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Private/Closed Life in the City. (RP)

Discussion in 'Pokémon Role Play' started by iopunny, Jun 6, 2017.

  1. Just start it am tried lol. sign ups are closed sorry.
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  2. New Mon, the city that never sleeps, the Big Berry. Whatever you want to nickname it, this place was a city, and a huge city at that. There was simply no way around it. Busy streets, tall building and lots of Pokémon! It was about a week ago that Evelyne came in contact with this densely populated, major city for the first time. And she loved it, still does! Ehr, for the most part at least. Evelyne grew up with her parents in a quaint, little village in the middle of nowhere. That’s how she always felt anyway. Evelyne couldn’t wait to get out of there, and once she got the opportunity, she was gone in a flash!

    One week later, Evelyne has completely moved into her new apartment. It’s not much, but it’s close to her work, and most importantly, it’s her place! Not her mother’s, nor her father’s, hers! Problem is, it’s dreadfully boring to be alone at home. She’s made a few acquaintances at work, sure, but overall no real friends. This lack of interaction, outside of work, bothers her more than she’d like to admit and thus she often finds herself sitting at some café. Leaning on the bar with whatever drink she feels like ‘poisoning’ herself with.

    This particular evening was once such evening. Evelyne had been standing at the bar, her gaze wandering across the other Pokémon who had chosen to spend their evening here as well. She sighed, looking at her glass and sloshing the liquid within around by turning the glass slightly.
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  3. "Tomorrow is another day." That's the only thing that Korbin used to say during the past few months. Korbin lived in a near Village near to New Mon. His life has been always linked with that city. When he finally grew up, he started to work in a small, almost unknown shop in one of the neighborhoods with worst reputation of the city. There, he managed to survive and met certain Pokemons. He always tried to be nice with them though he knew that they were not the most honorable Pokemon that lived there. That was until the day he managed to won enough money and invest in stock markets. Several weeks ago, he was lucky when he found out that one of them made him rich. She moved into a luxurious apartment in the city, but then, a bunch of scammers took all of his money. He didn't want to return to his anterior life, so he has come back making deals with Pokemons of doubtful reputation to achieve some money and return to his job as a stockholder.

    During the evening, he was walking trough one of the busiest streets of New Mon. He was carrying a newspaper under his wing. It was still too early to meet one of his friends. His attention then was attracted by a bar in one of the sides of the street. Having nothing better to do, he decided to enter and occupy one of the tables that were empty, right next to a shiny Mawile. He sat on a chair and started reading the newspaper. It didn't take too long before he began to sigh.
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  4. Nautilus

    Nautilus Previously Dark Hydreigon

    Jewel was very joyful, and excited when she just got to New Mon. She couldn't stop for even a second, without looking at all the buildings in awe. She was in her apartment room, after several days of being at New Mon. Jewel had just gotten her first job, a Coffee shop employee. She tried interacting with people, which she didn't know how to do. "This is hopeless, but I'm not going to give up!" she said to herself in her room.

    Several hours went by, and she looked out the window. "It's already the evening?" She thought. "Might as well go eat somewhere." She said as she walked out the her room and exited the Apartment.
  5. Camille strolled down the alleyways and streets of New Mon, staring at the buildings in awe of the sights. Desppite her growing up in the city, this city was new to her and she just was amazed by it. After strolling around the city for hours, Camille began to get tired and walked back to her small house near the coffee shop she would work at soon. Camille said hello to her neighbor, a older Infernape lady and headed inside. Camille fell straight on the neat, pink silk sheeted bed and took a small nap.

    By the time the Pokemon woke up, the sky had turned to a dark blue, signaling to her it was evening. "Jeez, did I really sleep that much? I guess I was tired." Camille then paused as she heard her stomach growl. "Maybe I should get something to eat, I haven't eaten anything but a bagel today."Camille checked her fridge, but noting but a bottle of water and some ice cream bars were inside. "I will go shopping after I go eat something." Camille put her signature collar and bow on, got her saddle purse on and headed out the door. She paused as she saw her neighbor playing with her Chimchar children. They seemed to be a happy family. "Maybe I could have kids one day...." Camille smiled. She waved to her neighbor and left her house in search of a restaurant to eat at.

    After walking around for a bit, Camille discovered a pretty looking restaurant known as "Florges Floral Cafe". The restaurant had flowers all over the outside of the place. Camille decided this was a better option then the other restaurant she saw, "Drampa's Diner" which seemed kind of run-downed. Camille walked into the cafe and asked for a table for one, as usual and ordered herself a coffee and two donuts and stared out the window.

    OOC(Out of Character):Sorry it took me so long to post, I have been kinda busy with school and exams and other RP's. Hope this is okay.
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  6. When the Honchrow finally saw the waiter, he asked for a chocolate milkshake and some Liechi Berries. It was a strange order for him, but he needed something really sweet after the bitterness of the news he had read. It seemed that one of the businesses in which he had invested had lost a lot of his value. He had done so many things that he regretted for saving some money and invest again, all to end again with nothing. At least he could win some money again with his new enterprise.

    He left the newspaper on the table and looked to the other customers of the bar. Korbin looked to the waiter, that was talking with one of the other employees of the bar. Then, he realized that he maybe had not enough money. He started to look for a pen or something to write, but he had nothing to do that. He was starting to worry because he was not sure that he had enough money to pay. When he was going to ask the waiter to cancel his order, he had the milkshake and the berries on the table. "Great..." He said. Now I have to pay it. At least that's what I'd do. He thought. Korbin turned around and talked to the Mawile. "Excuse me, miss, may I ask if you have a pen or a pencil? I need to make some calculations." The truth was that the calculations he had to do were quite easy, but he was getting anxious and couldn't think clearly.
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  7. Illusive walked into what would be his costume shop with his two children in his ponytail. Anubis was currently wearing his deerling costume. Illusive had on his work clothes. He said" Well this place is huge. There has to be some pokemon that want to dress up in costumes. And I am the only one with a place to get them year round in the city." Anubis asked in his best impression of a feminine voice" Do you think we will meet some Pokemon to play with?" Illusive said" If you do I will give their parents a discount. I will also give any friends you make a free costume of their choice. Khione said" I would like some knights and maybe a maid or two." Illusive replied" I'm sure there are some Pokemon who would gladly serve you my princess. We just have to find them."
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  8. Evelyne had noticed the newspaper-carrying Honchkrow as he sat down next to her, but she wasn’t exactly in the mood for idle chitchat. Well, not if she had to initiate the conversation at least. If people wanted to talk to her, they should be the one to start the conversation, right? Truth be told, this mindset was probably the reason Evelyne hadn’t found any friends yet. In a city filled to the brim with Pokémon, of all places. Maybe she should initiate the conversation for once?

    Evelyne put her half-empty glass down and glanced over to the Honchkrow. Why was he so- panicky. Great, the first Pokémon she was going to show interest in and it was already one that was behaving strange. You sure know how to pick them, don’t you? She thought to herself, breaking her gaze from the worrying Honchkrow and continuing to look at her glass, bored yet unwilling to really do something about it.

    Her mindless glass-gazing was interrupted, however. That very same Honchkrow, she had tried to convince herself to talk to, was asking her for something to write with. He needed to make calculations? What? Evelyne turned to face the oddball of a Pokémon and raised an eyebrow at him. “You- need a pencil?” She sounded as bored as she looked, but there was an underlining curiosity to it. What was this Pokémon playing at? Evelyne decided to humor the Honchkrow and searched her pockets for anything that could be used to write with. “Hold it- I think- here.” She fished a pen out of her pocket and handed it to the Honchkrow.
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  9. "Thanks!" Korbin said gently as he took the pencil with his right wing. Then, he took the newspaper and started writing the calculations he had to do. He added some additional calculations that he didn't need to do, but he wanted to look like if he really was in a hurry. After making all the accounts in one of the borders of the newspaper. He sighed again in relieve. He had enough money to pay what he ordered, but, at that moment, he had no more money for the rest of the month.

    He stared at all the accounts, but, mostly, to the news that was embittering his day. I need to do a great investment. How can that enterprise lost so much value?! It was almost a safe bet. The Honchrow thought. Then, he came back to reality and offered the pencil again to her owner. "Sorry, I'm a stockholder, and I needed to clarify myself if it was safe to keep on with it or not." He lied to the Mawile. What kind of impression would have a stranger about him if he just told her that he was really calculating if he had enough money for his order. "Thanks a lot, Miss..."
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  10. Whatever this Pokémon was writing down, he was the first one who had at least somewhat captured Evelyne’s interest. Looking at the numbers the Honchkrow was jotting down in the newspaper, Evelyne’s realized the Pokémon had thanked her for the pen. “Oh- no problem.” The response was somewhat late, but it was the thought that counted right? Whatever. It wasn’t like the Honchkrow was really noticing it anyway, what was he doing that was so important he needed to ask a stranger for a pen? If it was that important why didn’t he have a pen himself?

    Evelyne’s train of thought was halted to a stop when her pen was handed back to her. “Oh- right.” She muttered as she listened to the explanation the odd Pokémon was giving her. So, he was a stockholder? She guessed that made sense, at least when considering the amount of numbers he had been jotting down. Yet Evelyne just couldn’t let go that one detail that seemed so odd about the whole situation. “So, like- why don’t you have a pen? Isn’t that, like- something you should always have? You seem to write a lot. Oh- right. It’s Evelyne by the way.”
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  11. "That's a good question. I think I had one of the pockets of my waistcoat, but I guess that I accidentally dropped it somewhere." He said, inspecting again the pockets, but with exactly the same result that he previously had. "I guess that I could always use one of my feathers, but I am not used to carrying with me a little bottle of ink in case it opens and my waistcoat and my feathers get dirty." He explained, trying to look as convinced as possible. He knew exactly what happened with the pencil that he had before: he broke it in a moment of anger when he discovered that someone decided to enter into his house and steal some of his furniture. Yeah, these latest weeks were being horrible for the Honchrow.

    "And, obviously, nice to meet you, Evelyne." The Honchrow continued. "I'm Korbin." He then took the glass of his milkshake and started to drink it. After a few gulps, he left it and ate one of the three berries that the waiter served him on a plate. He then looked to the clock on the bar. He still had time to talk and relax talking with the Mawile. Anyways, it was better to keep an eye on the clock. His contact didn't like Pokemons that arrived late, especially for an occasion like that one.
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  12. Despite being an oddball, the Honchkrow seemed pleasant enough to keep around as company. It wasn’t like Evelyne needed to be anywhere anyway. She didn’t have to working in the morning so technically she could spend all night here at the bar. Was that a good idea? Well, no, but she could if she wanted to. She intended to do something else, however. This Pokémon had sparked her curiosity and she actually wanted to know more about him. “So, do you, like- live in New Mon, or are you just here for a jo-“

    Evelyne halted her speech as she watched the Honchkrow with a somewhat annoyed expression. It didn’t seem like he was listening at all. No, he was far more interested in the bar, for some reason. Evelyne glanced over to where her distracted company was looking and saw the clock. “Oh, right-“ She spat out the words as she turned back to face Korbin. “Need to be somewhere? Or am I just that boring?”
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  13. "Eh? No, no, no, of course not." The Honchrow said, still looking at the clock. Then, he started to look at Evelyne again. "I have a certain arrangement with a business associate. It's just that." He said, eating other oh the berries. Once he finished eating it, he cleaned his beak with a napkin. "Sorry about that. It's just that my partner values punctuality a lot, and I don't want to make him angry. But, don't worry, I am still listening to you."

    "You were asking me about... Why am I here in New Mon, right?" Korbin continued. "I can say that I have been living here since... A couple of years. I mean... I have been working in the city for two or three years before, and I practically spent most of the time here. Despite that, I used to live in a near village. Three weeks ago, I finally managed to buy an apartment here, so I can say that I am officially a new inhabitant of the city." He then adjusted the red feather of his hat. "And what about you?"
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