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Private/Closed Legends of Sinnoh

Discussion in 'Pokémon Role Play' started by Starfall, May 22, 2016.

  1. (hello! This is a RP about a journey through sinnoh! Here are the rules
    1. No duplicate pokemon
    2. No shinies
    3. Please have 3 line posts minimum
    4. Please be 10-20.
    5. You can be a member of team Galactic!
    6. Fill out the form I fill out
    7. Please start in Twinleaf town unless you are a galactic member
    Name: Serene Thomas
    Age: 10
    Gender: Female
    Personality: Serene is a aspiring professor's assistant. She is extremley smart, spending most of her time reading, writing, or studying. She loves to sit in nature and read. She already has her partner pokemon for life, a Shinx named Sora. She is a bug socially awkward, and randomly bursts out with random facts. Her main point for entering a journey was to complete the pokedex and secure herself a job as Professor Rowan's assistant.
    Current team: Sora- female, Shinx
    Future team: Sora- Shinx, female. Ria- Riolu, female. Zizi- Gible, female Mimi- Mantyke, female
    Looks: Serene has long, flowing light purple hair tied in a ponytail. A single braid dyed light pink is dyed and mixed in with the ponytail. She has pale white skin. One of her eyes is blue, and the other is green. She has a red scarf, mainly for decoration that usually flows in the wind. She wears a blue jacket- dress with frills on the sleeves and bottom. She wears uggs that go up to her knees.
    Now, lets start our journey into Sinnoh!

    Serene shot out of bed, striking the landing. Today was the day she was the was allowed to start a journey. She hoped that she could travel with another person in the village, mainly to observe how they battled and to scan their pokemon. Serene hit dressed, slipped on her shoes, and went out the door.

    It was a cold day out. Since 2 years ago, the weather has mysteriously turned cold in the one warm area in the region. The sunny weather had turned to snow. Serene's boots crunched against the snow. A trail of visible breathes followed her, making a trail. She stopped in front of one of her friend's houses. She knocked on the door. "Hello?" Serene called, waiting for a response. "It's me, Serene!"
  2. Name: Pallene
    Age: 11
    Gender: Female
    Personality: Although Pallene has grown up with Team Galactic, she knows how to be nice to others, and wanted to help Cyrus build a better world ever since she overheard what he was planning. She got her Sneasel a year ago, and left as an undercover spy in Twinleaf Town. She always hopes she will be promoted and become an admin of the team.
    Current team: Sneasel (female)
    Future team: Sneasel (female), Buneary (female), Pachirisu (female), Espeon (female), Froslass (female), Absol (female)
    Looks: Pallene wears a gray, warm short dress, white leggings, and tall gray boots.

    Pallene heard Serene calling from the other side of the door, and opened it. Snow plopped on Pallene's head from the roof. She flicked it off, and said, "Hi, Serene! What going on?"
  3. "Ah, nothing much. I was just wondering if you would like to join me on a journey?" She asked, smiling. Serene was extremley nervous, trying to brush it off by catching a snowflake on her tongue.
  4. Pallene thought for a while. She couldn't abandon her job as spy, yet she wanted to go with Serene.
    'Well, being a traveling spy wouldn't hurt,' she thought to herself, and told Serene, "Sure, why not? Of course I'll join you on a journey!"
  5. Name: Jackson Miller
    Age: 10
    Gender: male
    Personality: Jackson always knew he wanted to be a pokemon trainer. His whole life has been about pokemon since his parents are pokemon researchers. His dad specifically researched legendaries, so even though he is far from being able to, Jackson hopes to one day catch a legendary. Because of Jackson being extremely confident and determined his friends all expect him to go far. But Jacksons impulsiveness looks like it will stand in the way of this.
    Current team: Growlithe (male)
    Future team: Arcanine (male), Totodile (male), Phanpy (male), Staravia (female)
    Looks: Jackson has short brown hair that is usually unbrushed. He has tan skin and grey eyes. He wears a blue baseball hat, white tshirt with a blue and red pokeball design, blue unzipped jacket, jeans, black and white tennis shoes and a mainly blue with some red and white detailing backpack.

    Jackson had been awake for a while now, his dad asked him to run some errands early in the morning. The first task was to organize some boxes in the research lab. Then Jackson was told to deliver some medicine to the pokemon center, which was what he was currently doing.

    Jackson tightened his grip on the bags of medicine and continued through the snow with growlithe running infront of him. Growlithe had been a present for his 10th birthday that happened a month ago. The two have already formed a huge bond. But sadly, they have barely had any training experience because Jacksons parents have had him working in the lab almost everyday. But what the duo wants most is to go on a journey and get all 8 gym badges.
  6. Name: Almas Aurora
    Age: 10
    Gender: Male
    Personality: Almas is traveling to learn more about pokemon and how to take care of them, as well as training for the pokemon league. He is a caring and curious person, often caring more for others and their pokemon then himself. There are times where his interest in something gets the better of him and he forgets about other things around him. He hopes that his journey and battles help him learn more and get him closer to his goal.
    Current team: Fara - Ralts (female)
    Future team: Gardevoir (female), Infernape (male), Altaria (female), Glaceon (female), Floatzel (female), Steelix (male)
    Looks: Almas has dark blue hair that reaches to his shoulders and amber colored eyes. He wears a black jacket with two white stripes on each arm and a blue shirt underneath it. He wears blue jeans and has a pair of brown short boots.

    Almas was walking through Twinleaf Town, the snow crunching under his feet and his breath visible. He had just about finished looking around the small town after being dropped off here. It seemed to be a nice, quiet town but that also meant nothing was really happening. Having thought that it was about time to get going, Almas started walking away from the center of the town to the exit. He planned on visiting Lake Verity first before heading over to Sandgem Town.

    (ooc: Hope my post looks alright and that you don't mind me joining.)
  7. Name: Renza Omaru
    Age: 10
    Gender: Male
    Personality: Renza has always looked up to his parents after learning that they competed in the Unova World Championship, he has always thought that the idea of traveling was exciting. So Renza made his own goal, it required getting all eight gym badges from Sinnoh then to travel to Unova to get to the Championships. However, this has made him overly competitive and rash in the process without him knowing it most of the time.
    Current team: Cranidos (Male)
    Future team: Rampardos (Male), Machamp (Male), Rapidash (Female), Heracross (Male), Noctowl (Male)
    Looks: Renza wears an unbuttoned grey plaid shirt, complimented by a white shirt underneath, along with grey jeans with a pair of black sneakers. Renza also has dark brown hair that seems to be in an uncared for style, fair skin and a set dark brown eyes.

    Renza was outside his house in the front yard, accompanying him was his hasty Cranidos that his parents had just given him moments before. Renza was busy looking through his frost-covered bag for materials that he needed for his long awaited journey, and you could tell he couldn't believe that it was just a few steps ahead of him. He pulled out a few Pokeballs and a potion that was already supplied within the bag. He had shown his Cranidos the potion and it screeched with excitement, after that, Renza decided it was time to set out after wiping the frost that almost consumed his bag completely.
  8. ((Name: Marilynn Agate
    Age: 17
    Gender: Female
    Personality: Silent, distant, focused. She's more attentive to her Pokemon than to other people. She's mute, and she became so distant after being called a ghost several times growing up.
    Current team: Snorunt (Male)
    Future team: Glalie(Male), Banette(Female), Porygon-Z(Genderless), Vileplume(Female), Gorebyss(Female), Electivire(Male)
    Looks: Marilynn is tall, around 6'2", and scarily skinny. Her skin is ghostly pale. Her eyes are a glassy green, her hair is muddy brown. She wears a light green summer dress with yellow slip-on shoes. Marilynn always carries a whiteboard and marker with her.))

    Marilynn observed the small, snow-cloaked town from her perch in the trees, her Snorunt enjoying himself in the snowfall that had gathered on the ground. She was slightly baffled at the frigid conditions of Twinleaf, as she had lived there her whole life. Getting bored of her viewpoint, she hopped from the tree and landed on the ground with a muffled 'thud'.
  9. "Great! You ready to go?" She asked, beginning to walk off. Her eyes sparkled with excitement. Sora wove inbewteen her legs, purring loudly.
  10. Pallene thought, and said, "Just a second." She took her bag, which had all her pokeballs and potions, and told Serene, "All set!" She let Sneasel out her pokeball so she could enjoy the snow, and ran to catch up with Serene, Sneasel beside her.
  11. Jackson dropped off the medicine and headed back to twinleaf town. He could see the town when growlithe became overly energetic. The pokemon started to pull on Jacksons jacket, trying to get him to play. Growlithe then let go and ran forward a little bit and stopped to turn and look at his trainer. "You want to race?" jackson instantly knew what growlithe wanted. They both took off running towards the town.
  12. Almas had gotten to the entrance to the town and stopped. He took out a pokeball and let out the ralts inside. "Well Fara, here's where we'll start our journey." He said to Fara standing in front of him. Fara looked around for a second before looking at Almas with a smile. Almas looked at Fara and then looked down the two paths in front of him. At his left was the path to Lake Verity that he would make a quick trip to. At the right was the path to Sandgem Town. "Let's go to Lake Verity then Fara. Come on." Almas said as he went to pick up Fara. "Ralts!" Was all that she said while being picked up and placed on his shoulder. Even if she like walking next to him, she knew she couldn't run as fast as her trainer so she chose to ride on his shoulder. With Fara hanging on his shoulder, Almas started to run towards the lake.
  13. Marilynn watched as Almas and Fara ran to Lake Verity. Deciding that he would make a good opponent, she grabbed her Snorunt from the snow pile he was playing in and started after Almas. After a few minutes of brisk walking, she reached her destination. She saw that the lake had frozen over again. Marilynn scanned the lake, and saw a Clamperl had been partially frozen to the surface of the water.
  14. Lake Verity, one of the 3 lakes in the Sinnoh region and said to be home to one of a trio of legendary pokemon. Having arrived at the shore of the lake, Almas looked over it for a second. The water had been frozen over and the surroundings were quiet. Almas took a breath and said, "Legendary pokemon of the lake. I don't know if your listening but I only have one thing to say. I hope to be able to meet you someday." He didn't know whether or not the pokemon was there or if it heard him, but he said what he wanted. Meeting legendary pokemon is also included in his goals, since he wanted to learn about every pokemon he could.

    Fara watched as her trainer spoke towards the lake. She gave a smile at him as he was talking and looked over the lake. As she looked over, she soon noticed what looked like a Clamperl that had been frozen onto the top of the water. Fara was surprised for a moment and then tried telling her trainer. Almas soon saw that Fara was trying to tell him something and looked towards where she was pointing. As soon as he saw the Clamperl he made his decision. "Fara, go see if you can find someone to help, I'm going to see if I can get the Clamperl out of the ice." He said as he walked over the now frozen lake to the pokemon. How or why a Clamperl was frozen to the surface of the water didn't matter right now. He first had to get it unstuck and then see if it needed any treatment. Fara nodded at Almas' words and started looking around for someone. After spotting someone just a bit aways, she ran up to them and started trying to ask if they could help.
  15. After he finished looking in his bag, he looked off in the distance, "Sandgem Town... I wonder what kind strong Pokémon live there." He pondered as he rubbed his Cranidos' head, "Ready to go, Cranidos?"
    "Dos!" Was what he responded with. "I'll take that as a yes then, haha." The two headed for the exit, looking back to catch a glimpse of their past before starting anew. As excited as Renza was too be going on his own journey, he still felt a little worried, after all he was leaving his previous life behind. All he knew was Twinleaf town, although he did study a lot of the Unova region after his parents gave him it after their trip there, he made sure to keep it in his bag for old times sake.

    With his Cranidos beside him, the duo made their way towards Sandgem Town, unaware of all the dangers ahead, they only thought of the good portion of the journey. "It's just me and you now Cranidos, but I really need to name you someday, hm?" After some time Renza spoke again, "I know! I'll name you on the way there, it'll give me something to think about at least." With that, they set out for Sandgem Town.
  16. Marilynn glanced down at Fara's hopping, then at the place she was pointing at. She stepped over to the frozen Clamperl, and started to help Almas tug it out. She wasn't that much help, though. Her hands trembled at the cold touch of the frozen Pokemon, and her arms barely had any muscle. Besides, she was freezing already.
  17. Jackson was just outsids twinleaf when growlithe froze. The pokemon held it head high, tilting it side to sode as if it were listening for something. "What is it?" Jackson understood what growlithe was doing. Then, suddenly growlithe took off running and Jackson followed. He notice that his pokemon was heading for the lake.
  18. Almas pulled as hard as he could to try to get the Clamperl out. He noticed that someone else was helping him pull, but the pokemon still wasn't budging. Fara didn't have any moves that might help yet and he had no fire type pokemon yet. Wondering what he should do, Almas noticed what seemed to be a Growlithe and its trainer coming toward the lake. "Hey, can you come over here and help! There's a Clamperl stuck on the ice." Almas shouted towards the trainer, hoping they would help.
  19. Marilynn's Snorunt stomped on the ice around Clamperl in an attempt to set it free. He helped slightly by cracking the ice a bit. Marilynn tried a new approach to how she was gonna get Clamperl out. She sat down on the ice, wrapped both of her arms around the Bilvalve Pokemon, and tugged with all her might. However, the new tactic wasn't helping much. She was miserable from the frigid conditions, and her already lacking strength was quickly waning.
  20. Jackson quickly observed the situation. He saw that a clamperl was stuck in the frozen lake. He knew growlithe could unfreeze the ice around it, but wasnt sure if growlithe had mastered his first type move well enough to not hurt the clamperl. But Jackson had faith that it would work. "Alright growlithe, use ember on the ice" instantly his pokemon spit out one single fire ball which quickly partially melted the ice so that the clampert was mostly unstuck. "One more time" Jackson told Growlithe. The rest of the ice was now melted so the clamperl was floating in water.
  21. Almas watched as the trainer and pokemon he had called out to got closer. After stepping back a bit, he watched as the Growlithe spit out ember to unfreeze the Clamperl. When the ice had melted after the attacks and the Clamperl was floating, Almas picked it up out of the water and started inspecting it. There didn't seem to be any visible problems with the pokemon, but this was the first time he had seen a clamperl so he had no sure way of telling if it was truly alright. "It seems that the Clamperl is fine, but I'm not an expert on them. We should take it to a pokemon center just in case." He said as he turned towards the two people that had helped. He now had time to notice who the two people were. The one that had first helped with her Snorunt appeared to be an older girl with pale skin. The Growlithes trainer seemed to be a boy around his age with tanned skin. "Thank you for helping out. I'm Almas and this Ralts is Fara." He said as he introduced himself and Fara to the two.

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