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Life of a charmander(story)

Discussion in 'Creative Archive' started by Charizardlover, Jul 28, 2010.

  1. Here ya go, a story of an insane charmander. Hasn't totally lost it, but in time to come, who knows.....
    Please comment, whether its praise or critic or whatever, JUST COMMENT!!! I gotta know what you think.:)
    Don't hold yourself back. I take constructive criticism well.

    Chapter 1: I run away from home

    The first thing I saw when I broke out of my egg were my two grinning parents.

    Alright, before I continue with this story let's get something straight. I'm not an animal, or some random human (Yes, I know humans don't lay eggs). I am a little charmander with a stupid orange hide and big, puppy-like eyes. Not intimidating at all. But let's not dwell on that.

    To continue. I suddenly realized I was busting to have a pee so I scurried towards a random bush and did my thing while some female charizard(hi, mom) gulped as she tried not to laugh. Oh, goodie.

    I looked like an idiot. A freaking orange idiot.

    Over the next two weeks, my mom orientated me to my home (tall, scary mountain)and taught me a bunch of totally basic stuff like Wash Your Paws Before Meals and Look Both Ways Before Crossing Mountain Paths, blah blah blah.. You know how moms are.

    Above all, the Most Important Rule. Never leave the mountain. My mom always stressed on that. Ask her why, she'd glance away and tell me little pokemon should be seen and not heard. I decided that this was just a Mum Fuss so I didn't heed her warning. Some day, I told myself, I was gonna check out what wonders lay beyond the mountain.

    By sheer luck, my chance came the very next day. The timing couldn't be more perfect and I managed to nip away while mom was distracted. Dad wasn't there, he was obsessed with his newest hobby (Personally, roaring and creating stupid forest fires isn't that high on my list of priorities)

    I also managed to convince my best buds, Cleffa and Spoink to tag along. With only one goal in mind: Descend Mountain, we plunged together into a dense and dewy forest that was only the start of our arduous journey down.

    Although I was only two weeks old, my swear vocabulary was pretty wide all because of my stupid dad. "Damn this fuckin forest." I muttered. We were seriously stuck in this labyrinth of a forest. To top it off, wild pokemon would go berserk and start attacking us for no reason at all. All three of us would scurry away in fright, screaming our little heads off. To say we were in a situation would be the understatement of the century. I was starting to get real pissed at this forest when we saw a bright light ahead (No, we didn't die) that indicated that we were about to be free.

    What I saw when I dashed out made me skid to a halt and my blood curdle.

    Human settlements.

    Tons of them. Oh, perfect.

    I glanced to my left and spotted the most terrifying thing I had ever seen: a human, staring in our direction.

    And coming closer.

    "Um, guys?" I choked out to my friends. No reply. They were still gawking at their surroundings like a bunch of moronic magikarp. It would've been a laugh for me, but its not like you specially notice these kind of things in that situation. "GUYS?" I repeated, a little louder. Well, a whole lot louder. "Whuh… I mean, what?" Spoink asked absentmindedly.

    "I hope you guys can run…really fast!"

    But before I could drag my friends to make a bolt for it, the human (I figured it was most probably a male) chucked something at me. A little red and white ball.

    Ooh boy, was I pissed.

    Nobody throws multicolored balls at me and gets away with it. It was payback time.

    We dodged three more balls that were whizzing towards us. "Split up!" I yelled. We rolled away in three different directions. I got up real close to the human and gave him a good side swipe with my claws. Ooh. That had got to hurt. I slashed a few more times and grinned with satisfaction to hear him howling like a baby.

    But this guy was ridiculously resilient. Despite being injured, he still managed to keep chucking balls at us. You gotta wonder at the guy's intelligence.

    "You throw like a girl." I smirked, dashing around the field to avoid the stupid little annoying balls he was lobbing at us.

    Just then, a burst of red light behind me caught my attention and I whirled around to face this threat. My eyes widened.

    It was Cleffa. The damn ball(I was starting to get real peeved at it by now)nailed her on her noggin and the ball had opened. The eerie red light I spotted earlier seemed to swallow her up into the ball. I could see her fighting furiously to get out ( and that's saying something when you're only a cleffa) but to no avail. Stunned, I realized that she was caught. Another little ball clunked Spoink on the pearl at the top of his head and he got sucked into that ball, too. The crap balls were pokeballs, I realized. (Hey, I may be a rural pokemon but I still have my smarts.

    Damn it. Nobody messes with my friends!

    I completely lost it. I jumped the human and slashed wildly at him with my claws while whipping my fiery tail into his face, hoping I could at least scar him for life. Or maybe incinerate his face. Whatever works.

    "I'll rip your throat out!" I raged.

    "You got spunk." He mused.

    I halted in mid-slash, momentarily stunned. I didn't know humans could actually speak. Heck, I wasn't even sure if they think. And this guy had to be pretty dumb to deliver such comments while I was beating him up. However, the human had taken advantage of my distraction and a red and white sucker hit me on my head. A flash of red light engulfed me and suddenly, I found myself glaring at the human from inside the pokeball. Oh, perfect.

    I was caught by a freaking human.
  2. This story is good, I like the plot mostly. I really want to know what happens to spoink ;D
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