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LibertaJade: Fleeting Peace

Discussion in 'Creative Archive' started by Kalseng, Aug 20, 2009.

  1. -------------
    Chapter 1 - The Anomaly
    A hulking mass moved through the outskirts Lost Town, more of a village, honestly, shaking the ground ever so slightly as he let heavy foot after heavy foot fall to the floor in a sluggish pumping of machinery. The man was tall, with broad shoulders and strong muscles hidden under a red, long-sleeve shirt made out of a specific rubbery fabric that would serve to keep his upperbody warm, and to function as a second skin. His right arm was entirely machine-based, but expert craftsmanship had made it look like a human arm under the second skin. The right side of his chest was also machinery, but looked just like a human chest as well. His high-powered legs, made of dense, light, and sturdy material, mimicked the appearance of regular legs in shape, but in strength and outwards appearance, it was entirely off. The second skin on his torso was designed very uniquely, mostly to identify his association.

    From the collar all the way down his stomach was a strip of a mustard yellow, while the rest, the sleeves and remaining amount of his upper secondskin, were entirely scarlet. His pants were made of the same material and clung to his body effectively. The stripe on his shirt continued down over his groin and the insides of his legs, while the rest was the same scarlet red. The cyborg wore sturdy black shoes with metal bottoms and soft soles to preserve his feet while still adding an extra kick to his kicks. Database also wore black leather gloves, stretched taught over his hands. He was scanning the Seithr levels, trying to make sure the airborne substance was at normal levels. The cyborg himself didn't venture down to the ground like this very often. Seithr was addictive, regardless of how much of you was human. The only people that lived down here were the Kaka Clan, and he tended to avoid the strange cat people for fear that they would attack him and drive him away.

    The area around him was mostly metal with a few houses built on his right and left, long since abandoned. Most were painted a slew of creme and blood red, but layers of dust and years of disuse had worn them down, shingles falling off like dust off of An old featherduster, the colors long since faded. An elevator was a few blocks ahead of him, which could take him to any given level of Kagatsuchi whenever he wanted. Certain clearance was needed to access the top plate, but Database never wandered up there as it was.

    Database had just started to send the information back to his commander when his sensors picked up a massive dimensional anomaly. He focused them to find a location, and found one. It was above Kagatsuchi, and was fluctuating rapidly. The distortion levels fluctuated within the same numbers, but they were still high for any normal fluctuations of P-Branes rubbing against each other. Database reached into his pocket and retrieved a small cell phone-like device, which he held to his ear.

    "LoN," Database said into the transmitter. His voice was strong and slurred with a British accent. The communicator never needed to dial, it just needed to be turned on and it automatically connected to LoN's end of the receiver.

    "What is it now, Database?" A quiet, yet equally British voice crackled over the receiver.

    "I've detected a level eleven dimensional anomaly directly above Kagatsuchi," Database explained, keeping his sensors on the anomaly.

    "How are the seithr levels?" LoN asked impatiently.


    "The Seithr levels. Your mission?"

    "The data has already been transmitted."


    "About the anomaly-"

    LoN cut him off mid sentence. "Is it a threat?"

    "I don't know, sir."

    "Is it trying to move?"

    "I don't know, sir."

    "Do you think it will attack Kagatsuchi?"

    "Yes," Database said flatly into the communicator.

    "How do you know?"

    "I-I don't," Data stuttered.

    "Oh. Then just watch th... oma... il... flu..."

    "LoN?" The communicator cut out on him. He slipped it back in his pocket, and shook his head to himself. "Even with all of this technology at our disposal, we still get dead zones." he muttered. It was then that it hit. The plate above him began shaking, and Data looked up to see the tremors ripple through. Database acted on instinct and ran to the elevator, practically punching the up button. The machine whirred into activity and worked its way down at high speeds, arriving in ten seconds. The cylindrical, glass elevator opened up its metal doors, and Database leaped through the open door, pushing the two button as he turned to face the closing doors. The elevator shot upwards at speeds which things should not travel upwards at. Another explosion hit the second plate, and Database groped for the rail. He heard, rather than felt, his communicator vibrate, and he retrieved it.

    "I think this makes it a threat, LoN," Database spilled out into the transmitter.

    "I think you're right," LoN responded, sounding worried. "And, Database," LoN added hastily. "Be careful. It's grown in power. It's probably a level twelve anomaly at this point. And growing."

    Teaser chapter. And yes, all kinds of Charms people will show up. This chapter also takes place around the end of Chapter 2 or thereabouts, but it's first to create intrigue and to keep you all reading and whatnot.

    Chapter 1's appearances - (For those of you who won't read it.)

  2. Sounds awesome so far, Kal ^^

    I can't wait for the next chapter.
  3. I was gonna post first.... but. I'm not D:

    Oh well xD

    Kal, this is awesome ^^ I totally don't understand it, well, okay, I do, kind of. But there's a lot yet to be seen. Can't wait for more ^^
  4. Can't wait to see how this develops, and I think you've portrayed myself and Data perfectly :)

    Nice job.
  5. Nice little teaser chapter, short and sweet. Data's appearance makes me think so much of Iron Man XD and I can't really tell you why, I guess it's just the red and mustard outfit. Also, this reminds me a little of one or two of Nem's Who-fiction works, which, trust me, is good :)

    I want to see who's next :O Probably someone cool, like Jen or El >.>;;;

    (Lots of smilies in this post...)
  6. Shiny Lyni

    Shiny Lyni 2016 Singles Football

    Totally wanna read more of this, Kal. :D It's so interesting and stuffs.

    And is it just me, or are fics with member cameos or whatever getting more and more popular?

    Anyways, totally looking forward to reading the next chapter and more of this fic, and I wonder who else is going to show up. :3
  7. Oh Kal, I really love this~! It's so nice and detailed too.

    I'm also rather happy LoN gets an appearance in something for once
  8. It's not nice to tease people, you know.

    um um um anyway, I love that Peetus and LoN made their super special team combo go! appearance here, because lol!brits
  9. -------------
    Chapter 2 - Impact

    The large, cavernous room was packed with people, rows of chairs lined up, each seat filled by a parent or family friend, all smiling and watching, the occasional parent holding up a camera and recording the ceremony on tape, not that any of them will ever watch it again. Gold lined the dome-shaped room, doors on either side that emptied back into the universities long hallways. A large group of graduating students lined chairs on top of a raised section of the room, sitting behind the man in front of the wooden podium. Blue and white banners decorated the room, matching the gowns of the men and women sitting in their chairs. A tall man with a thin, yet somehow muscular frame stood at the podium, his brown hair gently reflecting the light pouring in from the large windows that stretched high on the ornate walls. The strong man pushed up his square glasses up his strong nose and looked down at his papers, stroking the facial hair circling his mouth thoughtfully. His deep, brown eyes scanned the page, and he looked out at the crowd of people.

    "Parents," He began, his voice filling the quiet chambers. "Guardians, friends, esteemed colleagues." The man gestured towards members of the audience, signifying examples of who he was talking to. "Today, we have gathered here to honor the graduation of the students here today. I, Professor Pheonix-" A blond student from behind him cupped his hands around his mouth, his gown making quiet rustling noises as he shifted.

    "Pheooo!" He said in a low voice, making part of the crowd and most of the students laugh quietly. The man, affectionately known as Pheo, laughed and turned back to look at the students. "I, Professor Pheo, and my colleague Professor Carmen," He gestured towards the woman standing to his left. "Are here to congratulate these men and women on their graduation." The woman to his right was wearing a gown of blue and white, like the professor at the podium. Her brown eyes were set into her chocolate brown skin, fine features accenting her sparkling eyes. She smiled softly and waved out at the people, her other hand pulling back her dark brown hair.

    "Er, hi," She said awkwardly, arousing a small bit of laughter from the crowd.

    "The great tradition of the Noctus Orvis Librarium's Military Academy will be upheld through each one of these individuals," Pheo said carefully, casting a glance behind his shoulder. "And these individuals will also be represented by the Academy in turn." He took a pause and glanced back down at his papers. "And now, to honor these graduates with a degree, and with a final farewell into the real world." Professor Carmen leaned backwards, and seemed to sit on thin air. The air beneath her shimmered, sending pulsations around in an odd pattern, ripples of brown going down, and that of parchment going up.

    "The Ars Magus is now theirs to wield," Professor Carmen stated, swinging her legs. "But they must wield it responsibly." Soon, a table had revealed itself, stacked with diplomas for each individual. Professor Pheonix moved down the list, calling out names, as one at a time, people filed up and retrieved their diplomas and a handshake from the professors.

    They went down the list, the audience applauding, until they moved to the K's. Then they called him up.

    "Kal Kaka," Pheo said, for the first time clapping for a student. Almost half of the audience ceased clapping, and the student in the back stood up. He wasn't wearing the normal robes, though at the same time, he was. The robes themselves were the same, but the sleeves had been extended and rounded into bulbous paw-like endings with three slots on the end. A blue hood was also pulled over this student, two white ear segments standing up on either side. The student's head was low, the hood casting a shadow over his face. He approached the podium and shook Pheo's hand, who smiled slyly at the Kaka. As he turned to the side, a long, grey tail with a white tip revealed itself behind him, jutting out of a hole in his gown. As Kal raised his hand, it became evident that the sleeves were too long, normally reaching down to his knees. The bulbous paws dropped, and Kal's hand pushed the fabric up. He shook Pheo's hand through the cloth and looked up to stare the professor in the eye. As he raised his head, a white muzzle with a pink nose showed itself from under his hood. Six whiskers poked out on either side, just above Kal's lips, which were pulled into a slight smile.

    "Way to stick it to those racist bastards, Kal," Pheo said with a handshake.

    "Thanks," Kal said, his normally melodious voice quiet with worry. He walked over to Carmen, who took his right hand in a handshake and stuck a diploma in the other.

    "Way to go, Kal," Carmen said, a big smile playing across her face. "We're proud of you, Pheo and I." Carmen laughed slightly, and then added , "And RX, too, even if he didn't say it."

    Kal looked up higher, to meet Carmen's eyes directly, revealing grey around his face, which was a slow gradient to white around and on his muzzle. "Thanks," Kal said with a smile. "Really, thanks." He stepped off of the stage and walked down the rows of chairs, making a turn for the outside. As Pheo read off the next name, the crowd began clapping again in full force. Kal felt the hot glares of parents and spectators on the back of his neck. The first Kaka to graduate from the NOL. Probably the last, if this was how it went for him.

    As Kal opened the doors, he saw a collection of other graduates around each other in talkative groups. He gave the area a quick scan, and saw his two friends talking to each other. One had her back turned towards him, and was standing up. Curly, chocolate brown hair fell down her shoulders by an inch, a graduation cap resting on her head. She was still wearing her outfit, and was talking to another woman.

    This woman was turned to somewhat face Kal, and was sitting on a hovering white disc. She was wearing a white dress with layers of lace, spreading out in a dome at the bottom, while the upper layers were thin. Her shoulders were downright puffy, and led down into long sleeves more lace around her wrists. A black coat topped this, going down the sleeves and over the cuffs, as well as down a ways of the skirt, but it spread out towards the bottom, leaving an oddly shaped triangle of white. Her legs were crossed over each other, her feet covered by white lace socks and black doll-like shoes. Her black hair was pulled back behind her, framing her elegant face and piercing black eyes. She was carrying a black lave parasol with one hand, while sipping tea from an elegant white cup sitting atop a floating white disc with the other.

    She looked at Kal and smiled, nodding slightly. The other woman turned around to look at Kal, her face lighting up with joy. She ran towards Kal, her brown eyes glowing with pride and excitement. Her slender figure moved as fast as it could, and she caught Kal in a large hug. Kal had been waving to her when this happened, so the sudden weight shift threw him off balance, and sent him to the ground. Both yelped in surprise as they fell, and Belle ended up with her knees on either side of Kal's stomach.

    "Kal," Belle chimed cheerily.

    "Bellekaka," Kal said with a smile. Belle then narrowed her eyes and a mischievous smile played across her face. Kal's eyes snapped open and his arms shot up, but he was too late. Belle jammed her hands under Kal's hood and started to scratch his ears. Kal's hands stopped in midair, and Belle's smile grew. Kal resisted, trying to swallow past it, but it happened. Kal let out a long, drawn out purr from his chest, and his eyes drifted shut. Belle giggled a little bit and started to scratch his head, too.

    "You're purring," Belle said in a singsong voice. Kal purred deeper this time, but soon found himself with the strength to move his hands up and grab onto Belle's arms. He pulled them back, and his eyes snapped back open.

    "Jerk," Kal said playfully. Belle wriggled out of his grip and stood up, moving to his right. She offered him her hand, and her grabbed it thankfully. She pulled him upright, and Kal brushed himself off. The other woman floated towards them on her discs and smiled at Kal..

    "Congratulations," She said, her voice quiet and elegant. "I'm just glad I could make it to your graduation. Too sad they wouldn't let me in."

    "Thanks, Jenova," Kal said with a smile. "Did you bring what I asked for?" He asked, cocking his head to one side. Jenova nodded and reached behind her, retrieving a spear which she apparently had been hiding behind her body when she arrived.

    "This was easy," She said with a bit of a bite hidden behind her voice. She handed it pole first to Kal, who took it happily. The pole itself was green, with a silver cap on the bottom. The top was a sharp triangle with two extensions coming out of it shaped like wings. The triangle was inscribed to look somewhat like a Dragon's head, while the winglike extensions were inscribed like, well, wings.

    "Thank you," Kal said happily. "And the, er, other thing?" He said quietly. Jenova's face was brought into a subtle frown.

    "You had it under tight lock and key, you know," Jenova said with a more pronounced bite to her words. "It kept pushing me back and not allowing me near it at all, to the point where my discs were even being pushed up against me."

    "So you didn't get it?" Kal asked, raising one eyebrow.

    "No, no, I got it," Jenova said with a sigh. "I just wanted you to know how difficult it was to get it. She held out what looked like a small bracelet with a silver ring on the top with two brass doors in the middle. Kal slipped a furry hand out from under his robe's sleeves, which were surprisingly human, and took the device back under it. The sleeves had a slot so that he could reach out his human hands when he needed, but he tried not to need. "Now don't make me your errand girl anymore, Kal. I don't want to be doing this regularly."

    "I'm sorry, Jenova," Kal said with a slight frown. "Won't happen again."

    "I should hope not," she said as she reached for her teacup. A voice reached their ears at the same time, a loud one that was easily female.

    "KAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAL!" She called. A figure slammed into Kal's body and took him to the ground, an orange, striped tail swishing in midair.

    "Hi, Rain," Kal said with a laugh. The girl had dyed red hair and a piercing here and there on her ears, and a new one on her lip. she had two orange ears that were perked up high, indicating happiness. Her blue eyes were practically sparkling with joy, and she giggled to accentuate this further.

    "I just wanted to say congratulations on graduating," She said happily. "And that I'd go get you your present now."

    "You don't have t-" Kal started.

    "No, I don't have to," Rain said, her brow furrowed. "But I wanted to get you something little. Bye!" And with that, she leaped off of his body and sprang off towards the elevators, where she would ride them down. "Going to Orient Town!" She called out before she descended the tubes."

    "What was that?" Belle asked as Kal finally stood up.

    "I'm not quite sure what that girl is doing half of the time, but I'm sure it's fine," Jenova answered.

    "Meh," Kal said with a shrug. "Anyway, I'm sure Virgil's waiting for Belle and I. And no doubt Zacky's waiting for me on the way there to fight me." Belle pursed her lips together and furrowed her brow in a pouting look.

    "I don't like it when you two fight," She complained. Kal shrugged in return.

    "I don't like it when you touch my ears," He replied.

    "Touché," she said with a smile. The two waved to Jenova and all said their goodbyes, and Belle and Kal headed for the elevator. Jenova moved towards the school on her discs, no doubt trying to pick a bone with the administrators for not letting her in. When the two graduates had made it to the glass tube jutting up above the grassy ground, Kal felt a strange vibe. It was something strange, and it was coming down. The air past the elevator rippled and the distortion moved forward at incredible speeds, gone in the blink of an eye.

    The thing crashed into the third plate, shaking all of Kagatsuchi. Kal slammed the button on the elevator and ran to the other side to see where it had hit. Orient Town.

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  10. Nuuuu Rain dun die on ussss D:

    I really enjoy the whole racial thing brought into play here, it just shows how they're shunned in a nice, suddle way~

    Once again, I can probably wait to see more, as in take your time, but no need to rush
  11. This is bettaaaar, mooooch bettar :D
    lole at Pheo's line.
    It wins worlds.
    And Carmen is just as adorable
  12. Rain! Noooooooo!

    Come back :(

    Interesting second chapter, totally different from the first, but the pair seem to work together well.

    Also, you did a fine job on this chapter, Kal. It was awesome ^_^
    Sorry I had to whore myself into it, though
  14. Durhurhurhur : D

    It's cool, it's good, it's catchy, kind of draws you in really well....

    Yeah, I like it ^^

    The adorableness of Belle scratching your ears wins so many worlds xD

    See more soon?
  15. -------------
    Chapter 3 - Aftershock

    The tiles disappeared underneath well-worn shoes, barely even shaking the ground as they lightly touched the roofs of houses beneath Kal's flurry of feet. He was pulling an all-fours style of running, his fastest kind. He was maneuvering the business section of Orient Town, bright, neon lights and flashing signs soared past Kal, becoming streaks of color on the edges of his vision. Orient town's traditional, Japan-style buildings decorated Kagatsuchi, giving it a bit of cultural flair, so to speak. Though the cultural architecture was surprisingly uninteresting to the half-cat creature running to find out if a meteor had struck down his tiger-human friend.

    Kal eventually slid to a stop at the edge of a building, a strange, empty crater in the middle of a busy intersection. The road was torn up, along with a long, cylindrical path through a restaurant close to Kal. No bodies in sight, thankfully. He'd leapt off of the top plate just to make sure Rain wasn't dead. The Kaka slipped himself off of the building, and began looking around the crater. A large crowd of bystanders had collected, each staring at the crater in their own way. Kal himself paced around the outer edge, noting the strange quality of the crater.

    Though craters are strange things anyway.

    The entire thing was perfectly round, with a perfect sphere-shaped indentation, about ten meters across. A completely even, precise crater. Kal leaned down and picked up a piece of wood that had, sadly, been in the way of the... thing. It was cut off directly in line with the circle. No char marks, no cut marks, no jagged ends, nothing. A perfect cut. It was about then that everything that could have arrived on the scene did so at the exact same time.

    A man dressed with Iron Man colors jogged out from behind a grocery store, a strange, magnifying glass-like device in his right hand. As he approached the crater, and Kal as well, talking incoherently to a device in his other hand, shaped like a cell phone. Kal stepped away as he neared, but the man shot a glance at Kal before he knelt down and began looking at the crater closely.

    A group of NOL agents showed up almost immediately after the man knelt down to look at the crater. A man in his early twenties arrived on the scene, his hand hanging loosely on the hilt of a sword in his scabbard. The man looked important, brushing back a loose tress of his light brown hair, pulled back in a ponytail behind him. The man had an average build, but still managed to hold a superior look over the others around the crater. He had a patch of facial hair around his mouth and down his chin, adding a few years to his appearance. His blue eyes scanned the crater, checking it for burns and a cause, supposedly.

    He was wearing a pair of blue pants and a long white jacket with blue striped sleeves, two long, thick stripes running down either side of the zipper in the center of his closed jacket. He strode around the crater, his blue shoes clacking against the hard metal floor of the plate. After a few, tense moments of his searching, he reached into his pocket and retrieved a small badge, flashing it to the crowd.

    "Captain Ruko of the NOL," He said commandingly, looking over the crowd. "We're here to seal off the area for investigation. No questions. Move along."

    The man next to Kal looked up at the Captain and murmured something to the communicator he held before putting it down to call out at the NOL agent.

    "Database of Sector Seven," He said, the thick, British accent making him stand out considerably. "Here to investigate as well." Ruko shot him a skeptic look.

    "Who's your commander, Database?" He asked.

    "LoN, of the Dimensional Anomalies Unit."

    "You can stay, then," Ruko replied, throwing his view at the crowd again. "The rest of you move along." Kal shuffled obediently away from the crater, looking around for his friends. Rain was standing outside the grocery store directly across from the crater, holding a bag in her hands. Kal walked up to her happily.

    "Rain!" Kal exclaimed happily, his tail swishing back and forth happily.

    "Kal!" Rain returned, thrusting the bag at her friend. "Present!" One stray whiff of the bag gave it away. The intoxicating aroma made Kal's mouth well up with saliva.

    "Salmon," Kal started, licking his muzzle.

    "Yup. Special for you!" Rain said, smiling. The girl's cheery appearance was greatly contrasted by the black shirt and blue jeans she wore, almost enough to put someone off at her personality. Kal didn't mind much though. Why should he?

    "Kal! Rain!" A voice called from behind them. They both turned to face the source, and saw two particularly upset girls running towards them, Belle on the left, Jenova on the right. The girl who was calling their names was undoubtedly Belle, who took Rain in a hug. "God, don't do that!" She scolded as she pulled back.

    "Go shopping for presents?" Rain asked, holding up a bag with a smile.

    "No, do that more often," Belle said, digging her hand into the bag. She retrieved from it a small, handmade yo-yo with a flower on one side, and a picture of waves on the other. "Rain, I continue to love you with each passing day."

    "I know. Bye!" Rain said quickly. By the time Belle had looked up, Rain had already started running down another street, no doubt distracted by something else. Belle glanced over Kal's shoulder, and spotted the crater, Captain Ruko wandering around it and examining the edges.

    "What's up with the crater?" Belle asked.

    "I don't know, but we can't be here. I think Virkaka is getting lonely, though. Shall we?"

    "Oh, you're right," Belle said, biting her bottom lip. She looked over at Jenova, who had taken to sipping tea once again.

    "So this is where I part again?" She asked the other two quietly. "Very well. I will see you tomorrow. Belle, Kal." She nodded slightly, and then walked off, disappearing into the bustling crowds of Orient Town.

    "Well," Kal said after she had vanished. "Let's make a move. The elevator is undoubtedly going to be full after this." Belle nodded, and the two pushed through the spectators that had accumulated, working their way towards the elevator.

    Oh look, an update.

    Much Ruko.

    And much other things.
  16. Oh golly, I giggled when I heard it go, Captain Ruko, and whatnot
  17. OHHHMAHHHGOSH!!! I am SO stoked to be in the fic of the Kal.. EEEE!!
  18. Rain is disturbingly cheery after coming very close to being killed by a sphere. The action seems to be moving along very quickly - I personally think that the meteor scene could have been extended a little; the crush of people trying to get to and away from the crash site might have hindered both Kal's progress at certain points and that of the authorities?

    But then, one can't exactly have high tea on the back of a Giant African Land Snail these days either.
  19. Interesting developments you have here Kal, don't keep us waiting for more ;)
  20. Aww...I'm so sorry I didn't read this earlier. I love the 'Charms based fics! I love to see how people interpret one's online persona.

    Heh, the storyline is quite interesting. However, I'm a little confused when it comes to Kal. Is he kitty-like or rodent-like, or some other creature? I can't seem to catch what he is.
  21. This is a really cool story! I agree with Secad, 'Charms based fics are really awesome. Keep on writing! Everything else has been pretty much said already. :-\

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