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Private/Closed Life in the City. (Sign-Ups)

Discussion in 'Pokémon Role Play Discussion' started by iopunny, Jun 4, 2017.

  1. Welcome!
    You are in a Pokémon city named New Mon world based in New York.
    Each and everyone has a role! and everyone have there own places to go.

    You had just Move in the city!
    for a fresh new start in your new home!

    . Romance is Allowed but don't take it too far.
    . Watch your Words and keep it safe.
    . No One liners




    Role: (Talk to me about it)


    Other: (Appearance)

    (Am using my Pokesona)

    Name: Belle

    Gender: Female

    Pokémon: Mega-ish Shiny Lopunny

    Role: News Reporter

    Personality: She's Trustwrothy and Caring, Kind, Helpful and Always there to help.

    Other: (My Pokesona But not shiny) Work: She wears a Blue Dress for her work with a Diamond Necklet.

    Home: Wears a Back-ish Gray Jumpsuit.

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  2. Name: Evelyne
    Gender: Female
    Crush: N/A
    Pokémon: Mawile
    Role: Record Shop Employee
    Personality: Evelyne is a good friend overall, but a bit rough around the edges. Lack of expression makes her seem disinterested or flat-out bored about most things that don't concern her. This isn't the case, however. She does care, sometimes, but mostly she's just a more introvert person that needs someone to show her the world isn't all boring and gloomy.
    Other: (Shiny)
    Work: Black shirt with the name and logo of the store, Boomburst Records, printed on the back and an employee name-tag pinned to the front.
    Home: Black bandshirt underneath a sleeveless denim jacket, paired with some old, beat-up, faded-black jeans.
    @KandyCharms Edit: Filled out the Role, if everything is alright then I'm ready to go /)^u^(\
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  3. Name: Shane
    Gender: Male
    Crush: Not at this moment.
    Pokémon: Greninja
    Role: Café waiter
    Personality: Shane is very quite and prefers not talking to people. He thinks he doesn't need help, friendship or other people. He is very coldhearted, unfriendly and distant. He comes across as very hostile and unpleasant to other people. However he is very smart and athletic, he also seems to know great things about the world like how it works.
    Other: N/A
    Black hoodie with a fletchling on the back, red t-shirt and ripped skinny jeans.
    @KandyCharms I Filled out the Role, if everything is alright then I'm ready to go.
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  4. Name: Tracer

    Gender: Male

    Crush: N/A

    Pokémon: Lucario (Red Furred)


    Personality: Tracer is extremely lazy, and would rather sleep then do anything, but what he doesn't make up for in stamina, he does in smarts, having an IQ of 300.
  6. ??? Why did you Quote our posts?
  7. At the bottom of the quotes is her response, I think at least, maybe it just messed up in the writing?

    "You guy's can pick yourself's if you want.
    it's fine what you choose."
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  8. KandyCharms is a girl xD
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  9. Name: Illusive
    Gender: male
    Crush: none yet
    Pokemon: Zoroark
    Role: Costume shop owner
    Personality: He loves children( not in a creepy way).He is very shy around most people, but he is very loving and playful with children.
    Appearance: At work he wears a red collared shirt with black pants. He also wears a set of ninetales tails at work. At home he wears blue jean shorts and a red t-shirt. He also wears a set of costume butterfree wings, and the previously mentioned ninetales tails at home. ( Can he also have two adopted children?)
  10. *cough* we will never speak of this again.. XD
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  11. Name: Korbin.
    Gender: Male.
    Crush: Not at this moment.
    Pokémon: Honchrow.
    Role: (If he can) Stockholder, but completely ruined. Actually involved in the black market and other not-very-legal activities.
    Personality: A very peaceful guy that is confronting a bad stage of his life. He is mostly cautious and silent due to his actual activities. He is completely amoral and is determined to hold his previous position as "rich". He cares for himself and his closest friends. Proud of his past achievements, but ashamed of his actual businesses. Elegant, snob and polite and very careful with other's actions.
    Other: (Mostly appearance) He wears an open waistcoat that totally matches with his dark feathers, and also a black bowtie. On his hat, he also carries a bigger dark red feather.
  12. And If We have a say in this, can Tracer be an employee of a coffie shop?
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  13. Yeah, she said that "You guy's can pick yourself's if you want.
    it's fine what you choose".
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  14. Nautilus

    Nautilus Previously Dark Hydreigon

    Name: Jewel

    Gender: Female

    Pokémon: Zangoose

    Role: Coffee shop employee

    Personality: Encouraging and Confident

    Other: Wears a White T-Shirt and a Blue Hoodie, and instead of Red markings, she has Purple markings
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  15. Okay all of you guys can join sorry for the writing mistake.
  16. @Auro45 Nope! make your's and your appetced.
  17. am too tried ;-;
  18. Nautilus

    Nautilus Previously Dark Hydreigon

    Will the roleplay be up soon?
  19. maybe tommorw I have to sleep and pack.
  20. Okay! Here it is!
    Name: Camillle



    Role: Barista

    Camille is a very outgoing pokemon who loves to socialize with others. She is a bit a diva, occasionally known to out-sass other pokemon if they offend her in anyway. Camille isn't afraid to talk to anyone, and will talk to about everyone. She might be talkative and outgoing on the outside, but she is insecure and and a nervous wreak on the inside but she hardly ever shows it unless a guy she likes talks to her. Then she is a stuttering mess.

    Camille appearance is of a normal Furfrou. She isn't in any Furfrou Trim (Heart, Diamond, Pharaoh,Kabuki, Etc) But she does wear a diamond collar around her neck and wears the traditional white apron when at work. She also has a green bow in front of her right ear.
  21. You didn't answer my question. Can Illusive have adopted children?
  22. Crimson Sun

    Crimson Sun Previously Crims0n


    Gender: Male

    Pokémon: Shiny Luxray

    Role: A café/restaurant waiter or a cook, which ever seems more suitable

    Personality: Brave, Loyal, Intimidating,Caring, Friendly, Gentleman-like, likes totease a lot

    Other: (Appearance) Looks like any other Shiny Luxray except he Has fangs almost like Sabertooth's fangs and a five-poured star tail
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  23. Nautilus

    Nautilus Previously Dark Hydreigon

    So.... Who wants to start it up?
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  24. I suppose I'll kick it off, if you're all good with that~ ^ ^
  25. Alright, I tried my hand at an opening post. Ehr, hope you guys like it? ^ ^"
  26. Crimson Sun

    Crimson Sun Previously Crims0n

    *dabs* just waiting for me to be accepted or not *dabs*
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  27. *dabs* I have to get in on this *dabs*

  28. accepted and yes.
  29. Ok here are his two adopted children
    Name: Anubis
    Gender: Male
    Pokemon: Fennekin
    Role child
    Personality: He normally wears costumes. He acts very differently depending on the costume. In reality it is all an act and he is very timid. Though he does a good job hiding his feelings.
    Appearance: The two most common costumes he wears is a female spring feeling costume and a male vulpix costume. When he is in the deerling costume he wears a blue dress and a necklace with a single diamond in the center. While he wears the vulpix he wears a leather jacket and ripped jeans.
    Name: Khione
    Gender: female
    Pokemon: Alohan vulpix.
    Role: child
    Personality: She loves making friends. She is always very eager to make those she cares about happy. However she expects to be treated like royalty because of the princess outfit she wears.
    Appearance: she wears a tiara on her head. She also wears an elegant blue dress.
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  30. Nautilus

    Nautilus Previously Dark Hydreigon

    Is everyone going to post soon?
    I don't think they are getting notifications.
  31. I don't know, but I can't double post, so... I jam going to wait.
  32. Okay am back...

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