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Legendary Catch

Discussion in 'Pokémon Games Discussion' started by pfreaking unbelievable, Jul 21, 2010.

  1. Ok, so I have had problems catching Legendaries, but that is not what this is about, this is about what poke balls did you catch legendaries in. Me, I caught all my legendaries in platinum, HG, and Emerald with master balls, I then restarted platinum and just now captured a Giritina in a Dusk ball. See? Only once did I catch a legendary in a non-master ball. So, tell me and everyone else: What pokeballs did you use to capture legendaries?

    EDIT: Update. Just caught UXIE in a Dusk Ball.
  2. Magpie

    Magpie Feathered Overseer
    Staff Member Moderator

    I almost always catch Legendaries in Great or Ultra Balls. It can take forever (although on occasion I've been uber lucky and caught one after only throwing a couple of Ultra balls), but I prefer them to Master balls. I think it's because I've come to associate Master balls with hacked Pokemon, even though I'm not sure where that's come from. I do always throw a Quick Ball at the start, but I've yet to be successful with that - even though Articuno stayed in the ball for all three 'wobbles' before breaking out like the bugger it was. I've also caught a couple in Timer Balls, because by the time they've started to Struggle, you know you've been at it a while <<;

    So yeah, mostly Ultra/Great balls, but a couple in Timer Balls.
  3. Linkachu

    Linkachu Hero of Pizza
    Staff Member Administrator

    Most of mine are caught in Timer Balls or Dusk Balls (if the time and locations are appropriate). In games like HG/SS I opted to use Ultra Balls more often because it's harder to get a hold of the other types of PokeBalls and none of Kurt's unique ones have been overly useful to me. That said, pretty sure I caught my Lugia in a Heavy Ball.

    The only time I use my Master Ball is when a Pokemon is the wandering variety. I find the practice of chasing a Pokemon over an entire region to catch it very irritating, especially the way Entei and Raikou work, so I'm much more likely to toss my Master Ball at them. The only reason I haven't used mine yet in SS is because I've yet to unlock Latios/Latias and I'm not quite sure how catching them works (ie. whether they actually are wandering Pokemon and whether or not they run).
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  4. Long post...

    Depends on the legendary some are roaming so you have to sort of plan ahead to get them, since they can run away. Though most of those would not run away from Dugtrio's arena-trap even though they can. In the event they would you'd have to give a status condition to them such as sleep, or Parallelization in the first encounter. Do not poison or burn it just in case cause that could take it down and you'd have to do some stuff over again if you really wanted to catch it since you be turning the game off. You can then track it until you get it low enough in HP (like red or low yellow) then use a quick ball in your next encounter it would drastically increase your chances on the roaming legendary. And also use Dugtrio in platinum as your front pokemon since in Platinum only Mesprit and Cresselia seems to run from Dugtrio do to Levitate. (Even though the birds can since they are part flying)

    In HG/SS however you can tell which one your chasing so Dugtrio would be ideal for the Beast Raikou and Entei since they don't have Levitate and thus can't escape making them stationary and resettable ones since you can switch out allowing them to run if you say notice your out of balls other then your master ball which you do not want to use. By allowing them to run you keep what ever you did to them and can follow them after you stock up of course.

    As for the stationary ones Dugtrio's arena trap is useless since they will not run. But other then that the rules to catching with balls other then the master ball remain the same. You should also base what ball you use on the legendary, location and time since these special balls can have a higher catch rate then an Ultra ball and be 200 cheaper at the marts.

    Since D/P/PL and HG/SS all have the night and day feature if its night use the dusk ball it then has a X4 catch rate compared to an Ultra balls' X3 catch rate. If the battle goes on for a while time balls increase every ten turns by + X1 catch rate.

    In Heart Gold and Soul silver you can add the love ball to your usage. If your lucky enough to have a friend who will lend you either Latios or Latias (The opposite of the one your game features.) The love ball will have a catch rate of X8- more then twice that of an ultra ball, and even better then a quick ball used on the first turn.

    Also in HG/SS the fast ball helps some what agents Latios/Latias.
    So mostly depends on the Legendary in question. If roaming use Dugtrio even if it ends up begin something that can run away since in platinum you can't tell. In HG/SS use Dugtrio in Johto since only the dogs appear there while in Kanto you have to be quick and piece it may take several encounters with Latios or Latias. (Took me 10 to catch Latias)

    If you can transfer Heavy balls from HG/SS to D/P/PL then legendaries like Palkia, and Heatran become much easier do to their bulkiness. (Though in relation to Heavy balls I am not sure they will work the same way has they do in HG/SS in D/P/PL since it was featured only G-II before it was added back in G-IV pretty much forgotten in G-III where you could not connect with the G-II games.

    In HG/SS when Cynthia allows you to catch at level 1 one of D/P/PL mascot pokemon if you select Garitina the Heavy ball is your best friend do to the massive and 1433.0lbs/650.0kg in Origin Forme and even more massive 1653.5lbs/750.0kg in Altered Forme.

    And just one last thing for all roaming make sure you have a pokemon that can give sleep or parallelization and is fast enough to do so. So you can at least put a status condition on the legendary before it runs away. (If Dugtrio is your front agents one with levitate attack with a non ground type move to do damage since that's the best you can do.) (If Dugtrio is your front agents something like Articuno and you did not put a status condition on it in a previous encounter attack if you get lucky you may catch it there but if not your next pokemon after Dugtrio faints should be one that can put said status condition. Just a tip Carry Dugtrio, and Jolteon (Since Jolteon is fast and can learn Thunder wave) in your roaming catcher team. And of course make sure they are of level 50+
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  5. For me, it depends.

    When I get a Pokegame, I start playing from day one, and that includes hunting for legendaies. This usually means I would have to wait a few months before AR comes out with cheatcodes. Until then, I use a variety of balls, but only use a Master ball on pokemon that run away or are Extremely hard to catch (Entei; Arceus). Although you can catch them in a regular Pokeball if your lucky, these balls are great for hunting legendaries:
    Great ball
    Ultra ball
    Dusk ball (my favorite. Cave + Night time = win)
    Timer ball
    Cherish ball
    Quick ball
    Fast ball (caught my Raikou :) )
    Net ball (Suicune)
    and a Heavy ball.

    Afterwards, I do kinda cheat, but I like catching certain pokemon with certain balls.
  6. I always study the modifiers carefully. My go-to balls are always Dusk Balls since I usually play at night. I used a bunch of Fast Balls on Raikou/Entei but none of them took, and later I read on Bulbapedia that Fast Balls changed in Gen 4: they work better depending on the speed stat of the target, not on pokemon that try to flee battle. I also used a few Master Balls on wandering pokemon (and Mewtwo, I think) since I had quite a few after cannibalizing all my Gen 3 games. I used to use Timer Balls and Net Balls a lot in Gen 3, but the Dusk Ball is pretty much the best nowadays, not constrained by type or needing time to get good.

    I also trained up a special Gallade that knows Hypnosis, Mean Look and False Swipe to be my pokemon-catching-pokemon, but he wasn't ready until I'd already caught Entei and Raikou. >_< Oh well, there will be more wanderers.
  7. Sir Red

    Sir Red Charms' Caped Crusader

    I pretty much exclusively use Dusk Balls for catching Legendaries. If the conditions are not ideal, I'll either wait until nightfall, or try and hack it with Ultra Balls. I may occasionally use the Master Ball to capture the ingame legendary, but that's only because my team is underleveled and I'm out of other Balls. :x
  8. Magpie

    Magpie Feathered Overseer
    Staff Member Moderator

    I might have to try these Dusk Balls. They seem a very popular choice and as I usually play at night also... I have a feeling they'll be much more effective than my usual Great/Ultra Balls XD
  9. Sir Red

    Sir Red Charms' Caped Crusader

    Yeah, when you use them at night/in a cave they have the highest catch rate (excluding Master Ball, obviously :p). Timer Balls can get to that same rate, but it takes a huge number of turns to get that high, so Dusk Balls at night/in a cave are really the best Balls to use. -^^-
  10. Ultra Balls for me. When I don't have any Master Balls from Ruby available that is... *Innocent whistle* Also, I had to catch Uxie and Azelf with Duskballs. Took freaking for ever still.
  11. New: I just caught a Shaymin and Arceus with the DUSK BALL (I'm starting to like dusk balls) only using the action replay to use the PKMN modifier.
  12. Before the Dusk Ball was introduced, I'd just spam Ultra Balls until I caught the legendary, but now I alternate between the two, and occaisionally use a Poke Ball for shits and giggles, and I caught Uxie in Platinum with a Poke Ball. But I ought to try Timer Balls, I never really bought them.
  13. I've caught a Registeel from Emerald in a Poke Ball before :p

    Asides that... I don't actually chase after them much to be honest. Only when its in the plot or whatnot. I've caught a Timid Suicune in a Net Ball though :)
  14. I use Master Balls. Mostly. But, I also use Quick Balls, for the beginning, Timer Balls, for later on, Dusk Balls, for at night/caves, great/Ultra Balls, for when 'm out of Master Balls, of just want something different. In Pt, I used my Master Ball on Giratina, when I saw the battle was going nowhere. Then, for the Lake Trio I used Dusk Balls for Uxie/Azelf, and a Quick Ball for Mesprit. Cresselia, I used an Ultra Ball. Then I got more Master Balls and caught everything else in those. But, yep. That's how I catch my legends.
  15. Normally I use masterballs, that I trade over my GBA games, but occasionally I have caught pokemon with other pokeballs (lucky)
    Zapdos/Moltres - pokeballs :D
    Kyogre - Net Ball
    Azelf, Uxie, Groudon, - Timer Balls
    Palkia - Dusk Ball
    But with the rest of the ones I have I use a masterball because I really wanted them or I ran out of balls xD
  16. Lets see.. The biggest achievement from catchin a legendary is a mewtwo in a pokeball in red version. But i couldnt prove it to anyone cause all the pokeballs looked like pokeballs in that game! but i just usually catch legendaries with whatever im in the mood to use. If i feel a great ball would be good to use i throw a great ball.. I just alternate
  17. I like to coordinate the different Poke ball colors and traits with the Pokemon I'm trying to catch.
    Giratina with a Dusk Ball
    Snorlax with a Heavy Ball
    Uxie with an Ultra Ball
    Azelf with a Great Ball
    Mesprit with a Pokeball/Heal Ball (yeah good luck with that!)
    Mewtwo with a Master Ball (It matches color-wise and it has an M on it, it was BUILT for Mewtwo!)

    I did manage to catch Dialga with a Pokeball on Diamond though.
  18. Me, i just sue ultra balls all the time, this is why i suck at getting them on my plat i have only Giratina and on my HG i ahve versed all the legendaries (Apart from events, groudon and rayquaza) and not caught any of them apart from Ho-oh in a master ball :L
  19. Welp...

    I was on Mt. Coronet, it was a cold day. I had just defeated Cyrus and sent him crying to his home in Sunyshore like a little whore. I stepped up to the large blue pokemon in front of me. The menacing stare gleaming from its dead crimson eyes caused slight intimidation to run throughout my soul. He took a step and an arrow of chilled air shot through my spine and I felt as if my heart quit pounding. I drew my Great Ball and released my HM Slave Quagsire who was about to die. Dialga pounced with a menacing roar. I decided to use the only ball in my arsenal (besides the Master): A Quick Ball, on the very first turn of the battle. With a tense and emotion ripping toss, the ball tapped the pokemon and the ball, agape, took in the Pokemon. After a few shakes...IT FREAKING CAUGHT! I WAS LIKE: OMG!

    And that is all >_>
  20. I mostly use Ultra Balls when I came to a Legendary. I sometimes use Dusk Balls, Quick Balls, and Dive Balls (in case they are on the water....). The last time I caught a Legenday was in my Platinum. It was a Creselia almost towards the Lost Tower. I caught her with a Dive Ball. Didn't expect that. xD
  21. i would either use ultra[​IMG] or dusk balls[​IMG] since there the easest to catch statinary pokemon with but on a legendary that runs from you i would use quick balls and also i caught a kyogo on emerald using a net ball[​IMG] ::)now that was a shock
  22. Ultra balls. I always catch the trios and pokemon like [​IMG] or [​IMG] in just a few Ultra balls. In my friends game great balls always catch the pokemon. I think she cheated. Her game has wild starters that don't evolve.
  23. Generally, I always catch legendaries with ultra balls.

    By far, the shortest time it took to catch a legendary actually happened not too long ago on my SoulSilver Version. I caught Suicune in 5 minutes, and that's not an estimate either. I clocked it. The reason I did, however, is because the longest time I ever took to catch a legendary spanned 3 or 4 hours. At the time, I wasn't clocking it, but I was trying to capture Groudon on my Ruby Version. I had x99 ultra balls and that Pokemon just didn't want to be caught.

    Now, on the same SoulSilver Version game data, I'm trying to capture Ho-oh, but it seems the ultra balls won't work. I wear it down until its HP is in the orange or red area and put it to sleep, but even then, it still keeps breaking out of the ultra ball. I've only had it wobble 3 times on a few occasions, and I don't want to cheat either. I really don't know what to do at this point, so I figured I'd ask you guys.
  24. Sir Red

    Sir Red Charms' Caped Crusader

    I think I stated this somewhere earlier in this thread, but whatever; the best ball to use is Duskballs. Just go battle Ho-oh at night, and they will start with the highest success rate (outside of Master Balls, that is :p). Also, I'd suggest Paralyzing Ho-oh over putting it to sleep. Does the same thing, but it doesn't wear off after a few turns, thus giving you more chances to try and capture it.
  25. Thanks for the tip, Sir Red! I really must have read over it.

    I finally caught my Ho-Oh yesterday afternoon with a Dusk Ball. My game was started in the evening due to events that were out of my control (although I woke up at 6am to get ready to pick up my pre-orders. >>;)
  26. the Poke ball i used to catch my Latios was a Premier Ball. it took alot of time, alot of Wobbuffet's, and alot of money , but it was all worth it in my ruby version :D
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  27. OMG I just caught groudon in pokemon SS... IN A GREAT BALL!

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