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Life is a Masquearade

Discussion in 'General Role Play' started by Anime_Fanatics_101, Apr 5, 2007.

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  1. For the most part, normal rules. However, if you must cuss, please censor it.
    My characters are the Queen, Aliendria/Phoenix

    For your reference:

    the three Kingdoms-

    spirit (healing)


    mythological examples:
    phoenix (taken)

    hobbits (halflings)
    NOTE: all myth warriors must be humans


    The Kingdom of Azuel was an odd little place. Beautiful, yes, but odd. Every building was made out of glimmering mosaics, and everything was blue. The pavement on the roads was blue, the buildings were blue, the palace was blue, the sky was blue, the water was blue, the birds were blue, everything was blue. Even the mood. All the people were sad and filled with grief, for these were times of trouble. The King was a wicked man and weak, always slipping into the Queen's devilish plans. The only redeeming feature in their family, was the princess.

    The king was a greasy sort of man, with slick hair and a long pointed nose. Like all his subjects, he wore a masque over his face. He was greedy and fat, and could care less about his kingdom. All he did was what the queen told him to do, including signing into existence her ridiculous laws.

    The Queen on the other hand....She was a lethal beauty. Her long black hair was coiled up elegantly, and her robes fell about her in an alluring fashion. Her powers came not of greed, but from her obsession with power and the dark arts. She was a mighty sorceress, bent on ruling the world politically and in other ways. She had started with Azuel, but now her power spread to the other two kingdoms, Rojo and Amarillo. Amarillo's peace loving people had easily fallen under her power, but Rojo still resisted.

    And they were not the only ones. Just at the time when all hope had turned to despair, a new one arose. A legend told across the ages, no one had thought it true, but now they were not so sure. The story is as follows: Once upon a time in a faraway land, their was an evil ruler. Challengers had gone and fought, but no one could defeat this man. Then, form a land across the horizon, they came. A group of heroes, each possessed by a different mythological creature. The battle lasted long into the night, and when it was over, the dictator had fallen. After restoring peace in all the realms, the warriors are said to have vanished, leaving only a promise. "If ever we are needed, we shall come. Whether in this life, or the next." For years the people had believed this to be a faerie tale...until she came.

    Her long hair was the color of fire, and her orange eyes blazed with defiance at the evil rule. Her feathery wings erupted from her back like a geyser of flame, and her face was perfectly visible, no mask in sight. She wore many different outfits, but her favorite was a halter top that revealed her midsection, accompanied by an orange cloth that showcased high slits and revealed the black leggins beneath. Fire eternally laced her wrists, dancing along her arms. Who was this mysterious woman? Why, the Phoenix of course. Strapped to her was a golden bow and a quiver of arrows, but she normally fought with her magic. She constantly defied the wicked Queen and her foolish husband the King, much to their chagrin. However, the thing they hated the most about her was the fact that she wished to replace them with a new ruler...they assumed she meant their daughter.

    Princess Aliendria was the farthest thing from brave. At nineteen, she still was seen as shy and weak. Her long brown hair trailed down her back luxuriously, and her brown eyes sparkled beneath her masque. She was a lovely girl, if a little shy at times, but she was absolutely worthless in the eyes of her parents. Her only noticeable talent was her affinity for healing spells and her excellent singing voice...but those meant nothing to them. Eventually, they had shipped her off to boarding school. The only reason they thought of her lately, was because of Phoenix. Little did the King and Queen know, that their daughter was in fact this very woman.

    When she was born, their had been a strange mark on her right shoulder. The midwife, who would later become her mentor, had recognized the symbol of legend immediately, and disguised it from the Queen. For years, the woman had trained her in the art of magic and archery. Aliendria had greatly adored the old woman, always looking forward to their time together. That was, until she had not worn her masque....A crime punishable by death. Suddenly alone in the cruel world, the princess had continued her training with a new purpose. Not only would she depose her parents, not only would she bring peace to the land, she would also avenge her dear Nana. She now fought with a vengeance.

    However, one point upon which the King and Queen were mistaken, was who she wanted to replace them with. Aliendria had no desire to become queen. She merely wished to be rid of the one they now had. She believed in her heart that the true queen would eventually be revealed, and until then they would have a steward rule over them....Or something along those lines. But for now, she needed to focus on saving the three kingdoms, and finding the other mythological warriors.
    Phoenix had laughed at the town guard and their mages, shaking her head. "You cannot defeat me." Her Phoenix wings had been holding her aloft in the air, and fire was dancing up her arms. "True, I am a fire elemental, but do you really believe that to be the only magic I know?" Many of the guards and mages had quelled at that, all but one. Phoenix remembered eyeing this man, trying to decide if he was a threat or a fool. He proved to be the former as their battle had waged. In the end she had won, but it had been a close shave. As she sat in a cave far above the city, attempting to tend to her wounds, her thoughts wandered. Finally, she spoke to the empty air. "I have to find them." She nodded slightly, attempting to ignore the pain in her bandaged shoulder. "I can no longer fight alone. I must find them...I will find them!"
  2. (I don't honestly get this but I'll try) My character is Noble Paladin, Smith/Elemental warrior of Azuel. Noble Paladin Smith wanders a dark, narrow, cave, lost after falling down a long rocky slope, has his fire shoot out from his right hand, dropping his shield, sword in left, melting his armor glove to see in the dark, damp, pit of doom. The golden egg is to be found his quest from the Queen, he gets up and slashes around in panic, then realizes everything is fine, except for the damp stalagmites dripping water drop by drop, like an echoing metronome, one vine with very little support is the only thing standing between him and the beam of light to escape, but he will tunnel on to find the egg, and some tools to get out.

    To be continued...
  3. StellarWind Elsydeon

    StellarWind Elsydeon Armblades Ascendant
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    Dude, are you completely retarded? Or did you just decide to completely flip the rules off?

    I mean seriously. First advertising, then posting in the wrong forum, and now reviving a thread so old that you need a bio-engineered pack of bloodhounds with drill-claws to dig out? April 2007, man. April 2007.

    (Nevermind that the person who started the thread has been gone for god knows how long, too. >>;)

    Also you fail at RPing. Hard.

    Clearly, you have never read the rules - or if you have, you are blatantly disregarding them. And therefore, you don't have what it takes to be allowed to be a member of this forum. However, given the amount of offenses, I think that this goes beyond n00bing and calls for an immediate ban.

    Have a nice death.
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