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Open Legends of Seira | Sign-Ups & Discussion

Discussion in 'General Role Play Discussion' started by EnigmaticMissingNo., May 22, 2019.

  1. EnigmaticMissingNo.

    EnigmaticMissingNo. Previously McGlitchy

    Seira is a fantasy world with what I believe to be a rich, if somewhat long and complex, history and culture. Since this is the case I'll be giving a summary of the most important parts of the world. If any more information about the world is needed I'll be happy to provide answers to any questions.

    The world of Seira is typically split up into three regions, the Elder Kingdoms, the Magi Islands, and the Western Kingdoms. The Elder Kingdoms consists of over 50 kingdoms run by royal bloodlines that can be traced back to the creation of the first humanoids, these nations are weak do to their small size and constant quarreling. The Elder Kingdoms are kept together by the High Council, the High Council has a strange role in Seira as it is supposed to be under the control of the Elder Kingdoms, but recently it has shown that it works much more like a separate government. The Magi Islands consists of a group of islands in south Seira, they have a sparse and temporary population that is only their to conduct magic research or learn from master sorcerers that call the Magi Islands home. The Western Kingdoms are the most powerful nations in Siera, holding the most amount of land and the greatest amount of natural resources, as well as having amazing amounts of trade between themselves and other eastern nations. The Western Kingdoms arose from ancient monster civilizations, most have also grown to include the humanoids of Seira, but one to the north continues to show resistance to the advances of humanoids.

    The many kingdoms that make up Seira have grown and changed over the many years they have existed. Today society not only recognizes humanoids (Elves, humans, dwarves, half-orcs, etc.) as civilized creatures, many creatures that have long been considered monsters (Goblins, orcs, minotaurs, imps, etc.) have also shown that they can overcome their natural savagery to become something more. Magic has been subject to much controversy, for much of Seira’s history magic users have been hunted down in fear of their great power. Today magic users are an essential part of many aspects of people’s lives. Unfortunately the years of hunting prevented magic from advancing much beyond its original states, as such it is incredibly hard to use and learn magic.

    Even today the lands of Seira continue to see great conflict and change. The Elder Kingdoms have entered a state of fragile peace and so many fear that the Elder Kingdoms will fall within the next decade. The High Council has begun to move towards independence from the Elder Kingdoms, though it’d like to try and establish a long lasting peace in the Elder Kingdoms before separating, many members are becoming impatient and are pushing for independence to come soon. The Western Kingdoms have seen a resurgence in extreme monster culture, they have spent the last year trying to keep the population happy and calm, but most supporters continue to show discontent. To the northwest half-orc fortifications have been having trouble with attacks from the military of the purely monster nation.

    The Map
    In addition to the information above I will also be providing two maps of Seira, one shows individual kingdoms, while the other shows how the regions (Western Kingdoms, Elder Kingdoms, Magi Islands) are split up. Both, however, show the Elder Kingdoms as one nation, if you read the Civilization summary than you should know that the Elder Kingdoms are made up of many different smaller kingdoms. I united them in both maps because they are very similar in culture and ideals (and also because mapping every single nation is annoying), I may change this map if needed.

    region map.png
    Red = Western Kingdoms
    Purple = Elder Kingdoms
    Blue = Magi Islands
    Grey = Unexplored

    indi map.png
    Red = Resforum
    Blue = Vilgor
    Green = Wilfeld
    Brown = Folrock
    Yellow = Hilere
    Purple = Magi Islands
    Light Blue = Elder Kingdoms
    Orange = Candoor
    Grey = Unexplored

    The RP
    I'd also like to talk about what this RP is all about. I plan for this RP to be very open ended, with the entire world being open to the characters. There are world wide storylines for characters to follow, but RP will be driven mostly by what the characters do by themselves, for example the party may find themselves without much money so they may look for work in a major kingdom, this could eventually lead to some larger adventure involving the fate of a town/city in the kingdom or the kingdom itself.

    To start off I'd like to begin the characters in Candoor, it is a simple kingdom and the smallest among the Western Kingdoms. It's also much safer than other parts of Seira so this should be the perfect place for characters to begin their journey. I haven't talked much about individual kingdoms so I'll be adding information about Candoor to here probably the day after I post this.

    1. Follow all Pokecharms rules.
    2. Romance is allowed between characters as long as its kept at a PG-13 level.
    3. You are allowed two characters, if you prove that you can handle two than I'll allow three, it becomes four if you handle three, and so on.
    4. Character death is possible, though I'll never kill a character without approval and no characters should kill each other unless some form of approval was given.
    5. The death rule can have exceptions if your character is in an impossible situation, you can't just continually throw your character into trouble and expect to survive every time. (ex: If you decide your characters going to go off on a journey by themselves to kill a dragon, unless they have some reasonable way to kill it, then they are most likely going to die)
    6. Magic should not be the answer to everything, there's a reason I specified the current magical capabilities, it was to ensure magic users don't use complex and overpowered spells that might not exist in Seira.
    7. Again this rule has an exception, if your character works towards achieving a spell like this I may allow your character to eventually learn/create it, this will take time and will take hard work.
    8. You are allowed to make/control small NPCs for small interactions, for example if your character is planning to go to a tavern to sleep while the rest of the party goes shopping, you are allowed to control the tavern owner so that you can get a room.
    9. Ultimately my word is the law of the land, meaning that you can still get in trouble for some things that aren't up here, I don't plan to use this too often as I'm sure many of you won't be trying to cause trouble.

    I need to quickly talk about characters, they shouldn't be an incredibly powerful. Perhaps they've become skilled in some areas through experience up to that point in life or were training somewhere. Besides that there's also the difference between humanoids and monsters, humanoids are pretty much limited to Elves, Dwarves, Humans, Halflings, Half-Orcs, and their hybrids. Monsters are pretty much anything else that's not an animal or humanoid, do note that some monsters are considered "more civilized" than others, so it's important to consider your choices before settling on a monster race.

    Character Sheet
    Race (Explained above):
    Personality (Doesn't have to be too long, I'd rather see the personality in action in the RP):
    Backstory (Again doesn't have to be long, because I haven't given much info on the kingdoms yet):
    Skills (Any skills that they have learned, ex: Swordsmanship, Lock Picking, Smithing, etc.):
    Magic (Can they use magic?): y/n
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  2. Name: Atticus Rosan
    Age: 16
    Gender: Male
    Race: Elf
    Appearance: He wears a black cloak and a raggity undershirt. His height is average for an elf. His hair is as messy as the rest of his look.
    Personality: He is not exactly friendly towards anyone, so he stays by himself most of the time. He is overall normally aggressive towards people. Being around someone for too long may cause him to feel at ease, but if he realizes this, he might become aggressive again.
    Backstory: He lived his life on the streets but was only taken in for the first five years of his life.
    Skills: Skilled with daggers, pick pocketing and pervasiveness.
    Magic: Very little, but yes
    Inventory: Duel rusty daggers, some pocket money, and a bag to keep miscellaneous items.
    Other: N/A
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  3. EnigmaticMissingNo.

    EnigmaticMissingNo. Previously McGlitchy

  4. Do you have your character sheet?
  5. EnigmaticMissingNo.

    EnigmaticMissingNo. Previously McGlitchy

    Nope, I'll be controlling all the NPCs and enemies.
  6. Name: Caine Fey
    Age: 24
    Gender: Male
    Race: Human
    Appearance: About 5’9 in height with a skinny frame, he has messy longish hair that is a silver colour with random streaks of brown here and there. His eyes are blue with his skin being a pale colour. He wears large brown boots with blue pants held up by a belt affirmed with multiple pouches, a brown shirt (tunic?) and a green cloak is wrapped around his neck and hangs down to his feet.
    Personality: Outgoing and intelligent, Caine is always looking to learn more. Although wanting to learn more many are stunned at his disbelief and more so disregard of the magical arts.
    Backstory: Born to an average family in an average house, in an average community, Caine strived to be anything but average. He studied and learnt all he could in order to defy anyone who ever told him that he would just be average.
    Skills: Alchemy, tinkering and knowledge of certain plants, creatures, etc.
    Magic: nope
    Inventory: a few different plants and herbs held in his belt pouches and tools for tinkering.
    Other: Nah...
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  7. EnigmaticMissingNo.

    EnigmaticMissingNo. Previously McGlitchy

  8. ThePlayfulFox

    ThePlayfulFox Previously PlayfulFox47

    So this is like a DnD RP? You do control all of the NPCs...
  9. Shadow_Pup

    Shadow_Pup Previously LeBarrel42

    Name: Cassius Leshrade
    Age: 21
    Gender: Male
    Race: Human
    Appearance: Tall, 6' 10", muscular build, lime green spiky hair, golden eyes and a brown goatee. He wears a floor length, black with red rims, sleeveless hooded robe, beneath that he has brown trousers with no shoes or top.
    Personality: Cool and collected, kind to almost everyone, smart and gentle. He has a fear of heights and hates cruel people.
    Backstory: His family moved from Hilere during the time when magic users were hunted as his ancestor was discovered using magic. He grew up on the Magi Islands, he was trained in other forms of combat by his dad, incased his magic ever failed him.
    Skills: Swordmanship, Archery, Mathematical thinking.
    Magic (Can they use magic?): Y
    Inventory: Two jade daggers, a mahogany crossbow, a steel rapier, some magical tomes, a glass eye and a small amount of money.
    Other: Nope
  10. lol, I'm probably in way too many rps right now but wynaut. I also couldn't decide so im bringing in 2 characters!

    Name: Juan Diego Cabrillo Cortez Romero de Draconia
    Age: 24 Kobold years (so about 8 actual years)
    Gender: Male
    Race: (Monster) Kobold
    Appearance: Being a Kobold, Diego is quite short. He stands a little under 3 feet. His skin is red, scaly, and lizard like. He always tries to wear nice clothes, specifically a tunic and pants with a belt that contains his sheathed rapier. Also, Diego has the special trait that every member of the Draconia family has. Two small, leathery wings extend from his shoulders, and can be folded to be flat on his back. Being a Kobold, Diego does not have any hair. His face looks like that of a lizard, and he had green eyes.
    Personality: The Draconia family, in an attempt to become more 'civilized', enforce a strict code of honor. This code of honor is already pretty strict, but Diego makes sure to follow this code to a T. He is quite proud of his Kobold heritage, and takes offense easily to people who are against that. He makes sure to be chivalrous at all times.
    Backstory: The Draconia family is a small clan of Kobolds that lives near a small town in eastern Candoor. They have been working very hard for many generations to become 'civilized', and are starting to see the fruits of their effort. They've finally managed to get on good terms with the local town and have become quite good blacksmiths, helping out the town in that aspect. Sure, they may not be Elves or Dwarves, but the goods they make are still pretty good. Diego comes from this family. He often goes out to do errands for the family, but wishes for something more. For adventure!
    Skills: Swordsmanship, Blacksmithing, Hunting
    Magic (Can they use magic?): N
    Inventory: Rapier, Whip, Short bow, Hunting traps, small pouch of gold.
    Other: None

    Lol nvm I'm only posting one character here.
  11. This looks pretty interesting, give me a while to whip something up but I am interested

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