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Open Life in the safari zone

Discussion in 'Pokémon Role Play' started by Mr Fishykarp, Sep 14, 2016.

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  1. A new safari zone has opened up and exotic Pokemon are being imported from everywhere, and this time there is a new catch. Any Pokemon caught in the safari zone can be used to battle there, but Pokemon otherwise brought into the zone cannot. You can either RP as a trainer or as a Pokemon. Trainers must get the Pokemon's permission to be captured.



    For example here is mine

    Name: Alex Johnston
    Gender: Male
    Age: 14
    Personality: A very nice and caring, but a bit naive. Cannot bear the thought of anyone getting hurt.
    Appearance: Dark hair and eyes. Normally wears a t-shirt, shorts and a cap.
    Other: He is the nephew of the man who built the safari zone

    Alex Johnston was standing outside of the new Safari Zone, watching his uncle, Daniel Johnston, giving a speech about the new safari zone. "And so without further ado" he was saying "I declare the new Safari Zone open!". Everywhere around him trainers were rushing into the zone, and as Alex entered, he finally got an idea of the full scale of the place. It was huge! There were so many different environments for trainers to capture Pokemon from, and even a inn for trainers who wanted to stay the night. To his right was a shop selling all kinds of Pokeballs, and to his left was a Pokemon centre.
  2. OOC: Well hello, looks like we crossed paths here. It's nice to see you again. Also included some extra stuff since I'm role playing as a Pokémon after all.

    Name: Kai
    Shiny: No
    Level: Unknown
    Gender: Male
    Ability: Multiscale
    Moveset: Dragon Claw, Safeguard, Hone Claws, Outrage
    Species: Dragonite (Dragon Pokémon)
    Personality: Calm, afraid of strangers, soft spoken, very protective of his territory
    Appearance: Has a babish appearance as he appears to be about 1'8", head to body ratio is a lot bigger, also has some scars on his chest, back, and left arm
    Other: Was found injured in the Kanto region and treated at a Pokémon Center before being taken into the Safari Zone, also can't fly or swim due to his past injuries he sustained

    Kai woke up as he looked around and noticed that he was in a different area. He barely stood up, while he hugged a tree in front to maintain his balance. He couldn't really walk as much, as his past injuries in his life added up like math problems.

    Kai glanced at the tall grass straight ahead as he attempted to fly, but failed as he plumped to the ground. Kai got up barely, crying a little as he limped around while he tried to call for help in a faint voice.
  3. Alex was aimlessly walking through the zone when he heard a faint cry. Somewhere, there was a Pokemon in pain. Quickly Alex ran towards the source of the noise, a big tree surrounded by mountain. He began to scale the mountain but realised that he would not be able to get over it. He looked towards a cave which separated the two and ran in. On the way he was bombarded by Zubats and attacked by Geodude, but he kept running towards the noise
  4. Pokemon
    Name: Cracker
    Shiny?: no
    Species: Heracross
    Personality: A mixture between selfless and selfish, sometimes overconfident, bold.
    Appearance: He has a bulky physique with scratches on his arms and back.
    Moveset: Rock tomb, Strength, Magnitude, Horn Attack.
    Other: He was found protecting it's young when a herd of tauros' came past and destroyed it's home. The young heracross was let back out into the wild after it was healed in the pokemon center, but cracker was brought to the safari zone.

    Cracker woke up in a damp looking cave, wondering what had happened and where his young is. As he got up, He let out a noise of pain, as it was inflicted on his arm after the thrashing of the tauros' tails.

    He noticed the great cuts and scratches on his arms and back, and decided to take it easy. He leaned back against the wall. "Someone will come for me...", he thought to himself.
  5. Alex ran further and further into the cave when he realised that he was lost. He came across an injured Heracross. "Poor thing!" he said to himself. But realised that its cry was not the one he had heard when he entered. "More than one hurt pokemon?" he thought "What is happening to them all?"
  6. Cracker opened his eyes to see a human. Startled, he jumped and cried in fright. "Don't hurt me please!" He yelled. He ran to the other side of the cave and pick up a big rock. "Please." He said surprisingly calmly. "Don't hurt me..."
  7. Pokemon
    Name: Flame
    Shiny?: Yes
    Species: Greninja
    Personality: Strong, tuff, caring when it comes to other pokemon
    Appearance: A shiny Greninja
    Moveset: Cut, Water Shuriken, Water Pledge, Aerial Ace
    Abilities: Torrent
    Level: 45
    Other: He's fast and quick thinker, he was part of a science experiment and now he can speak to humans in english
    #7 Flame the Trainer, Sep 18, 2016
    Last edited: Sep 18, 2016
  8. Cracker dropped the huge rock and groaned in pain once more. "My home... My child...", He mumbled to himself.
  9. Flame heard the noise and rushed over to see what was going on.
  10. OOC: Cracker (Somehow) has a piece of pokegear that allows a trainer to communicate with pokemon.
  11. "What happened here?" Flame asked Cracker.
  12. "The tauros'... My child...." Cracker whispered. "My home was destroyed... The tauros' destroyed everything..." I hold up my arm. "This is what they did to me..." Said cracker in agony. He showed greninja the devastating cuts on his arm.
  13. Kai continued to limp around as he went back to the tree. He breathed so heavily as anyone could have heard him from a close distance.

    Kai felt very lightheaded as his vision started to gradually blur. He tried to breathe normally as he passed out shortly later, below the same tree he was at.
  14. "Dont go yet, i can get you to a pokemon Center." Flame said. "And rid of these tauros."
  15. "It's to far..." said cracker in a deep voice. "The young trainer there... Give him this..." Cracker pointed to Alex and handed greninja a starnge-looking piece of pokegear. "He'll know what to do..."
  16. "Alright." Flame said sadly. Flame headed to Alex and handed him the gear from Cracker and Notice a weak pokemon in the distance. "I wonder who that is." Flame said running to Kai. "Oh my gosh, Kai i cant believe its you, remember me?" Flame asked.
  17. "Wait!" Shouted Alex "Why can you talk!? This is weird! Here have this" he took a couple oran berries out of his bag and gave them to the Heracross
  18. "Kai this will not be your end." Flame said picking up Kai and starting to go to the pokemon center but on the way Flame replied to Alex saying "I was part of a science experiment." And he continued to the pokemon center and gave Nurse Joy Kai.
  19. "Yes.." Said cracker in the loudest voice he could. "Because you aqquired this piece of pokegear you have the power to hear the speech of pokemon in your own language." Explained Cracker.
  20. Kai was still unconscious, as he barely breathed. His body was loose, as his palms pointed to the sky like a rag doll. He looked rather pale as it would be impossible to feel his pulse by hand.
  21. "Well that is cool!, if not a bit creepy" commented Alex "Need help?"
  22. "Alex i need you to keep in eye on Kai while i got back for Cracker and save him." Flame said and ran back to Cracker and used Cut to break the rock in half and picked him up and started back to the pokemon center.
  23. "Yes please." Said cracker. "You wouldn't happen to have one of those potions would you?" Questioned Cracker.
  24. "No but im taking you to the pokemon center and we will be there soon." Flame replied.
  25. (OOC: this is getting a bit all over the place... i have no idea where i am meant be be... what is happening?")
    Alex sprayed cracker with a super potion and then gave him a couple berries to eat
  26. Kai barely opened his eyes as he snapped out of his unconsciousness. His vision was extremely blurry as he could only see up to one foot ahead of him. His hearing was worse as he could barely even hear what Cracker and Flame were saying before they went off.

    (OOC: Well it's growing so fast so...)
  27. (Dude i get it, your probally like not paying much attention or its confusing)
    "Thanks for doing that Alex, now i have to see how Kai is doing." Flame said going to Kai's side in the Pokemon Center.
  28. "Thank you." Exclaimed Cracker. I jump out of the hands of greninja and land on my own two feet. "That feels good!" Exclaimed Cracker.
  29. "Kai buddy, how are you doing? Do you remember me?" Flame asked Kai.
  30. "So lets go to the pokemon centre, shall we?" said Alex "Its just out of this cave... wherever the exit is..." the group stumbled around a bit before finding the exit "Remember" said Alex "There are trainers who will want to capture you guys"
  31. "Kai, Kai, Please respond to me." Flame said to Kai while in the Pokemon Center.
  32. "I know..." Replied Cracker. "That's why I want you to catch me..." Mumbled Cracker. "I don't want another incident like this to happen again."
  33. Kai couldn't hear Flame as his hearing was getting worse. He saw his huge, Frog-like body as he attempted to speak. He spoke in incomprehensible babbles as his voice started to get raspy by the minute.

    OOC: Well Toomoose why? I'd like to see your reasoning behind that question.
  34. OOC: I'll just say this, I think Charles should be an author.
  35. "Kai, this is a shame." Flame said. "I wish there was something i could do to help."
    "There is Flame." Nurse Joy said.
    "What can i do?" Flame asked her.
    "They say there is a Ultra Heal Berry somewhere in the forrest." Nurse JOy said.
    "Never heard of that before but i will do anything." Flame said.
  36. Alex looked on from the side, conflicted feelings darting in and out of his heart. In front of him were there final-evolution pokemon who were all weak enough for him to capture, yet, by using the poke gear, he had realised that each had feelings, families, hopes and dreams. It would be inhumane to capture them into a tiny ball, and force them to fight others for their entire lives.
  37. Kai tried to communicate with Flame still, as his pulse started to slow down to a crawl. He started to hallunicate, as he saw three other creatures that looked exactly like Flame. He then started to lose consciousness, as he collasped again. His body was lying there, as his breathing was as slow as the river current in the Safari Zone.
  38. Flame started to go into the forrest and ran into Alex.
    "I have no time to talk, i gotta go." Flame said.
  39. "Right then" said Alex "I will tend to Kai, try not to get yourself captured"
  40. "Dont worry about me." Flame said and he made it to the Ultra heal berry.
    "So it is true." FLame said picking it and raced back to the pokemon center. Flame started to get tired from running all day.
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