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Legend of the Guardians OOC Discussion

Discussion in 'General Role Play Discussion' started by BazookaNeon, Nov 9, 2010.

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    Actual Roleplay

    Note: The roleplay is centered around the happenings of the movie, considering that there are many confusing differences between the movie and book.

    In a distant land, governed not only by laws of nature, but by good and evil, lies a kingdom ruled by owls. For many generations, peace reigned over our world since a great warrior, Lyze of Kiel, defeated the dark Metalbeak.
    Since then, worry of his return vanquished, and would not expect a great crisis that would arise.

    For many moons now, owlets have been taken from their families, disappearing into a land called "The Beaks" and never to be found again. Or so they thought.
    Yet this crisis met our disbelief until a band, their leader called Soren, had managed to reach us with witness of this crisis.

    These owlets were escapees of "St. Aegolious", a place where they were to be enslaved and assigned to retrieve mysterious blue fragments called "Flecks", which we had then learned were designed to weaken our gizzards.
    Some of these owlets though, were to be trained to fight under the wings of the "Pure Ones"
    That is when our attention was truely caught.

    With our long journey through, we knew we had to fight them, yet again, for this war to end. But what we feared was true. Metalbeak was leading them.
    Yet we could not let them win. We have sworn to our duties and dare not let us fail.

    For we are the Guardians of Ga'Hoole,
    Sworn to Protect the Innocent, and Vanquish the Evil

    Godmodding is PROHIBITED
    Autohitting is PROHIBITED
    No being the strongest, fastest, biggest, etc. of all characters
    You CANNOT play as an official, although contact and/or mention of them is allowed.
    Be descriptive in your posts, atleast five sentances minimum.

    The "Guardians" -- Good
    The "Pure Ones" -- Evil (Please note, most Pure ones are tyto breeds, such as Barn Owls and Sooties)
    Owlets (Destined either to be a Guardian or a Pure One)

    Chaw - A group of Guardians
    Owlet - A young or nesting Owl
    Glaux - The Owl Gods
    The Ga'Hoole Tree - A great tree; the home of the Guardians.
    Tyto - A great forest where most Barn Owls and Sooty Owls live.
    Kuneer - A Desert where flyers such as Eagles and Elf Owls live
    Northern Kingdoms - An icy land with seals and penguins were a retreat of owl monks exist

    Occupation: (If you are a pure one or guardian)
    Appearance: (If picture is not available, please give a good description of appearance instead)

    The discussion topic for the roleplay. Please send applications here, aswell as comments, suggestions, etc.

    Neoni245's Characters

    Name: Adelaide
    Gender: Female
    Breed: Snowy Owl - Bubo scandiacus
    Age: 14 months
    Occupation: Guardian
    Personality: Adelaide is quite polite, precise, and very specific in her work. Not very good to joke with, she takes things seriously and sometimes frets of tiny mistakes. She expects owls and owlets alike to get their work done, and usually reminds ones that seem to be "Perching off the job" when she feels that they need to complete their chores. Adelaide doesn't usually take orders from Owls with higher authority and only does so with her superiors or assigned chaw leaders.

    History: Adelaide was born far in the Northern Kingdoms, and twins with her brother Agomar. At 25 days old, she and her brother left the nest where they were soon to be snatched by a pair of Sooties, still unable to fly. Managing to escape her captor, but Agomar unable to do the same, Adelaide was left alone in the coldness of her home, and was on the verge of dying before being rescued by a chaw of Guardians.
    After taken in by these owls, Adelaide studied hard to become a Guardian and be able to rescue her brother aswell, and after months and months of training, aswell as a successful several lessons of Gizzard flight, Adelaide was sent with a chaw of Guardians to rescue her brother and several other Owlets during the time of the Rescue.
    With Agomar found and in safe custody, the two reunited and now fight together along side the guardians, and Adelaide herself assigned to help her brother learn to be a greater guardian.

    Appearance: Along side the usual Snowy Owl appearance, Adelaide has a scar down her right leg. She obtained this while battling a group of Pure Ones in the successful attempt to rescue her brother, but does not really scar her emotionally. Adelaide has a bronze helmet, with silver hinges around the eyes of the helmet and a golden beak hindge to help protect her face. Her claws are a bronze-tipped set with silver straps. Being 2 years old, Adelaide still has a good amount of black feathers, as the number of black feathers decreases with age.

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