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Ask to Join Lee Creek Oregon: Oakland High

Discussion in 'General Role Play' started by JacobRaze, Jul 15, 2018.

  1. (https://pokecharms.com/threads/oakland-high-a-basic-school-rp.19605/#post-639731 <-- Discussion)

    "Markus, go help the movers with the last boxes!" Rosaria Goose, Markus' mom, yelled at him from the kitchen. It may have not been loud, but Markus, who wis in the living room knew not to let her call twice. He hopped up and went outside.

    Bringing in the last of the boxes, he sat them in the kitchen.

    "So when will dad be here?" Markus asked. His dad was trying to get some jobs in portland that had to do with basketball.
    "Next week. You know how those things go." Rose said. "Well the best part about a small town is you can walk to the store. Grab some spaghetti stuff." She said,, handing him some money. "Make some friends."
    He left the house and pulled up a map of the place on his phone.

    "Rick's Groceries?"

    The town was medium sized town surrounded by nature. It was also really open and easy to traverse through. There was the highschool, large and proud, A lake connected to the east of town, and it was really friendly....for the most part.
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  2. Honeycrisp or Fuji?
    Stella Lamont hovered over the apple display, lip pursed curiously, a small handheld basket laying comfortably at her hip, her chipped purple nail-polished fingertips running up and down the handle. Her father had sent her to the grocery store to do some minor shopping, and the tennis-player was conflicted about apples.

    She huffed quietly, settling on a kind, quietly selecting some of the fruit and putting them into a plastic bag, putting them into her basket. The girl tucked a long strand of blond hair behind her ear.
    Rick’s Grocery was a small grocery store, in a small town in Oregon. Its only redeemable trait was the scenery, which was astonishing most days. They prided in their school, Oakland High, which Stella was, coincidentally, attending as a freshmen in a mere week.
    Shaking her head to clear her thoughts of the apple dilemma, the girl checked her father’s grocery list and disappeared into the pasta aisle to seek out whatever her father requested.
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  3. He stepped into Rick's and took a nice breath.

    "Smells like grocery." Markus, well, hasn't had to step inside of one for years. They paid for their groceries to be delivered. So as soon as he was on his way, he began having trouble. He found Noodles and bread. After fratically searching for sauce, he picked up what he needed. He just needed garlic.

    Being at the produce, he cringed.

    "Which ones are bad?" He asked himself.
  4. (Lmao seems like everyone's headed to the store so i guess that's where Michael will go)

    Michael was on his way to the small grocery store just down the block. It's name is 'Rick's groceries'. Michael always made sure he never bumped into another human and therefore always kept a good look on his surroundings. This caused him to be very tense and he had big problems relaxing. He was fidgeting with his keychain while walking inside. Inside, there were a couple of adults that were just about to leave. He ignored them and went deeper into the store
  5. 'Damnit how do tell onions from good onions.'

    Markus became visibly frustrated...

    with onions...

    He realized the stupidity of it and pretended to be on his phone.

    "Um, yeah that was a good joke right."
  6. Michael had picked a few of the things he was supposed to get already and checked what the next thing would be. Apparently his mom wanted him to get onions. Michael had often shopped for his mom here so he knew which ones were good and which were bad. He went over to the onions and noticed another very tall boy that was on his phone standing there. He didn't hear the conversation but he didn't mind that and just took a bag to put the onions in. He could see which ones he should take immediately and put them in the bag. He tied it up and put it in his basket. Then he checked the next item that would be flour and started going over to that aisle
  7. Markus gave an annoyed face as he passed by.

    "Onion Boy." He muttered to himself. He looked at the phone, in which he looked it up. Grabbing a few, he began to head towards apples. His last stop.

    He headed towards them when his mom called.

    "Honey i know you just got here, but some reporter guy called me because he wants to interview you sometime this week. Im working all week so he'll have to come over tonight and i-"

    Markus cut her off.

    "More spaghetti. Got it." He hung up and made his way back to pasta.
  8. Michael had heard the mean comment from the tall boy and it crushed his mood. He had always thought that he should be out and have fun instead of shopping for his mom like this. But he didn't have any friends so he couldn't figure out anything to do. Going skating with his skateboard would be pretty risky since it had been untouched for a few years. Who knew what condition it was in? He sighed and strained himself so he wouldn't show any emotions. He got the flour and looked at the list again. It was finally the last thing left. He went over to the pasta aisle and saw the boy again. And a girl that he recognized from school. He ignored them and focused on the macaroni. He grabbed the bag and started to leave, still with his face strained
  9. Stella seemed to be debating about types of pasta.
    Spaghetti.. Angel Hair? No- Bowtie. Maybe Penne..?
    She frowned in thought. She shouldn’t be this puzzled about pasta.
    She noticed two boys, one of which looked familiar while the other one was unknown to her. After a moment’s decision, she swiped the penne into her basket, getting ready to leave. But, for whatever reason, a stocky man in a phone call pushed past her, knocking the basket from her hand, the contents scattering to the ground. The man shot her a sharp glare, as though it were her fault. Stella went red, getting to her knees to scoop back the groceries into her basket, averting her gaze from the few people staring at her.
    Now the apples are bruised...
  10. Markus took a breath before seeing the man knock her over. He was gonna just leave, but he couldn't.

    "Hey, you need help?" Markud said, offering his hand. Markus hated awkward situataions, and even if he was just trying to help, he hated the eyes. Ironically, he hated people watching him, but this year, him starting high school and all the high expectations, a lot of eyes were on him.
  11. Michael saw the man who shoved past the girl. He felt sorry for her but wasn't sure if he should help her or not. After a few seconds debating on it he decided to ask her if she wanted help.
    "Uh-uhm... d-do you need help?" He asked stuttering. He was very unsure of how the girl would react and was prepared for her to get angry with him. He strained himself even more in preparation and awaited the reaction. He was well aware of everyone's looks and was very uncomfortable but wanted to help anyway
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  12. Stella blinked, because that was all she could do. The two boys she’d taken notice off had sprung to her aid, although both seemed reluctant.
    Words, Stel! Use them, you dumbas-
    “I- uhm- yeah, thank you,” she managed sheepishly, past what felt like shards of glass in her throat, letting them help her collect her things. The girl’s face was a not-so-subtle shade of red, as she was unused to the attention.
    With a quiet, grateful “thank you”, she took Markus’ hand and allowed him to help her up. She checked over her things to make sure she had everything before turning her attention to the pair.
    “I’m- im really sorry you guys had to jump in, all the looks must’ve been awful,” she mumbled apologetically, her eyes on the ground, her red face looking vaguely miserable, but certainly glad that she had the help.
  13. "N-No i'm glad to help. Looks are normal to me." He held out his hand again. "Im Markus. Just moved into the houses at the south, I'm going to Oakland High next week." He smiled.

    Oakland High. The Campus is big and clean. North are the basic houses, west you have stores, east is the lake, and south are all the 'Big homes'.

    And conviniently, Oakland was in the middle.
  14. Michael was surprised that the girl didn't yell at them. Himself specifically. Infact, she was grateful for the help. He wanted to say something but he had already stepped out too far from his comfort zone. "Oh come on you little coward! This is exactly why you don't have any friends! Say something!" He scolded himself.
    "N-no problem?" He said with a rather confused tone. "You liar. You hate attention! Of course there's a problem!" He thought. He looked up at the other guy. He was also starting at Oakland High? He looked like he was old enough to have been there a year or two already!
    "Y-you're also starting at Oakland High?" He said.
  15. "I am. I was supposed to get a private tour to talk about doing some basketball program' that I'm probably not taking, but dad's not in town." His phone rung.

    "Awh crap. I have to get to a Interview. I'll see you guys around."
  16. JayTaku

    JayTaku Previously AceTrainerGold

    Ryan was walking past the groceries as he was walking his dog, Rocky, he saw Michael and Stella, and he was thinking about getting some fruit and vegetable for his little sister as his mom and older brother were at work. " Hey Rocky I'm just gonna leave you out here for a second and I'll get you some food later ok." Ryan patted the dog on his head and went into the groceries store.
    He was looking at the carrots when he saw that outside Rocky was going to go over to Stella and Michael, he ran outside to try save himself being embarrassed, right after moving here, he was too late and the dog started sniffing their food and them. Ryan turned red with embarrassment.
  17. Markus did his best to get home quickly, and he sat the things on the counter.
    "Who is the interviewer?" Markus asked his mom.

    "Steve Cassell, some guy from Hype School Sports?" As soon as heard the name, his face lit up.

    Steve Cassell was a reporter for Hype School Sports, and a highly respected one. If you got a minute with him, you knew you had to be good at something.

    Being the son of an amazing player, Markus was on Steve's list since birth.

    "Uh, Mom, I gotta go change!" Markus ran faster than he ever had before. This interview could predict his future with his school, reputation, and his team.
  18. Stella blinked as Michael stammered a choked “no problem” to her, and she smiled in his direction, turning to Markus as he said something about leaving. The girl waved quietly as he hurried away, a vaguely puzzled look on her face.
    “Bye, then,” she managed weakly. She turned to Michael to say bye to him as well, but a dog caught her attention as it ran up to her, sniffing intently. Unable to restrain herself, Stella smiled helplessly, allowing the dog to sniff her and petting him with a smile on her face. A tall boy followed, looking embarrassed. The girl looked up, her hands still scratching behind the dog’s ears.
    “Is this your dog?”
  19. Michael was unsure if the boy really would appreciate if he said bye to him as well. In the end, he didn't and just looked back at the girl and saw that she gave him a smile. Wait, she gave him a smile? Why would she do that? He wasn't very good looking or anything. He couldn't even speak normally. That's when he noticed the dog that sniffed him and the girl. He loved animals and managed to crack a small smile as it came to sniff him. He didn't even notice the other boy until the girl asked him if it was his dog. He looked up and saw that this boy was just as tall as the one from earlier. Maybe taller. He couldn't determine that.
    "S-sorry. It just walked up to us..." he said.
  20. JayTaku

    JayTaku Previously AceTrainerGold

    Ryan still red in the face looked at Stellar and Michael, he noticed that they looked to be about the same age as him.
    " Yeah I'm really sorry about that my stupid dog just goes up to people randomly he does it all the time, well since that happened, I may aswell make it less awkward, my name is Ryan." HE held out his hand for a handshake after he pulled Rocky away.
  21. Michael saw Ryan's outstretched hand and understood that he wanted to do a handshake. He really didn't want to shake hands. It made him uncomfortable that he was even talking to them. But if he didn't shake the hand he would be rude. And that would just cause another scene with all eyes on only him this time. He reluctantly stretched out his hand to shake hands with the boy. As he was much smaller than Ryan, he had to stretch it further up than he would like.
    "M-Michael..." was all he could say.
  22. In no time at all, Steve Cassell came. His mom offered him in and they started to eat.

    Rosalia's cooking was amazing, as always, but steve seemed to be flirting with her, making Markus quite uncomfortable, but soon enough, they stepped away for an interview. They were basic questions like how was he so good, or who he dedicated his working too, but soon, questions became based on him not even stepping foot on the court.

    "How do you feel about being the youngest captain in Oakland history?"

    "Oh, I was never told I was going to be. Whoever the old captain is can be better than me and keep his spot. I'm just a freshman with something to prove." Markus replied. He was strongly attempting to be humble

    "This year, its going to be tough in Oakland. Are you prepared to have to be the best player at the school, let alone this side of the country?"


    That was a big mistake. Being so nervous, not able to speak, and saying....


    "Okay, well we are going to have this edited and released by tomorrow. As long as your mother is okay with it." He said, giving her a wink. Markus was mad at that moment, but didn't do anything. He couldn't mess things up...

    at least. Not yet.
  23. JayTaku

    JayTaku Previously AceTrainerGold

    Ryan then smiled and shook Michael's hand, " Nice too meet you Michael, and I'm really sorry about my dog, but he wouldn't do any harm to you."
    Ryan then looked over to Stella and held out his to her as well. " I know this is really random, but you guys seem to be about the same age as me and I was just wondering, what school are you going to be attending, I'm going to Oakland high."
  24. Michael was shocked to find another person who's going to Oakland high next week. In just one trip to the store! "Another one who's attending Oakland high!? I thought i would have some peace and quiet there. But if i make friends with these people that's probably not gonna happen..." he stopped himself. "Friends!? Are we becoming friends!? I don't know! And didn't i just want friends!? Why can't i just make up my mind!?". He couldn't even figure this out so he, if possible, strained himself even more.
    "D-don't worry about the dog... I-it didn't cause any trouble... I-i'm going to Oakland High too..." he managed to say
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  25. JayTaku

    JayTaku Previously AceTrainerGold

    Ryan turned back and looked at Michael, " So he's actually going to Oakland as well, well at least when I get there I will sort have people that I can talk to, and I might not be alone." Ryan thought that in his head and then he started to speak to Michael again.
    " So you're going to Oakland too, well I mean I guess I will have someone to talk when I get there, and it also means that you won't be alone as well."
  26. Stella looked momentarily surprised when Ryan panicked and apologized for his dog.
    The girl, clearly pleased with her newfound canine friend, shook her head, a helpless smile on her face.
    “It’s totally okay-!” She replied quickly, scratching behind the dog’s ear happily. She reluctantly took his hand, shaking it with a quick smile. She brightened at the topic of the school, quipping in.
    “Oh-! I’m going to Oakland too!” She added, and was about to comment something else when her phone vibrated in her pocket. She went quiet and checked it, and immediately her happy attitude vanquished, her face going pale and her looking quite worried. She stood hastily, brushing herself off and looking at the boys before her.
    “I- hey, I, uh- ive got to go,” she mumbled quickly, ducking her head and pushing through the doors to hurry way, the plastic bags in her hand rustling occasionally.
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  27. Noah would be sitting down on the couch in his house with three bottles of coke next to him and the TV set on to the Food Network. His father would come downstairs and yell at him. "Noah, get out there and do something productive! You have less than a damn week before school starts and you are laying here with no damn clue on what the hell is going on. I just got off the phone trying to get us situated, you could at least get out there and do something!" Noah would get up and put on his shoes with his light skirt and crop top and walked out the door. He looked around for something to do till dinner. He'd walk down the sidewalk into the shopping area as he saw a girl run out the doors of a grocery store from across the parking lot.
  28. "That, was suprisingly quick." Rose sighed.

    "Hey mom, do you mind if I go out for a bit?" Markus grinned and didn't wait for an answer.

    Lee Creek, although dull, was a basketball town. Kids would gather around to play pick-up games. Scheduled all through summer, and markus wasn't going to miss out.

    Lee Creek, home of the Oakland Vipers, and their programs that were way farther ahead. Off the side, were four public basketball courts, where people would gather all the time. A lot of players first gained recognition there, Markus just wanted to boost his.
  29. "All of them are going to Oakland High!? Crap!" He thought but tried looking friendly.
    "I-i guess... I need to go..." he said and started walking away even without saying goodbye. He noticed his rude action and turned around to wave to the boy. Then he continued on his way home. He dropped off the groceries in the kitchen and placed them where they belonged. When that was done, he continued to his room where he opened his laptop to watch youtube and animé
  30. JayTaku

    JayTaku Previously AceTrainerGold

    Ryan waved back at Michael and then started to walk home himself with Rocky, he walked while looking at his phone. He found out that apparently the son of a famous basketball would be attending his school, Oakland High.
    " Well at least I will have some competition while there, and hey we might even become friends, you know before I go home I should go and practice at the basketball court."
  31. He walked around the town while looking at his phone. He stumbled upon an arcade, it was small and not crowded. He looked up from his phone. "At least there is something nice in this town." He then walked into the arcade with the loan he was given by his father. He started to play an antique Pacman arcade machine.
  32. Night Before First Day of School

    Noah walked down the street back to his house. The house is a one story house with a gate and a porch. He'd walk in seeing his father in the kitchen attempting to make a meal (which he is bad at). Noah would simply take off his shoes and would enter his room and lay down on his bed. He'd pull himself up and get on his laptop situated on a pine desk with a monitor connected to it. An Xbox controller would lay to the right of the monitor and an empty glass of a handmade shake he made that morning.

    He'd play for an hour before his father would call him down for dinner. "Please don't have burn't the food. Again." Noah would sit down at the table with the TV playing from the living room. The food on the table was half-burnt Steak.
    "So Kiddo how was your day?" asked his father.
    "Ok, I guess."
    "You just nervous for school? I understand, hey look when I was your age I..."
    Noah cut him off from going on a half an hour rant. "I'm just more or less on edge for...." He cut himself off. "Never mind." He'd go into his room and would lock his door.

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