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Open Legendary Crisis

Discussion in 'Pokémon Role Play' started by link8304, Aug 5, 2016.

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  1. Welcome to the Legendary Crisis Roleplay.
    The Story:
    There is a very secret garden, tucked away from every region. It is not meant for trainers to find it. Instead, Legendary Pokemon go to rest there. They always have. One day, a man soaring on his fearow found the garden. He saw all the legendary Pokemon, and decided one thing; to harness the powers they leave on the garden. He picked special flowers that had Kyogre's Water infused with them. He picked soil stepped on by Groudon. He picked up bits of ice near the water with Kyurem's frosty power. He did not know it completely, yet, but each of these items could unleash the full force of the Legendary that left it. This is why a lot of Legendaries had adapted to flying, so they didn't accidentally leave that power in Human Territory. Soon after, the trainer had unleashed Kyogre's Power, and the entire World was plagued by watery disaster.

    Sign-up Form [Legendary]
    Extra: (Clothing, Scars, etc.)

    Sign-up Form [Trainer]
    RP Name:
    RP Age:
    Pokemon: (Max. 6)

    Just in case you were wondering, here's mine.
    Username: link8304
    Legendary: Dialga
    Moves: Roar of Time, Dragon Pulse, Aura Sphere, Earthquake
    Ability: Pressure
    Extra: CAN become Primal (Like in Mystery Dungeon)

    Suicune - Fit 'n' Sparky
    Mew - AnnaFox
    Dialga - link8304
    Zygarde - DarkestNight
    Vivirizon (?)
    Shaymin - AceTheAbsol

    Delta Carvine - OmegaCarvinePlays

    Feel free to remind me if I forget any :p

    - - - - - - - - - - - -
    Dialga ran for cover under an overpass. The Secret Garden had gotten such terrible weather lately. He wondered where all the others were. He didn't dare use the Roar of Time, because he could get unmoving water all over him. He hated that.
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  2. Username: AnaFox
    Legendary: Mew
    Moves: Transform,Amnesia,Aura Sphere, Barrier
    Ability: Psychic
    Extra: a big scar over one eye
  3. Username: Ace
    Legendary: Shaymin
    Moves: Leaf storm, seed flare, psychic , and and Energy ball
    Extras: wears a bandana when in skyform..
    #3 Nyxel, Aug 9, 2016
    Last edited: Aug 9, 2016
  4. Username: Fiam
    Legendary: Suicune
    Moves: Protect, Ice fang, Shadow ball, Scald.
    Ability: Pressure
    Extra: Where's a red shemagh
  5. (You guys can start RPing whenever you want btw)
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  6. Ace Flew around the area looking down at the ground "woo hoo " Ace Yelled
  7. Username:DarkestNight


    Moves:Lands wrath, Dragon pulse, Extreme speed, Dragon dance/Core Protecor/Enforcer
    Ability:Aura Break/Swarm Change(Complete

    Extra: Able to change forme from
    10% to 50% At will

    Zygare stood on one of the taller rocks on the island, Gazing out on the horizon, the Cellular hexagon like eyes Flashing, Supposedly scanning the edge of the horizon,
    #7 TheCopperHare, Aug 10, 2016
    Last edited: Aug 10, 2016
  8. Mew was flying around area in her Barrier when she saw Sky Shaymin. "Hey, Shaymin!" Mew greeted.
  9. Shaymin looks around "Mew! ...Hi..so hows your day going"
  10. Mew tried to stopped, but she was still moving around. "I...uhm... Watch out!" Mew yelled when she almost crushed with Shaymin. "I don't know how to stop this damn Barrier." Mew was winding around.
  11. Shaymin grabs mew "its ok Mew "Shaymin shaked his head "can you try to stop crashing into me"
  12. "I don't know!" Mew started to panic. "I'll try to." Mew said and with all her strength slamed into Shaymin. Mew stopped. "Wow! It work!" Mew said and ran out of her Barrier and hugged Shaymin.
  13. Zygarde would of registered the crash of mew and shaymin, Their gaze going back to the horizon, Something never seemed right when zygarde stood on the rock like that, Something made him seem. Angered
  14. "hey mew alittle tight "Shaymin's face grew red "Mew your tail its tickling me " He nuzzeled her and then he laughed loud
  15. "Oh really?" Mew asked and countinued to tickled Shaymin.
  16. Shaymin laughed even more "plz Mew...i cant take it "he starts tickling her "haa i got you buddy"
  17. "There's a storm coming," Zygarde was talking to himself, his droning, Slightly robotic sounding tone as he stepped back, Running of the cliff,
  18. "Ok, stop!" Mew laughed and stopped to tickling Shaymin and went back into her Barrier.
  19. Shaymin frowns "aww i wanted to play "Shaymin droops "cmon mew can we hang out today i wont tickle you any more"
  20. "Ok, but I won't go outside my Barrier if I'm not sure that there is no danger." Mew said.
  21. Shaymin drooped "aww ok "Shaymin flys down to a lake" Shaymin smiles "i love this place"
  22. "Wow, I'm for the first time on the ground." Mew said. "I'm always in the air in the Barrier so I never getting of the ground."
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  23. "cmon Mew out of the Barrier " Shaymin walks on the ground and he then droops "plz i just wanna spend more time with you" he places his paw on the barrier
  24. "Okay." Mew said and landed on the ground. "Okay, I'm coming..." Mew said fearfully and out one leg from the Barrier. Later Mew's full was outside of the Barrier. "Oh my... I'm not trapped anymore!" Mew exclaimed and started running around.
  25. Shaymin hugs her "yay so its awesome " He nuzzels her "hey is it wrong for a legend to like another legend "he blushes
  26. Zygarde finnaly hit the smaller rocker, Jumping to push the Braiviary out the way, Only making it with a split second to avoid the large rock that was falling,
  27. "I don't know..." Mew said. "However, let's have some fun, but we need to be careful, if any of Legendaries saw us together. We will be...." Mew said and pretend she is dead.
  28. "yeah..god would kill us "he nuzzels her "so you like me too"he blushes "also the only one who can see us here is Giratina and he doesnt care about other legends breaking the rules.."
  29. "Yeah, but Zygarde was always spying on other Legendaries." Mew said and looked around.
  30. Shaymin droops "oh so thats who was on that cliff "he droops "so what do we do then"
  31. "Idon't know, I've never been suspened from my 'job'." Mew said
  32. "Haa job i free as a me" he kisses her cheek "cmon mew lets go i know somewhere where Z cant find us "
  33. "Okay." Mew said and ran toward Shaymin.
  34. "Shaymin. Mew, Please come down here for a second, " They looked up as they shifted into their 50% forme
  35. "Ahh no Z"he stops "why do we have to listen "he droops "cmon man plz dont tell"
  36. "Comig Z!" Mew yelled and ran to her Barrier and jumped inside it.
  37. "While I remind you that mating is strictly forbidden and will represent as a death sentence, Courtship and General sign of affection and care are not punishable harshly, You are dismissed and I will keep this warning from arceus ears. After all my job is to maintain order."
  38. Shaymin growls "i hate you...hey Zekrom and reshiram where doing this a few months ago and yal did nothing to them "he growls "i guess yal just like picking on the small legends "he starts to use seed flare
  39. "Calm down shaymin, Zekrom and reshiram we're given permission due to their ability to With kyruem, Myself, Untill a week after I was not Allowed to warn, only watch and inform"
  40. "Fine "Shaymin fires the seed flare somewhere else "you are a jerk though " Shaymin walks away
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