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Open Life As A Pokemon : Sakuri Island!

Discussion in 'Pokémon Role Play' started by MarwanTheCosmicLuxray, Jan 9, 2017.

  1. Hey Guys! Marwan Here! And You're Probably Asking "What Is The Sakuri Island?" Well It's My Fanmade Island :) And This Is The Character Sheet :
    Name : (What's Their Name?)
    Species : (Can Be Any Pokemon Can Be As You Want For Example : Cosmic Lucario, Galactic Arcanine, Solar Chikorita. But No Fakemon Please)
    Age : (How Old Are They?)
    Home Region : (Where Are They From?)
    Personality : (How Do They Act?)
    Moves : (What Attacks Can They Use?)
    Family : (Mother, Father Any Siblings?)
    Likes : (What Do They Like?)
    Dislikes : (What Do They Dislike?)
    Special Ability : (You Can Use Only One Special Ability For Example : Telekinesis, Shapeshifting e.t.c)
    Now Let's Get Onto The RP!

    Name : Marwan
    Species : Cosmic Luxray
    Age : 16
    Home Region : Unova
    Personality : Smart, Prankster, Adamant And Capable Of Taking A Few Hits
    Moves : Spark, Thunder Fang, Discharge And Wild Charge
    Family : Mona (Absol, Mother) Amir (Arcanine, Father) Hana (Shinx, Sister)
    Likes : Storms, Mysteries And Darkness
    Dislikes : Know-It-Alls, Bullies And Light
    Special Ability : Can See Through Solid Materials

    Marwan Was Walking Around The Mountains At Night And Was Looking For A Friend Cause His Parents Released Him To Go Fend For Himself "Sigh, This Is Taking Seriously FOREVER" He Said While He Continued Walking And Finds A Trainer "Heheheheh Time For Some Fun" He Smirked And Then Uses Spark On The Trainer And The Trainer Is Confused And Marwan Contnues Using Spark On The Trainer Until The Trainer Finds Him And Marwan Runs Away And The Trainer Is Too Tired To Run "Cya Later Loser!" He Mocks The Trainer And Continues Running "Welp All This Laughing Made Me Hungry I'll Get Some Oran Berries" He Goes Off To Get Oran Beries
  2. Name : Rose
    Species : Eevee
    Age : 13
    Home Region : Kalos
    Personality : Shy, Kind, Playful, Friendly
    Moves : Sand Attack, ShadowBall, Tackle, Quick Attack
    Family : Mom (Unknown) Dad(Unknown) Hiro (Umbreon/Brother)
    Likes : Flowers, Play with her friends, Climb on tree
    Dislikes : Bullies
    Special Ability: /

    Rose was sitting on tree. Her friend Jerry Deddene was sitting next to her. Rose was lokking around to see where is her brother. Jerry was just sitting there and eating Asear Berry.
    Hiro walked in forest. When Rose noticed him, she jumped from the tree and made front roll in the air and landed on his back,
    "AAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHH!" Hiro jumped in the air of frightness like cat
    Rose leaped from Hiro's back. "HHAHAHAHAHH!" Rose fell on the ground and laughed
    Jerry laughed and fell from the tree in the bushes.
    "Rose!" Hiro said "Are you crazy?!" Hiro smiled "Why did you do that?"
    "B-b-because I-It was f-funny!!!!" Rose laughed like idiot
    "Well, it wasn't funny at all." HIro said
    "Then, why are we laughing?" Lucy asked
    "Oh, sis." Hiro rolled his eyes "You know what is funny to me?" Hiro asked Rose
    "Uhm...maybe." Rose stood up and tried to ran in the bushes but Hiro was faster and he bit Rose on her tail.
    "Now, what?" Rose asked while hanging upside down from Hiro's mouth
    "Now, this." Hiro said and started to run to flowers fields and threw her there
    Rose ticked her head from flowers. "Very funny."
    "Wow, Rose you have awesome crown." Hiro said and smiled
    "Very funny." Rose said and went from flower fields
    "No, you really have crown, flower crown!" Hiro exclaimed
    "Really?" Rose asked and felt her head "Oh, I really have it." Rose smiled
  3. He Hears Someone Laughing And Goes To Check It Out And Finds An Eevee And An Umbreon
    He Decides Not To Talk To Them And Just Watch Them
    It Then Starts To Rain And He Notices A Lightning Bolt Coming To Hit Them
    "Crap..." He Whispers To Himself
    He Jumps Over Them And The Lightning Bolt Hits Him Instead Of Them
    He Isn't Affected Due To Being An Electric Type
    "Oh No They Can See Me Now" He Whispers To Himself
    Then He Lands On The Ground Uninjured
  4. Name : Machira
    Species : Sliggoo
    Age : 13 years old
    Home Region : Kalos
    Personality : Playful, Noisy along with her gooey body, Always curious of anything she didn't know, Jolly
    Moves : Absorb, Protect, Dragon Breath, Rain Dance
    Family : Unknown (Mom), Unknown (Dad), Unknown (Brother), Unknown (Another Brother)
    Likes : Making new friends, eating berries, any innocent pokemon she trusted
    Dislikes : Getting betrayed, getting harmed and the cruel fairies!
    Special Ability : Not really that special, but she can sprinkle out the gooey glitters that whoever touched them will be affected by the unknown sense that will make them sleep for 30 seconds. Which gives time for Machira to escape if it was for defense.

    Machira is only roaming around the forest until she heard the thunder bolt nearby, she was very shocked to feel aware a thunderbolt that close so she began to head towards the scene, seeing an Eevee, Umbreon and the Luxray
    "Huh, what happened...?"
  5. "Oh thanks." Hiro said to Luxray
    "Yeah,thanks." Rose nodded
    "Where did that Lighting Bolt came from?" Hiro asked "Oh, and by the way, I'm Hiro and this is my little sister Rose." Hiro said
    "Hi." Rose said happily
  6. Machira continued to look at the two, very curious of those three that she hasn't seen before...
  7. "Hi Name's Marwan"
    "You Need To Get Out Of Here Quick! A Storm's Coming"
    "And I Think That Thunderbolt Came Out OF The Storm"
    He Notices The Sliggoo "Hey There Name's Marwan"
    "Go To My Den Quick!"
    "A Storm's Coming!"
    They All Run Over To Marwan's Den
    "Phew That Was A Close One"
    "You Guys Can Lay On That Moss Stone Over There"
    "There's Also A Frost Stone Thingy Over Here Lay On It If Ya Want"
  8. "Moss Stone! Frost Rock!" Rose jumped on Hiro "I can evolve if I get near Moss Rock or Frost Rock."
    "It's okay sis, you can be beside me. You will sleep on me tonight." Hiro comforted Rose
    "Oh,thanks knucklehead." Rose said and licked Hiro's head
    Hiro looked at Sliggoo. "Hello there."
  9. He Looked At Rose, Confused "Why Are You Afraid Of Evolving?" He Asked Rose Curiously
    "And You Evolve Near Moss Stones And Frost Rocks?! I Never Knew!" He Said That, Confused Again
    "And You Guys Can Spend The Night If Ya Want" He Added
    "Plus That Sliggoo Looks Frightened" He Looked At The Sliggoo
    "Hey, Would Ya Be So Kind And Tell Me Your Name" He Asked The Sliggoo
  10. Name:Kristina Species:Kirlia Home Region:Hoenn Personality:Sassy,Kinda Nice,Quiet Moves:psychic,Shadow Ball,Teleport,Draining Kiss Family:Gardevoir,Gallade Likes:Yummy Food,Small Pokemon, Dislikes:Most Tall Pokemon,Being Bullied,Disgusting Food Special Ability:Teleporting
  11. "Oh, me? Oh, okay...the name's Machira, of course i am always kind."
  12. "Well, I don't want to evolve. First I don't know in what to evolve and second I don't know how will my friends react if I evolve." Rose said to Luxray
    "It's okay sis. I told you if you don't want to evolve, it's okay to me." Hiro said and licked Rose's cheek

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