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Life As A Misfit

Discussion in 'Creative Archive' started by Layene Silverlight, Apr 11, 2011.

  1. Okay, okay, okay, swallowing fear and posting some of my (crappy) writing here... Please point out any flaws you notice. But try to be as nice as possible because, I admit it, I have a tendency to brush off mean criticism as just meanies and also get overly upset at it sometimes. Please don't hate me, I'm working on it. And this story is terrib... Trying to go with the optimism for now so I'll just say not very good.
    It takes place in my Fakemon region and yeah. There are lots of Fakemon. And for now, not many canon things. So I'll quit rambling and post it. [/scared]
    Warning: Contains swearing, idiocy, a character feeling sorry for herself, Fakemon, randomness, and a topiary.

    Life As A Misfit
    Chapter One

    It was a fine spring day. The wind blew across the few flowers and many leaves around the small town, where there was once a famous school. People went about their business. Here and there a Nereia or a Resii would scamper across the dirt roads. The Yew Lab was quiet so far, as it was eleven in the morning on New Year's Day and everyone knew that Miss Yew wouldn't let anyone else in without her, and she always had a massive hangover on Jan 1. A few children and teenagers played in the yard, ignoring the 'I'm fifteen so I can't hang out with a seven year old' attitude, as people in the small town of Clear Bark were prone to do. A girl of about eighteen with red-blonde hair and laughing green eyes was leading some little children and another girl, about sixteen, in a dance around a boy who looked remarkably similar to the first girl. An early visitor to the town was arriving on an unusually small Crobat, and smiled calmly at the kids playing their games. A few of the older ones squealed in excitement at this famous and powerful visitor, not much older than them. The sixteen-year-old dancing girl with caramel brown hair waved and called to her.

    "Hey cousin!"

    "Hello Ekita," The black haired woman called back, letting her Crobat float alongside her. The purple cross-shaped Pokemon fluttered protectively around her Trainer. Even the adults around seemed surprised to see Layene in town, but she calmly walked up to a house and knocked on the door, ignoring the children trying to be subtle while watching her, by crouching behind hedges and peeking over the tops. They were quite silly. A few knew that the hedges were not a good hiding place and chose instead to hide themselves elsewhere, one choosing to conceal herself in a topiary near the door. She was stealthy even in getting there. Layene decided that Senka Arzel was a very smart girl and would do well as a Trainer, or anything else she decided to do. As the door opened, Layene tapped her foot. She was here for a reason. As a young man opened the door, squinting to help adjust his pale blue eyes to the bright light, he gasped.

    "Miss Yew! It's Miss Silverlight!" he called back into the house.

    "Ugh... Kouki, fetch me some ice water while I deal with my oh-so-famous niece," a voice called from inside, getting closer as a young woman, probably in her early thirties, came to the door, with her assistant running off to get her water.

    "Come in, would you? I don't think anything that would require you to actually come here would be something we'd want Senka or the other kids listening to." The woman yawned, rubbing her head almost sleepily.

    "Alright. You're correct," Layene said simply, stepping inside and shutting the door behind her and her Crobat. The children outside all sighed. It was so rare for the celebrity-like Trainer to visit her hometown, and usually she'd give the children a short lesson on Pokemon, but today they were out of luck. Senka climbed carefully out of the Myumii-shaped plant and walked over to the others.

    "Well, I guess we can get back to whatever. Hey, wasn't Miren supposed to go get us permission to go shopping?" Senka asked, turning her gaze on a small blonde child.

    "U-um! I'll go n-now!" The little girl replied. Ekita sighed from the back of the crowd, and turned to walk off. She didn't really like this place, as she knew they were going shopping for gifts for Maia, another girl in their town. Ekita's birthday was in about a month, but no one ever really cared about her birthday. All the other kids were important, and the skinny sixteen-year-old misfit didn't matter that much to other humans. Rylie and Ryan cared, though. But they weren't enough. She made her way over to the fenced-in area just east of the Yew Pokemon Lab, and climbed over the fence nimbly to join her non-human friends. Ryan, of course, noticed her absence from the group and soon joined her in the enclosure, where a baby fire horse, a few caiman-like creatures, and a myriad of Bug Pokemon surrounded her. Also present was a small, anthropomorphic Psychic thing, but it seemed to want to keep its distance. Misiimii were known to be shy.

    "Ekita. Something's wrong. What?" Ryan asked in his usual to-the-point way. Ekita was very glad that his loud twin sister wasn't around.

    "No one seems to like me as much as they like everyone else. Am I just an afterthought?" She sighed, petting the head of a nightmarish spider-fly called Runat.

    "Nat ru," it reassured her, rubbing its small pincers against her chin gently. Ekita smiled weakly.

    "Ekita, some people are just stupid. You know that. Besides, in a month you get to take the three exams and set off on a journey of epic proportions, which is the only reason Rylie and I are in town for now anyway. Otherwise we would have left the region again after the Ball to go explore some far off land," Ryan told her, making her smile a bit more.

    "I can't help feeling I'm not as appreciated as much, though. Am I really doomed to not be as important as Maia and Miren and Senka and Nathas?" she mused. Ryan grabbed her by the shoulders and shook her gently.

    "Ekita. You're a misfit and a freak. But that will get you very far in this world where individuality and creativity are important. You'll be an excellent Trainer, and I'm sure your battles will be very artistic and-"

    "-And crazy-ass fun," another girl finished for him, causing Ryan to sigh and glare at his twin sister.

    "Rylie, must you always-"

    "-Interrupt? Of course my dear brother. It keeps the world from being boring." Rylie grinned as Ryan let out a sigh of exasperation.

    "Rylie, I was trying to help Ekita feel better."

    "Ekita just needs to put her big girl panties on and deal with the fact that most of the people in the world are jackasses."

    "Rylie, I agree with you. And you, right now, are one of the 'most.'" Ekita glared at the older girl, and went back to petting the Pokemon around her.

    "Nye nyu! Iru!" One giggled as she patted its rocky head. Irunyune were known to be very ticklish, especially odd for a Ground-Rock type.

    "Yea, Yuna, you like people, don't you? I'm not going to be here for too much longer, so I guess you'll just have Akita and Mother here to keep you company then. And of course Kouki. But he always loses his papers, so make sure Fyri here doesn't turn them to Embers, mmkay?" Ekita muttered to the stony caiman. It growled sedately in response.

    "Ekita? Come on, we need to go DO SOMETHING!" Rylie screeched, inactivity starting to get on her nerves. Ryan laughed at her.

    "... However, even though I laugh, we do need to do something. It is a little boring to just sit around. Do you want to hike along the Nightmare Path tonight? I'm sure your mother would approve, and Father never gets upset about our safety anymore, now we have Pokemon." Ryan looked up to the sun. While they would probably set out around sunset, they'd need lots of time to pack things, such as lights and snacks, because neither Rylie nor Ryan wanted to be around Ekita when she didn't have her chocolate at midnight. Ekita smiled.

    "Okay. I like the Nightmare Path. Maybe Mother will let me take the night camera out so I can get shots of all the pretty Ralliin and Zorii and Nereia up at night!" Of course the phobia-inducing Bug Pokemon wouldn't bother Ekita in the slightest. The pale-eyed girl had grown up with them, as her friends and playmates, and she knew that despite their terrifying looks, they were actually quite playful.

    Yes, being the daughter of the one and only Professor Marianne Yew had a few very good points.
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