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League of Legends

Discussion in 'General Video Game Discussion' started by Fumanshu, Mar 26, 2011.

  1. Checked the search function, found nothing.

    Anyone playing it here?
    For those who dont know:
    League of Legends is a game made by the same people who invented Dota, a Warcraft 3 mod.
    Its a team based game, and goal is to destroy the nexus (the core) of the opponents base.
    You take contol of one of 60+ heroes and team up with others to get the job done.

    The game itself is free, and the developers are financing themselves by charging for special skins or giving players the option to buy the champions with real money.

    When you play the game, you start with no champion, but you get the option to pick from 10 free champions every week. Those champions rotate weekly.

    You get special points for playing the game. Winning obviously gives you more points. You can spend those points to buy champions you want to use all the time in the store.
    Hero example:
    As you can see, the designs arent all that boring, and every hero has his own special skill set and function in a team.

    All in all its a pretty fun game to play with others, so I was asking if others here played it.
    Im sure that there are a few player around here, as that game is becoming more and more popular every day.
  2. I played some LoL before, and me and Heimerdinger had our fun moments. Also played quite a lot with Ryze and Veigar.
  3. According to my siggy. I play ;)
    Doesn't seem like a lot of people here play, haha.

    I'm a DotA Veteran who use to play on the Garena and Play-DotA. I seem to have lost the CD code to my wc3 when I got a new computer, and frankly I was in a jiffy with money.
    I have tried HoN (Heroes of Newerth) from a friend who let me use his account,
    but I find the game too similar to DotA. Frankly it got boring.
    (Rushing boss and finishing the game in 11 minutes or less isn't what I imagine as "fun").
    League of Legends is, in my opinion, more fun. Because of the new mechanics brought into the game that is not in DotA and HoN. Like the Masteries, Runes, Brushes, etc.

    I'm currently Level 30 (which is the level cap for people who don't play) with 714 Wins and about 1,300 games of experience. (yeah i have about 600 loses >_> hehe..)
    I;m only 1417 ELO (I honestly believe I'm better than my rating though, not trying to be cocky or anything) in solo rank and 1378 ELO in 3v3 arrange, since frankly I'm afraid too rank. I don't trust Solo Queuing with random people.. and my friends don't rank alot ):
    I Duo queue with my friend in Solo Queue, but I'm sadly never able to catch him on alot as i use too. and in 3V3.. my friends get bored of the map, so we don't 3v3 rank alot ):

    Sorry I talked alot.. for my first post. haha
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  4. Brendan Savem

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    Well, I started playing LoL just over a month ago actually. I remember stumbling upon it when I found the cinematic trailer on Youtube, the epicness shown in it captivated me and led to my decision to at least check it out. Since then, I've fallen to a schedule of playing a couple of times per week, all spread out for IP maximum advantage.

    I started playing with Mordekaiser, and it was perfection at first sight. He became my No.1 instantly and has stayed that way since. This is due to the usefulness of his Iron Man and Children of the Grave abilities, one of which makes the special attacks he uses add to his shield, which is basically a direct add-on to his health, the other that steals health, does it periodically for a short time, and then enslaves the opponent's soul if they die while it's active; many times I have completely turned the tide of battle with this ability. The other thing I like about him is his lack of a mana bar, which has always bit me when I needed it most when I play with other characters.

    Other characters I also enjoy are Brand, for his impressive combo tactics. And Anivia for her reincarnation ability and her field of blistery cold to help mop up multi-champion brawls.

    The thing I like about League of Legends is how unpredictable each game is. No matter how good or bad you are (I'm slightly towards the latter), there is no telling what you'll come out as during the fight. It can start off bad for you, then you purchase an item or access your ultimate and completely decimate your foes, plowing through and perhaps even destroying the enemy single-handedly (only happened once; couple of days ago, in Twisted Treeline). Or you think you're dominating, then suddenly find yourself on the defensive as you realize you were just fighting an uncoordinated player and the real deal steps in to pummel you every step of the way. There is just no telling what will happen in a game. And that always makes it unpredictably fun.
  5. Whoo!! I didn't realize there was a LoL thread on here, I was about to make one and found this ♥ So excited!

    Anyway, I obviously play. I'm only level 12 at the moment, and my main is Ezreal. I own with him, and I'm currently trying to save up and buy him and my favorite skin for him. My main before that was Renekton, and I was being completely stubborn and not wanting to play anyone else...But I as soon as I got curious and played Ezreal, I became so good with him I can't imagine ever dropping him. I am definitely his summoner. ;)

    I guess I should also add, if anyone wants to play LoL with me, my summoner name is RainIzabel. Go ahead and add me ^^
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  6. Sir Red

    Sir Red Charms' Caped Crusader

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    I've just started playing LoL this week (thanks to Rain mentioning it in chat one night which was promptly followed up by me downloading it and asking Rain a whole bunch of questions. :v). I'm only Level 6 right now. D: I'm definitely loving it thus far, though. I've mainly been playing as Ashe, and have occasionally used Azreal when somebody grabs Ashe before I can. For right now I'm definitely better as ranged attacker (otherwise I die too easily :x).

    Oh, and my summoner name is Huewn. So come play with me. O___O
  7. I dunno if I count, cuz all I've played is the Tutorial ^^;. Ashe is very good with my ranged play style I've gotten stuck with my gaming years.
    But I have been learning to play DotA with my bro teaching me. I prefer Drow Ranger, but we've done a couple of random rounds that I tried some other fools. I have yet to figure out how to kill other Champions yet... but I can run away from them most of the time.
    I like LoL's UI better than the WC3 UI, but I haven't gotten to figure out why or anything. The curve for both is kind of scary if you can't do RTSs like me :p. But my brother has us against comps, so we're fine if we aren't against cheap guys. Definitely can't beat him yet.
  8. LoL and generally Dota is actually nothing like a RTS.

    Some things that you gotta follow in LoL:

    -For early levels, stay close to the turrets if you dont know what you're facing.
    -Always last hit minions for more gold and exp. this is VERY important.
    -find out what the common champs are and what they can do. Its part of the metagame and you wont get surprised all the time. Knowing that X has a heal or that Y is a tank will save you.
    -when you get into group fights, go for the squishies. You can check the enemy item builds when you hold the tab button. The ones with def or magic def items are usually the beefy heavy tanks that can take many hits.
    You usually try to kill squishies and supporters first, and then move onto the heavy dps then you go for the full tanks.
    -try not to feed.
    -develop map awareness. Check the map for people who ping, see where minion waves are about to push in your turrets and help out. The map is your friend.

    Couple of things to consider.
    The major problem with LoL is that when you play other games, you are more or less used to being rambo. This doesnt work in this game that well, at least early game.
    Learning the right builds is important, and building accordingly to your team and your opponents team is also VERY useful. But that comes with time.

    My name on the US server is Swordpimp. I already added Sir Red.
  9. Sir Red

    Sir Red Charms' Caped Crusader

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    So that was you! I was wondering who added me. XD

    I've been using Tristina lately, and after looking around the internet for sets of her, I'm finally starting to be pretty decent. :D She's a ton of fun to use if I'm paired up with somebody who can slow down the opposition for me to reap like mad with her insane rapid firing. Rocket Jump is always fun to abuse too. :3

    A lot of my deaths come from over pursuing a nearly dead target and then getting killed by an incoming champion/turret when I kill the weakened Champion. :x Also, I hate the middle because I always seem to get ganked. T-T
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  10. If you play the middle lane dont overextend. Only lasthit the enemies and let them come close to your turret. Not too close of course.
    That way you are usually safe from ganks. Ghost and Flash might be useful abilities if you're getting in gank situations often.

    I heard that tristana is a lot about farming. So I would just concentrate on that.
  11. Dah, thanks for the advice Fu. What I meant by "RTS" was mostly click to move. I thought it made sense or something. At any rate, LoL is much easier than DotA in the fact that you can click on other units and still be able to move your character. I end up buying random crap all the time in DotA because I'm trying to get my character to Attack move when I'm on a different unit.

    Anywho, I've gotten to level 6. I've only played 2 PvP rounds and lost both D:. I have super-not-dying skills; I only die when ganged up upon or Annie makes you explode at lower levels. So it's the other people's fault *probablylies*. I'm going to be one sad puppy when Caitlyn isn't free, cuz she's pretty much my main. Only 4000 IP to go... *dies*

    Also, can't figure out how to friend peoples. I'm RaynShyu (getting lazy) so people more used to the interface and junk can friend me.
  12. Sir Red

    Sir Red Charms' Caped Crusader

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    You probably have the same problem that I had. :x If you have Windows on your computer then when LoL launches it fills your whole screen from top to bottom (and I mean WHOLE). If you turn your toolbar to autohide then you should be able to see some buttons on the bottom right of the program. That's how you can add friends and access chat functions and such. -^^-
  13. You should play more PVP matches. Bots dont teach you much outside of what your character is able to.
    Losing is natural, its the best way to learn from mistakes. Bots dont punish you at all.
    If Caitlyn isnt free, then I'm sure that there'll be other free ranged champions. Ashe comes to mind, or maybe some casters even.
    Caitlyn IS expensive. Getting slowly used to more champions is a good thing though.
    Sometimes people pick your main SUPER fast, and then you're stuck with all those free champs that you cant play.

    I bought maokai 2 days ago. He's fun.
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  14. KoL

    KoL Expert FPS Player
    Staff Member Moderator

    If you ever see a Firefang Warwick on the EU servers with my name over his head...yeah, that's me.

    Bal plays as Nocturne, but he'll tell you that himself if he finds this thread.
  15. Shocari

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    Xbox Live:
    Data said I could revive this, so...~

    I shamefully just started enjoying LoL last night. I had played it before, but it didn't really click for me until I gave it another try. I quite like ranged characters, especially Ahri and Ashe <333

    I'm Shocari on the NA server, in case anyone feels like adding me. I'm only level 4, so I'm not comfortable playing against actual people yet, but co-op against bots is fine by me :D
  16. Would be good if players mentioned whether they play on EU or US, as the servers are divided.

    Personally I am playing on EU.
  17. Sir Red

    Sir Red Charms' Caped Crusader

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    Those of us that have been playing a lot lately (Sho, Rain, Tailon, Dway and myself) all play on the NA/US server. Outside of Rain we're all still in the lover half of levels and thus learning.

    Actually, Sho starting to play is what sparked the interest in it right now. He got me playing again and we roped Tailon in to downloading it. Our talking about it brought Dway back to the game. Rain always played, I believe, so she just started playing along with the rest of us. We've also actually been getting quite a few other people interested in trying it out in chat, as we've been talking about it quite a bit lately and have been playing most nights.
  18. Shocari

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    I did the same thing with my college theater group and Magic: the Gathering. It either brought people back or started people up. Trufax.

    Anyway, I started playing Dominion earlier today(meaning, earlier on the 19th) and it was super fun. It was also a hell of a lot shorter than a regular match. I really like that there are some different items in it, too. I also learned my lesson about Intermediate bots, and that they are the spawn from hell.

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