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Lies For Pokemon

Discussion in 'Pokémon Games Discussion' started by Lime307, Jan 17, 2014.

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  1. Have you ever watched a YouTube video and the person is telling you what to do but its all fake? i do, i fell for it in many of MunchingOrange's Videos and TyranitarTube's. No matter how many times i tried to ring the bell 3 times on Celestial Tower to summon Rayquaza it just didn't work. Now I've heard that this ones a fake so I've never fallen for it but, no, you will not get a Mew if you move the truck near the S.S Anne. Then there's the special way to get to the secret place which is supposedly from HeartGold/Gold and SoulSilver/Silver to get both Ho-Oh and Lugia in Emerald (Ruby, Sapphire I don't know but I'm pretty sure Emerald). To do that, you have to travel around the region only doing certain things, "Exit this house on this side of the door cause that side messes it all up." If you've ever run into any of these things that i didn't mention here (I didn't mention much so there's bound to be some aha) please, post them in the comments and lets all have a friendly chat! :halo:
  2. I was not fooled by any of the false tricks but just the same out of wishful thinking I did attempt a couple years ago:
    1.) (R/B/Y) Talk to the fisherman who gave you the super rod 100 times. On the 101st time he will give you an ultra rod to shut you up that is supposed to fish out an HM called 'super strength'. This HM is supposed to be able to move the truck where you'll fine either Mew or I have read Togepi. I tried it at least five times and nothing.

    2.) (R/B/Y) Use the itemfinder 101 times all through Mt. Moon with an empty slot in your team. On the 101st use it should beep and there should now be an egg in that empty slot in your team. This is supposed to hatch into Togepi.

    3.) (S/G/ not sure about C)
    My memory of this trick is fuzzy and the only place where I had it recorded was a Pokemon website I used to have, the host of which ceased to exist several years ago taking my website with it. :p
    When beginning the game and first leave your house DO NOT go to Elm's lab. Walk around the perimeter of New Bark Town clockwise so you begin at your house and end at Elm's lab somewhere around 15 times. It might be crucial to avoid being caught by the lady who won't let you leave town without a pokemon. Then go into the house at the bottom left I believe it is and talk to the little girl who will tell you she wants a Pikachu. Now enter Elm's lab. You'll be told you arrived too late so all the starter pokemon are gone but there is one other he's got for you. It's a level 10 Pichu (sound a bit familiar BTW ;) ).

    NONE OF THESE WORK! And BTW I didn't get them from Youtube, I read them mostly in Yahoo groups.
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  3. Acquiring Ho-Oh and Lugia in Emerald required going to an irl event in order to get an ingame ticket that takes you to a special island to capture them, so that rumor is actually true. RBY had a literal ton of glitches in which you could acquire Mew, and I think the thing with the truck was only possible through hacking yourself all 8 badges as well as all TMs/HMs, so you'd be able to Surf over to the truck and use Strength on it while the S.S. Anne is still there, but I might be wrong as to whether or not that glitch even works(there's still a billion ways to get Mew ingame, though, even BEFORE you get the second badge!).

    I know I tried a few glitches back in the original RBY days, mostly MissingNo. stuff. I can't really say for sure where I learned of them as my memory of my childhood is pretty hazy. But yeah, most "glitches" are invented to see how many people will fall for it, which is sadly a good number.
  4. StellarWind Elsydeon

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    Strength-ing the Truck does jack shit. You can't move it at all. Tried, tested, proven bullshit. XD

    As Sho here said, there IS an Island coded into Emerald (as well as FR and LG) where Lugia and Ho-Oh can be found (Navel Rock) There's also one for Deoxys (Birth Island) and in Emerald alone, one for Mew (Faraway Island). However... Yeah. The only way to access all three of those was via promotional items that could only be acquired via a promotional event (and back in the days of gen 3, these were physical things) or by cheating (using a gameshark or a similar device).

    And yeah. Fake cheat codes that were 'leaked' by 'my uncle who works at Nintendo' were kind of a huge thing back in the good old RBY days. A lot of them involved evolving the starters and assorted other non-evolving Pokemon into a higher stage (something that eventually actually happened in the form of Mega Evolutions. Many of us found it highly amusing). XD

    Incidentally here's one of my favorites:

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  5. There is nothing that comes of the truck and no way to move it. It's just useless pixels. Tried a thing or two with no result. There were all kinds of other bullshit ones such as capturing Mewthree, Pikablu(Merril) and even one to evolve a Dragonite into Yoshi via a fire stone.
    Here is a great page that describes many of the most popular rumors of the RBY days:

    As for glitches that actually work here are a few I have done:

    1.) The Mew glitch using the gambler and the youngster.
    2.) Entering glitch city by trying to leave the safari zone twice then resetting your game which tricks the game into thinking you are entering when you are leaving.
    3.) replacing a Ditto's transform with a glitch named move with the type 'cooltrainer'. It barely hits but when it does it will flash twice and do damage. Healing via the nurse at the pokemon center reverses the effects, restoring transform.

    And of course I messed around with MissingNo. But it's recommended that you don't capture it. My best friend once told me that a friend of hers lost his Charizard by doing so. Apparently it just disappeared and supposedly it can also prevent link cable battles and even kill your save battery. I did capture one or two and got lucky, no ill effects, just some battle image distortion.
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  6. @Shocari
    Yes but in the MunchingOrange version he walked all over the region trying to make this thing work. You even had to walk out a house on a certain side. Then he entered a house and he was there. He did state it was fake in the description but many people still tried.
  7. Shiny Lyni

    Shiny Lyni 2016 Singles Football

    Only glitch/cheat/whatever I've ever really tried when I played the games was the cloning glitch back in Emerald, which actually worked for me~ managed to get a good number of rare candies for myself. :'D Also happens that I learned this trick via youtube, and it was my first youtube video that I ever watched... ahhh, good days~

    Oh, actually, I do remember trying the "going to the moon and finding *insert whatever Pokemon here* via Mossdeep" thingie in I think either Sapphire or Emerald, but I always missed day 100 due to not being able to play the games for extended periods of time, so I was never able to actually test it out. Of course, I now know it's fake, but yeah XD I don't remember where I read this cheat. I think a friend told me at school? Something like that.
  8. Ah, the cloning glitch is also one I have done, but in Silver. The one in RBY was said to be dangerous to your save battery and I had not been aware that there was one for Emerald.
  9. I remember a video back during the old days of YouTube which involved starting a new game, doing a special button combination beforehand and starting your new file with a certain name, and it was supposed to give you Celebi as a starting Pokemon in your PC. It was obviously fake - a small rom hack done by the creator - the amount of hate the fella got from kids who had deleted their 40 hours+ save files for a lie was ridiculous.
  10. I remember one for R/B/Y that worked. That was for this glitch city (glitchy saffron if I'm not mistaken) that you can get to through following a specific pattern, part of which involved the missingno hunt. I didn't get further than the gates of the city though, not just because of the glitchy scenery, but because I was playing Yellow, and Pikachu was not happy with my cheating ways. I soft resetted after that and never looked back.

    Now as far as dirty fat lies go, my personal favourite is a classic one, and that's the A+B+DOWN catch code to improve the odds of a successful capture, which is still fairly popular today. I don't think I truly believed it improved the odds, but it made me feel better anyway.
  11. Glitch City actually could be applied to a number of cities; Pallet, Cinnabar Island (the most popular one), Cycling Road, Celadon I believe and maybe more. Some are better than others, in Pallet for example you can pretty much take only one step before you become trapped between your house and Oak's lab.
  12. Oh gosh, these bring back so many memories. XD There were all these unofficial guides back in the days before the internet was a big thing and they had loads of fake tricks like these; such as "catch pikablu the secret evolution of pikachu in Yellow." and there were tons of Mew ones for B/R/Y and also there was one for a "secret garden" behind Bill's place in Yellow. :D lol
  13. AzureEdge

    AzureEdge ✧luzrov rulay✧

    Usually the only guides I had were my friends.
    I was told by a friend of mine who said if you beat the Pokemon league 29 times you'd be able to join team galactic as their new leader.
    A month later and I eventually did, but nothing happened.
    I was so disappointed.
  14. im probably going to go with tyranitartube's guides on how to get darkrai, ho-oh and lugia in black 2. i tried the ho-oh and darkrai ones but i found out they were fake when i was doing what was told
  15. one of them was getting rayquaza in pokemon b\w and it was posted by one of my favorite youtubers at the time so i kept trying it over and over and nothing happened
    also one which gets you victini without the event which i was pretty excited about because i lost my copy of pokemon white a year after it came out which what i got was nothing.
    i hope i can post a video where i catch a rare pokemon and do a fake tutorial :)

  16. Actually, there is a trick which allows you to sneak back into the S.S Anne port after it's left, so you don't need to hack yourself a finished game to access the truck you just need to be able to surf.

    I can't remember the steps exactly but it involves you talking to the usher out front, then save while standing in front of him or it might be while you are in surf mode but either way in front of the usher and positioned a specific way. Then reset. This will then allow you to surf past him and into the port. The ship will be back and is completely reset meaning all the trainers on board will battle you again and all items obtainable again.

    This one actually DOES work, you'll just need to Google for the exact instructions. I did it once myself so I can confirm this though I didn't re-board the ship so I don't know that part as fact.
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