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Open Legend a Korra! (Reboot) Sign Up’s and Discussion.

Discussion in 'General Role Play Discussion' started by Imperfect World, Apr 28, 2018.

  1. Hey! If you’re here, then you must be interested in joining my role play! First, we need to set some rules:

    • Don’t be a Mary Sue/ Gary Stu
    • Follow General roleplay rules
    • Don’t Godmod
    • Control your character, and only your character, unless given permission.
    • You can roleplay as canon characters if you would like.
    • If you want to roleplay as a canon character, it cannot be Korra, due to her ability to bend all four elements.
    • Have fun
    Next, we need to set up a profile for your character. Here is an example, demonstrating what it should look like using my character.

    Name: Mia Stockebble

    Gender: Female

    Age: 19

    Personality: Mia is a very caring person. She tries to be funny most of the time, and she is endlessly looking for love in some way, shape, or form. She stays up late, and sleeps in late as well. She may have a big appetite, but she still exercises, so she’s slim. She’s also very lazy. Although she acts silly and joyful around people, she’s truthfully depressed, and she hates herself, wishing she were dead. She mainly hates the way she thinks, acts, and looks, swearing and hitting herself countless times, resulting in bruises and scars.

    Appearance: Mia has dirty blond hair, that is kept in a ponytail, and it’s very greasy from not washing. She has bright blue eyes that stick out from most of her appearance, and she has freckles that dot her nose and upper cheeks. She has thin lips, and white teeth, refusing to not buy toothpaste. She wears a black sleeveless zippered jacket, with a black sports bra underneath. Her pants are extremely stretched out and baggy denim. They roll up slightly past her knees, and are so small on her, that they refuse to move from that spot. She has no shoes. She always has a small leather satchel around her torso, that she keeps everything in.

    Bending Ability: Earthbending (Metal Bending)

    Backstory: Mia is an orphan, who’s parents died in a Satomobile accident. She was very poor, and she had five older brothers, who inherited all of the rich families money, and moved away. Mia now lives in an abandoned alleyway, making a living off of small yuans she receives for working at “Yangs Noodle Bowl”. She has a small pet lizard, who doesn’t enjoy her company too much.

    Other: Mia currently has no friends, and she is very friendly and talkative to the people she serves in the diner.

    Status: Labeled.

    See? Not that hard. Just leave a bio, and I’ll accept it if it is legitimate. Then, when I receive a good enough amounting of role players, I can set up a roleplay thread.
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  2. I see this is a Reboot, but I hope it is okay for me to join in anyway.

    Tarrick Yiding
    Gender: Male
    Personality: Tarrick is a bit of a....eccentric individual. Motivated by different "passions" that result in him traveling to do many things. Is considered a bit of an oddball whose interests seem to change at a moment's notice; sometimes day to day. He is a bit immature & can be quite cocky; loving to list his many talents including his "oh so hilarious" jokes, though he isn't that funny. He is supportive and does see the best in people.
    Appearance: Has a lean, tall build with fair skin as well as blue eyes and short brown hair. Wears a white, sleeveless t-shirt with a dark green vest and a pair of brown cargo pants along with a pair of black boots. Has a belt that he uses to carry his items. Namely a light brown bag that holds the bulk of said items.
    Bending Ability: Fire Bending
    Backstory: Grew up as part of a traveling stage show performance group. Making his family quite the sensation live, over the radio or through any medium. However, Tarrick wanted to do something on his own to make his own name in the world rather than just ride the coat tails of the family business. So he set out to do just that and travels now to make his own adventure and leave his own mark in the world.
    Other: Has a pet Mongoose Lizard named Liza.
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  3. Cool! Accepted! One more person, and then I’ll start up the reboot.
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  4. Cool.

    Mind if I put a link to this in our Alola Group convo? Just to see if anyone there has interest?
  5. Quick question: Is this before or after the events of the Legend of Korra series?
  6. It takes place afterwards.
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  7. If it's not too late, I am interested in participating.

    Name: Rika Yung

    Gender: Female

    Personality: While she usually keeps to herself, she's not completely anti-social. Always offering a smile to everyone she meets, Rika can be shockingly naive. She is a charitable person, but has never personally known hardship.

    Appearance: Her hair is black, curly and cut into a bob. She has her mother's blue eyes. Rika isn't a large person, but she always seems to be bumping her hips into something. Rika wears a long sleeved dress that's baby blue in color and cuts off just above her knees. She wears dark blue tights and a pair of her mother's old water tribe slippers.

    Bending Ability: Water bending

    Backstory: Rika was born and raised in Republic City. Her father is a non-bender who works for the Satos as an engineer. Her mother was a water bender from the Northern water tribe, but she left Rika and her father when Rika was very young. She is an only child and very proud of her status as woman of the house. Rika and her father live comfortably in a gated community where precious little happens, even after the spirit portal opened. Rika has never tried to hone her skills as a water bender, for which she feels some guilt.

    Other: Rika likes to feed the feral cat-owls in the park near her home. She has a slight phobia of lizards.
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  8. You can join! Never too late! I'll set up the role-play now...
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  9. I'll be on to check Pokecharms every evening at about 7 PST.
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  10. Jacksoneternal

    Jacksoneternal Previously Breon

    Name: taru fei

    Age: 20
    Gender: male

    Personality: taru is somewhat of a loner and cares little about others problems but can't stand children or woman getting hurt plus he loves pro bending.

    Appearance: taru has short brown hair and wear's a brown coat which has a green t-shirt underneath it, blue pants, and brown boots. Has brown eyes and is 6 feet tall plus has a earring on his right ear which has a earth Kingdom symbol from his now deceased mother.

    Bending ability: Earth bending

    Backstory: taru was born in the earth Kingdom but raised in Republic City. Taru dad lived in the earth Kingdom before Republic city was built therefore taru lives in Republic City by himself and lives at one of the modern buildings but, Taru mother was a one of the members of the Republic City Police and was an excellent bender that taught taru how to fight and everything she knew but, one day taru mother was killed during the Battle of Republic City.
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  11. Cool! Accepted.

    I should probably add an age. 19, it'll be.

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