's probably me." He clutched his magically forged pistols tightly, whoever this man was it was clear he wasn't 'friendly'.

    "I'm guessing they sent you to find me, which means I cannot allow you to live. And even if they didn't send you, they'll find you and, eventually, use you to find me. Either way, you're a threat." Jin breathed in deeply, then he jerked forward with both pistols raised. He fired six rounds in all, as they passed through the rune in front of the barrel they became glowing orbs of purple energy. Three were aimed for the man's head, the others aimed for his heart, he continued moving forward, jumping onto one of the walls of the alley. When his feet met the wall, the bricks molded seamlessly to fit the shape of his feet, holding him up and allowing him to run along the wall, every time he took a step the bricks held him up; like he was glued to the wall.

    He fired several more rounds, all aimed at the empty air around the man in anticipation of an attempt to dodge. Strike quickly and efficiently. Go for the kill.
  11. The Alsant moved silently through the city, trying to not disturb its late-night tranquility. The same could not be said, however, about two rough-housers in the middle of the city. Taylor's brown hair swayed casually about his face, matching the dark brown, long-sleeve, tight shirt he wore. The dark green army pants aided him to hide from the two enemies, though the brown combat boots did little themselves. His cold, white eyes watched the two carefully, until they suddenly began fighting.

    A long, white blade materialized in Taylor's left hand. It was a normal longswprd in most aspects, save for one difference. The blade itself was made out of a pristine, unearthly, white metal with a red line running down the center. The cross-guard was made of two diamond like structures that looked completely unstable, but were incredibly sturdy. He ran out towards the two, and swung towards the blue-haired teen while simultaneously firing off a beam of white-hot light from his right hand at the harpoon-shooting one.

    "The name is Taylor," He said as he swung at the blue-haired teen. "Your names are?"
  12. Yoshimitsu

    Former Moderator

    "You don't know me," Vincent replied, gesturing behind him. Immediately, a portal of swirling black, blue and purple appeared. The dark haired boy took a step backwards, the darkness enveloping him completely. The orbs all followed through, into the portal.

    The portal world was different. It was calm, still and silent. It was also dark. The area was a void made up of the same dark blue, black and purple as the portal, though the darkness never touched Vincent. It swirled and danced around him, as he stood on apparently nothing. The portal behind him was about to close when the orbs of bright purple blasted after him. The dark haired teenager jumped forward and fired a series of Dark orbs, meeting the incoming attack with equal force. Before he could see if his defense was effective, he opened another portal behind him and jumped through.

    He was back in the city, this time on the main road that the alleyway was connected to.

    "I don't want to open my eyes," Vincent said softly, brushing embers off his jacket where the explosion in the portal world had set him aflame. He extended his arm to his side and gripped something invisible in the air. As his hand closed, his sword flashed into existence. It was an unusual blade. The guard had a heart shape at the centre, half of it black and the other half white. Spikes extended out from the side of the heart, one black, one dark blue. The blade resembled, most closely, a bat wing. It was dark blue along the edge, with the filling black.

    "You don't want me to, either," Vincent commented, his voice still soft, tender. He gripped his sword tightly and raised it in a battle stance, his palm pointing at the man with the guns. A series of black and dark blue bolts shot from his hand like lightning, coiling in the air as they shot at him.

    Yoshimitsu halted his kick as a new opponent appeared, immediately shifting his grip on his sword and raising it in defense just an instant too late. The newcomer's sword nicked his shoulder. Yoshimitsu put his strength behind his sword again and forced the white blade away from him, spinning into a horizontal slash that was wide enough to hit both of his opponents.
  13. Rex

    Rex Resident Furry

    When the man sent another wave at him, Rex teleported himself away, landing on top of a nearby building. It was better if he watched the man attack another newcomer for a while, before jumping in himself. Both his opponents appeared proficient with ranged combat, his own specialty, one seemed to use a form of darkness to fight as well, though it wasn't like the shadows he commanded.

    After the first man to attack him sent orbs of energy, much like the waves he had sent at Rex, at the other man, Rex attacked. The Dark Blade had fully formed, so he embedded it in the roof of the building he stood on. Then he drew his SPAS-12 combat shotgun, and had the darkness seep into the weapon, attaching itself to the bullet inside. He fired it, the recoil sending him back several feet. The dark orb flew into the air, and exploded, raining bolts of darkness down on his his opponents.
  14. As soon as the harpoon locked back into it's respective cannon, he tired for the slash, but failed as his right cannon was blown back. He pulled it back to guard himself, but the sword wielding boy halted his forceful kick as he was gashed by what appeared to be an Alsant's blade. He took this time to pull out his left cannon from the wall and leap back, covering a wide range, as he aimed both cannons at his opponent and firing them, this time the harpoons changing in power again from a florescent orange to a dazzling white in mid flight towards the target.
  15. Freakishly amazing speed and strength forced Taylor backwards, throwing his top half off balance. His upper body suddenly fell backwards, just ducking beneath the wide slash of a sword-swinging teenager. A harpoon whizzed over his head, but Taylor acted immediately. The sword-bearing teen left his lower-half completely open. Taylor made the pristine white sword he held vanish, and pointed his fingers as if a pair of fake guns, firing off two beams of light, one white from his right hand, the other red from his left. They intercepted each other in the middle, and made a conic explosion of light towards the blue-haired boy.
  16. Yoshimitsu

    Former Moderator

    Vincent shifted his grip on his sword, quickly raising it so that it covered his face and protected the blindfold from the incoming hail of shadow. A series of nicks and shallow cuts opened on his body, but they were superficial. He slashed the air, sending a weak pulse of darkness to disperse the rest of the rain, then turned his head towards the shadow-manipulator.

    "You have no idea what true Darkness is," he said softly. Despite being blindfolded, he had managed to pinpoint his opponent's position perfectly. He opened a dark portal behind him and sent a blast of Darkness into it. A second portal appeared behind the shadow-manipulator, the blast quickly exploding out.

    "Alright, so what's your major dysfunction?" Yoshimitsu asked, a smirk in his voice. He gripped his sword tightly, watching as the harpoons shot at him and as the second stranger fired an expanding beam of Light. As quickly as he could he pointed his palm at the ground and blasted his own Light beam, sending dust and debris into the air and concealing him. The harpoons hit the wall. The light destroyed the brick. Yoshimitsu had moved.

    "Come on, make me break a sweat," he commented, standing behind the pair of them. He curled his free hand into a fist and pointed it at them. A series of fist-size blasts of Light exploded, like a machine gun, from Yoshimitsu's hand and shot at his opponents.
  17. Rex

    Rex Resident Furry

    The man was able to stop his Dark Rain. Not surprising really, the bolts were too small to do much else then be a small nuisance. The man sent a wave of darkness into a portal. Expecting where that portal would exit, he pulled the Dark Blade out of the ground and slashed at the air behind him, creating a wall. Just as he expected, the portal opened up where his back had been turned. The blast wave smashed into his own wall, creating a shock wave that sent Rex flying.

    Thinking quickly, he opened a portal behind him, which teleported him safely down into the alley his attack was in. Rex stabbed the Dark Blade back into the ground, this time sending a large amount of darkness into the ground with it. The ground between him and his attack began to crack, shadows escaping from underneath. The cracks centered around his opponent, and exploded, blasting shadows and debris around the area, with the point the man was standing acting as the epicenter.
  18. The man avoided his attack by creating a dark portal and disappearing inside of it, Jin lost sight of the man afterward, but he was sure he was close by. Jin's assumption was correct, black and blue lightning like bolts were launched at him from the main street.

    Jin acted quickly, he holstered his pistols and held his hands out in front of him, creating a small ball of his own lightning cupped in his hands. He jumped up in a side flip, several bolts of the lightning meeting his own, fueling the ball and making it bigger, the different colored energies swirling within. He landed on the side of the building, horizontal with the ground with a clear shot at the blindfolded man. He thrust his palms forward, the condensed ball of lightning flew forth and hit the ground in front of the man, exploding into several bolts of lightning.

    Jin knew that it would be in his best interest to move, and he drew a rune on the wall beneath his feet, then he sank into the rune and reappeared a way down the street from the man with the blindfold. Jin took hold of the sword hilt at his side, it was a normal looking katana hilt, but there was no blade attached to it. He lightly clenched his fist, a violet-blue energy surrounding his fingers and as he drew the sword from through his fingers a blade appeared.

    The blade was crystal blue in color with silver symbols running down the flat edge of the sword. He held it at his side in a battle stance, the blade looked ephemeral, but it was sharp enough to cut through stone. He clenched his left hand, ice from the air gathered on his fist in sharp icicles. "If we're going to be drawing attention to ourselves, might as well go all out." He sighed.
  19. Yoshimitsu

    Former Moderator

    "Are you trying to return my vision?" Vincent asked, jumping back. He spun into a slash that released a wave of Darkness, the debris it hit turning into dust. Quickly, he raised his sword again to shield his eyes. The shadows pushed him back and opened tears in his jacket, licking at his skin. He brought his sword slashing through again, scattering the shadow before it could do more damage.

    The lightning caught him by surprise, he only heard the crackle of electricity as it got too close to dodge. His jacket, once again, took the brunt of the damage but burn marks formed over his skin where the jacket could not protect him. He slid his arms out, one at a time, and tossed the material aside.

    "I liked that jacket. It's hard to find a resistant material these days," he commented. He did not sound angry. He sounded very calm, almost emotionless. After sending another few bolts of Darkness, this time at the shadow-manipulator, Vincent turned his attention to the lightning-wielder. With an agile leap, he shot at his target and brought his sword down quickly at the male's shoulder.
  20. Taylor forced his hands forward, ribbons of light shooting out of his palms. They formed into red, flat surfaces, and began to twist in such a pattern that they became a shield in front of him. The light hit it, and deflected around the beams of light. They were pushed towards the center of Taylor's palms, where red light twirled around the captured balls of light that moved towards him. As they collected, the ball grew and grew, until it was the size of a beach ball. At that point, Taylor pushed his hands forward again, and the ball exploded into smaller orbs of light decorating the air around the teen.

    "Boom," Taylor said under his breath. He flexed his hands into fists, and the light orbs that surrounded the blue-haired sword-wielder suddenly converged on his location with explosive force. Ideally, they'd explode on impact, catching the teen in an unavoidable explosion. Even if just one hit him, it'd undoubtedly cause a large chain-reaction of explosions.
  21. The young man spoke quietly, tossing aside his jacket after it had taken several hits from various attacks. Jin was sure he heard something about returning his vision, like it would be a bad thing if he opened his eyes. Bad for Jin and whoever else was fighting the man, at least. "I didn't ask for all this," Jin sighed, "I was doing fine in lockdown, aside from being in hypersleep for twenty-three hours a day." He exhaled heavily, an exaggerated sound showing his irritation. "Look, can't we talk about this? My name is Jin, and I'm not big on this whole fighting for no reason thing." But before he could think of a way out of the fight, or continue his sentence, the man sprang into action once again.

    He sent a blast of some more dark energy toward the other man, while shooting quickly toward Jin with his sword coming down toward Jin's shoulder. He held his blade up in defense, the blindfolded man's blade glancing off of his own, but not well enough to avoid damage all together. The young man's sword missed its target, but cut into Jin's robe, slicing into his skin so that a small amount of blood seeped from the new wound.

    Jin ducked down after the man's attack, punching the ground with his left hand that had been covered with the ice. Immediately afterward dozens of icicles shot up from the ground. Clear, thick ice that ended in points as sharp as spears. Jin teleported again, appearing on a fire escape that was only fifty feet from where he had been on the street.

    He kept his summoned katana in his right hand while drawing a single pistol with his left, it immediately transformed into the magic pistol within his hand, a faint rune the only clue that it had been altered only an instant before.
  22. Rex

    Rex Resident Furry

    His explosion, plus a lightning bolt from the other man, had cost the man his jacket, as well as cut and burned him in several areas. He retaliated with several bolts of darkness heading in Rex's direction, then jumping away, going after the other man again. Rex brought up another Dark Wall, but he underestimated the strength of the bolts. Some were stopped, but three got through, Rex slashed at one with his Dark Blade, destroying it. One nicked his leg, cutting his jeans and ripping a hole in his trench coat. The third collided with his goggles, knocking them off his face.

    Rex checked his leg first. It was bleeding, but it wasn't major. He then walked over to where his goggles had landed. They were destroyed, one lenses was gone, and the other was badly cracked. Rex sighed, and pulled the scarf down, away from his muzzle. One part didn't work without the other, besides, his opponent was blindfolded, and the other man seemed to prefer the rooftops to the alleyways.

    Once again, the Dark Blade was embedded in the ground, and the SPAS-12 was drawn. He took aim at his attacker, and fired a Dark Bullet at him. No rain this time, the darkness served to strength the hit the slug would hopefully make.
  23. "Come on, make me break a sweat," Was the boy's reply. Ardasar smirked, turning around as he quickly retracted his Harpoons into the cannons on put them back onto their holders as he replied, rapid fire orbs of light coming at him.

    "Let me guess, you thought I could only make those fancy harpoons in those cannons change colour? Think again,"

    He quickly ran his left index finger down his left eye, revealing a low detail scar, as it slowly glowed a dark purple, before Ardasar's facial expression and mood completely changed from a serious and normal one, to a blood chilling stare and a dark tone as he explained his transformation as a purple gas appeared from Ardasar's hands and envoloped the light orbs, almost absorbing them.

    "You see, my Master made me more than just a weapon user... He taught me in the ways of controlling the poison element. Now, lets see how much you sweat... Yoshimitsu. "

    Ardasar had heard of a Light user with blue hair and light controling abilities from his Master, and finally realised who the Person was. Then, the final set of orbs crashed into his wall of gaseous poison, before it enveloped the orbs. Ardasar held his hand out towards the poisonous gas, before he clenched his palm. The power of the seeping gas crushed the orbs, creating a small explosion in front of him. He then carried on with an offensive, melting into a purple liquid and dissipated over the floor, out of sight. The liquid regrouped and formed the harpoon user's body, about 10 feet behind Yoshimitsu. Ardasar then proceeded to crouch down, his arms flopping down and being covered by the poisonous purple liquid, before rising and bringing his now straigtened arms up with a vertical slice, as the liquid flew off his arms and formed two purple slashes of poison, flying straight at Yoshimitsu. But that wasn't enough for the teen now filled with bloodlust.

    He leapt high into the air, somersalting just over Yoshimitsu, before breaking out of the flip and holding his hand out at the sword user, forming a large orb of poison in his hands and firing it to come straight down on Yoshimitsu as he descended and hit the ground to the youth's right, a blood - curdling laugh echoing the area.
  24. Yoshimitsu

    Former Moderator

    "H-holy shit!" Yoshimitsu stammered, first reacting to the orbs that surrounded him. "Bahamut! Wings!" He curled himself into a ball as two large growths formed on his back, tearing his t-shirt from his body as they grew larger and larger. Two white wings, the thinner skin a medium blue colour, blossomed out of his back and nudged one of the orbs. The explosion triggered by the first orb immediately set off the rest, and Yoshimitsu barely had any time to shield his body.

    As the explosions finished, his wings were revealed to be torn apart. They turned spiritual and faded away entirely, revealing Yoshimitsu's slightly singed form. Patches of his skin were smoking from the explosions he could not defend himself from.

    Then he realised the other boy was gone. Immediately, the blue-haired teenager spun on the spot to find him again. There he was, solidifying out of a pool of some repulsive purple substance.

    "Oh you're kidding, right?" He asked, pulling an expression of distaste. He gritted his teeth, his Bahamut Blade immediately flaring up with gold and blue flames. With a powerful slash, he sent a wave of fire to combat the incoming purple attacks. The following explosion sent a disgusting smell in the air. Yoshimitsu covered his mouth and nose quickly.

    "Bahamut, I need a mask," he muttered. Instantly, what looked like a dragon's jaw formed around his lower face, covering his mouth and nose entirely. He turned his attention to the boy who was spewing off purple ooze. With a flick of his wrist, Yoshimitsu sent a series of white and yellow blasts at him. Then, the dragonic warrior turned his attention to the light user.

    "You're just messing around," he commented. "You don't understand Light. Don't pretend you do. Come on, show me just how far you can push this power."

    Yoshimitsu shot faster than a bullet, his sword poised to spear the Light-user through the stomach.

    Vincent jumped backwards into a rough backflip. However, he was not quite fast enough and one of the ice spears sliced through the side of his leg. Ignoring it for the moment, Vincent sliced downwards with his sword and sent a wave of Darkness that caused the ice to shatter, becoming little more than snowflakes. As soon as he landed, he traced his finger over the cut on his leg and left a black line. The Darkness was sealing the cut, for now.

    "I'm sorry, but I can't just let you go," Vincent replied to the mage. "I have my reasons. People are here are complaining of being terrorized, and I can't let it go. It's nothing personal. I'm just trying to make up for what I've done."

    He heard the gun before he heard the shot. Without bothering to turn properly, he opened a dark portal in the direction of the sound, opening a second one behind the source of the bullet. Then he turned his attention back to the mage, who was no longer as close.

    "I'm sorry. Running wont help you. Not having sight means I can hear the metal creaking beneath you," the black-haired teenager stated, his voice still soft and tender. He ran with remarkable speed and launched himself into the air, pointing his palm at the mage and gathering Darkness there. However, instead of releasing it, he launched a vertical downward slash at the mage's head. Then he thrust his palm out and released the Darkness in an aggressive beam.
  25. Rex

    Rex Resident Furry

    Rex frowned as his attack disappeared into another portal. He was being toyed with, he hated being toyed with. He looked around, trying to locate the second portal. It was behind him again. He caught the attack just as it was coming out of the portal. It got maybe two feet from the portal before stopping completely. The shadows disappeared, and the slug fell harmlessly to the ground.

    "Attacked by my own shadows?" Rex sighed, "I have more control then you may think."

    The shadows from the alleyway stretched, climbing up to his opponent. Rex drew his second blade, a gunblade styled after a Benelli M3T, and teleported up to the man using his own portals. Rex slashed both blades down at the man's head, while the shadows formed into another blade and jabbed at his legs.
  26. Taylor had been watching the swordsman move around. He had almost instantly ignored Taylor, giving him time to draw up his light powers. His hands reeled backwards, buliding up the light energy he wanted to destroy the teen. When he grew the mask and turned to face Taylor, he realized that offense would no longer be the best defense. He changed how the white-hot energy was being molded, and instead brought it into shield form to stop the teen from impaling him.

    As soon as he had effectively bocked the blade from becoming intimately familliar with Taylor's innards, he transformed the light in his hands. It suddenly exploded upwards, shooting off from Taylor's hands like a rocket. However, as soon as it had peaked, about twenty feet above the two, it showered down a hail of light upon the blue-haired teen's general radius, a shower of light that aimed to not only pierce, but shortly after piercing, to explode.
  27. "I can only guess at the past you must hide in those eyes, and I'm truly sorry for your pain. However, you're not the only one with a past, and I'm not letting mine catch up with me." Jin stated after the man had evaded and destroyed his ice attack, "I always did like the snow," He added, changing from the brief moment of complete seriousness back into a more relaxed nature.

    "Trust me, I'm not running away. I know I wouldn't get to far," He said slowly, but the urgency of the man's next attack. Jin had barely anytime to react to the slash coming down at his head, his opponent was trying to slice him in half. He raised his sword, catching the slice before it made contact with his flesh. He saw the man's hand moving before he fully understood what attack he was using. Instead of avoiding he tried to counter.

    He thrust his pistol out in front of him, still holding his blade above his head. The pistol instantaneously changed, the barrel expanding several sizes larger and he fired an orb of energy twice as big as the previous ones as soon as his pistol made contact with the man's palm.

    It didn't have much of an affect, other than causing an explosion that blew Jin back. It was most likely the arrival of the otter-like man slashing down at the blindfolded one that prevented a counterattack. Jin summoned a gust of wind that caught him before he collided with the nearby wall. He collected the moister in the air around him into a pillar of water, he stood atop the pillar, still even level with the other two men.

    Jin released his two weapons, suspending them in the air beside him, freeing up his hands to draw up a new rune. As soon as the rune was finished it burst into flames, Jin thrust his palms forward into the flames and it sent a wave of flames down the narrow alleyway toward his opponent and the otter-man.
  28. "You gotta be kidding, right? Who does he think he is??" Ardasar repeated Yoshimitsu's words back to himself, as he focused more on the light controller. He still found it impressive that the dragon warrior could call upon a sacred dragon, Bahamut and cover himself with a mask from the poison.

    Ardasar unclenched his hands and leaped high into the air, using a poisonous gas cloud underneath his feet. He then extended his left arm out and pointed his index finger at Yoshimitsu whilst another young person sent spears of light to crash down on the blue haired swordsman. Poison ran down Ardasar's arm and into his hand, and concentrated into the finger he was pointing with, before forming a small perfect sphere out of the poison in front of the finger. He murmured too himself as his left arm started to shake.

    "Foolish person. This is what you get for underestimating my powers."

    The small dark purple sphere triggered a powerful, large purple energy beam carrying poison attributes flying straight at Yoshimitsu. With the spears of light firing at his at the same time of his beam, Yoshimitsu would be in a lot of trouble.
  29. Yoshimitsu

    Former Moderator

    "Snow is pretty," Vincent agreed as his Dark blast exploded upon contact with another of the mage's attack. The resulting shockwave was enough to make him slide back and just out of range of the shadow-manipulator's strikes. He dropped back down to earth and heard the flames now rolling towards him.

    "Shikon, let's do this," he muttered, dismissing his sword. He drew his fist back, then launched a punch towards the flames. Instead of Darkness, what looked like spiritual energy exploded from his fist. It was black and crimson, and shaped like a wolf. The spiritual wolf bounded towards the flames and scattered them, sending embers flying everywhere but towards Vincent. It quickly turned and ran back to Vincent.

    "Meet Shikon," Vincent introduced softly. "Everyone has to face their pasts some time, mage. Mine caught up with me, and now I have to make up for it. I'm sorry, but you can't win this fight. Shikon, spirit into fists."

    The wolf nodded and faded from sight. Simultaneously, red and black auras flared around Vincent's fists. He changed his stance to that of a martial artist's, and waited for the next attacks.

    Yoshimitsu moved his arm in a wide arc above his head, leaving a glowing white trail. Out of the trail, a series of thin white and pale yellow beams surged out and coiled in the air in an intricate pattern. The elegantly moving light captured the darts that the other Light-user had released.

    "Light-user, your power is pathetic. I told you to show me how far you could push that power!" Yoshimitsu challenged, a smirk on his face. The thrill of the fight. Yoshimitsu loved it. He turned his head to the poison-user and gestured casually.

    "Don't underestimate me!" He roared, the swirling beams of light suddenly darting at the poison-user simultaneously. They pierced the incoming poison, scattering it easily, and homed in on the source.
  30. Ardasar melted a smirk onto his manic face. The Poison element his Master taught him to use had now almost taken his personality over completely. The Light attacks homed in on Ardasar fast, but he was prepared. He almost floated off the poisonous gas cloud, making a slow, backward shuttle loop before taking in lots of energy and dashing forward with immense speed, towards the light beams. He re-appeared mid air behind the beams of light, as they dissipated into the air. Ardasar's arms were spread out and covered with the weird oozing poison that had taken the form of blades on his arms. He had sliced through the beams, and was now falling down next to Yoshimitsu. He carried on descending towards his target, Yoshimitsu, and broke his fall by floating on the same type of gas he used to float before. He parted his purple hair and glanced at Yoshimitsu.

    "I apologise for underestimating you,"

    Ardasar's eyes widened and returned to the curious, neutral face he had before, yet the purple scar was still present.

    "If it weren't for my Master, I'm sure we could of been frie-ARGHHH!"

    Ardasar clenched his head in pain and screamed, as the violent, war loving eyes from before appeared on his face, as he almost seemed to talk to himself.

    "Low life scum! Don't you realize the power within you I'm showing? If you really want me to, I'll stay like this forever!"

    Ardasar shook his head a little and continued talking to Yoshimitsu, the same smirk from before on his face.

    "I'm sorry about that... but the Ardasar you knew from before won't be round for much longer. He is what we could say... sealed. Yes. Sealed inside my dominating personality."

    He cast his right hand towards the ground, as a puddle of poison appeared from the ground, as a long, elaborate Katana rose from the puddle before it closed, and Ardasar gripped the sword in his right hand, undoing the belt holding his two harpoon cannons, letting it drop, as he kicked the now pathetic weapons to one side, as the glowing purple slash on his right eye started to grow, sprouting extra lines that formed an amazing pattern around the scar area. He started to laugh as the power kicked into him.

    "I thank you, Yoshimitsu. You've made me understand what power really is. Master - no - The Dark Sonata gave me this power for this reason only. To have ultimate dominion over that pathetic form I used to be. And now, that power is mine to fully grasp!"

    He swung the Katana in his hand in a clockwise direction and held it in a backhand grip, as he ran at Yoshimitsu, poison trailing behind him like a fountain, as he maliciously aimed a slash at his chest.

    OoC: By the way, the blades described at the end of the first paragraph are 100% NOT trying to be a cheesy copy of StellarWindElsydeon's 'blade - like appendages'. Merely a brief form of defence for our now warped purple haired character.
  31. Rex

    Rex Resident Furry

    Rex growled when the other two men sent energy attacks after each other, blowing all three of them away. He opened a Dark Portal to catch him, saving himself from major damage. He reappeared in the ally below, looking a little pissed. He heard fire, and turned in time to see a wave of fire coming after him. He stabbed down with the Dark Blade, and the shadows pulled themselves together into a Dark Wall, which stopped the flames from getting close enough to him to deal any damage.

    As soon as the roaring quieted he let the wall down. It appeared that what ever his opponent had done scattered the fire coming at him. Rex pulled his Dark Blade out and swung it, sending a blast wave of darkness out to disperse any embers coming his way.

    "Pretty cool ability you got there," Rex called down to the man he'd been fighting.

    The man had done something to his fists. Red and black seemed to burn all around them. Rex didn't know what they were, but he was pretty sure it was a bad idea to get close. He jabbed the point of the Gunblade into the asphalt, the steel didn't penetrate very far, nothing compared to the Dark Blade's penetration, but it would do.

    He brought the Dark Blade over his right shoulder, and swung it down, sending a trio of Dark Waves after the man. Then he jabbed the Dark Blade into the ground, and lifted the Gunblade so the point was pointed directly at the man. The shadows pulled themselves onto the blade and the bullet inside. When he fired, all the shadows were pulled off of the blade, keeping the shape of the blade as they were hurled along in front of the Dark Bullet.
  32. Taylor hadn't really expected nor anticipated a game of light manipulator tennis. And he didn't quite feel like playing it anymore. He raised his two hands in the air, and let the light flow out of his fingertips. The energy was completely invisible, but it solidified mid-air. They formed small bubbles of light that stopped the incoming darts, broke them down into the magical energy that constituted their form, and gave it to Taylor and Necros. As his hands dropped, Taylor's head went with it.

    He flayed his palms, and spikes of white light suddenly burst forth, spinning like drills. He dropped to the ground, the light piercing the black, smooth asphalt. The light drilled down and spun quickly, expanding and spreading till it filled an area directly below the teen's name with a 30 foot radius around the teen. All at once, the asphalt exploded in bright red light, a gigantic column of destruction erecting itself from the black, paved roads beneath. As it exploded, Taylor let the rest of his energy drop.

    "Your control over light is petty at best-" Taylor then realized he still hadn't learned the teen's name. "I'm sorry, what did you say your name was?"
  33. Jin stood at the ready as the blinded man released a wolf of energy that scattered the wall of flames with hardly any effort. "Well, if you insist," Jin muttered as the man explained that everyone had to face their pasts, "The longer, the better for me, mate." He added, as the man changed his wolf into auras around his fists, Jin could see the traces of magic that had been incorporated to do so.

    Jin raised his sword and pistol at the man, ready to continue the battle, then he stopped for a second and he looked as if he just came to a realization, "Before we continue this, I have to know your name. You're a very impressive fighter, and I'll feel bad killing you if I don't at least know your name." Then he noticed the other man-animal-thing launch another attack, and he decided that he'd wait to see how the man dealt with it before he started a fresh attack.

    Just to be on the safe side, he drew a circle on the ground with the point of his sword, inside the circle lines made of light began to form into an intricate design, which finally created a bubble of energy that came up from the ground. Jin stepped inside the glowing orb that would serve as a shield and began chanting, as he did so, the earth around him began to shake slightly.

    (OoC) Yeah, it's not great, sorry. I just knew that it was about time I replied.

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