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Ask to Join Life as a Hunter

Discussion in 'Pokémon Role Play' started by BlueMew392, Jun 14, 2017.

  1. (If you want to join, sign up here: https://pokecharms.com/threads/pokemon-hunter-discussion.16214/#post-466347)

    Deep within the Sinnoh region, lies an organization where it specializes in Pokemon Hunting. The leader, a woman named Janette Gold, was inspired to create this organization after the reputation Pokemon Hunter J left behind. She sends off her hunters to captured Pokemon to sell to her clients, regardless if it's owned by a trainer or not.

    One of the hunters that works for Janette is a young man named Zenix Morse. He has worked for Janette for over a year. He joined this organization because he was too weak to win any Gym Battles. One day, Janette found him, saw that he had potential and offered him to join, which leads up to this day. Now he roams the halls of the base, waiting for his next assignment.
  2. Steve Benson works for Janette, and has been for only one month, and only went on one mission. He decided to take a walk around the base, because he was bored. He walked around, and had Hugger, A Big Bewear, behind him. He saw Zenix down the hall. "Hello!" Steve said to Zenix. "How is your day going so far?"
  3. Zenix only glanced at Steve for a bit and looked back at the ground. "Good I guess," he said emotionless as he walked past Steve. He thinks about what to do for now as he walks.
  4. Midnight Storm has been in the Hunting organization since she was a child, ever since her parents died during a job and the boss brought her.

    Midnight's sighed as she looked at the job board but nothing seemed interesting to her so she walked away, heading to her room, which happened to be down the hall. She turned the corner, only glancing at Zenix and Steve, before looking back at the floor and heading to her room.
  5. Zenix went to his room as well. He layed on his bed and looked at the ceiling. 'I wonder when my next assignment will be,' he thought to himself. Just then, the speakers of the base projected Janette's voice as she said, Zenix Morse and Midnight Storm, please report to my office for your next assignment. "Finally," Zenix said as he got up from the bed, and made his way towards Janette's office.
  6. Steve didn't hear his name, so he decided to go back to his room to relax. He toke a soda on the way to his room, and drank it. He threw it away in a trash can. When he arrived in his room, he sent out Stan to relax with him. He gave his Pokemon some food, and he ate a few berries.
  7. Midnight gave a frustrated sigh as she heard Zenix's and her name. She knows I like to work alone, she thought with frustration as she walked out of her room. Whatever, she thought and headed to Janette's office.

    Midnight walked into Janette's office with her arms crossed. She leaned against the wall and looked at Janette with her cobalt blue eyes that held a hardness. She didn't let anyone get close to her after the incident, not even Jannette, the one that brought her into the business.
  8. Zenix walked into the office and saw Midnight leaning against the wall with her arms crossed. He just ignores her and turns back to Janette.

    Janette was at her desk and turns her chair to face the two. "Ah good, you're here," she said, "Now then, for your assignment. This will only involve the two of to get it done." She then put down a file on her desk that had the information on the target.

    Zenix picked up the file to skim through it.

    "Your target will that Dragonair," she said as the file contains a picture of a Dragonair with red pearls instead of blue, "The client wanted a Dragonair and wanted this one in particular. But, there is one problem. It has a trainer, and the client doesn't want to get caught of stealing it himself, so instead he called us. Capture that Dragonair and bring it here. You have only 2 days. Should be simple enough right?"

    "Yes ma'am," Zenix said as he closes the file.
  9. Midnight groaned when she heard she had to work with someone, not only that but she had to take a Pokémon from a trainer. "C'mon, why can't he just do it? You know I don't like hunting Pokémon with trainers, much less with someone with me," she complained. She didn't talk much but when she did she was mostly complaining. "But, I guess I have no choice," she grumbled. "It's no good arguing with you," she muttered as she took the file from Zenix's hands to scan through it.

    Midnight looked at the picture of the rare Dragonair with a nod. "A beauty," she muttered with a very small smile, only noticable for a second before it was gone. "Alright, we leave at 2:00 p.m," she said, put the file on the desk, and walked out of Janette's office.
  10. Janette sighed after Midnight left. "Do not disappoint me," she said to Zenix, "I have complete confidence that you two will get the job done without a hitch. After all, you two are some of my best hunters."

    "Of course," Zenix said, "We won't disappoint you." He then proceeded to leave the office.

    Janette proceeded to put away the file. "Oh that Midnight," she said to herself as she got out a Pokeball and started to caress it, "She needs to learn that you can't always get what you want and to sometimes try something new."
  11. Midnight sighed as she walked down the hall to the kitchen. "Why do I have to work with him?" she muttered with her usual frown as she got a Dr.Pepper from the fridge. "Whatever, there's no arguing with the boss," she muttered once again, heading back to her room.
  12. Zenix walked down the hall and entered his room once more. He starts to think of a plan to complete this mission easily.

    Janette looks at some of the other files and found one that she could assign. "Steve Benson please come to my office," she said towards the microphone which was transmitted through the speakers.
  13. Midnight walked into her room and trust falled onto her bed after she put her Dr.Pepper on her night stand. "Umbreon, come out," she said, then her Shiny Umbreon can out of her Pokéball. Umbreon rubbed against Midnight with a purr as Midnight began to stroke her Umbreon's head. "I can't believe we have to work with Zenix, and we have to go after a Pokémon with a trainer," Midnight complained to her Pokémon that grumbled in reply. "Houndoom, come on out too," she said, her Houndoom popping out of his Pokéball and laying next to them. "We leave at 2:00," Midnight told them as she stroked them both.
  14. Zenix stopped planning and brought out a Pokeball. "Charizard, come on out," he said as the Pokeball opened and a Shiny Charizard appeared in front of him. "We got another mission, so we leave at 2:00," he said and the black Charizard growled and nodded.
  15. Midnight sighed as she looked at her clock on her nightstand. "It's only 10:00 a.m," she muttered and looked at the ceiling. "I'm going to take a nap," she muttered to herself and her Pokémon as she curled up, but not into a ball, next to her Houndoom and closed her eyes. She felt her Umbreon curl up next to her stomach as she drifted off into sleep.
  16. "We still have some a few hours to kill, so how about we get something to eat?" Zenix suggested and Charizard nodded. They walked out of the room and went to go and get something to eat.
  17. Steve heard his name. "Well, its time for my job." He said to himself, returning Steven to it's Pokeball. He woke up Hugger, and they started walking towards Janette's office. "I hope your ready Hugger." He said to his Bewear, entering the office. "So, whats the mission?" he asked. "I am pretty excited!"
  18. "I hope you are," Janette said as she turned to Steve and gave him a file, "Your target will be this group of wild shiny Eevees. You will be leading a team of five and you are to capture them. They are located outside of Sandgem Town. After you do that, contact me and then go meet the client behind Mt. Coronet." There is a picture of five shiny Eevees on the file.
  19. Steve nodded. "Alright boss." Steve said. "I will go there quickly." Steve went to his room, and grabbed his bag. He then went back to Janette's office. "Where are the people working with me?" He asked. "And what kind of transport am I going to take there?"
  20. Janette looked at Steve as he came back. "You will take a small aircraft for five and they are waiting for you in the landing bay," she said, "And Steve, do take this seriously. Failure is not an option." She glared at him as she said that last part.
  21. "Alright." Steve said exiting the room. He went to the Landing Bay, and found the five People. "Everyone get on the Aircraft." He told them. Steve went on and started the Aircraft. "Hugger, you need to go into your Pokeball to come with, sorry." He told Hugger, before returning her to her Pokeball. The Grunts got on, and Steve flew to the outskirts of Sandgem town, and landed. "You all can stay in the Aircraft and I will call you if I need you." Steve told them, looking for the Eevees. The group was annoyed, because its boring. Steve located the Eevees. He sent out Hugger, to go meet them. Hugger came out of the bushes, and hugged one of the Eevees lightly, to show affection.
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  22. After eating, Zenix and Charizard proceeded to walk back to their room. "We still have 2 hours left, so we start getting ready," Zenix said as they walked in the room. Charizard nodded and Zenix started to get ready.
  23. Zack was sitting in his bed, reading a book, as he saw Klaus, his Sableye staring at him. "I know that face, just a minute." He said as he started searching through his bag, and found a tiny ring, with a purple shiny gem on it. "It's false, but might be enough to get you satisfied for a while, later I find something better ok?" Zack said as he launched it to Klaus, who removed the purple gem from it and started chewing. "I dunno when the Boss is calling us..."
  24. Janette looked through the files and noticed that she could assign at least one more mission for today. She reached for the microphone. "Zack, please report to my office," she said, which transmitted into the speakers.
  25. The Eevees felt more comfortable around Hugger. Hugger then moved them onto the ship. The others were asleep. "Alright." Steve said looking at the Eevees. "I will find you a new home!" They flew behind Mt. Cornet. Steve contacted Janette. "I have the Eevees on board, and they are quite friendly! It toke only an hour to befriend them. I am behind Mt. Cornet now."
  26. " 'Befriend' huh," Janette said, after answering Steve's call, "I see you're still using your same tactics. Nevertheless, excellent. Wait for the client to receive the profit and then return to base." She then cut the communication. "That boy," she said to herself, "Even though his tactics prove to be efficient, its flaw is that it's time consuming. Which sometimes we don't have." She then contacted the client.

    The client was pleased and departed to meet with Steve. Twenty minutes later, a small aircraft landed in the same location as Steve. The client, a man with a suit and glasses, came out of the aircraft along with his bodyguard, who is carry a cage for the Eevees.
  27. "Oh, heard that?Let's go." Zack said when he heard his name, getting Klaus in the pokeball and running to Janette's office. "Hello boss, what can I do to help you?"
  28. "Yes, I have a mission for you," Janette said and handed the file to Zack. It contained some information, along with a picture of a beautiful Lopunny. "Your target will be this Lopunny," she said, "It is currently in Hearthome City. You are to take it from its trainer and bring it back here. However, do it without attracting attention. The only advice I could give you, is to get her alone."
  29. Midnight didn't know they only had two hours left for, she was still sleeping as were her Pokémon. She didn't set an alarm, there was nothing to make an alarm anyway. Her alarm clock was broken but it told the right time. Her Houndoom and Shiny Umbreon were fast asleep with their trainer, happiness filled them when they were able to get out of the Pokéball and sleep somewhere else. Midnight shifted in her sleep but just barely as it didn't wake her Umbreon.
  30. Once Zenix finished getting ready, there was only 30 minutes left. He returned Charizard back into its Pokeball and proceeded to go to Midnight's door. Once he arrived, he knocked on it. "Midnight?" He called out.
  31. Midnight turned in her sleep making her Umbreon yelp and jump onto her Houndoom. Midnight jerked up but she jerked too hard and fell off her bed with a yelp of surprise. She sighed as she got up and turned to her two on Ashe Pokémon as her Houndoom viscously barked at the door with his teeth bared and he was growling. On top of all of that, Midnight had a headache so she glared at her Houndoom which quieted down a littleness bit but still growled at the door. "What in the name of the Goddess now, Houndoom?!" She angrily asked her Houndoom as she looked at the door.
  32. Zenix was able to hear everything that had happened in Midnight's room. 'What is going on in there?' He thought to himself. "Hey Midnight, are you ready?" He asked.
  33. "Alright." Zack said as he walked back to his room, prepared everything and started walking to Hearthome city, reading the files while going, being followed by his sableye. "Alright Klaus, we are going for a Lopunny."
  34. Midnight looked at her clock as her Shiny Umbreon looked at Midnight. "Already?!" She asked when she noticed what time it was. "Why didn't you wake me up sooner, Umbreon?!" She asked as she frantically went into her closet to get her gear. Umbreon replied with a small bark and seemingly a shrug as she watched her trainer getting her gear. "Alright, time to return," she said to her Umbreon and Houndoom, which was still growling at the door. She slipped on her jacket, sipping it to her neck, and combat boots with her mask in hand as her Pokémon returned to their Pokéball's. She grabbed her two Pokéball's and slipped them into their holder that as tightly on her waist. She walked out of the door, noticing Zenix and returned her regular personality, her cold usual self. She nodded, slipping on her mask and her jacket's hood, and waited for Zenix to move so they could get going.
  35. Zenix nodded and proceeded to walk down the hall towards the landing bay. "You know, I've never heard you not being your cold self," he said with a bit of a chuckle, "I didn't think you could act so frantically."
  36. Midnight blushed under her mask, whether it be from anger or just embarrassment, she had no clue. "If you tell anybody about that, I swear I will attempt to murder you," she warned coldly as she put her hands in her jacket's pockets.
  37. Zenix chuckled at Midnight's threat. "Alright fine," he said, "It's just that it's a side of you I've never seen." They then reached the landing bay and the small aircraft. Zenix proceeded to get on the aircraft.
  38. Midnight looked at the aircraft with her head tilted in confusion. "Why are you getting in that?" She asked Zenix as she stood still, not making any attempt to get in the aircraft. "I usually walk all the way to where I'm supposed to go and I don't want to make this job an exception," she added as she scanned the aircraft with pure curiosity.
  39. Zenix sighed. "Fine, whatever," he said as he got off the aircraft, "Let's go on foot then." He then made his way towards the exit of the building. "Just keep in mind that our target is at a house outside of the Eternal Forest."
  40. Midnight nodded and began to follow next Tom Zenix. She had her black mask on and began wondering if it would be weird to walk throughout town like that since it was the shortest to the outside of the Eternal Forest, at least to her knowledge. "Should I wear my mask in town?" She pondered aloud, not meaning to, and covered her mouth, or at least where her mouth should be, with embarrassment.

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