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Legacy league

Discussion in 'Pokémon Role Play Discussion' started by Frontier Master, Apr 10, 2016.

  1. Ok hi, everyone and welcome to the discussion thread for my newest rp idea "The Legacy League". My inspiration for this rp comes from an amazing fanfic I read a couple months back, by loopy3680
    The basic premise for the rp is that the grand champion of the Pokemon world has sent out a call do the strongest Pokemon masters, issuing a challenge, which goes as follows
    "I have assembled a special team of 12 Pokemon masters along with myself who will form a new set of 8 gyms along with an elite four and myself as the champion, so this is my challenge to you Pokemon masters of the world, form teams of 5 trainers and the first two teams that arrive at prism tower in luminous city will be accepted as challengers of the legacy league"

    Now onto some ground rules and some extra info:
    1. No being current regional champions or elite four etc (only exceptions are former champions, frontier brains or the like)
    2. No godmod if I say its godmod than to godmod and you'll have to change it
    3. You are allowed to use a maximum of 7 Pokemon for this to and each Pokemon is only allowed up to 6 moves
    3.5 Minimum number of Pokemon is 6
    4. Fan mades are fine just let me know and double check them first
    5. The characters for the 8 gym leaders will be shared equally between the 4 other rpers (2 each) while I create the elite four and champion
    5.5 You can do as little or as much as you want with your gym leaders from a basic character bio to a full blown back story
    6. Please keep in mind your team needs to be realistic and make sense
    7. To begin with this rp will only have space for 5 rpers including myself however as the rp progresses more spots will open up
    8. Please post your completed character bio below

    Name: Jake Anistar
    Age: 17
    Gender: Male
    Occupation: part time frontier brain
    Eyes: naturally brown but jake wears contacts with red iris'
    Hair: jet blak with red streaks
    Clothing: dark worn jeans, plain red shirt and a faded grey leather jacket
    Hometown: Canalave City in the Sinnoh Region
    Personality: Jake was born in Anistar city but moved to sinnoh when he was about 5. While growing up in Canalave city he regularly made trips with Byron to Iron island where jake caught his first Pokemon Scar after jake turned 10 and left on his journey he did not return to Canalave for four years in such time he had defeated the Kalos, Unova and hoenn leagues. This return didn't last long as jake was in and out within a week and eager to defeat the rest of the Sinnoh league along with its elite four and the champion Cynthia. Which he finally completed on his 15th birthday, but jake had no plans to settle down as the champion giving up the title immediately and returning to his lifestyle of travelling and learning. After another year or so of that jake grew tired of searching it worthy opponents so instead set up his own frontier facility the battle forge.
    Scar (lucario)
    King Arthur (Aegislash)
    Nokia (Ferrothorn)
    Crimson (greninja)
    Hot shot (talon flame)
    Ironhide (Metagross)
    Excalibur (fan made)

    If you have any questions don't be afraid to PM me and ask anything
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  2. May I?

    Name: Bailey Lynn

    Age: 18

    Gender: female

    Occupation: full time traveler, mapper and novelist

    Eyes: bright blue

    Hair: A rich caramel color that hangs a little above her waist

    Clothing: (it changes all the time XD) A long sleeved Blue cardigan that hangs a little above her upper thigh with a white camisole. She has jean shorts on and blue tennis shoes. Bailey has a treasured locket made of Black Diamonds that she wears all the time.

    Hometown: Aspertia Town, Unova

    Personality: Bailey is optimistic and outgoing yet she's also very analytic and self- critical. She strives to inspire young trainers to travel around the world and make good relationships with the people they know and their Pokemon.

    (Normally Bailey's traveling story) Bailey is a first child of a family of four. Bailey and her sister Summer were born two years apart, but were inseparable for the years they were together. They lived in Sootopolis when the torrential/ desolate weather tragedies occurred and, while tensions were high, Mrs and Mr Lynn had a fight over the safety of their children. Mr. Lynn wanted to take the family to Johto to live in safety there, but Mrs. Lynn thought that they would encounter too much civilization in the Johto region. Mrs. Lynn instead thought Unova was a good idea due to its luscious scenery and plentiful land to explore. For that reason, at a very early age Bailey's parents divorced. At the time Bailey's father had ambitious goals to become a region famous marketer in Johto with his new business of selling Mega Stone accessories, Key Stones, and personalized accessories for the Pokemon to wear with their Mega stone. While Mr. Lynn doesn't give out Mega Stones he does recommend places to find specific mega stones at a small price of 10 Pokedollars. Mr. Lynn took Summer with him to the Johto Region to begin his dream as a marketer, and Mrs. Lynn took Bailey to Aspertia town of Unova in order to raise her daughter surrounded by nature in a serene area.

    Bailey loved the quiet town of Aspertia and was homeschooled by her mom. While it seemed a good idea at first, Bailey found that she would much rather sit at a desk all day rather than have polite attitudes, proper manner of speech, and etiquette in different situations drilled into her head.

    She discovered that she loved to travel when her mom took her to visit Nimbasa City where they enjoyed watching video recordings of the Battle Subway, watched many sports in the stadiums, and, Bailey's favorite, the Pokemon Musical. The bright lights and all the chatter was very new to a girl raised in isolation aside from her mother and elderly neighbors. Though new, Bailey enjoyed the difference in lifestyle there in Nimbasa compared to the quiet streets of Aspertia. That was when she was 13 years old- and she continued to visit many locations in Unova as she grew older. Some for projects for her teacher (mom) and others for vacations and a good time outside of the normal. Bailey found her motivation while on a trip to Opelucid city. She wanted to get all 8 gym badges and become champion. She at age 15 when she left to get all the badges, but when she failed in the Iccirus City gym, she quit all together.

    Bailey went home with her three Pokemon- Cosmo the Servine, Yarrow the Zoroark, and Sunny the Helioptile (a gift from Summer and named after Summer's nickname). Bailey spent the next two years at home studying as much as she can about the history of her and other regions and began to find an intrest in writing and art. At age 18 Bailey left her hometown of Aspertia to explore all the regions and record her adventures- starting with Kalos.

    (I know it's long, sorry!)

    Cosmo- Serperior
    Aster- Porgon-z
    Amaryllis- Froslass
    Yarrow- Zoroark
    Lavender- Meinshao
    Sunny- Helioisk

    She only has 6 Pokemon
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  3. Accepted without a doubt
  4. Name: Darren "Dusk" Everdale
    Gender: Male
    Hometown: Snow Veil City
    Age: 18
    Height: 5'10"
    Weight:154 LBS
    Hair: (Style is my profile Picture) Dark Brown
    Eyes: Blue/Silver
    Clothing: Trenchcoat/Modified Sweatshirt. A T-Shirt, Jeans, and Cross Trainers.
    Identifying Marks: He Has a Small scar on his chest where he cut himself on a fence while playing tag as a child. He has a tattoo of a Crow on his collar bone. His shoes have been drawn on, by Dusk himself, labeling every major city he has come across. It's a very colorful graffiti like style.
    Personality: Dusk isn't afriad to say what's on his mind. He is thoughtful, and takes careful notes of his actions.
    Skills: Dusk knows basic survival skills, And rock climbs. And I guess since Zeph put this in his thing I should as well. Dusk hasn't ever been in a relationship, but is generally easy to talk to and charming.
    Past: Dusks Parents died in a car crash when he was 9. His older sister took custody of him and has raised him ever since. She was the one who urged him to go out and be something that he felt was right. His sister is where most of his finer qualitys come from. At least that's what Dusk says.

    Family: Sister (Evelyn) Mother (Deceased) Father (Deceased)

    Pokemon Team: Umbreon (Nocturne/M) Lucario (Lysander/M) Bisharp (Othello/M) Ninetails (Amber/F)
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  5. @_Umbreon_ you need at least 6 Pokemon so until then your on the waiting list
  6. Scollipede(Juno/M) my bad ^^

  8. Much better
    welcome aboard
  9. Appreciate the invite Frontier, but I currently got 4 RP's I got to worry about right now, and I want to focus on them. Thanks though!
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  11. Name : Nick Aisear

    Age : 17

    Gender : male

    Hair : platinum blond

    Clothes : sandy yellow hoodie and brown jeans

    Occupation : full time traveler and ex-champion of isshu region

    Team :
    Thor - electrivier
    Loki - sableye
    Odin - alakazam
    Freya - blaziken
    Tyr - lucario
    Ymir - mamoswine

    Is it okay if I post back story later? because I don't have time for that right now
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  12. Nick's backstory : Nick used to live in the hoenn reigon with his parents, when he was of proper age he chose torchick as his starter and began his adventure, he caught many pokemon from different regions and even met his rival/friend Nat Icinger, he eventually became the isshu region champion but gave up the title to continue his journey with his pokemons
  13. One issue please only use real regions not made up ones
  14. Isn't Isshu the other name for Unova? Then again I'm probably spelling it wrong, maybe I should just call it Unova...
  15. I didnt even know unova had another English name but please in future ENGLISH and common names only

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