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Open Law and Liquor

Discussion in 'Pokémon Role Play' started by Shiny Blue Gardevoir, Nov 17, 2018.

  1. Prohibition era, 1920s Unova. Alcohol has become completely outlawed. Speakeasies are popping up here, there and everywhere. Gangs are starting to form, and it's war, for some. But for most, everyday life is just the same as it's ever been, sans alcohol.

    Castelia City, otherwise known as the Big Oran Berry, where humans and gijinka, humans with pokemon-like features coexist is the perfect hub of drunken debauchery and gang wars. By day, Castelia City is just like any other city, with big businesses and shops and department stores going about their daily business, but by night, its underbelly of speakeasies and gang violence is exposed for everybody to see. Which side of the law are you on? Or are you on neither?

    (It's time for your bios!)

    Name: Kitri Vasquez

    Age: 23

    Gender: Female

    Occupation: Jazz vocalist at a speakeasy

    Appearance: Kitri is tall and pale, with navy blue, chin-length hair, and blue eyes. Most of the time, she wears a thigh-length navy blue coat, with a white fur trim, and a navy blue fedora. She wears heeled boots of the same colour, which have small yellow beads at the toes. She also has a pair of honchkrow wings, which she is able to fly with.

    Species: Honchkrow Gijinka


    "Come on, babe, why don't we paint the town?" Turn, step, swing, "And all that jazz..."

    The crowd of drunken men began hooting and hollering, as always, with that line. This little pit of debauchery was the only place they could be the rotten scoundrels they really were, with a bellyful of booze, and honestly, Kitri wouldn't have it any other way. Kitri wasn't one to mind her manners, or play nicely, or to not sing jazz songs and drink liquor just because the law said so. Kitri was like a stray purrloin on these streets, doing exactly as she pleased, whenever she pleased to do it, law be damned.

    Her show ended almost as soon as it had begun, and she went back to the bar, to help herself to another shot of whiskey. She wrinkled her nose up as it hit her tongue; she didn't care at all for the taste, it was bitter, and it burned her throat, but it loosened her up nicely, and made her forget the stresses of life for a bit.

    "Nice performance tonight, dollface," the bartender, an incineroar gijinka began, pouring a martini for someone nearby, "Your moves always get the guys coming back for more, and that's just what we need."

    The honchkrow downed the glass. "Well, it's good to support small businesses, ain't it?" she responded, "Better to work for 'em, in my opinion, though. 'Specially if I get booze out of it."

    "Always a bonus," the bartender agreed, using an ember to light a flaming sambuca, "They can send all the cops they like down 'ere, but they'll never shut us down. Well, maybe this place, but if they think they stop us drinking, they've got another thing coming."

    Kitri smiled dryly, glancing over at a smeargle gijinka, who appeared to be here for the first time. "Fuckin' nuts. Like outlawing all the booze in this country is gonna change anything," she remarked, "How about doing something about the gangs, instead?"

    She passed her glass back to him, watching as he filled it with more whiskey. "Oh, wait. That would require the cops to actually do something, and we can't have that."
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  2. SaiyanDakon

    SaiyanDakon Previously UnovaTrainerGlacier

    Name: Charles "John" Li

    Age: 21

    Gender: Male

    Occupation: N/A

    Appearance: Charles is an average human's height, dark black hair that only covers the ear, and red eyes. He wears a black jacket to cover his Zoroark hair but wears a red t-shirt underneath it.

    Species: Zoroark Gijinka

    "Hey, Charles. Back to see the show, again? But you're late, I guess." A short Pawniard Gijinka said to the Zoroark Gijinka. Charles didn't reply and kept his hands in his pockets. It doesn't matter to me....all I know is that Unova is crazy... He thought.
  3. "So true it hurts," the bartender agreed, "Useless grumpigs. Jail a man for having a drink, but they won't jail the Kalosnian mobster who killed my wife. I hate them all."

    Kitri nodded. She'd had a fair few run-ins with mobsters herself, mostly just drugged up perverts looking for a bit of 'fun', and the police had done nothing about it. Not one thing. So the police were nothing, in her eyes.

    "Anyway," the bartender added, not wanting to depress her, "How's about something better tasting, Kitri? I gotta bloody Mary with your name on it."

    "Pour it up," Kitri responded, glancing toward the other end of the bar. A zoroark gijinka, who appeated unfamiliar, had entered the scene, probably to see the newer girls perform. The newer girls weren't quite as popular as Kitri, since they couldn't sing or dance as well, but they sure were pretty. And pretty was sometimes all you needed to be in a speakeasy.
  4. SaiyanDakon

    SaiyanDakon Previously UnovaTrainerGlacier

    Charles sat down at the edge of the bar then sighed. "I'll take an ale." He stated to the bartender. He looked over at the Honchrow Gijinka then back over at the various drinks. Dark types appearing everywhere now...
  5. As soon as he was done with Kitri's bloody Mary, the bartender drew a taller glass from the cabinet, to pour the requested ale. "Any particular one?" he asked, "We got a few here. San Tauros, Drunken Dranpa, so what's it gonna be?"
  6. SaiyanDakon

    SaiyanDakon Previously UnovaTrainerGlacier

    "San Tauros. I'll take that." Charles said. He didn't really prefer what ale there was but he didn't care for right now. "You...Honchrow Gijinka. What do you prefer here?" He asked.
  7. The bartender nodded, pulling a pint of the stuff, before he slid the drink to him, from across the bar. The brew appeared lighter than most, and it was very heady, too.

    Kitri stirred when someone called her by her species, crossing her legs. "If you're talking in terms of booze, I don't have a preference. Whatever gets me drunk enough to see me through to my next performance," she answered, "I'll drink anything. I'm not a mink and pearls kinda girl."
  8. SaiyanDakon

    SaiyanDakon Previously UnovaTrainerGlacier

    "Ale is where its that. Its good, tasty and it can fill you up quickly." Charles said, laughing. He extended his hand over to her then grinned. "Charles Li, but call me John."
  9. "Kitri Vasquez. I go by Kitri, Kit, doll, dollface, y'know, the usual for a jazz singer," she replied, taking his hand vigorously, "I just got off work here. Not a bad place to work, and the free booze is a bonus," she remarked.
  10. SaiyanDakon

    SaiyanDakon Previously UnovaTrainerGlacier

    "Job pays well enough? I'm in dire need of a job, actually...I'm not much of a jazz singer or anything....but I guess you could say I'm sneaky." Charles said, "Mostly I just steal because I need to survive...but other than that, I'm jobless." He shrugged like it was nothing though it somewhat bothered him that he was jobless.
  11. Kitri glanced around the speakeasy. "Well, if it's a job you need, we do have a few going here," she responded, "Our double bassist quit last week. Says he's gonna be a father soon, so he can't risk himself getting thrown in jail, lest he not be there for his kid. So a new double bassist is in order. Oh, and maybe more bar staff. Folks are getting more and more desperate for booze round here, and there's no tellin' how many more are gonna come here."
  12. SaiyanDakon

    SaiyanDakon Previously UnovaTrainerGlacier

    "Huh....I'll take you up on that offer. Heck, I'll do it. I'll accept it. I'll help with the bar staff. I can agree with you on people getting more booze." Charles replied, "And do be surprised when I suddenly disappear from my post. I'll be out doing my thing....and I don't like to be interrupted."
  13. The honchkrow downed her bloody Mary, allowing the vodka to burn the inside of her mouth, before she swallowed. "And what, pray tell, might this thing be?" she began, "Unless...No. You're not one of them shady undercover cops, are you?"
  14. SaiyanDakon

    SaiyanDakon Previously UnovaTrainerGlacier

    Charles started to chuckle then it turned into a laugh. "No. I-I am not...I told you already, I'm a thief." He replied easily, "Life is just now about survival for me....gotta make a few allies that'll help you...and maybe a few enemies to keep you on your toes." He grinned a little and rubbed the back of his head.
  15. Kitri's expression soured greatly. "A thief. We don't need thieves here," she said coolly, "They're the worst. Thieves get their grubby hands everywhere they're not wanted. Thieves make silly mistakes. Thieves get us on the wrong sides of those nasty gangs."

    The honchkrow flexed her wing, revealing a slight tear in the very end. "Because of some rotten thief, this place got raided by a gang, and my wings were almost shot to pieces."
  16. SaiyanDakon

    SaiyanDakon Previously UnovaTrainerGlacier

    "No need to be alarmed, I'm a thief that just tries to hide from those police....and get food for free. I don't raid other places just because I feel like it. I do take from others for a purpose to live. Otherwise, I'd be insane....maybe I'm already past that point." Charles said, "I promise you, Kitri, I'm not going to raid this place."
  17. "And you're also not going to steal from gangs, or any other speakeasies round here, if any at all," she demanded, "They don't care if you're just doing it to survive. You cross a gang, they'll have you dead within the hour."
  18. SaiyanDakon

    SaiyanDakon Previously UnovaTrainerGlacier

    "I'm not dumb enough to go against a full armed gang...that would be an easy way to get out of this crazed region, though." Charles said to Kitri, "Then again...maybe not. I'll take your word for it, though: Don't cross a gang or speakeasis."
  19. "You'd better," she said threateningly, "And be sure to keep your yap shut about the fact you work here now. Anyone could be listening, so you can never be too sure."
  20. SaiyanDakon

    SaiyanDakon Previously UnovaTrainerGlacier

    "All right, All right." Charles nodded. No need to be such a mom, Kitri. He thought then gulled down his San Tauros that he received. He set the cup down onto the bar table then rubbed his forehead. "Man, I needed that...." He muttered.
  21. Kitri shook her head. "Don't we all? Just a crying shame those nutcases thought all this region's problems could be solved by taking it away from us," she sighed, "What idiots. Don't think mobsters go around killin' folk, just 'cuz they got a bit of booze in their system, but whatever, it keeps me in business. Where else would they want a two-bit jazz singer?"
  22. SaiyanDakon

    SaiyanDakon Previously UnovaTrainerGlacier

    "I dunno...." Charles shrugged then fiddled with the his hood, keeping it over his head. No should see what Gijinka I am....but....Kitri might be trustworthy. Have to wait and see. He thought, glancing over at her. He tapped his forehead then grinned a little.
  23. The honchkrow got up, shrugging her coat back on, as she slid her glass back to the bartender. "For now, I suppose I'd better get on home," she said coolly, "Wouldn't want Karina to think I've been off fooling around with some man. She keeps me on a pretty tight leash."
  24. SaiyanDakon

    SaiyanDakon Previously UnovaTrainerGlacier

    "Is that so?" Charles asked then raised his hand in farewell, "Well, I'll catch you later, then." He looked around the bar then tapped his forehead again. Tauros Ale....way to get you on your toes....but it leaves the person blind-sighted. Not me though, used to this kind of thing...Charles thought.
  25. DoggoKing22

    DoggoKing22 Previously ChristianTheDoggoKing

    Name: Villa Nasken
    Age: 20
    Gender: Male
    Occupation: Boxer
    Appearance: Villa has purple hair that is long enough to cover part of his forehead with two little sprouts of his hair poking up, and a normal skin tone. He wears a shirt that’s a similar color to his skin with a unzipped purple jacket, a pair of khaki pants, and red running shoes. He also has ambipom tails coming out his tailbone
    Species: Ambipom Gijinka

    Villa checked the clock on the wall and set his glass of water on the table. “It’s gettin’ late. I should head home now.” He sighed, left a tip on the table, and walked out the speakeasy. The moonlit black sky reminds Villa of the gangs and the thieves running about the city. He quickly put on his hood and ran off. The streetlights were bright and shined on the ground like a car in pitch black. Villa kept running and running until he heard a gunshot, which he stopped dead and quickly turned around. A gang of six people were standing there in the light on the dark. “We got a live one here, boys.” The leader said, with a gun pointing at Villa. “It’s not just an ordinary person, boss. It’s Villa Nasken, one of the best boxers in the city.” A member said. “Crap.” Villa said, “How about a deal, if I fight you and I win, will you guys leave me be from now on?” He said, while readying himself. The leader gave his gun to a memeber and walked up to Villa. “Alright. But if I win, then you’re dead.” He chuckled. The leader threw the first couple of punches. Villa blocked them and punched the leader square in the gut, followed up with a fury of punches from Villa’s fists and tails and a uppercut to finish him off. The leader fell to the ground and got knocked out cold. Two of the grunts picked the leader up and walked away, with his legs dragging of the ground. “This isn’t over, Mr. Nasken. Once we see you again, you’re dead as dirt.” One of the members said, as they all disappeared into the black of night. Villa stood there in the light from the streetlights and rubbed his knuckles. “Dang it. I gotta stop doing shit like this.”
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  26. "Just what I get for having a girlfriend," Kitri remarked, "Women. Oh well, rather have them than have a man stinking up my apartment. A girl's gotta have her booze, but she also gotta have her flowers and perfume, y'know?"

    She stepped down with a soft clack from her boots. "Later. Guess I'll see ya tomorrow night, since we both work here now."

    And she went out the door, ascending with a graceful flap of her wings. Nearby, it seemed that gang violence was breaking out, but, having become all too desensitised to it, she thought nothing of it. The cops probably wouldn't even pretend they were coming.
  27. SaiyanDakon

    SaiyanDakon Previously UnovaTrainerGlacier

    Charles waved her out then slid his own glass towards the bartender. "I'll stay here a little longer....I don't sleep long anyway...." He muttered to him, leaning against the bar table and watched another singer. He crossed his arms and then had one eye closed.
  28. Name: Rocky Henderson
    Age: 21
    Occupation: Not any at the moment
    Appearance: messy blue hair with black tips, normal skin tone. Wears a blue vest, black tie, and under a yellow dressing shirt with blue dressing pants and black dressing shoes.
    Species: Lucario Gijinka

    Rocky entered the speakeasy and looked for a place to sit. He asked the bartender for the strongest drink they had. As he waited for his drink, he decided to watch one of the performance.

    He noticed a Zorak gijinka and decided to ask if he works here. "Um, excuse me sir by any chance your work here because I'm a need of a job," he asked.
  29. BIO:
    Name: Leland Carmanno
    Age: 27
    Gender: Male
    Occupation: N/A
    Appearance: Leland is fairly mid-ranged in his skin color, wears a black and navy blue striped suit jacket, with a white dress shirt underneath it. He wears black dress pants and socks, with gold-tinted dress shoes. To top it off, his trilby is black with a navy blue strip of cloth and has a trident pin in the cloth strip. His sleeves are really strangely shaped, because he has... strange arms, allowing him to use his standard moveset as if in battle.
    Species: Empoleon Gijinka


    In a alleyway in Castelia, a seemingly innocent Gabite gijinka was against the wall, bruised, and was slowly surrounded by a large group of other gijinka
    "H-Hold on... I-I'll get it to you tomorrow, I swear... just leave little me alone...!"
    He groaned in pain, then a hand was placed in front of his face, and our true character's face was revealed, then he speaks
    "Now, you say that... but you've owed me and the boys some scratch for a while, and we can't let it slide this time. You should've known our policies here, we pay you, you pay us back fast. Well it's been two weeks pal, and I've lost my patience! So you're going to pay us the best way you can, with the only thing you have, apparently. Not-so-nice knowing ya, dirtbag."
    One Ice Beam was enough to get it through the Gabite's head metaphorically and literally that you don't delay your dues, especially to this man, Leland Carmanno, leader of the original Black Empoleon. The Black Empoleon, before becoming a biker gang much later in the future, is a loan agency, their motto? We pay you one day, you better pay back the next. Leland, now irritated, made his way to the nearest speakeasy, and took a seat.
    "Hey, tiger, give me your strongest, stat. I had a bad day and I need something to get through it. And while we're at it, give everyone a round on me."
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  30. SaiyanDakon

    SaiyanDakon Previously UnovaTrainerGlacier

    A Lucario Gijinka was talking towards Charles then he folded his hood over his head more. "Yeah....so what if I do? You need a job? I'm not a manager..." He said to him. Charles didn't want to make any attention to anyone else but he didn't care at the moment. Anything that'll give him some cash is what he needed.
  31. "Oh, By any chance you know the manager", he asked. " Pops told me this is the best to find a job.", he added. The Bartender brought his drink. He sipped his drink and thinking about where to find the manager.
  32. Leland grabs his drink from the bartender, then turns to the Lucario Gijinka
    "Kiddo, your pops don't know what he's talking about. You don't come into a speakeasy askin' for a job, you'll attract the wrong crowd right quick. Just ask me, you try to find work in a place like this, you get in major trouble faster than a speedster. Go out, look for a job as a mechanic, or a clerk, or an officer, just don't get a job in illegal business, or your head will end up on a plate eventually."
  33. "I know what I'm getting myself into sir.", he responded. "Pops had a history in this place.", he added. He continued sipping his drink." His nickname was sabertooth" he added after finishing his drink.
  34. "I don't give a hoot who your pops was, I'm saying to be wary. Would hate to put you in the meat wagon after telling you this garbage. You got potential kid, so if you really want to do this, watch your back."
    He downed his drink, then slammed the glass back down.
    "And no, I'm not drunk, this is my first drink of the week, so treat my words as a philosophy, see?"
  35. "Yeah yeah", he responds." It doesn't matter gangs will kill anyone at any time", he added. He asked the bartender for another drink. He looked at the Zorak Gijinka and ask he want one.
  36. "Oh please, everyone assumes I'm a gangster because of what I wear... I don't put ALL my clients in a Chicago overcoat, only ones who don't comply with our rules and policies, which we set down the moment they walk into the office... they never see it coming, ya see? Most people don't realize their actions have consequences, and let's just say I make them learn a thing or two."
    He beckoned the bartender for another drink, keeping 'eye contact' with the kid as he called him
  37. "Alright", he said. The bartender gave his drink, he gulped it down. " Well Imma be back tomorrow", he said. "Pleasure meeting ya", he added as he raised his for a handshake.
  38. "Would shake back, but don't have the proper hands to do that, 'less you want to be blasted with an Ice Beam, freezing your arm and giving 'ya hypothermia."
    He then held out his arm, smirking at his comment
    "Well, what is it? Chance a handshake or play it safe?"
  39. "You shouldn't underestimate me. Pop taught a lot", he said he said as he shaked the hands of the empoleon gijinka. " the name is Rocky" he said with a smirk.
  40. "My name is not important, only my face, remember it well, kid."
    He downed another glass or two, then stood up.
    "Think I'll treat myself to a doll or two, shout at me if I'm not out by 2:00."
    He moved over to presumably the stage, and lounged against the wall.

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