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Ask to Join Left 4 Dead - Sign Up/Discussion

Discussion in 'General Role Play Discussion' started by N E G A N, Apr 19, 2018.


Which campaign was better?

  1. Left 4 Dead

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  2. Left 4 Dead 2

  1. Left 4 Dead - 14-21 days after the first infection.
    Left 4 Dead 2 - 21-25 days after the first infection.
    This RP takes place 25 days after the first infection, directly after the campaign finale of 'The Parish'.
    In all honesty, per L4D fashion, this rp really only needs 4 players, so I'm looking for people who'll actually care. We may also have cameos of Francis, Louis, Zoey, Ellis, Nick, Coach and Rochelle (Not all together, of course).
    Details on our plot and story will be discussed further when we have a cast.

    Character Sheet (Go into detail on some of this stuff, make your character at least interesting)
    Physical Description-
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  2. ~Character Sheet~
    Name- Trent Brooke
    Age- 35
    Gender- Male
    Clothing- Faded, dirty, bloodied blue uniform shirt, with a dirty, yellowed white dress T-shirt beneath it. Dirty, torn navy blue dress pants. Equally as dirtied and used dress shoes.
    Physical Description- Trent stands at around 6 feet tall, weighing about 200 pounds. He has disheveled facial hair, dark brown eyes, short, messy black hair, white skin, and a thin frame.
    Likes/Dislikes- Trent likes superheros and horror movies, having some knowledge of how a basic zombie would function, which ultimately was what saved him during the beginning of the outbreak. He strongly dislikes the water and anything beneath the surface. He's terrified of Sharks. He's also developed a certain hate for Jockeys that most other survivors share.
    Strengths/Weaknesses- Trent already knew some about zombies before the outbreak, and since living through over half a month of it, he's learned more. He's very skilled with most ranged weapons, and he's a natural leader. He's not his best when using melee weapons, or when his authority is challenged. He can't stand being around large bodies of water. Trent is also not good when going up against Boomers, as he usually shoots first, resulting in bile landing on him from the blowing Boomer.
    Personality- Mostly a quiet, thoughtful person, Trent can become loud and eccentric when excited. If his thoughts are clear, Trent is a good person to approach for advice or wisdom, as he usually has a good moral opinion about most things. He isn't afraid to speak his mind at all, except when in personal situations.
    Background- Trent was born in North Carolina, where he spent most of his childhood before moving to Wisconsin for High School and College. After he graduated college, Trent moved to Illinois, where he got a job as a security officer for the local public airport. He also met his wife there. They were married the following year. Her name was Eloise, and she was reanimated on Day 2 of the Outbreak, as she was not immune. Trent was forced to kill her. She was pregnant at the time. Trent spent the next half month wandering, killing any zombies he stumbled acrossed, jumping from group to group, but they never lasted. That is, until he encountered 3 new people, all having been able to survive for this long as well.
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  3. I'm a huge fan of the L4D series. This quite intrests me, and may i as, where does this take place? I'll still post the bio.

    Name- Malik Rayne
    Age- 22
    Gender- Male
    Clothing- Black Tank top with a heavy jacket around his waist and jeans, a long with some now dirty sneakers.
    Physical Description- Malik is Black/Dominican and about 6'2. He is toned because of his history (see below) and is a pretty lean dude. He has his hair messy and braided to the back of his head, and his brown eyes compliment his demeamor.
    Likes/Dislikes- Loves to Excercise, playing sports, using his strength to bash skulls in. Hates getting yelled at, and anything reminicent of home.
    Strengths/Weaknesses- He is pretty strong, and isnt a bad shot, while also not being a great one. He is also pretty fast with his reaction time. He cannot swim, and his emotions sometime get the best of him. He also hates getting yelled at, and is willing to hurt himself is a Jockey gets on him.
    Personality- Malik is a nice guy, who loves to be everything he wanted to be. His mean demeanor just hides how much of a goofball he is. When the apocalypse happened, he'd already felt like he lost everything, but he saw it as a new opportunity.
    Background- Malik grew up near Atlanta, and lost his mom due to cancer early on, resulting in his dad become alcoholic. His dad never really hit him, but would yell when he was drunk, which made him boil emotions. It got no better when his brother turned to gang-banging. So Malik turned to focus on his dream, basketball. Malik played for a local high school in Savannah after his dad was forced to move. (Same one Coach was a coach at) He was amazing, and was NBA ready, until he went down with a torn Meniscus and ACL. He was told after recovery and surgery, he'd be cleared to play, but after a couple months and a near full recovery, the infection hit. Now he just had to survive

  4. Location, any new infected types, and decisions about other canon L4D characters will all be decided on and voted here in this thread by our cast when we have four members. We will also decide and vote on certain plot points, story arcs, and character arcs.
    Also, I like the character sheet. You're accepted.

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