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Life in Kalos! (A pokemon X and Y rp!)

Discussion in 'Pokémon Role Play' started by Starfall, Feb 3, 2016.

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  1. (hello, all! This is a role play version of the Kalos region! Let's have a few rules, shall we?
    1. No uncessicary posting.
    2. No double pokemon (if a person has, say, a Fenniken, you may not have that pokemon)
    3. You do not have to be a trainer who receives a starter, you can already have been a trainer.
    4. You can be a member of Team Flare.
    Now, let's begin!)
    Name: Chamile
    Age: 10
    Personality: Chamile is a shy and gentle. She is not very assertive, resulting in her being overpowered by her friends. She does not like to fight, for she is more into playing with her pokemon, and cheering for her friends. Her goal is to fill up the pokedex.
    Hair colour: black
    Hair length: waist
    Eye colour: gray
    Wears: Chamile wears a baby blue dress that goes down to her knees. It had a pink ribbon tied on her waistline. She also wears a light pink felt hat.
    Team: current: Fenniken, shiny Eevee.(Future: shiny sylveon, Delphox, Pumpkaboo, togekiss, lucario)

    Chamile rolled out of bed, extremley tired from the night before. She had been reaserching how to make friends, for she was terrible at making them. Her long, black hair was extremley messy. Picking up her hair brush, she ran it through her hair. After a few minutes, it was back to its normal, silky self. She tossed on a dress, and dropped her favourite felt hat on her head. "Eevee, it's time to go!" She called. Eevee scampered out from its playhouse. Chamile leapt down the stairs. "Bye, mom!" She called, rushing out to the streets of Vanville town.

    The large gates of the town slid open. She loved this road, it was peaceful, pretty, and the flowers smelled delicious. Chamile skipped along the cobblestone roads, her shoes making clicking sounds.

    After a few minutes of walking, she and Eevee arrived at their destination. A man named Professor Sycamore was sitting down in a chair, holding a box and three pokedexes. He waved Chamile over. "You are Chamile, correct?" He asked. Chamile nodded. "Tres bien! What a wonderful name! Anyways, you have been selected to recieve starter pokemon and pokedex! Choose wisely, for this will be your partner along your journey!"

    Chamile analyzed the pokemon. They were Fenniken, Chespin, and Froakie. "I..is it okay if I choose Fenniken?" She asked shyly. "Sure! Here she is!" Sycamore handed her the pokeball and pokedex. She smiled, knowing this was the start of her journey.
  2. Name: Addison (Nicknamed Addi)
    Age: 10
    Personality: Addi is quiet, nice, and a very good fighter. She falls in love and crushes easy. She tries to respect everyone, but has a bit of a temper at times.
    Hair color: A blueish green color
    Hair length: Shoulders
    Hair style: She has a flower clip on left side of her head, which just do happens to be in the design of a Blossom.
    Eye color: Dark blue
    Wears: Addi usually wears a blue sweater that matches her eyes, and usually leave her shoulders uncovered with black tank top straps to hold the sweater up. For her bottoms, she wears black tights with a short, light blue skirt. For her shoes, Addi wears black combat boots
    Team: Current: Cyndaquil, Snivy Future: Undecided
    Sexuality: Lesbian

    Addison waved goodbye to her mother and headed out the door. She was off to pick her first Pokemon! She ran all the way to the Pokemon center, her excitement getting the better of her.
    "Hello there! Would you like to get your starter Pokemon?" A woman greeted her. Addison looked to her left, and saw a cute girl who had just gotten a Fennikin. She smiled.
    "Yes!"Addison responded.
    "Okay. We have Snivy, Charmander, and Bulbasaur." The woman replied.
    "I'll choose Snivy." Addison grinned.
    "Here you are!" The woman exclaimed happily and handed Addison her own Pokedex and Pokeball.
  3. "H...hi..." Chamile murmured, peering her head. She blushed, shifting away. Chamile released her Fenniken, smiling at it. "Hello!" She whispered. "You can help me fill the pokedex!" She then realized the girl was still staring at her. "I..I'm Chamile..." She exclaimed. "T..that's Eevee, and t..this is Fenniken."
  4. "Pleased to meet you Chamile! I'm Addison, call me Addi. This is Snivy!" Addison exclaimed happily and walked up to the girl. "Did you just get your Pokemon?" Addison asked and got down to examine the girl's new Pokemon.
  5. "I.. I've had Eevee since I was little, b...but I just recieved Fenniken." Chamile stuttered. She took out her pokedex, downloading Snivy's data. She read it, and then did the same to her pokemon. "T..that's three out of a..around 600." She smiled.
  6. "That's so cute! I just received Snivy a few minutes ago, as you can tell." Addison blushed and smiled awkwardly. "Anyway, should we... um... become friends?" Addison asked nervously.
  7. "S..sure! I'd l...love to! Are you battling gyms o..or no?" Chamile asked. She tied a ribbon onto Fenniken's tail. It was light yellow. She fluffed it up a bit, and then did the same to eevee's tail.
  8. "I would like to battle, but I'm probably going to fail." Addison laughed. "It's probably best if I just watched from the sidelines until I get better." Addison explained and picked up her Snivy.
  9. "I...I want to fill up the pokedex! I..it's always been my dream!" She fantasized. "M...maybe if I do, I..I'll be a true p..pokemon master!"
  10. "Definitely! I hear there's a going to be a tournament in about a month. If we work on our skills, we should be ready. Getting badges is awesome!" Addison cheered happily.
  11. Name: Gregory (Usually prefers Greg)
    Age: 12
    Personality: Gregory is usually very kind, but very shy. When he sees someone that needs help, he tries to help them out whatever he can. He was sent to Kalos from his hometown in Jhoto by his friend, a scientist who works for Elm to explore more of the world.
    Hair color: Black
    Hair Length: Short, goes down to the top of his ears
    Eye color: Blue
    Wears: Usually wears a t-shirt, a light jacket, jeans and tennis shoes.
    Team: Current- Shiny Tyrogue, Totodile, egg Future- Feraligatr, Shiny Hitmonchan, Volcarona, Pidgeot, Galvantula

    Gregory steped into the pokemon center with his partners, a shiny Tyrogue and Totodile and heads towards the counter. "I can't believe I'm in Kalos...Its so much bigger than Jhoto. What do you think Break, Wat?" He asks his partners. The Tyrogue agrees with a nod. Totodile suddenly runs in the direction of two girls, one with a Shiny Eevee and Fennekin and another with a Snivy. "Wash! What are you doing? You know...I'm..not good...with...people" Gregory says weakly suddenly.

    He faces the two girls. "I'm so sorry about this, I have no clue what my partner is doing...The names Gregory, but you can call me Greg. This one that ran off is Wash, my Totodile. The one by me is Break, my Tyrogue. Break was a gift to me from my father before I left my hometown and Wash was my starter from a professor in Jhoto." He then looks at the Eevee. "Oh, you have a shiny pokemon too? Break might get along with your Eevee pretty well." He then takes out his egg. "I've wondered what type of egg my twin sister gave to me though...Might as well keep it and find out I guess" He says, putting the egg back in his pack.
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  12. "I'm sure it'll hatch soon. I'm excited to see what it is. Greg, right?" Addison asked and held out her hand. "I'm Addison, but you can call me Addi, and this is Snivy!" Addison exclaimed happily.
  13. "I..I'm Chamile." Chamile squeaked. "M..may I enter your pokemon's data into my pokedex?" She asked. Her pokedex was light pink with a floral design on it.
  14. "I gotta do the same thing on mine!" Addison exclaimed, and grabbed her baby blue pokedex with dark blue stripes on it. After looking at the stats, she showed them to Snivy. "What do ya think Snivy? Cool Pokemon?" Addison asked with a giggle.
  15. Gregory looks at Chamile and says "Sure, you both can enter Wash and Breaks data in your pokedex." Then Wash jumps up excitedly at Chamile "Toda Todadile!" Says Wash.

    "Wash, settle down" Gregory says to Wash. "I'm sorry, Wash gets excited to meet new people that he thinks are good." He says apologetically to Chamile and Addison. Break walks up to Snivy. "Rogue!" Break says as he hands a Oren berry to Snivy. Gregory looks down and says with a smile "Seems Break likes your Snivy."

    He then looks back up at Chamile and Addison and says "I have nowhere to go right now, would you guys mind if I join with you? After all, an adventure is more fun if there's more people right?"
  16. "S..sure! A..are you battling gyms?" Chamile asked. She entered the pokemon's data, reading it happily. She loved pokemon. "I..I'm going to go to buy pokeballs! W..wanna come?" She asked.
  17. Addison smiled at the two Pokemon. "Definitely! I would love to travel with you guys! Yeah, if we're going to travel, we might find pokemon and befriend them, and we would need pokeballs to keep them!" Addison exclaimed happily and stood up.
  18. Gregory nodded and says with a smile "I'm up for anything. I do need some pokeballs to catch in this new region. I won't know what differences here and Johto haves if I don't catch anything."
    He then says "I'm not sure if I would do gyms yet, I would need to train Wash and Break first if I would do gyms, what about you guys?" He then takes out 2 TMs. "These TMs are for the moves Energy Ball and Attract. I picked them up in Unova as a pit stop before I got here." He then gives the Energy Ball TM to Addison and the Attract TM to Chamile
  19. "Thank you!" Chamile took the TM, and rubbed her hand over its smooth surface. She then placed it into her bag. "W...we should probably get going. The lines will be pretty long!" She exclaimed, and started to walk off with a skip in her step.
  20. Gregory nods. "Agreed, shall we get going?" He says with a smile. He looks at Wash and Break. "Lets go guys, I promise I'll get you guys some food at the mart while we're there." He says to his pokemon.
  21. Name: Isaac
    Age: 17
    Personality: Sincere and relaxed, Isaac is very kind and open-hearted, He spends his time relaxing by taking naps, He enjoys the trill of battle making his goal to battle the strongest of trainers, but to do that, he needed to face the gym leaders.
    Hair colour: Dark brown
    Hair length: middle of neck
    Eye colour: Grey-blue
    Wears: A thin light blue hoodie, a black book bag, jeans, a blue-grey winter cap.
    Team: current: Gardevoir, Flygon, Abomasnow, Torterra, Luxio. (Future: To be determined)

    Isaac woke up from a long nap in the middle of a route," Yawn!" Isaac stood up and streached his back until he heard,"Crack," with relief Isaac let out a large sigh. Isaac bent over to grab his bag and continued on his way to Viola, to say hello after so long.
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  22. Name: Nate
    Age: 20
    Personality: Very laid back. Nearly nocturnal after several years of late-night training. He has a kind heart, but is shy when it comes to meeting new people.
    Hair: Dark brown hair that barely touches his shoulders. Very straight, but curls up when he wears a hat.
    Eye Color: Brown
    Clothes: A plain white T-shirt with an unbuttoned black and white plaid shirt over it. Blue baggy jeans with cargo pockets on the thighs. Occasionally wears his pokemon logo hat that his childhood friend gave him. And a blue one strap backpack.
    Back Story: Nate was a hot shot trainer back in the Unova Region, his home. After succeeding at completing nearly ever challenge the region had to offer, he and his pokemon decided to travel to a new region and start from scratch. He was able to use his savings collected through years of training to purchase an apartment in one of the residential buildings in Lumiose City.

    Current Team: Aether (Male Musharna) Enzalla (Female Musharna (Aether's sister)) Chandler (Female Chandelure) Noctilucent (Braviary) Shelly (Female Gastrodon) and Saurry (Male Venasaur).

    Nate laid in bed motionless, waiting for sleep to overcome his tired body. Sirens wail as yet another emergency vehicle flew down the street. 'Dammit', he thought, 'I really should've checked reviews on this area.' His thoughts were racing, showing no signs of slowing down. Thoughts of her, his family, and his friends plagued him every night. Why wouldn't she go with him? Didn't the legend of the cave Alder spoke of intrigue her? Was his being distant starting to push her away...?

    Another hour went by and still no luck. Sleep simply wouldn't be taking him tonight. Frustrated in thought, Nate finally felt the need to sit up. He hunched himself forward causing his hair to fall over his face. After letting out a huge sigh, Nate realized he was being watched. Startled by the sensation, he quickly looked up.

    "Who's ther-! Oh... It's just you," he said as Enzalla floated up to him, setting herself down on the bed next to him. He smiled and placed his hand on her back. "Can't sleep either, huh?"

    "Muuusha?" Enzalla moaned.

    "Yeah", he said as he leaned sideways to wrap his arms around his beloved Musharna. "You know your mother is proud of you and your brother, right?"

    "Muuuuuuh...." Enzalla moaned sadly, as a tear starting to develop in her eye.

    "I know... I know...", he said, tightening his embrace around the pokemon, "I miss her too..."
    "We're never going to get to sleep if we're up thinking like this, please, use yawn on me and then wake your brother and use it on eachother."

    Enzalla nodded and proceeded to do as he asked. After using yawn on Nate, she proceeded to float over to Aether and wake him with a slight nudge. They stared at eachother for a moment, the proceed to yawn eachother to sleep.

    Nate layed back down on his pillow where he immediately felt the sensation of a forced sleep quickly overcome him. With the imaged of her face in his mind, he finally drifted into a deep, restful sleep.
  23. Addison sighed and looked at the ground.
    "I wish I could have more than one Pokemon, but I guess it's okay. Who knows? Maybe I'll find one!" Addison smiled to herself, and started to daydream about finding another Pokemon.
  24. "Well... The Kalos region i...is really big. I...I bet you'll find another pokemon!" Chamile encouraged. She was happy that she found a group of friends who liked her.
  25. Addison smiled.
    "I'm sure I will. Anyway, what should we do now? We've got some time to kill." Addison asked while looking at the clock on the wall.
  26. Gregory shrugged his shoulders. "I'm up for anything. If you guys want to battle, do some sight seeing, or go out and find some wild pokemon to catch, I'm up for it."
    "Tota Toda!" Wash says agreeing with Gregory. "Rouge!" Break says as he jumped in Gregorys bag, careful as to not damage the egg. He thought he felt the egg move, but dismissed it as the bag shifting from him getting in and relaxed.
  27. Sunrise, the Fletchling chirping outside the window was enough to pull Nate out of his psychic induced sleep. His eyes went wide for he was not expecting to see a giant bird on his lap when he woke.

    "Oh geez, Noctilucent! How many times have I told you you're too big to sleep in the bed with me?!? You're not a Rufflet anymore!"

    The giant bird looked up at Nate with the saddest pair of eyes he could muster up, causing him to immediately lose his resolve.

    "Aww...I'm sorry Noct. Last night was a bit of a rough night, but i shouldn't have taken it out on you." He reached up placing his hand on the bird's head, stroking back his feathers and scratching the soft spot on his neck. Noctilucent crowed in gratitude, then got up and jumped off the bed. The bird hobbled over the to the window then turned back to look at Nate.

    "Of course." He said with a smile as he walked over and opened the window for his companion. Noctilucent snuggled up to his trainer for a quick second, then took off out the window.

    Nate watched until his companion was out of sight, then turned around to look at the rest of his team. Aether and Enzalla were huddles together in the corner, a beautiful combination of her pink mist and his blue mist steamed to the cealing in unison. Saurry was laying on the carpet in the middle of the room, eyes half open after being stirred awake by Noctilucent's exit. Chandler was waiting in the closet to try and scare the next person who opened it, and Shelly was slowly making her way to the door.

    "Alright team, today is another day. Lets get out there and make a name for ourselves!" He went over to the closet to get his jacket when Chandler jumped out through the wall. "You can't scare me anymore, Girl." Chandler look disappointed as she went to join her comrades in the center of the room. Nate got dressed then went walked out to the center of the room with his team. Noctilucent had finished his morning flight and was waiting in the windowsill. "Alright guys, lets go. Return!" Immediately all the pokemon materialized and returned to their poke balls.
  28. Name: Jeanette (prefers Jean)
    Personality: Jeanette is a confident girl. She likes battling people, proven by her four Gym Badges, and is very strategic. She is someone driven, if she loses, she gets back up and try's again. Her biggest problem is her lack of friends, the main reason she started her journey. She loves music, so whenever she can, she listens to music.
    Hair color: Light Brown
    Hair length: Mid-back (she usually keeps it in a ponytail.)
    Eye color: Dark blue
    Wears: Jeanette likes to wear a red T-shirt, topped by a black jacket, and blue jeans. To accessorize, she likes to wear black pilot goggles on her head, and black headphones around her neck.
    Team: current: Absol, Wartortle, shiny Shelgon, Scyther, Helioptile, and Butterfree.
    future: Absol, Blastoise, shiny Salamance, Scyther, Heliolisk, and Butterfree

    Jeanette stood deep in thought, in the middle of the Vanille Town Pokemon Center. In her hands, she held her Town Map. "If I stay for the tournament, I can train a while, then move t Santalune, Lumiose, and end up in Laverre for my next Gym Battle." She said to herself out loud as her Absol, who was out of his PokeBall, looked at a group of three trainers, who also had their Pokemon out. The brunette nodded to herself, happy with her plan. "Alright! Absy, you ready for some training?" She asked her Absol, before she noticed he wasn't paying attention. "Absy? Whatcha looking at?" She asked her childhood Pokemon, looking in the direction he was.
  29. Name: Yugi Mutou
    Age: 16, though looks like he is 10-11
    Personality: Yugi is a humble and kind trainer, but immensely shy and quiet. He tends to stutter sometimes and isn't the most sociable. He can be assertive if need be, but isn't like that all the time.
    Hair colour: Combination of yellow, purple, amd some black.
    Hair length: Unknown
    Eye colour: Purple
    Wears: His normal outfit consists of the standard male Domino Junior/Senior High uniform complete with a closed buckled collar. His extremely extravagant hair features multiple layers including long blond crooked, pointy locks for his fringe; the rest features a set of five large spikes and two smaller spikes colored black with a magenta sheen along the edges. So far, he is the only character in the franchise to have his hair divided into three colors. He wears the Millennium Puzzle on a lace around his neck. The lace is later replaced with by a chain
    Team: current: Salamence, Volacrona, Aegislash, Gardevoir, and Floette
    Backstory : He was born in Battle City, the heard and captial of his home region. He was always the type of kid you wouldn't notice . Unknowst to everyone, he is the grandson of a former Champion, Solomon Mutou, and is the current Proffessor after the firsttook a load off in retiement. He was taught thr ways of pokemon 1 year before he was allowed to have a starter. He was given the God Puzzle around his neck as a result of his fine acheivements, but unknowst to Solomon , unfathomable dark knowledge and power came to those who completed the puzzle. He became the Champion of the Battle City at age 14, a year after getting a starter. Ever since thn, his life wasn't the same...

    Yugi walked through Vanille City, taking in all of his surroundings. He has only ever been to Kalos to visit Mr.Syncamore about Mega Evolution a year back, since in his home region his grandfather was the former Champion and curren proffessor of his current region. He already has eight badges from his home region, so he didn't have to worry about not being able to challenge the league. He laid in a tree, watching the sky in a rather interested manner.
  30. Bae


    Name: Jake
    Age: 15
    Personality: Jake is a quiet and respectful teen, he's very kind to Pokemon and he would be to his friends as well if he had any. He won't speak to anyone unless spoken to, that being said if he sees someone in trouble he'll stop to help them. He enjoys reading Biology books that focus on the history and evolution of Pokemon, always smiling when he learns a new fact. Whenever he hears the word 'Family' he tenses up a little.
    Hair color:Dark Brown
    Hair length: Long, shoulder length. His rectangular bangs constantly cover part of his right eye.
    Eye color: Maple brown
    Wears: His normal outfit is a long sleeved pine green shirt with a dark blue jacket with sea green trimmings. His pants comprise of two parts, the light brown shorts with the dark brown horizontal stripes on each end that reached his knees, and the light brow cloth that started under the leg trims of the shorts and reached his ankles. They resembled pajama bottoms in fabric, or very loose yoga pants. He wears black sandals that clipped at the sides with a bright blue button, never ever wears sneakers. He also wears light blue rectangular strap on pouch on his waist
    Team: Venusaur, Bellossom, Vaporeon, Dragonite, Ralts, and Jynx

    Jake finally reached Vanille Town after what seemed like ages of walking, he was still a bit queasy from the flight to Kalos, and that was 5 days ago! He silently vowed to never fly again as he walked down the street, searching for the Pokemon center. He passes by the people on the street without so much as a glance at them, his eyes trained for the familiar red roof and white poke ball symbol that every center had. Finally he spotted one and rushed towards it, passing through the sliding door and moving towards the counter. He greets the Nurse and opens his side pouch, taking out six poke balls and handing them to her
  31. Name Grayson
    Age 16
    Funny caring about his team mates and Pokemon
    When he got his first Pokemon he was excited to adventure and get all the gym badges
    Pokemon ralts male level 5 jolly nature
    And now he's found him self in a new world out side of his home town
  32. Name: Lizzie
    Age: 17
    Hair colour: Purple with brown highlights
    Hair length: About to her thighs
    Eye colour: Hazel
    Wears: A rainbow-striped shirt with some denim jeans, or in a homeless case she will be wearing a blue dress with a scraped flower on it. (NO PANTS OR SHOES) For her FIRST encounter with pokemon she will be wearing a PURPLE dress with (light) BLUE leggings.
    Team: Ninetales, Staryu, Krabby, Eevee (which will be leafeon in the future), Raticate, and a Pitgeot.

    She walked around Softwind City. There were a few wild pokemon there, but Lizzie did not notice. She decided to train (choo choo) her newly-hatched Staryu. "I really hope my pokemon dont get stolen this time.." she said.
  33. Name: Joltz
    Age: 10
    Personality: Cool, Funny, Electrifying
    Hair colour: Brown
    Hair length: Short-ish
    Eye colour: Blue
    Wears: Yellow Jacket, Red Scarf, Black Trousers, Brown Shoes, Black T-Shirt
    Team: current: Jolteon, Curlia (Evolves Into Gallade In Future),Pidgeotto (Evolves In Future), Mareep (Evolves Twice In Future),Magikarp (Evolves In Future), Haunter (Evolves In Future)
  34. Name:Ean
    Hair color:dark brown
    Hair length eyes
    eye color:gold
    wears: a yellow shirt, Dark blue pants, Red shoes, and a brown fedora!
    Current team:Zubat (trusty pal) Pikachu Froakie Metapod

    Ean: well zubat, we better get going to the first gym! Zubat: Zu, zu! :D
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  35. Joltz: Come On Jolteon I Heard The First Gym Is Water Type!
  36. (goes in gym and sees someone)Ean: well i gotta send pikachu for this! GO! PIKACHU! (sends pikachu) Pikachu! Ean:theres the gym leader! Lets go challenge her!
  37. Joltz: *walks in gym* well guess ill have to wait then

    Admin edit: Do not post unsourced art that you did not make.
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  38. Ean: Pikachu, finish it with an thunderbolt (pIKACHU uses thunderbolt) Yes i won (gets gym badge)
  39. GYM 1.png
    Joltz: Good Job! Now Its My Turn! Magikarp I'm Only Sending You Out For Exp! Magikarp Return! Now Go Haunter

    Haunter Used Shadow Ball
    Its Super Effective
    Starmie Used Spinning Tackle
    It Doesn't Effect Haunter
    Haunter Used Shadow Ball
    Critical Hit!
    Its Super Effective
    The Foe Starmie Fainted

    Joltz:Nice Job Haunter!

    Magikarp Gained 45 Exp
    Magikarp Grew To Lvl 19
    Haunter Gained 68 Exp

    Return Haunter!
    Go Magikarp!
    Return Magikarp!
    Haunter Go!
    Haunter Used Thunderbolt (Yes Haunter Can Learn Thunderbolt, Look It Up)
    The Foe Gyarados Fainted

    Magikarp Gained 56 Exp
    Magikarp Grew To Lvl 20
    What? Magikarp Is Evolving!
    Congratulations Magikarp Evolved Into Gyarados
    Haunter Gained 123 Exp
    Haunter Grew To Lvl 27

    Misty:Here Is The Cascade Badge!
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