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Ask to Join Letter Holders

Discussion in 'General Role Play' started by Barefoot_Kittens, Mar 26, 2020.

  1. The year doesn't matter, but its some point in the distant future (not that anybody is keeping track anymore). Children haven't known anything except for the nightmare world that you currently inhabit, and most people have chosen that forgetting the luxuries of the past is the most efficient way to survive today. Most settlements are small, one or two housing facilities and a storage departments surrounded by a large electric fence. Only one way into of out of the fence communities is a large gate, but to be frank once you go out very few people return. These gates are to made for one reason, to keep out the beasts. Beasts, Zombies, Undead, Walkers. Whatever name you dub them, they are stronger than you and they want your life more than you do. Most people serve as scouts, resource gathers or guards- you have to serve if able. The only exception to these occupations is the role of "Letter-Holder" these men serve the community by sending and receiving letters between communities- it's the only form of communication. Letter Holders only travel to nearby cities, no more than 10-20 miles at a time. But recently, a rumor has arose that the capital is functional again. The capital is the largest and most successful protected establishment that anyone knows of, but it was overrun by zombies when someone left the gate open. However, somehow rumors have got out that the capital is up and running once more and it's the safest place to be. Of course, hearing this news the leader of your community chooses to send none other than the letter holders to make the 200 mile hike to the capital to check if the rumors were true and request backup to move your people to the capital. You are a letter holder- typically a teenager who is agile and in shape. And today you will take your first steps of a long journey towards a better future.

    @Barefoot_Kittens Skylar Hopkins
    @Barefoot_Kittens Camden Newt
    @Ridleymon Hugh Helmholts
    @IDKWhatUserNameToDo Tyler Foreman
    @Gamingfan Vival Surven
    @TheGrimmRemix027 Gracie Billet
    @Shadow_Pup Forsythe "Stiles" Stilinski
    @Night's Shadow Pheonix Ylevva
    @~Xero~ Leona Hale


    "You call this morning?" Camden groaned as he rubbed his eyes and released a yawn. "I'm going back to bed-" the boy huffed before flopping back down onto the small cot. Today the small group of 7, who had spent the last week training, eating, and sleeping in the barracks together, was going to embark on a journey that had approximately a 17% success rate. Barely anyone who is gone for more than a week comes back, not to mention they were sending a bunch of kids- some of whom had never traveled further than an hour away.
    "Go back to bed and we'll leave you. Everyone be dressed and packed in the next 10 minutes- the leader wants to speak to us before we leave." Skylar said from the doorway. Of course she was up early, Camden rolled his eyes and swung his legs over the side of the cot so he could stand up. Everyone had packed the night before- they didn't get much, but it was enough to survive until the next ungated town. Everyone's dog of choice was tied up outside, and their weapons laid in a line. Least to say, this was a big deal- the whole community was cheering the little group on. It was still dark outside, the sun barely over the horizon- but the community leader had commanded that they leave as soon as they woke up. Of course, Skylar took that as 4 am. Within the next 10 minutes, everyone was expected to be at least presentable- Camden hadn't finished putting his boots on, but he truly did fear getting left behind so he walked out of the barrack with one shoe on and the other in hand.
    Skylar was already lined up, her sledge hammer hanging from a strap on her bag and her silky brown dog seated respectfully next to her. Everyone was expected to pick up their weapon and dog and line up in front of the community leader. Camden groaned when he realized he wasn't late at all, Skylar was the only one outside so far. The boy sat on the front steps and finished putting his shoe on before he picked up his weapon, a long hooked metal stick, and patted and patting Sasha on the head. Camden liked Sasha a lot, some people didn't care much for which dog they took with them- but Camden made sure to always pick Sasha when he went out, he was glad the leader let him take her. Untying the dog, Camden walked up beside Skylar, groggily waiting for the others to join them.
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  2. Gamingfan

    Gamingfan Previously Gamingfan2

    Vival was speeding toward the barrack with a sandwich in one hand and dog treats in the other. Despite the speed he was going at, he looked half-asleep, as if his legs were working on their own. He stopped when he saw the barrack, and checked his backpack for anything he missed. Everything was there, even the sewing materials and metal pieces with a small hammer he added in case of a clothing emergency. Vival realized he would need something to heat up the metal if he was to fix anything like his shield, but whatever. Grenades would work in a pinch anyway, hopefully. He normally wouldn't wake up this early maybe unless the world was ending, but the mission was exciting, and he knew he would take a while to sleep so he went to bed early. Besides, the sooner he would be able to see his dog, the better. He reached the barrack and chose Rocky for probably the millionth time, but he didn't care. He felt the connection with the dog. Vivial saw two other people waiting and approached "Hi, isn't this exciting! This is such a big event, and we'll all be a part of it." he said, sounding upbeat.
  3. Ridleymon

    Ridleymon Previously Ridleymon226

    An enormous figure of a man picked up his wooden club and rested it onto his shoulder. Hugh stood boldly as he waited for his comrades to join him. He then picked up on the quietness that accompanied the barracks on that early morning. An impish smirk appeared on Hugh's face as he placed his club and travelling pack down. Hugh opened his pack to pull out a pot and a metal serving spoon. He decided that if any of his peers were still asleep, he would have the honor of waking them up. Clattering and banging spat out from the pot and spoon as Hugh smacked them together, pacing back and forth. "It is time my companions!" He shouted, making sure it could be heard over the clashing metal. "For we are to set out on the most bodacious of journeys! Great triumphs stand ahead of us! We haven't a moment to lose!"
  4. Shadow_Pup

    Shadow_Pup Previously LeBarrel42

    Stiles had been up for a while but decided he would do some exercise before he joined the others, he was midway through a set of push ups when he heard the clanging, getting fully dressed he picked up his staff and made his way out, he walked past Hugh on his way and and turned to the guy, "Good morning Hugh, is your creation of this irritating sound necessary to keep our companions in line, if not would you mind ceasing to make it, anyway I guess I will see you when the leader speaks to us" he said as he and Yuuki made their way to where Vival, Skylar and Camden, he stood next to Skylar and cracked his neck a bit, he would have felt strange standing next to the smaller girl but she was his elder by a year so he didn't really focus on the height difference which was a significant difference of 1 feet and 5 inches, he turned "so are you feeling exhilarated about this?" he asked her, he had gotten slightly more comfortable with speaking to the other letter holders, and this meant he could somewhat speak in a normalish way around them.
    @Ridleymon @Barefoot_Kittens
  5. Phoenix awoke abruptly and was out of bed in a heartbeat. She relaxed a moment later when she realized there was no threat, just Hugh being annoying. She dressed in five minutes flat, then laced up her shoes and headed out to get Apollo. The massive Leonberger greeted her affectionately as she untied him with one hand, the other tucking her machete safely into a sheath on her belt. Apollo had a tendency to be temperamental, but Phoenix didn’t see that side of him. All she saw was the adorable goofball who had stuck with her through thick and thin... and who also weighed about a hundred pounds. As the two walked past Hugh, Apollo gave an irritated, throaty bark at the grating noise.

    Phoenix didn’t talk to anyone as she joined the group. Knowing them, they’d probably strike up a conversation, but she certainly wouldn’t be the one to instigate it. She’d much rather wait for further instruction with her favorite dog at her side. Hand secure in his red-gold fur, the redheaded girl waited for instruction, trying not to let the adrenaline rush of her reckless side overtake her reason.
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  6. Tyler had been laying quietly in his sleeping spot for a while now. He was already fully dressed and ready to go, but there was a lot on his mind regarding their upcoming mission. Are they going to succeed? I the whole group even going to survive until they reach the nearest town? Suddenly the light brown haired boy's train of though got cut off as he heard a loud banging coming from outside. He took it as the queue to leave and rose up from his sleeping spot and grabbed his backpack, which was packed to the brim with all of the different supplies that he'd been given. He walked outside and saw what the source of the noise was, or rather who. Turned out that the source was actually Hughes who was banging pots together to make noise. Tyler just walked past him, not even paying attention to him as he went to receive both his weapon and dog. The dog that he chose was a husky called Yeti, whom Tyler hadn't been on that many missions with Yeti, but during their intense training week with the Letter Holders Tyler got to get familiar and build a bond with the black and white husky. The light brown haired boy's weapon of choice was a slightly rusty metal bat. It wasn't much but it was certainly better than a plain wooden bat. After acquiring the remaining of his supplies Tyler went to stand in line beside Camden with a reasonable gap between the two boys.
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  7. Skylar's eyebrow twitched in agitation as Hugh began to make a ruckus, despite his size and strength the girl really didn't believe bringing him along was the right choice. Most the people beside her weren't the right choice. But the leader hand picked the group, so she had to right to complain. She attempted to keep a calm expression as she refused to so much as look back at the barack. Stiles joined beside Skylar fairly promptly, she didn't so much as look at him until the male asked a question. Honestly, Stiles was tolerable. He was quiet most the time and kept to himself, but he was much more mature than most the other holders she was preparing to travel with. Honestly, they were a bunch of kids. Skylar let out a sigh before nodding, "I'm feeling..." Skylar took a moment to consider her words before smiling softly, "nervous. But hopeful. If this works, you know, it'll be a better future for all our families and everyone in the community." Skylar said with a shrug. "That is- if we can even get out the gate." the girl rolled her eyes.
    Camden, on the other had, thought the spectacle was rather amusing. Camden patted Sasha's head when she repeatedly cocked her head at Hugh's noises. What started as a few pats evolved into a full on facial massage as Camden rained attention down on the dog, standing upright with a finally rub the boy shifted his attention away from Sasha. Camden looked on either side of him, Skylar and Tyler weren't the ideal people to be stuck between. Neither were going to strike up conversation on their own. Eventually everyone was in line. Camden turned towards Tyler with a lopsided grin, but before he could say anything he was interrupted.
    The community's leader was not as hold as most communities, he was barely 30. A fairly big man with a scruffy beard and tired eyes, he always meant well but he tended to not make the best decisions. "I hope you guys are ready." the man began after clearing his throat, "I just wanted to say thank you and see you off. Remember that you lot are the most fit out of everyone here to fulfill this task, I wholeheartedly trust our community's safety and well being in your hands. Good luck on your quest." the man smiled before his eyes grew wide and he quickly pulled a few pieces of paper. "Sorry, it's the best we've got. These maps are hand drawn so they're not perfect. But so long as you run into these cities and landmarks, you'll know you're on the right track." the leader handed each person their own little map before awkwardly coughing. "Well, you best be on your way then. Travel quick enough and you'll reach the first city by nightfall, and I wouldn't worry about any of those beasts for a couple of miles." he waved the group off. It was true, the zombies didn't get near the communities, nobody knows why. But once they reach the first town, it's Zom territory.
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  8. Gamingfan

    Gamingfan Previously Gamingfan2

    "Hell yeah! We gotta give it our all!" Vival agreed loudly with Hugh. He was glad to see someone excited, as everyone was acting all doom and gloom. Everyone really needed to lighten up, this is a huge deal. They'll be heroes if they accomplish this. Rocky seemed excited from the noise and started spinning and barking, causing Vival to laugh.
    "C'mon everyone, it's going to be hard to bring up the energy for this if you all act like we've been sentenced to die." he joked.
    After the leader's announcement , Vival stared at the map, looking disappointed, "Nevermind, we're screwed." he moaned as he crumpled the map in his pocket. He was horrible with directions, and this map wouldn't help much. Ah well, the others will lead the way anyway. He's just defense.
    He faced the others "Welp, I'm ready to go. You all are too, no? Unless someone wants to chicken out." he added slyly, previous disappointment completely forgotten.
  9. Ridleymon

    Ridleymon Previously Ridleymon226

    "Oh I'm afraid it's very necessary, Stiles" Hugh ensured, as his ally passed by him. Hugh was quite relentless with his pot bashing. As each of his peers walked by him, Hugh greeted them with a smile and a "Morning" though most of them didn't share his positivity. The metal clashing had finally stopped as Hugh thought to himself I think that's everyone. He put his wake-up tools away into his bag and joined the rest of them as their leader had arrived. As he was preparing his bloodhound King, the leader handed the young man a map. He thoroughly looked it over as the leader went into the details.
  10. Gracie sadly was late because she is a heavy sleeper at times. She got up when she noticed everyone was gone, quickly got dressed, got her hatchet, and dog Bear. She had trained Bear well because she didn't think the others were quite fond of her. Although this was just a stupid assumption she had. There was no proof against it so it must be true. She began running to the others.

    "I apologize for being late sir... it's so like me to be late." she took the map handed to her but planned to throw it away later. She was way too lazy to hold a map anyway. She can just watch the rest of the teens do the work while she walked with them hoping they would think she's keeping a lookout for zombies. She, however, would most likely be lost in her own thoughts.
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  11. Shadow_Pup

    Shadow_Pup Previously LeBarrel42

    Stiles attempted a half smile in response to Skylar's words, "I guess that makes sense" he said, he always felt like he could be more natural with his speech when around Skylar, to this day he still didn't know why but the robotic facade he used seemed to falter when around her. He realized he had been staring and as Skylar had once informed him that it was rude to stare he looked away and accepted a map, "thank you leader, sir" he said as he took the map, he didn't actual think this map would help but he said his trained response anyway, he wasn't too worried about the sickos but he knew that if they ran into too many, they could lose people and for some reason that worried him, Skylar must be having some affect on him, his parents never really taught him about social interactions, so he didn't understand how a person could affect him at all. He shrugged and turned to Skylar "well, I guess this is it then" he said looking down at her.
  12. Phoenix took her map silently, but really didn’t think it would help. On the one hand, the smart side of her wanted to keep it close for reference. On the flip side, however, her recklessness told her to wing it and tear through any Walkers they met on the way. Hopefully Apollo would help her stay smart. She nearly fell over when he pressed himself into her legs in a gesture of affection. Being one of the youngest and least experienced there, Phoenix was unsure why they had picked her, of all people, to be part of this expedition. The only other person who was about her age was Camden. A nagging voice in the back of her mind asked her, Who would pick a sixteen-year-old over several other twenty-year-olds? You’re too young, too inexperienced, too stupid, too reckless too immature... And so on. But it was small compared to the mounting excitement she felt despite her antisocial nature.

    Of course, she still thought they were dead meat. But hey, it would be fun!
  13. From the corner of his eye Tyler noticed that Camden was looking at him, but their interaction was out aside as the community leader started to speak. Tyler wasn't too sure about how they'll actually succeed in this, but if they did this would mean a lot for the community and it was a risk that the teen was willing to take. He accepted the hand drawn and gave a quick nod of appreciation to the leader and neatly folded it to put it in his pant's pocket. Even if the map wasn't that accurate, it would still provide some help. Tyler shifted his attention to the husky beside him, who was panting with excitement. The light brown haired teen patted Yeti a couple of times before he shifted his gaze towards the rest of the group and silently waited for the rest of the letter holders to be ready to start moving.
  14. Gracie patted her leg, "C'mon Bear." she began skipping towards the exit of the town and decided against her stupid idea of throwing away the map. She looked around awaiting the others as she began skipping slower, Bear following close behind. The teen looked at her map and stopped skipping and walked slowly waiting for the others to catch up.
  15. Ridleymon

    Ridleymon Previously Ridleymon226

    Hugh Jolted up and looked at the rest of his group. He looked down at his wrist to check the time though it was apparent he wasn't wearing a watch. "Well look at the time. Maybe we should get a move on. What do you guys say?" Suddenly Hugh noticed Gracie, the girl who had managed to sleep through his wake-up call, was not with them. He shifted around looking for her and found her off skipping ahead of the group. "Gracie's setting a great pace. If we let that girl lead us through this mission, we'll be done in no time." Hugh took off with his dog in a goofy and exaggerated strut.
  16. Gamingfan

    Gamingfan Previously Gamingfan2

    Vival frowned at his ignored question "Ah well, we might as well get a move-on, or we'll be pretty horrible heros." he followed the group with Rocky following.He walked with purpose, he and the rest of the gang would make this journey a success.
    They had to. He already said so.
  17. Phoenix started. They were leaving already? She sighed. No time like the present, I guess. Aloud, she said, “Cmon, Apollo,” and followed Gracie, Hugh, and Vival. “We don’t wanna screw this up.” The huge dog gave a happy woof and bounded to her side.
  18. Gracie giggled at the goofy strut that Hugh did to catch up with her, "Please tell me you'll walk like that for the whole way there," she smirked at him studying his physique and face. Just in case if this was her final day. She also began studying the town hiding it by giggles and laughter. She was both glad she would be out of this dump but also sad because this might be the last time she would be there.

    Bear began running around the other dogs wanting to play. The dog was rather optimistic and just needed something to take his mind off the overall mood of the human's around him. He playfully barked at King and went into a playful stance. Gracie giggled at her dog.
  19. Skylar sighed as the leader took as step back and she watched her companions take off like children racing to the nearest tree. It appeared that she was the only one who kept her dog on leash, she never understood why people got so attached tot he creatures who existed solely for work purposes. Donner still kept right beside her, leaving some slack in the leash as the silky coated dog sniffed the ground intently. Skylar nodded as she neatly folded her map into fourths and slipped it into her back pocket, "I hope they're just excited. It'll wear off eventually, right?" Skylar huffed at the crowd ahead of her and Stiles- "If we're not focused, one slip up will be the end of this mission." the girl added, mostly to herself, and her gaze drifted about nervously. It was a fairly capable crew, with equal parts brains to brawn when they weren't acting like a bunch of frolicking idiots. Skylar knew that they sent out the kids because they couldn't risk sending out adults that were needed back at the community- this was basically a suicide mission, after all. And part of her, for that very reason, wanted so bad to prove herself and succeed in finding the capital. "Are you excited?" Skylar eventually asked the boy, referring to what he had asked her before the leader began talking. Stiles was a bit of an odd duck when it came to social interaction, but Skylar didn't really mind- she tended to be brief and forward in conversing anyways so it's not like she had to change anything to enjoy the boy's company.

    Camden sort of walked at his own pace, between the very back of the group and the racing front of the group. The boy's gaze wandered about and a contempt smile painting his lips, he sort of bounced as he walked and took in the fresh air. "I've never traveled so far before. I bet it'll be a whole lot of fun. We'll probably see stuff we've never seen before!" Camden grinned towards Sasha. When the dog lifted her gaze to meet her handler's, Camden made his voice high pitched and spoke for her "Oh yes! And things to smell, too!" the boy narrated before patting the hound's side and watching her tail thump against his leg. Camden put his hands behind his head, and walked with the nonchalant expression as he enjoyed the sun on his face. Might as well enjoy it while it lasts, they were mostly likely gonna run into zoms before the end of the night.
  20. Shadow_Pup

    Shadow_Pup Previously LeBarrel42

    Stiles glanced at Skylar, "oh well, yes I guess I am to a certai degree, we have been training a long time and I have been preparing for this since I was very young, so you could say that I am excited" he then gave her a pat on the back, he used a bit too .uch force as be still wasn't used to inflicting bodily harm as a sign of reassurance "I am sure they will be more serious when we get outside the gate" he stated simply before motioning to Yuuki and starting to follow the rest of the group.
  21. Ridleymon

    Ridleymon Previously Ridleymon226

    "I'm afraid I won't be able to" Hugh said in response to Gracie. He halted and nudged his head in the direction of the others. "I would really hate to embarrass the rest of our group in front of all of the undead" he said jokingly.

    When Bear came up to King, Hugh tensed his grip on his dog's leash a bit. Truth be told, he didn't know King all too well and so he wasn't sure what the bloodhound's reaction would be. Hugh then of course recalled the fact that they were bringing the dogs because the animals were trained, and he loosened up a bit. King merely put it's snout up to Bear to identify the other dog.
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  22. Bear ran up to the girl as she listened to what Hugh was saying, "Keep walking like that and they might just mistake you for a fellow zombie!" She crouched down to pet Bear, "You know what Bear even though I haven't met anyone here I like that guy," she turned her head to Bear and he began wagging his tail. "Do you like him?" Bear responded with a bark and began licking Gracie's face as she giggled, standing upright getting the dog saliva off her face.

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