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Open Legion of Justice RP Disscussion

Discussion in 'General Role Play Discussion' started by Ariados twice, Apr 18, 2017.


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  1. In the 31st Century, in the world where Teen Justice was founded, the Legion of Justice was formed. This ever increasing superhero team faces many threats, including the Ruinous Eight, and helps many people on their missions, some off of the planet where their base is located. The first two plots will be somewhat similar to the first two episodes of the Legion of Superheroes TV show with some personal touches and twists. The first of which being this: The Ruinous Eight have escaped from prison and are out to go after the Legion. Since they are sort of members on their home base’s planet, a small group of current members have been sent to the past, the year 2017 in the 21st century to be exact, to enlist the help of four superheroes from that era.

    The four superheroes from the past are first come, first serve. The rest who are in this rp will be from the 31st century. Also, later there may be tryouts for new members, so if you want to join in later on after the first two “plots”, feel free. Now here are some things you may need to know:
    1. Except for the leader, my other characters may pop up here and there for missions and stuff.
    2. We usually don’t need large groups going on missions. We’ll take a certain number of characters with us and the rest can chill at the base unless I figure out something for you to do.
    3. My characters may be introduced at different times during the rp.
    4. No one can have the same powers.
    5. Standard equipment: Everyone gets a flight ring.
    6. I will also have side characters that may come and go.
    Now for the form-

    Secret Identity:
    Home Planet:
    Home Era:
    Age (13-18 ):


    Name: Tora Rayzz
    Secret Identity: Lady Lightning
    Home Planet: Krios
    Home Era: 31st century
    Powers: Electricity generation
    Age (13-18 ): 14
    Appearance: She has red hair and blue eyes. Tora’s costume is dark blue with a yellow lightning bolt on her chest. It appears to be one piece. She doesn’t seem to have civilian clothing.
    Other:Is the leader of the Legion of Justice.

    Other characters will be posted later
  2. Name: His real name is unknown so he goes by Elijah Blaine when not suited up.
    Secret Identity: Quickdraw
    Home Planet: Earth
    Home Era: 21st century
    Age: 18
    Power: He has the ability to master any weapon he can come across, almost instantly. Be also has perfect aim, and amazing reflexes.
    Appearance: Quickdraw is a man that looks like he's in his mid-20's. He has a thin face, that has a 5 o'clock shadow. His hair is a thick curly black mess. He also has royal blue eyes. Upon his hair is a faded brown cowboy hat, which he always wears. Across the hat is a white band. For normal outing, he wears a white under shirt, blue jeans, brown cowboy hat, and brown leather jacket. When suited up, he wears a black t-shirt, with a dark navy blue jacket with a high collar. Over this he has a light brown poncho with white markings. He wears dark navy blue jeans and brown boots. He also wears brown fingerless gloves. He has two holsters strapped to his sides, with a revolver in each, a short sword, behind his back, and a shotgun strapped to his back, under his poncho. He wears a red bandana around his neck, and has a harmonica under his jacket. He also has a motorcycle, with red plating, giving it a thicker design. It has a halfway arc like roof that jutts out from the back and reaches to about where Quickdraw's head is when he's one it. There is also multiple compartments on the sides of the bike to store his poncho, weapons and other items. He doesn't wear his poncho in battles and often enough takes it off, and has it on primarily while riding. Ha also has other weapons for special occasions, hidden in his bike.
    Age: 18
    Other: He is an expert mechanic, and driver. He is quiet, solidarity, but very smart, and quick thinking. He is a strategist.
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  3. Accepted! We'll wait until the other 3 21st century characters are in, then we'll start.
    #4 Ariados twice, Apr 21, 2017
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  4. Name: Liam Necor
    Secret Identity: Fade
    Home Planet: Earth,but appeared from nothing
    Home Era: 21st century
    Powers: Erebokinesis.This power is also referred to as shadow manipulation.This lets him drain light,create darkness,create items out of darkness(Weapons,restraints,etc).This also allows Liam to disappear into nothing.Go to this link for more: Age: 13
    Appearance: Liam is short and kinda thin.He has a bit darker skin and somehow has pure green eyes.He wears several dark bracelets on his arm that gives him some source of darkness because there is limitations to his power.He wears jet black jeans and a dark blue hoodie.Liam has daggers that he can pull from darkness,but sometimes Liam puts them in gauntlets that he can pull from darkness,as well.When he's Fade,his hoodie turns into a black hood and he keeps his jeans.His hood has weird,red lines that go from his sleeves to the top of the hood.Liam also wears a red mask that's similar to the one the Phantom of the Opera wears.
    Other: Liam appeared from pure darkness and was adopted by a family.
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  5. Name: Goes by Ryku Nonthen
    Secret Identity: Lost Shadow
    Home Planet: Unknown but he likes to say his home planet was Nitros
    Home Era: 21st century
    Powers: Clicks his fingers and then he appears right behind you. He also has the ability to get instead your head and turn your life into a living nightmare.
    Appearance: His eyes are blood-red, his hair is black. When he is a civillian, he wears a gray, torn jacket, a black cape that is also torn and a pair of jeans. When he is wearing his costume he wears a black cloak, his black cape and a wolf shaped masked that is also black.
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  6. Your in.
  7. Your in. Just need 1 more 21st century character and then we can start.
  8. Okay, I don't mind waiting.
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  9. I'm fine with waiting,too.But if we start tomorrow,I don't know how much I could reply if we get really into it quick.
  10. Update if there's no one willing to take the last spot from the 21st century after 3 days I will either take the spot myself or edit it so that its 3 heroes from the 21st century so we can get on with the RP.
  11. Name: Florecer
    Gender: female
    Identity: Lirio Rivera
    Looks: dark grey sleeveless robes, dark green sash that fades to white around her waist, dark green tights, blah boots, grey tribal symbol that takes up half the side of her mask, full face black mask, chin length black hair, brown eyes, dark olive skin, 5'8
    Age: 16
    Powers: able to boost certain aspects of herself(i.e. Boosting her leg muscles and bones so she can jump high and run fast or skeleton to take heavier hits) and able to generate small orbs that can explode when ever she wants
    Weapons: always has at least two daggers hidden on herself at almost anytime, has a reinforced ribbon with a small throwing knife on the end.
    Gadget: hidden blade esk contraption that allows her to deploy and retract her ribbon knife quick.
    Personality: level headed, relaxed, has an almost motherly nature, friendly to those she trusts but can be cold towards those she doesn't.
    Background: growing up in Spain with her madre(mother), abuela(grandmother), abuelo(grandfather), and hermanos(siblings); She helped around the farm and with the care of the younger ones. After the death of her padre(father) her mother enrolled Lirio into self defense classes. Her abuelo taught her what he knew about the art of throwing knives and her abuela taught her the art of ribbon dancing. Her family moved to the states when she 13 and continued her training in self defense.
    Reason why he/she applied: her family thought it would be a great chance and honor for her to join the team and she agreed with them.

    So I was told I could use this
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  12. Reason why he/she applied was from another rp (a dead one) in case others do not know. Anyways, your in. I'll start as soon as I can. Sorry, @Stormursa , forgot to quote your post.
  13. So I asked for access to see the list of heroes
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  14. If you mean my other forms then I'll try to post it in creative corner so everyone can see it.
  15. Just waiting for a good moment to intervene and talk to Florecer. You guys can keep going if you want.
  16. The whole joining post was a little cryptic. Am I able to join even if I'm not from the 21st Century? Or maybe due to wacky time travel I am but I'm kinda not. You'll get it in my backstory (if you choose to accept me). Anyhoo, here's my character bit if you do accept it.

    Name: Ace
    Secret Identity: Taran (tar-on) Kepshil (kep-sheel)
    Home Planet: Tarre (tah-ray) (Formerly known as Earth)
    Home Era: 31st Century
    Powers: Flings metal tipped playing cards with deadly accuracy thanks to his background as a street magician
    Age (13-18 ): 17
    Appearance: Short, spiked black hair; wears a red magician's cape; black goatee; white robe
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  17. You can join as a 31st century character yes. (Your accepted by the way) You may have to wait until we get back to the 31st century though before you can post though.
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  18. Sounds good! Thanks!
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  19. Name: Alexander James Xavier (Ajax for short)
    Identity: the Knight
    Home planet: Andromeda
    Home era: 31st century
    Powers: energy constructs (green lantern powers)
    Age: 17
    Appearance: tall with pale skin, choppy brown/red hair and Yellow eyes
    Super suit: light grey skintight under suit with white armor plates on top the armor also features a helmet which retracts when Ajax isn't in need of it
    Weapon: energy arm blade-blasters
    Backstory: Ajax has no memory of his past before he woke up in a lab alone already wearing his supersuit and unable to remove it
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  20. You're accepted. But since we're in the 21st century at the moment, you may have to wait until we get back to the 31st century before you can post.
  21. That's ok just let me know if anyone leaves and I can rejoin
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  22. I'm going to tag the rest of the 21st century characters here so they know that the roleplay thread is up.
    @Ry_Burst @Cabbage God
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