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Private/Closed L'aventure sans titre (A Kalos Journey RP)

Discussion in 'Pokémon Role Play' started by StellarWind Elsydeon, Feb 11, 2014.

  1. StellarWind Elsydeon

    StellarWind Elsydeon Armblades Ascendant
    Staff Member Administrator

    OOC: Pardon probably mangled French: It's supposed to be something to the line of 'The Untitled Adventure' - because I couldn't think of a name for this RP and this merde is the best I could come up with. You brought this on yourselves by not having suggestions, damnit.

    In an ancient language, largely dead outside the proceedings of scientists, the word ‘Kalos’ meant ‘Beauty’. In that sense, the Kalos region certainly lived up to its name. There was no denying it: Kalos was pretty. Too pretty, almost - like it was trying to compensate for something.

    It made an interesting change from Unova, for sure. Not that Unova was not pretty – far from it – but there seemed to be something fundamentally different about the essence of the region. In Unova, everyone always seemed to be in such a rush - always buying something or selling something or eating something or suing something in pursuit of fame and fortune, dashing from point A to point B without giving much thought to the path in between or other people in the way. Kalos was different – more about the journey than the destination, for sure. It was a laid-back region, far more interested in the pursuit of beauty, fashion and the good life than in the consumption of bite-sized pieces of information force-fed via ubiquitous screens and news tickers and all the mucking-about with truths and ideals that Unova was almost infamous for.

    Kalos certainly felt less… bipolar - or at least, that’s the first impression Gad got from it. He’s only been living in this region for a few months, after a number of years in Unova where his father – a leading authority on Bug-type Pokémon biology - researched the Joltik and Galvantula populations of Chargestone Cave. It was just another routine move for him; Between his father’s attitude about being at the forefront of research and his mother’s eternal wanderlust - not quelled even by her retirement from the lifestyle of a traveling trainer and taking on a more ‘sedentary’ career as an writer - the Van Lierres were always in motion, generally only staying in one region for a few years, until one project ended and another started.

    And so, when a new research project surrounding the pattern variations on the Kalos region’s endemic butterfly Pokémon presented itself, his parents bought an old, quaint farmhouse nestled in the vast, verdant expanses surrounding the route that the locals called Fourrage Road and the official maps called Route 12 and restored it, transforming it into the typical hybrid of house and laboratory that the Van Lierres have been calling ‘home’ in every region they arrived in since Gad could remember himself. It was an ideal location, really: a green, rural area with a beautiful ocean view, close enough to the neighboring port city of Coumarine to have a convenient supply line for the scientific apparatus his father dealt with, but far enough to allow quiet admiration of the region’s inspirational beauty – a feature that his mother rather appreciated as a writer.

    It also meant that technically their nearest neighbors were goats – but after years of living in close proximity to Driftveil City, the goats made infinitely better company.

    Currently, though, the merits of goats as neighbors were the last thing on Gad’s mind – he was far too busy packing. In the eighteen years of his life, he has already seen more of the world than a large number of people have in a lifetime – and yet, he has never actually gone out there on his own. Now, with a whole new region to explore, he decided that the time has come to break out of the metaphorical chrysalis, spread his equally metaphorical wings and complete his metamorphosis into an adult form – or at least, do a proper trainer journey. He’d leave the whole business of fluttering around, feeding on nectar and burninating the countrysides to his partner.

    The partner in question was currently perched on his bed, head mildly tilted sideways and regarding him with a look of mild bemusement through piercing blue eyes as he ran through a checklist of all the things he would need to take on his journey, marking down things he has already packed and searching around his room for things he hasn’t yet. Zorya was like that – calm, serene and with a pervading aura of inner strength, but not without her quirks.

    He recognized that particular quirk. It’s not that the Larvesta was confused about his packing – the decision to go on a journey was one they made together. After all, without his only Pokémon he would be going nowhere fast – and Zorya was as excited about the prospect of exploring the outside world as he was. No, It was merely that she was confused about why he was packing now rather than doing something productive like, say, petting her. Gad rolled his eyes in mock-frustration, emitting a sigh and sitting down on the bed, lightly stroking the Torch Pokémon’s white fur, occasionally scritching at the bases of the horn-like projections emerging from her head. The Larvesta, in response, emitted a rapid sequence of high pitched clicks, eyes glazing over in contentment.

    For a creature that would one day evolve into a majestic primordial solar moth, Zorya certainly reminded him of a cat at times.

    “You know, Zorya, you’re adorable, but I seriously need to finish packing.” He said, eventually standing up again “Kalos is a pretty big region. We wouldn’t want to forget anything we’d regret getting caught in the middle of nowhere without, you know. “

    The Larvesta, in return, regarded him with a slightly disappointed look of acceptance – she saw the merit in his words. After all, tomorrow they were leaving the nest into a new, wild world – it never hurt to be prepared as much as one possibly can be.


    The sun was rising.

    When the alarm clock roused Gad from his slumber, his first instinct was to slam the snooze button with a light karate chop and resume his forays into dreamland for at least a few more hours – a sensation that fizzled away as he remembered the reason he set that alarm to begin with. There was a great deal of merit in utilizing as many of the daylight hours as possible to travel.

    “There’s gotta be a better way to start the day than waking up in the morning.” He murmured as he vaguely pulled himself out of bed, put his glasses on and stretched thoroughly, attempting to shake the last vestiges of sleep from his body. Gad Van Lierre was a lot of things, but he was not a morning person.

    A quick shower and a brush of the teeth later, he changed into one of his favorite outfits – dark blue jeans, a black T-shirt (with the words ‘Don’t Panic’ written on it in large, friendly letters), a forest-green jacket with interweaving double-helix ivy patterns running along its sleeves, a black bandanna featuring similar designs and a pair of black fingerless gloves. Gad surveyed himself in the mirror briefly, content with his appearance for the day. He had packed enough changes of clothes to give himself more options for the next few days – and with Pokémon Center rooms having machines that automatically washed, dried and folded clothing anyway, he figured he would be set for this journey as far as outfits go.

    Just a few more things left to get from his room and he would be technically ready to go. The first was his partner’s Pokéball – an off-white ball with a red rim, an orange button and a dark red Volcarona-inspired tribal-esque design drawn on its top half. The design was his own – he had it printed onto the surface of a more standard Pokéball using a small, specialized printer that attached to his drawing tablet. The printer and the tablet were among the things he had packed, stowed safely within his backpack – a black and grey one that had a plated, biomechanical look of sorts. He slung the thing over one of his shoulders, marveling at its lightness. Thank deities for Item Balls.

    And speaking of deities, there was one last thing he wanted to grab - a green stone and grey metal pendant he has purchased shortly after he arrived in the region and particularly liked. It was styled after one of the local legendary Pokémon of the Kalos region – a creature said to resemble a serpent with incredibly alien qualities, dwell deep underground and watch the Kalos region’s ecosystem, guarding it from threats. Sometimes he wondered what it would be like to encounter such a mythical creature, although he would have hoped to be a far more experienced trainer before the opportunity presented itself.

    It would be a terrible shame to encounter a living legend only to get casually vaporized, after all.


    Breakfast was a mushroom omelet along with some freshly baked breads and cheeses and a blended berry juice. Family breakfasts with good food and lively conversation were not an uncommon event for the Van Lierres, but this one was special, nonetheless - after all, it was the last one they would have as a family for a while.

    Conversation spanned around various aspects of trainer journeys (with his mother dispensing bits and pieces of wisdom from her own trainer days) and some current events (with his father chiming in about an alleged sighting of a Vivillon with a Pokéball-like pattern and how unlikely it seemed to him). As a going-away present his parents surprised him with a new mobile communications device based on holographic technology – a nice upgrade, he had to admit, from the old Poké Gear he’s been carrying with him for a while. After taking a short while to transfer his contacts and information from the old device to the new one – he was finally ready to say his goodbyes and finally set out. Between his own research and some last-moment input from his parents, Gad established the path that he would begin his journey with in his mind – he would set off eastwards to Coumarine City, then south along Route 13 to Lumiose City,, at the very heart of the Kalos Region. One could get virtually anywhere from there – and what’s more, the city housed the research lab of the region’s leading Pokémon Professor, Augustine Sycamore. He hasn’t heard much of that particular professor’s work – but he was supposedly the man to see when it came to beginning a proper Pokémon journey in this region, so it only made sense that he’d be based in an easily accessible central location.

    He’d figure out where to go next when he gets there.
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  2. Rex

    Rex Resident Furry

    Fresh off the boat in Coumarine City, the first thing that hit Liam was the relative warmth of the city. It was fall in Kalos, and, while a little crisp, Liam was actually quite comfortable in his light coat. This area of the region, at the very least, had nothing on Sinnoh's near frozen months.

    Liam pulled a notebook out of his knapsack, along with a Premier Ball. After taking a moment to release the Pokemon inside, his golden furred Buizel, Richard, Liam cracked open the notebook. The front page had a letter clipped to it, addressed from a "Dr. S. Asimov," Spencer, a former colleague of his father's. Liam had traveled halfway around the world on a tip that his elder brother, Seth, was still alive, and that Spencer had information. It sounded a bit cliche when he thought about it, but this was too good of a chance to let it go by.

    Anyway, the next two pages of his notebook contained a sketched map of the Kalos region. Liam was something of a cartographer, so he had made sure to study a map of Kalos in advance and draw it out. It was much more convenient than carrying around a map, and Liam could make notes and sketch out interesting bits or shortcuts as he located them.

    "According to the doctor's letter, he wants to meet us in Anistar City, which is..." Liam paused, tracing his finger around the map, "All the way across the region from us. Great."

    He started walking, Richard following along behind him. "Quickest way to Anistar takes us through Lumiose and Dendemille, but to get there we have to go through Mamoswine road." That might not be good. The Mamoswine were rentals, and Liam wasn't sure if he had the money to pay for it. "The only other route takes us south, from Lumiose to Santalune, then past Victory Road to Snowbelle and Couriway. That might be better, we can test our skills against the first Gym Leader."

    Liam stopped, looking down at his Buizel. "What do you think, Richie?"
  3. Shiny Lyni

    Shiny Lyni 2016 Singles Football

    It was never fun to say good-bye to a family member, not even one as annoying as a clingy older brother. Because of that, Andrea was busily trying to keep her mind off the impending send-away by staying up all night in the hotel mending small tears and holes in her brother’s clothes. He had been willing enough to come visit his family for a week, but now it was time for him to leave, and the girl found herself unable to sleep the day before his journey back to Sinnoh. Not wanting to wake him up, Andrea had opted not to use a machine and instead was hand sewing everything under the restroom’s lighting. Of course, this wasn’t an ideal way for her to be sewing, but she didn’t have too much of a choice at the moment.

    Andrea had just finished with all of her brother’s shirts and was moving on to fixing his scarf when the door to the restroom was opened, and a very confused, somewhat annoyed stranger was standing by the door. The two stayed like that for a while before Andrea quickly gathered up her things, apologized for being in the wrong room, and dashed off to the one across the hall. She quietly entered the room, though it was for naught as her brother was already up. He nodded once at her before going back to brushing his teeth, and Andrea quickly packed his clothes back into his suitcase before getting ready for the day herself.

    When they were finished with their morning routine of dressing, grooming, and eating breakfast, the siblings went downstairs and checked out of the hotel. Andrea released her Pokemon from their Pokeballs as she walked out of the building, marveling at her Vivillons’ beauty as they fluttered around. She was only snapped out of her stupor when her brother gave her a light nudge in the shoulder.

    After a bit of trying to figure out the map, they managed to find the dock and watched the sun rise one last time together before they gave each other a final hug. Another boat seemed to have landed, for people were suddenly milling about, and when the embrace broke, it didn’t take long before she lost sight of him. “Have a safe trip,” she murmured, though she was sure he couldn’t hear her anymore. Andrea shrugged. He was a grown man now; he probably knew what to do now better than she did.

    The girl looked around her for a few seconds, not quite sure what to do now that her brother had disappeared. Spotting a bench, she went over and sat down, watching all the people going on and off the boats for a good hour or so. Suddenly, her Holo Caster began ringing, and Andrea took the device out and saw her mother’s form appear. The hologram asked her about her brother’s departure and how she was going to get back home, along with a few other things that a mother might typically say. “Yeah, I lost him in the crowd, but Lydia told me he got on safely. Not sure, I’ll probably walk. Okay, I’ll stop by the Boutique, no problem,” she said to it, her expression never changing throughout the whole exchange. With that, the projection stopped, and Andrea was left to her own thoughts again.

    The boutique… that meant Lumiose, right? Of course, she knew her mom worked there, but she wasn’t sure why she wanted her there. Eh, whatever, she could figure it out later. Turning to her hoard of Vivillon, she asked, “So, you guys have any plans?”
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  4. Most people would start their Pokemon Trainer's journey the moment they received their first Pokemon. Perhaps unfortunately for Jesse Lichtblau, he was not most people. He had a very strong sense of adventure and the desire to travel, but those paled in comparison to his most natural of enemies: procrastination. Jesse had already acquired his starter Pokemon a month ago, but had returned to his home in Laverre City almost immediately. "Back so soon?" his mother had asked, to which he had replied that he wanted to "just say goodbye to some friends." But they both knew it wasn't true. Jesse's friends were very few and he hadn't done so much as utter a word to any of them upon coming back from Lumiose City. A whole month of what was essentially self-imposed isolation, and the best reason(or rather, excuse) Jesse could come up with was "he wasn't feeling it." Lovely.

    Well, technically, Jesse had waited so long so it could finally transition from summer to autumn. Summertime means pollen which means a miserable Jesse. But that sounded pretty darn lame compared to "not feeling it." And now that he no longer had to fear for the safety of both himself and others, Jesse showered and put on his favorite outfit. A plain white t-shirt underneath an unbuttoned black shirt with the sleeves rolled up to the elbows, some slightly ripped faded blue jeans, and black-and-white checkered slip-on shoes. Stylish, yet casual, and most importantly: comfortable. He grabbed a lone PokeBall off of his desk and released the Pokemon inside - a light blue frog Pokemon called Froakie. The Pokemon hopped about the room briefly before deciding to settle on Jesse's shoulder, a most unusual parrot.

    "Heh. Guess you're ready to go too, eh, Kamino?" Jesse chuckled, the Froakie letting out a soft ribbit in reply. "Well, then," he picked up a two-tone blue and black messenger bag and slung it over the non-Froakie'd shoulder, "Looks like it's gonna be the two of us, traveling to Lumiose! It's a pretty big city and I've only been there a few times, but we should be able to make it through without a problem."

    With a quick goodbye to his parents, Jesse left the familiarity of his home and Laverre City and headed to Route 14, his destination: Lumiose City.
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  5. Teapot

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    Normally, when one steps off the boat for the first time in Kalos, their first sensation is the gentle breeze coursing through their hair, the sight of the bright and glittering port town of Coumarine, or the mixed smells of sea air and hot, delicious food drifting over from the market. For Kyra, however, the first sensation she could pay attention to was her forehead smashing against the concrete dock.

    In her haste and excitement to get off the boat, she had forgotten to pay attention to where she was going, tripped over the step up to the dock, and landed heavily and painfully on the ground. From somewhere beside her she heard her Doduo lightly land beside her, one of his heads squawking in gleeful laughter and the other bending down to gently hook its beak under her and help pull her to her feet, before chirping furiously at its compatriot.

    "Well, so much for a fresh start," she muttered under her breath. She reached out to pat the Doduo gently.

    "Thanks Omega. Oh, and Alpha..." Kyra uttered a string of words some would consider too filthy for a fifteen year old. Unperturbed, both Alpha and Omega clucked at each other, then at Kyra, and she took hold of some feathers in their back so they could lead her safely away from the pier.

    The sound of people bustling around her was wonderful. It was busy, but in a far more relaxed and pleasant way than the chaos of Unova, where she had only spent a week or so. More importantly, here she hadn't yet been pushed past or shouted at because she was moving perhaps a little slowly. They just seemed to be going about their business.

    Stroking the Doduo's back gently, Kyra asked them to find the nearest Pokémon Centre. She felt their necks swivel as they looked around to see if they could find it, then they suddenly dashed off, leaving her standing there. She guessed they were trying to find the correct building, and scoping out the surrounding area, quicker than they could with her in tow. Even so, she felt a little awkward standing alone on a pier, so she switched on the Pokégear on her wrist to check the map. Unlike most Pokégear units, this one spoke in a mechanical voice only barely recognisable as speech.

    System engaged. Welcome Kyra.

    Kyra flinched slightly inside as usual - the Pokégear couldn't pronounce her name correctly. She twiddled the controls slightly, the Pokégear loudly and enthusiastically announcing each option as she scrolled past it.

    Time! Phone! Radio! Map!

    After activating the map, she swore loudly at the response she got.

    Map unavailable. No data available for region.

    Lovely. Without her map she was stranded - there was no way she was going to even find the gym in Coumarine, let alone go anywhere else. And judging by the fact that the Doduo were still gone, they were thoroughly lost too. This meant that not only did she need the Centre as a place to stay and to touch base with occasionally, she'd need to go there to find some way to sort out a speaking map for Kalos.

    Alpha and Omega's return snapped Kyra out of her thoughts, and she frowned as they clucked a negative at her. Clearly they couldn't find the Centre either, even with all four eyes. She sighed deeply: there was nothing for it. She'd have to ask for directions. Casting her mind around, she heard a young girl finish a conversation quietly, and, judging by the Kalosian accent, Kyra guessed the girl might just know her way around better than she did. She rested her hand on Alpha and Omega's back again and pointed them towards the source of the sound. They got the point, and set off slowly where they were being pointed. feet padding against the concrete pier, and occasionally weaving around a bollard or passing person.

    When they stopped, Kyra tried to look in the general direction of the girl - she couldn't hear her above the sound of the bustling crowd and what sounded like many pairs of flapping wings - and spoke with no small measure of hesitation, suddenly aware of her obvious Sinnoh accent and her dislike for relying on others:

    "Hey. Um, sorry, I'm new around here and I'm... oh, fuck it. I need the Pokémon Centre, I can't find it. Can you point the way, please?"
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  6. StellarWind Elsydeon

    StellarWind Elsydeon Armblades Ascendant
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    Gad did not have to walk long before the small path that led to his home joined with a few other small paths leading to some of the other local farmhouses that sparsely dotted the area, ultimately converging into Fourrage Road proper - a wide and well-groomed road winding through the rustic countrysides, ever-steadily heading towards the ocean.

    Though the first leg of his journey was still familiar ground - he has been to Coumarine a few times since he arrived in this region - Route 12 was a lovely sight in spite of its familiarity. Gad couldn't help but appreciate the way the road somehow managed to be clearly defined to ensure maximal travel safety while somehow still designed to disrupt its natural surroundings as little as possible. The morning air was pleasantly crisp and filled with the scent of sea breeze, grass and flowers - as well as with the sounds of the occasional Pokémon, the occasional vocalizations of the local farm creatures steadily giving way to the cries of Wingull skimming the waters as one progressed along the road. The Wingulls were certainly the loudest inhabitants of this stretch of ocean, although on the rare occasion Gad could swear he picked up the faint vestiges of a distant, haunting melody - Lapras-song, evidence of the presence of the species in local waters.

    Gad always liked Laprases. The fact the species' populations were steadily recovering after humanity nearly drove it to extinction in ancient times always made him smile.

    There were few people out on the road that morning - which honestly suited Gad just fine. He generally preferred people in small doses rather than in swarms - deities knew there'd be more than enough people to deal with in Coumarine (and even more than that in Lumiose - the thought made him shudder slightly). Oh well, just because Lumiose via Coumarine was his current destination did not mean he was in any rush to get there. Perhaps he'll take some time in Coumarine. Maybe even challenge the gym.

    He considered the thought for a moment as he walked. He may have only started his journey today and had one Pokémon to call his own - but unlike many beginning trainers, Gad and Zorya had a fairly close bond developed over a few years and some battle experience. Plus, there was also the matter of Coumarine's gym specializing in Grass-type Pokémon - something that should have given the Larvesta a double advantage. Nevertheless, type advantages weren't everything - and would it not be more prudent to do some training beforehand and perhaps learn a little about his would-be opponent?

    Well, whatever choice he was going to make, he would have to make it relatively soonish. Even distracted as he was, he could already spot the buildings and docks of Coumarine Harbor not too far in the distance - a few minutes of walking, perhaps - and from there, Coumarine City proper was a relatively short monorail ride away. He would probably head straight towards Seaside Station unless something seriously demanded his attention.

    A certain friend of his from another region, he thought, would have probably considered that a highlight of the journey. Even if a monorail was only half a train, really.
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  7. Rex

    Rex Resident Furry

    Richard, of course, could not talk in any language Liam understood. As it stood, Liam alone decided that the best course of action was to not risk being turned around at Mamoswine Road and take the long way around to Anistar. Hopefully, the doctor would wait a while. After all, Spencer didn't put a time limit in his letter.

    Liam flipped a few pages in his notebook, eventually coming to a map of Coumarine City itself. The main city was up in the hills, connected to the docks via monorail. The hillside Coumarine offered most amenities Trainers could expect from a city like this, including a Pokemon Center with a built in Poke Mart, a system Liam himself wasn't all that familiar with, being Hoenn born and Sinnoh raised.

    Alongside that, Coumarine was a Gym town. The local Gym Leader, Ramos, specialized in Grass Type Pokemon. Liam briefly entertained the notion of trying out the Gym Challenge with Vector. He decided against it though, as even though the Gym Leaders held themselves back to match any skill level, Liam had not yet had any battling experience.

    Finally, back on the seaside part of Coumarine was a hotel. Kalos was something of a tourist hotspot, and thus most large towns had a hotel. Something for Liam to remember if he managed to scrounge up enough cash. Though, speaking of cash...

    "What do you think, Rick, should we try and scrounge up some money before heading to Lumiose?" Liam asked. It would be helpful, after all. Suddenly, the boy came to a realization, "Shit! Do you think that the monorail costs money?"

    And with that, the two rushed off in the direction of the station.
  8. Shiny Lyni

    Shiny Lyni 2016 Singles Football

    For a moment, Andrea thought that Io, her marine-patterned Vivillon, was speaking to her, and she was rather confused for a second. However, looking past the Pokemon, she saw another girl about her age with a two-headed bird-like Pokemon, asking for directions to the Pokemon Center. Andrea thought for a bit before extending an arm and pointing at the station. After a few long seconds passed, though, she realized that the other girl wasn’t responding, so she said, “Just go to the station there and take the monorail.” Couldn’t she see that everyone was heading in that direction? Oh, wait. When it finally dawned on Andrea that this girl quite possibly couldn’t see, she blinked in surprise. “Um, are you… blind, perhaps? We could walk together, I was just going there myself,” she continued, not quite realizing how rude she sounded.

    A bright red blur suddenly smacked her in the face, and Andrea, looking around, saw Aeolian, the modern-patterned Vivillon, fluttering around annoyed. She swatted him away, not quite sure what was wrong until she realized just how insensitive she had been earlier. Looking a little ashamed, she murmured a “sorry”, hoping she had a somewhat apologetic tone in her voice.
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  9. StellarWind Elsydeon

    StellarWind Elsydeon Armblades Ascendant
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    The Monorail - the only link between the two halves of Coumarine City, the means by which "bay and butte are bound", as the city's motto proudly declared. Gad could vaguely remember reading somewhere that the city was built inland first as a resort town due to the location's clear skies and mild atmosphere. As it expanded, a nearby stretch of beach by the Azure Bay was deemed to be a perfect spot for a port - leading to the construction of the seaside half of the city and, eventually, the monorail that connected them to each other. The busy nature of the port and the sequence it created between what later came to be known as Route 12 and 13 led Coumarine City to flourish, and the rest was history.

    It was therefore a rather striking testament to the Kalos region's attitude that the monorail was accessible for the use of the public, free of charge. In Unova, Gad thought, some jackass "entrepreneur" would have probably monetized the city's only lifeline faster than you could say "corporate greed".

    Seaside Station had all a monorail station needed to function and accommodate largish numbers of people while still keeping the general architectural and atmospheric style of the city. There were timetables showing the arrival and departure times of the monorail from one side of the city to another and padded benches for people to sit and wait for the monorail in the interim. There were counters and attendants who functioned partially to keep order in boarding and partially to provide information about the city and things to do in it. There were brochures that advertised the city's attractions and lockers for rent for the benefit of those who preferred to travel light within the city itself as they browsed what it had to offer. Kalos was a well-oiled tourism machine - tourism was the region's primary source of income, after all.

    In any case, it was not a very busy morning - which Gad was honestly rather appreciative of. He approached the counter, greeted the attendant and got a ticket for the next monorail over. They were a formality, really, as the service was free - but they kept things in order. He gazed at the time display of his mobile communication device - It would still be a little while before the monorail would get to Seaside station - and so the trainer stretched, finding himself a vacant bench, setting his backpack down by it and sitting down to wait.

    It was also time, he thought, to let his partner out of her Pokéball. She was still sleeping when he headed out - and far be it from him to disturb a Larvesta having her beauty sleep - but even Zorya couldn't sleep forever and it was time for her to stretch her legs. All six of them. Reaching for his belt, he detached the Larvesta's Pokéball and silently expanded it, releasing the Torch Pokémon onto the bench next to him. Zorya, in turn, stretched lazily and climbed up to his lap, gazing at him in a way that indicated that if he was going to wake her up, he may as well make up for it by petting her.

    He proceeded to do so, absent-mindedly, as he resumed pondering the possibility of taking on the gym and looking around the station, absorbing and processing information about his surroundings as he was prone to doing when not otherwise distracted - isolating and taking small mental notes of ambient noises, fragments of conversation, sights of people and Pokémon entering and leaving the station. None of them appeared particularly noteworthy, except for one new arrival that his eyes were immediately drawn to - or rather, to the Pokémon that walked beside him. It was a twin-tailed otter-like creature sporting a pair of blue fins along its forelimbs - a creature that Gad recognized as a Buizel. But there was something different about it - its fur was golden in color as opposed to the reddish-orange color morph characteristic of the species, whereas the leathery floatation sac around the creature's neck was pale - nearly white. The common name for these uncommon color morphs was a 'shiny' coloration, and there was certainly something to the name - the creature's fur had a certain sheen to it that seemed to border on sparkling.

    It's been a while since Gad has last seen a shiny Pokémon and for a few seconds he forgot that it was considered rude to stare - before a few tiny sparks in his peripheral vision, courtesy of Zorya, pulled him back into reality. Of course, it was possible that the Buizel's trainer was used to his companion getting looks from passerbys - but he didn't want to make unwarranted assumptions.
  10. Rex

    Rex Resident Furry

    Liam slowed down as he neared the station. Somehow, he managed to compose himself before entering the building. There weren't very many people inside, but the boy didn't want to make a scene. He crossed the open room to the ticket booth, and was quite surprised when he was handed a ticket free of charge. The boy had expected to at least pay a fee for the monorail's maintenance. That made him wonder what taxes were like in Coumarine, and if items here were more expensive than elsewhere.

    Richard made an uncomfortable sounding noise. Liam turned around just in time to notice someone else look away from the Buizel. A male Trainer, by the looks of the Bug Type Pokemon sitting next to him. Looked only a few years older than Liam himself, wearing jeans and a t-shirt. Liam hadn't been traveling very long, but he was already starting to get used to the 'looks' people gave him or Richard when the Buizel was out of its Pokeball.

    The boy took a minute to return his notebook to his backpack, pulling out a Pokeball as discretely as possible. He shoved both this Pokeball and his monorail ticket into his coat pockets, before approaching the other Trainer.

    "I've never seen a Pokemon like that," he said, once he was within speaking distance, "Is it from around here?"
  11. StellarWind Elsydeon

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    Apparently the other trainer caught him staring - or maybe it was the Buizel itself that alerted its trainer to him. Oops.

    Well, at least Pokémon were nearly universally a good topic for conversation in case of random encounters. Gad thought to himself as the trainer - a teenager dressed primarily in shades of brown and gray - approached him and fired off a question about the Larvesta, his Sinnoh accent betraying the fact that he, too, was probably a relatively new arrival to this region. The Fire-Type seemed to perk up a little, tilting her head to the side quizzically and regarding the trainer with a sort of expression that one could only attach to the phrase "You rang?".

    "Not as such, no." Gad replied, smiling and lightly scritching Zorya behind one of her horns. "She's a Larvesta. The species is native to the Unova region - although they aren't exactly the most common over there, either. Long lived, slow growing, generally long generation times... kind of atypical for Bug-types, really."
  12. Rex

    Rex Resident Furry

    "Unova, huh? Are you from there?" Liam asked. At the very least, the man didn't sound like he was from Sinnoh. He seemed quite knowledgeable on this species, Larvesta, if not Bug Types in general. A bit of a contrast to Liam, who didn't know much about Pokemon at all.

    Suddenly, he realized he didn't even know this Trainer's name. "Oh! Where are my manners," he grinned, scratching the back of his head. "I'm Liam, and this is Richard, but he'll also respond to Rick and Richie."
  13. StellarWind Elsydeon

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    "Nice to meet you Liam, Richard." Gad smiled and nodded in greeting at both the trainer and the Buizel, "I'm Gad and the pyrokinetic fuzzball here is Zorya."

    The Larvesta, for her part, emitted a few small sparks from the tips of her horns and chirped lightly - her own little greeting - before settling down again.

    "Anyway, I'm not exactly from Unova, but I lived there for a good few years before we moved here." Gad continued "The family and I move around a lot, really. I just figured it's about time that I took advantage of a new region and actually did one of these big trainer journey things that I never got around to do all these years. I'm heading for Lumiose to see the local Professor-type, although I have been pondering attempting to take on the Gym Leader here first. Not quite sure about that yet."
  14. Rex

    Rex Resident Furry

    "I'm on my way to Anistar, myself," Liam replied, "Probably going to go the long way around and take on a few of the Gym Leaders."

    Liam pulled his notebook back out of his backpack and flipped a few pages. He'd never really had the chance to even consider doing one of the big "Trainer journey" things that kids his age normally did. He'd heard vaguely that Professors normally offered Pokemon out to new Trainers to help them in their journey, but when it came to the Professor here, the sources seemed a bit... Off.

    "Going to get one of the Starter Pokemon from the Professor?" he asked, "I heard he offers six Pokemon instead of the normal three, but that seems kind of odd, especially since the Kanto Professor offers three of the same Pokemon."

    Liam paused for a moment, before grinning again. "Anyway, the Gym Leader here's an old guy named Ramos, right? He trains Grass Types, so I think your Larvesta should have the upper hand. Have you battled much before?"
  15. StellarWind Elsydeon

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    "I don't know about a Starter Pokémon, seeing how I already have Zorya," Gad smiled in return "But a PokéDex would be rather useful, at least. I'd like to at least have some clue as for the sort of creatures I deal with."

    He paused for a moment, thoughtful.

    "As for battling... I do have some experience, but I'm not sure if it's enough to beat a Gym Leader." he said "They may be obliged to hold back based on their opponent's skill level, but they usually have some tricks up their sleeves even when they're holding back. Zorya may have the type advantage, but she's also the only Pokémon I have right now... and Type advantages can only carry you so far."
  16. Rex

    Rex Resident Furry

    Oh right. The professors also gave out Pokedexes. That might not be a bad idea for Liam. Pulling out a pen from his pocket, he made a quick note in his notebook, before returning it to his backpack.

    "A Pokedex might not be that bad an idea," Liam nodded. He was silent for a moment, before continuing, "You know, I could probably use some practice myself, so I'm okay to travel. The Pokemon Center isn't too far from the hill station, so if you'd like we could have a battle once we're off the Monorail?"
  17. StellarWind Elsydeon

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    "Y'know, that actually sounds like a great idea." Gad grinned in response "What do you say, Zorya, feeling up for a battle?"

    The Larvesta tilted her head to the side lightly, gazing at the younger trainer and the Buizel for a moment - almost as if sizing them up - and nodded, first at the prospective challengers and then at her trainer, an expression of determination and respect on her face.

    "That's settled then." the trainer grinned, stretching and checking the time on his mobile communication device. "Now it's just a matter of waiting for the thing to actually arrive - shouldn't be too long from now."
  18. Teapot

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    It wasn't all that long ago that Kyra would have responded to someone being so blunt about her blindness with open hostility - or at least extreme sarcasm - but on her own she quickly realised that biting words generally didn't help her get around. Instead, she swallowed once and mumbled something about the girl's transgression being okay.

    "Yeah, I'm blind. Can't see a damn thing. Normally I'd get around using audio maps, but..." Kyra waved the Pokégear idly. "No maps. And even with four working eyes and two brains, these two couldn't find the station, so..." She broke off mid-sentence, realising she didn't want to encroach on this girl's kindness.

    "I'd really appreciate a hand getting onto the monorail, at least. I'm Kyra - what's your name?"

    Kyra extended her hand to somewhere she hoped was not occupied by the girl's face, attempting to offer a handshake. Despite her difficulty starting them, Kyra valued handshakes - she could tell a lot about a person from them. It tended to be more acceptable than touching their face, too. Kyra was informed at least once a fortnight by her mother that she did that exclusively when she was young. She hated the story more every time she heard it.
  19. Rex

    Rex Resident Furry

    Seemed like Gad would love a battle between the two of them. Of course, the other trainer probably thought Richard was the only Pokemon Liam had. Vector's pokeball was still resting in his coat pocket, which meant, as far as Liam could tell, he had a numbers advantage and something of the element of surprise.

    As if on cue, the monorail arrived shortly after Gad mentioned it. "See you on the other side," Liam said, turning and walking towards the train. A good number of people had already boarded before Liam was able, but he and Richard were still able to find an empty row of seats near the back. Liam spent the journey, which was only a few minutes, writing in his notebook: what he'd seen, who he'd met. He took special note of Gad's Larvesta, it was kind of necessary for him to write things down until he was able to get a Pokedex.

    Liam was able to file out of the monorail without much issue when it arrived at the other station. Separating himself from the milling crowd, he and Richard quickly made their way out of the building. By the looks of things, they were out before Gad was. They had a minute or two to plan, then.

    "I'm thinking of letting Vector go first," Liam told the Buizel, "That Larvesta was firing off sparks, so it might be a Fire Type. If it is, you'll have an advantage, but I want to see how it reacts to Vector's Fire Fang before I send you to fight it. You okay with that?"

    The Buizel nodded, and made a noise that, to Liam at least, sounded excited. They were more than ready for this.
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    Okay, Andrea might be far from being the brightest person in the world, but even she could tell she probably hit a rather sensitive nerve earlier. However, she relaxed a little when the other girl, who introduced herself as Kyra, accepted her offer to walk to the monorail together.

    "My name's Andrea," she said as she glanced at Kyra's hand, noticing the rather adorable looking Joltik bracelet on it. She examined it, not quite realizing what she was doing until Aeolian smacked her again, this time on the back of her head. Andrea blinked as she pulled herself back and took the hand, using it to help herself up from the bench. Another flutter of wings landed on her arm, and Lydia, her garden-patterned Vivillon, made a slight up and down bobbing motion with her body. Getting the idea, Andrea shook Kyra's hand, and Lydia nodded with approval before flying off to join the rest of the gang.

    Andrea looked around a bit, suddenly feeling a little claustrophobic from all the people who were arriving on the docks. It wasn't early morning anymore, and more and more people were beginning to fill the area. She found herself swaying a little on her feet, as was her habit whenever she felt uncomfortable. She forced herself to stop as she held onto Kyra's hand a little more tightly and tugged on it as gently as she could. "It's not too far, though we might have to wait a bit before the next train gets here," she half-muttered as she began walking towards the station. Her Vivillon flock followed closely behind, and she made a mental note to return them to their Pokeballs so that they didn't crowd up a whole compartment to themselves.
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    The monorail ride was fairly quiet. He found himself a seat by a window and spent most of the ride gazing out at the view. The monorail's path was a fairly steady climb up the hills, a small stretch of grass and the occasional tree separating the track from the rising ocean cliffs.

    Gad enjoyed the view from the monorail immensely. Never got tired of it. Zorya was a bit less easily impressed - the Larvesta spent the ride snoozing on his lap, though the trainer suspected that if he pointed that out he would be rewarded with an indignant glare, as if she was merely contemplating her next match all along and the very notion of her snoozing was utterly unconscionable.

    She was like that. He was used to it.

    Well, even if she wasn't actually contemplating strategies, her trainer certainly was. His would-be opponent had a Water-Type Pokémon, which meant he was walking headfirst into a disadvantageous situation. What's more, he knew very little about the other trainer - Liam could have had more than one Pokémon in his lineup, after all, which would have made the situation even more disadvantageous. However, Gad couldn't help but think this actually made the challenge more interesting - it would force him to utilize Zorya's versatility to compensate for her weaknesses... and to be creative.

    Those were the best kinds of challenges.

    Soon enough, the monorail slowed to a stop as it finally arrived at its destination. He opted to wait for a bit until the bulk of humanity stepped out of his particular compartment before finally disembarking himself, Zorya closely in tow. Hillcrest Station was nearly a perfect mirror image of its seaside sister and he found his way outside rather quickly, attempting to locate Liam as quickly as possible. The groups of people pouring out of the station did not particularly help matters - but it wasn't too long before Richard caught his eyes again. Perhaps there was something in Zorya's tendency to navigate by the principle of When in doubt, follow the shiny.

    He waved at Liam and Richard as he approached, his own Pokémon companion following him closely. It suddenly occurred to him that it was probably prudent to find an area where the upcoming battle wouldn't create too much of an obstruction of traffic - and as he approached his eyes were already scanning immediate area for such a place. This was still a city, after all.
  22. Rex

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    It wasn't long before Gad found his way to them. Liam clutched Vector's pokeball in his coat pocket. Would the Poochyena do well? Would it be better to start with Richard? He was all but certain that the Larvesta was, in fact, a Fire Type the more he ran it through his brain. And even if it wasn't, he was sure that Dark Types like Vector didn't do well against Bug Types, which the Larvesta no doubt was. Gad wasn't expecting Vector though, and maybe the Poochyena could do some good damage before Richard had to fight.

    "I'm afraid I don't know this area well," Liam said, waving back at Gad and trying to keep his cool. This was his first battle, after all, he wanted it to go well, and he didn't want Gad to know about his inexperience. "I imagine they wouldn't appreciate us battling in front of the city's major choke point, so I was hoping you might know a better place?"
  23. StellarWind Elsydeon

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    "I was thinking that myself." Gad replied "Best area I can think of for a battle around here is a bit of a walk uphill towards the Gym - there's a sort of a park there with quite a bit of open space. I've seen a battle or two take place there. Might be worth checking out."
    As far as battlefields go, the park in question was the closest to perfect Coumarine probably had to offer - straight, open ground separated from the edges of a hill overlooking the monorail's path by carefully groomed grass and flowering bushes, streetlights and benches nestled in their midst. The grounds were clearly tended by the city - but the ground was still slightly marked with telltale evidence of recent battles, left indubitably by other trainers practicing their skills in preparation for a gym challenge. Sometimes such battles drew quite a crowd - he himself has witnessed a few interesting encounters on that hill. Today, so far, seemed rather quiet, though - Which suited him just fine.

    And so it was that the two trainers took their places. Zorya, already out of her Pokéball and standing by her trainer's side, stepped forward into the battlefield, blue eyes narrowed in anticipation of her opponent's first move - or, should the trainer choose to lead with a different Pokémon, its identity.

    "Ready when you are, Liam." Gad nodded. "Let's get this started then, shall we?"
  24. Rex

    Rex Resident Furry

    Gad led them to a little park area, an open space next to what Liam recalled from his maps was the Gym. It certainly looked battle scarred. It was, unfortunately, a bit too open for him. There didn't appear to be any areas he could use to his advantage, and, if the Larvesta was a ranged fighter, he would be at a disadvantage. He would have to get up close and personal.

    Gad was giving him the go ahead to start. Liam had already moved to the opposite end of the field from the older Trainer. It was now or never. The boy whipped Vector's Pokeball out of his coat pocket and threw it as hard as he could. The Poochyena was released about between the two trainers. Liam's attention was diverted momentarily while he attempted to catch the Pokeball upon its return, giving Gad more time to process the boy's choice of Pokemon than Liam originally wanted.

    "Bite that Pokemon, Vector!" Liam called.

    The Poochyena seemed to understand the order, thankfully. Vector rushed Gad's Larvesta, fangs bared, before juking left and attempting to sink his fangs into Zorya's side.
  25. StellarWind Elsydeon

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    A Poochyena. Gad hasn't seen any of those since Hoenn (where the small dark-types were nearly ubiquitous) - but he was not at all surprised when true to its species name, the Bite Pokémon was going for... well, a bite.

    "Flame Charge!"

    The Larvesta made a leap to the right, sparks emitting from her horns coalescing into jet streams of flame that propelled her away from the charging Dark-type, enveloping her body in a cloak of flame. It was an evasive maneuver more than anything else - but it gave the trainer an idea on how to proceed...

    He may have only had one Pokémon in his team - but against a Dark-type, this could prove to be an advantage.

    "... and U-Turn!"

    Zorya nodded, her flame jets intensifying, building up further velocity in a straight line before suddenly launching herself upwards and doubling back in an aerial loop, launching herself straight towards the Poochyena with a screech like some sort of insectoid comet.

    Gad watched and waited - he could already think of a few possible counters for this maneuver and was wondering if Liam would resort to any of them - or do something entirely unexpected. It would be interesting, either way.
  26. Rex

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    "Vector, look out!" Liam yelled.

    The Poochyena seemed to have something of an idea. Kicking up the dirt around him as he wheeled around to face the Larvesta, Vector soon disappeared behind a cloud of dust, a Sand-Attack. Zorya entered the cloud seconds later, sending the Poochyena rolling. His left side looked burned, but he'd avoided the main chunk of damage.

    Vector was up and ready for more almost instantly. Apparently deeming himself too great a target standing still, the Poochyena set off at a run, quite a bit quicker than he had been moments ago.

    "Bite, again!"

    Once again, the Poochyena wheeled around and charged the Larvesta from the side. This time, however, Vector leaped into the air, and tried to land on the Bug type's back to sink his teeth into her exposed abdomen.
  27. StellarWind Elsydeon

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    Clever. Using Sand-Attack as a smoke screen to throw Zorya off-course then aim for a weak spot. The sudden speed boost - evidence of the opponent's Quick Feet ability - caught Zorya off-guard and the attack met its mark - and though her chitinous shell provided her with some protection, it was still a softer spot in her anatomy.

    The Larvesta screeched in pain, flames emitting from her horns as she fought against her instincts to struggle and break free. Something told her that it would likely only make matters worse - creatures that relied on their teeth in combat tended to have a nasty habit of biting harder when struggled against. Nonetheless, she had to get this thing off her back before it found a different reason to bite harder - and her trainer knew it. But the Poochyena's angle of attack rather limited the range of motion that Zorya had, unless...

    "Excellent move there - but let's see how long can you hold on in a Flame Wheel!"

    Normally, Stop, drop and roll made a decent way to attempt to put yourself out if you caught fire. The Larvesta's immediate maneuver was the same - but in reverse. With a burst of flame from her horns, Zorya tucked her head down and rolled forward, flames spraying around her in a circular motion, taking the canine clamped upon her back with her. The added weight would have have slowed her momentum, for sure - but this wasn't the rolling tackle Flame Wheel was usually aimed to be. At best, the attack would at least shake it off, giving Zorya time to regroup. At worst... well, hitting the ground a few times and being engulfed in flames would probably not make the Poochyena's life easier - and that's not even accounting for the burn still sapping its energy.

    The question was, what will it be?
  28. Rex

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    Liam had not expected Zorya to be so well rounded. It certainly put the Trainer to shame, not even knowing all the moves that his Pokemon could do. He glanced down to Richard, then back at Vector. Maybe now would be a good time to recall Vector and have Richard take over?

    The Poochyena seemed to be as much at a loss for what to do as his trainer. Feeling the Larvesta moving below him, Vector did as he was bred to and bit down that much harder. He wasn't expecting the Larvesta to set itself ablaze, nor for it to start off rolling. Once, twice, three times he was slammed into the ground, the fire scorching him even further. Finally, on the fourth hit, the Poochyena was jarred loose.

    Vector slowly pulled himself to his feet. Battered and badly burned, he managed two shaky steps towards the Larvesta before collapsing again. Vector's breeding had been an aid to begin with, and now it was more of a hindrance. As he got up a second time, it became quite clear the Poochyena would go until he couldn't any longer.

    Liam had other ideas though. Stabbing his finger onto the button on Vector's Pokeball, he returned the Poochyena before any further damage could be done. With a short nod from his trainer, Richard stepped forward, the air around the Buizel seeming to shimmer and condense. Richard's Water Veil would prevent burns, Spencer had told him that when the doctor had given Liam the Buizel. Hopefully it would be enough.

    "Water Gun!" Liam ordered.

    The Buizel fired a jet of water at the Larvesta.
  29. StellarWind Elsydeon

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    "Dodge it!" Gad called out - and the Larvesta bolted into motion, dashing away from the path of the water gun - there was enough distance between the two combatants to allow the Larvesta to cover the distance.

    But that was the easy part - the Buizel had the advantage of range alongside its water type - and that would make approaching it directly dangerous. Zorya, however, had fairly limited options as far as ranged attacks went - Larvestas were primarily physical attackers.

    To make matters worse, Zorya was already injured - he had to hand it to the tenacious little Poochyena, it had a very impressive bite - and she could only dodge these water attacks for so long. No, this problem would take a different angle of approach... one that could, perhaps, solve more than one problem.

    "Alright, Zorya, time to clear the skies!"

    The Larvesta nodded, eyes flickering with determination - or something else. A golden radiance filled the creature's blue eyes - a radiance that spread to its horns. Tiny orbs of light formed at their tips, growing larger and larger until finally, with a cry, the Larvesta turned her head skywards and released.

    The orbs of light shot upwards, orbiting each other like a tiny solar system and accelerating until one could not tell whether they were many small orbs or a single great one - before they met their mark in the heavens and erupted into a shower of sparks, banishing the few clouds that lingered above the battlefield. Rays of bright sunlight shone down from an unnaturally bright blue sky. The light autumn chill was dispelled, replaced by a dry warmth that seemed to lightly draw the moisture from the air.

    Sunny Day was now in effect.
  30. Rex

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    The sunlight was fierce, all of a sudden. An intense heat beat down, completely displacing the crisp autumn air. Liam pulled his hat down over his eyes to shield them from the intense light. Within his veil, Richard didn't seem that badly affected. Not yet, at least. This was Sunny Day, Liam had heard of it. Gad was trying to make Richard less effective.

    "We don't need water to win this," Liam frowned. It was probably a lie, but it was all he had to go on right now. "Richie, SonicBoom!"

    A burst of air cut through the dry heat, slashed the Larvesta's way from the Buizel's twin tails. Liam would have Gad deal with a few of those for a while, hopefully long enough for Liam to formulate another plan.
  31. StellarWind Elsydeon

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    While Sonic Boom was not exactly a powerful attack on its own, it had a fairly consistent damage output - disregarding weaknesses or resistances - and coupled with the fact it was still a ranged attack, it still kept Zorya from being able to come closer.

    But perhaps there was something to be done here.

    "Always good to have a contingency." Gad grinned "But let's see what a Bug Buzz can do."

    The Larvesta - who was, until that point, attempting to evade the Buizel's moves - stood firm, planting her forelimbs in the ground and vibrating her horns, a fierce, loud buzzing sound emitting from the points where her horns brushed against the hairs of her coat - now standing on end. The sound waves created almost visible distortions in the air as they spread out in every direction. Perhaps this would be enough enough to disrupt the incoming air waves somewhat, but even if it wouldn't, some damage, at least, would be done.
  32. Rex

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    It stopped! Granted, the attack it had opened with would do nothing to aid in getting Richard's Sonic Boom to the Larvesta. In fact, the air wave dissipated amongst the chaotic waves caused by the Larvesta's Bug Buzz. Liam had one other idea, though.

    "Now's our chance! Draw the water from your veil and use it for another Water Gun!" Liam ordered.

    The mist around Richard condensed in front of the Buizel's mouth. The Pokemon braced itself for the approaching sound waves, and fired at Zorya. Moments later, the Buizel was knocked off his feet by the Pokemon's Bug Buzz. The noise had dazed him, and he was having trouble getting his bearings again. Another such hit would spell the end of them. It all came down to if that last Water Gun would be enough.
  33. StellarWind Elsydeon

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    Well that was new. Drawing on Water Veil as a power source to compensate for the sun's effects was not a maneuver he expected and it was nothing short of brilliant. With Zorya positioned as she was, legs planted firmly in the ground, there was not much chance she could evade that, as well - and injured as she was, it could prove to be her downfall.

    He had to think fast - and with the Buizel knocked down and the bright sunlight, only one thing came to mind.

    "Solar Beam!"

    Once again, radiance filled the Larvesta's horns - but this time the light seemed to be drawn from the outside and the process seemed almost instantaneous. There were no orbs of light this time, no sound. The Larvesta merely braced itself.

    And at the exact moment the jet of water met its mark - the brunt of it hitting the Larvesta head-on - the Torch Pokémon released. Five smaller beams shot forward, one from each horn - focusing into one concentrated beam of bright white light, tearing through whatever remained of the water jet and the air in the Buizel's direction as he struggled to regain his footing.

    He knew that Zorya couldn't hold on for too much longer - but if she was going down, she sure as hell was going down with a blast.
  34. Rex

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    "Rick, look out!"

    Richard didn't have Vector's quick reflexes. The Buizel only had enough time to regard that he was under attack before the blast struck him full force. He was propelled backwards, hitting the ground rather hard a few feet back. From there, he didn't stir.

    Liam rushed to his Pokemon's side. Richard was out cold, and fairly battered. The Trainer quickly recalled the Buizel, before jogging over to Gad.

    "I need to get these guys over to the Pokemon Center," he said, "But you were great! Are you sure you haven't battled before? With skills like that, I'm sure you'll have no problem with Ramos."
  35. StellarWind Elsydeon

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    "Thanks, Liam. Yes, I should do the same for Zorya." Gad said, grinning."Your team did quite a number on her - that was a great battle, by the way. Very close - that thing you pulled off with the Water Veil? That was utterly brilliant. I'll have to remember that."

    The trainer walked briskly over to his Pokémon's side and lightly picked her up as the last vestiges of bright sunlight faded, the sky returning to normal. She was mildly drenched in water and her breathing was a little heavy - but he could see a tired, yet victorious grin in her eyes.

    "You were great out there, Zorya." he smiled, producing the Larvesta's Pokéball seemingly out of no where and lightly touching it to her forehead, the Larvesta chirping thankfully as she converted into energy and was absorbed into the sphere.

    "Well, looks like we have a Pokémon Center with our names written on it."
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    (OOC: Flagrantly autoing @Shiny Eevee's character with permission - don't do this to others without asking them first! We're doing it here to advance the story so that we won't waste time with lots of tiny interaction posts.)

    Kyra and Andrea were quite quiet for the five minutes or so it took them to walk to the monorail station. Kyra spent the time busily trying to listen to what was going on around her, and trying not to walk into things or trip over steps - Andrea didn't seem to remember to warn her about oncoming obstacles or even slow down, so Kyra's concentration was set on not repeating the very first thing she did in Kalos.

    Even so, the sounds and smells of the seaside were very pleasant - unlike the shores of Sinnoh, Kalos was still warm in the autumn and didn't have a persistent bitter wind. Alpha and Omega liked it too - she could hear their footsteps beside her as they easily kept up, occasionally chattering at each other or at random passers-by, who sometimes gave confused replies in as many accents as Kyra had ever heard, and often a few more. As Coumarine was both a major port in Kalos and a tourist trap, this didn't surprise her at all, but it was nice to hear that most of the voices were cheerful, and certainly more relaxed than in Unova. She had been on a busy thoroughfare for ten full minutes and hadn't been elbowed in the ribs once by a rushing commuter, after all.

    Eventually, Kyra found the sound of the buzzing crowds dim slightly, which told her that she found herself in a building - one less busy than the docks. The sound of people was mostly replaced with a low humming of engines and the occasional tapping of shoes across the concrete floor, and Kyra felt Andrea leading her across the room to a desk, then letting go of her hand. She became acutely aware of the several sets of flapping wings around them, one of which stayed suspiciously close to Andrea as if to make sure she got the transaction right. The blind, led by the absent-minded, led by a set of butterflies. It must have been quite a sight.

    "Two tickets, please."

    There was the sound of buttons being pressed, and a whirring machine. Kyra took the opportunity to dig around in her bag for some money, but was stopped by Andrea's hand on her arm.

    "Um... the tickets are free. You don't need to pay."

    "Huh. That's cool," Kyra responded, and took her hand out of her bag. There was a long pause, until Kyra heard a quiet "Oh!" from the other girl and felt a piece of paper being pressed into her hand.

    "So, when's the next train due to arrive, anyway?" Kyra asked as they sat on the platform, moments after narrowly missing a monorail leaving. Despite the slightly impertinent start, Kyra found herself curious about this girl, and perhaps rather hypocritically how she'd function without her lepidopteran retainers. Either way, they clearly had a wait, so she might as well try and start a conversation.
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    "Probably not too long, they're good about being on time," Andrea noted as she looked around for a clock. Finally finding the display, she continued, "I think two minutes."

    Though there were less people in the station than on the docks, Andrea noticed how most of her Pokemon were beginning to look a little fatigued, either from flying around this whole time or from the stuffiness that came with entering a building. The girl reached into her bag and returned all of them into their respective Pokeballs, except for Io, who fluttered onto her shoulder and gave a quiet "Vi!" as she landed.

    The two minutes soon passed, and just as the clock on the display changed to 0 minutes, Andrea heard the sound of air whooshing quickly through the station, signalling the arrival of the next train. Grabbing Kyra's hand again, she led the girl into the compartment as other people began to crowd around to get in as well. Finding a seat, she quickly went over and sat down, scooting over to let Kyra have a spot as well and watching as the Doduo positioned itself next to its trainer.
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    As Kyra sat down, she felt around for the Doduo and placed her hand on their body between the two heads - mostly to make sure they'd gotten onto the train and were still beside her. At the same time, she let go of Andrea's hand and rested it in her lap, shifting slightly to get comfortable. Not long afterwards, she heard the swoosh of the doors closing and the train smoothly sliding out of the station.

    After a few seconds of silence, Kyra shifted restlessly in her seat, casting about for some sort of conversation to fill the time.

    "So, um... tell me a bit of your story. Where do you come from?"
  39. The Laverre Nature Trail, more commonly known as Route 14, was probably Jesse's least favorite part of trekking to Lumiose City. It was mostly the thick, murky marshes, but the dense forest was rather spooky and unsettling. Perhaps it wouldn't be so bad the thick canopy didn't block out most of the light.

    Fortunately, Jesse came prepared for this journey, having packed some waders for this exact reason. He slipped into the ugly brown rubber suit and proceeded to make his way through the marshes while Kamino decided to swim and hop his way through, a far bigger fan of the terrain.

    Jesse would occasionally catch glimpses of Pokemon moving around, but they were too hidden from view for him to properly record them with his Pokedex. A bit of a shame, but he could always come back later.

    After making some headway into the Route, Jesse made his way through some trees to find what looked like an old, decrepit house. Why anyone would choose to live here was beyond him, but the appearance told him no one had lived there in a while. His curious nature getting the better of him, Jesse made his way over and knocked on the door. With no response, he opened it up and went inside. As dark as it was outside, the inside of the house was darker still, with no lights on of any kind and only a couple of windows that just barely let natural light through.

    Furnishings were pretty scarce: a dusty bed in the corner, an empty fireplace, a slightly broken table with a couple chairs to match. It was official - Jesse had stumbled into a horror movie. Creak. Creak. Creak. It wasn't the floor, no. The creaking was more metallic in sound. The bed? Jesse carefully made his way over, the noise getting louder. Definitely the bed. He dropped to his hands and knees to peer underneath, just to see an older man curled up, sobbing quietly. Jesse let out a small gasp.

    He stopped abruptly and craned his neck around to get a look at Jesse, the man's eyes wide in terror. "Go! Go away! Just leave me alone!" he shrieked, burying his head in his arms and chest.

    "M-me?" Jesse stammered, a little surprised.

    "No, not you, boy! Them!"

    Jesse slowly turned his head to see a mass of shadows moving in the corner opposite him. That was all the incentive he needed to high-tail it out of there, picking up his still-swimming Froakie from the marshes and bolting through the rest of the Route.
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    "Hm?" Andrea snapped out of her brief zoning out, hearing Kyra's voice again. She thought about how to answer, not quite sure where to begin or, once she figured that out, where to go from there.

    "Well," she began, "I was born and raised with Santalune with my brother, Andrew, who's... I think six years older than me? But yeah, since two years ago, he moved to Solaceon to study the Unown population there, so it's just been my parents and me. Dad works on studying the Vivillon population close by in the forest, and since he's brought home a few Scatterbug babies, he let me raise them myself, hence the butterflies you see flying around... I think they're kind of pretty, really. I mean, each one has a different pattern, and from what I've heard there are eighteen confirmed patterns, though there are rumors of two more that're supposedly rare." She said the latter part while absentmindedly petting Io.

    Realizing she was beginning to ramble a bit, the girl paused and looked at Kyra. "What about you? I'm... guessing you're from Sinnoh, you kinda sound like the way Andrew's been talking lately when he comes home?"
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