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Laugh out Loud Gaming Moments

Discussion in 'General Video Game Discussion' started by Xatu, Aug 20, 2009.

  1. I was wondering what games have managed to actually make you crack up in your seat (and, in the case of handhelds, cause all those nearby to stare).

    My most recent experience that comes to mind was upon entering the Battle Frontier for the first time. With the advent of animated trainer sprites, Volkner stands up and slaps Flint in the face, which Flint actually responds to. I was in the back seat of my family's van and found my sister looking at me like I was crazy for cracking up randomly.

    Here's a video

    Anyone else got some fun things you've noticed?
  2. Once my brother and his friend were playing Rock Band. So they were on co-op, and one of them had failed very close to the end of the song. My brother had no star power yet and couldn't save him. So they got past the last note and they were saying "YES WE GOT THROUGH IT!" and such, then the song failed quite possibly a few milliseconds before it ended. It said 100% through when they failed.

    So yeah, they got all the way through and failed.
  3. Toastie

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    Well, me and my friends were playing Jurrasic Park: Operation Genisis. There was this old cleaning lady. And this Dinosaur ate her. And you could see all this jiggling about in the Dinosaur's stomach. Eventually, the Dinosaur exploded and the old Lady clambered out, unhurt. Later on, her right leg was bitten off by a dinosaur, which she killed and then hoovered up!
    Also, there were various moments on football games where a ball was kicked in someone's face and they lay there, clutching their face.
  4. Yoshimitsu

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    From Lunar Dragon song.

  5. StellarWind Elsydeon

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    Oh, there are a hell of a lot. XD But the first one that comes to mind is that amazing moment of 4th Wall Breaking in Wild ARMs.

    So this secondary group sets out on a ship to find some kind of device out there while the main group sets out to find the other half of the device. On their way back, after recovering the device, the group's ship gets attacked... and the following happens:

    'Calamity' Jane Maxwell: Do you have any special weapons or something?

    Capt. Bartholomew: This is a trade ship, not the USS Missouri!

    'Calamity' Jane Maxwell: (glares) You haven't got a clue, have you? This is a game! You should always carry a special weapon!

    Capt. Bartholomew: (looks to her and then away) Huh...
  6. I was playing Billy Hatcher, and I was on the mission where you save Billy's buddy, Bantam Scrambled. In all the rescue buddy missions, they are tied up next to bombs, and you have a time limit before the bomb blows your buddy sky high. Anyway, in the first two rescue missions, where you save Rolly Roll and Chick Poacher, they looked terrified they they were gonna die. Bantam was different. He had a big old grin on his face. I had to pause the game I was laughing so damn hard. Seriously, who has a smile on their face when they could be blown up any second? LOL
  7. Several years ago, I was playing Mario Party with my mom and sister and we were playing a mini game. You see, it was dead silent for the duration of the game, but then my mom lost. So then, my mom shouted "I screwed myself!"
    Of course, she meant that she messed up, but how she said it made everybody else in the room laugh their heads off XD

    And then this one day, I was playing Bully for the PS2. I just got done beating the game so I was just running around the school yard, taking pictures of students who laid there on the pavement after I threw fire crackers at them. Well, what happened was that a nerd was lying there and holding his hands near his lower stomach, but then another one I hit, by the way I aimed without realizing, he landing right on top of the nerd's stomach.
    I took a picture of it and I still have it :p
  8. Me and my brother where playing WoW and we went to Zul'Farak ((or whatever the one in Tanaris is called)) and we where near the end, at the top of that pyramid thingy, but we had a fight below first so our Shamy forgot to deactivate his totems, and when all the trolls arrived first they wacked the totems and then they flew up the stairs, If it wasent for our LvL 80 priest we would have been wooped, we where all like: "Aah wtf?" and "Aargh kill them"

    me and my brother just cracked up laughing in the end
  9. Rex

    Rex Resident Furry

    Huge mess up on the games translators here, Original Resident Evil, playing as Jill. If you grab the Shotgun, and not replace it with the broken shotgun, a trap will activate. Jill is saved by Barry Burton, who utters the famous line:

    "You were almost a Jill sandwich!"

    That one little line is probably the most memorable part of the game!
  10. I would have to say when you randomly pause in Super Smash Bros. Brawl things can get pretty funny. The poses and facial of the characters are hilarious.

    Also in Super Mario Sunshine, I think it's funny when the Toads are submerged in a few inches of goo.

  11. I LOL'd from reading your post
  12. Sometimes, when you pause in SSBB the characters can look sorta funny.
  13. KoL

    KoL Expert FPS Player
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    Oh, I could go on all day here...

    Super Smash Bros. Brawl

    - Link's recovery is always a good laugh to watch due to its absolutely miserable range. One little nudge off the stage and Link's recovery is all but ruined...and then you can only laugh as he epically fails to get back on-stage and falls to his death. This sort-of applies to the Space Animals as well, but they usually don't have too hard a time recovering unless someone is edgeguarding them or the player using them is awful. Poor Link is beyond help though.

    - Wolf's F-Smash in Sudden Death can have very comical results depending on where the other player is standing compared to him. If the player starts close enough to him, his F-Smash can almost instantly strike them for the KO as soon as the match starts due to how far forward he lunges when he uses it.

    - Sacrificial KOs are usually both funny and painful to observe if you're caught by them on your last stock. Naturally, Ganondorf's suicide KO is my favourite, as he grabs the opponent's face in mid-air before plunging them into the abyss. Kirby and Dedede come joint second with Kirbycide and Dededecide respectively with their Inhale moves.

    - Broken chain-grabs I tend to find quite amusing...when I'm the one using them. Whether it be Falco's 0%-death chain-to-spike combo (which doesn't always work,) Pikachu's 0%-death chain-grab on Fox (which always works unless the stage ceiling is very high) or King Dedede's grab infinites on DK, Mario, Luigi, Samus and ironically himself, the rage you get out of your opponent for chain-grabbing them to death with no hope of escape is worth every second of the fun. You have to laugh just because of the epic cheapness of it.

    Gears of War 2

    - The chainsaw bayonet grants a lot of lulzy moments in the hands of both newbies and veterans alike. Whether it be having three people chainsawing the same poor sod all at once, watching someone epically fail at trying to chainsaw a Boomer (it doesn't work,) or simply watching someone foolishly rush in to chainsaw an enemy before that enemy shoots them down before they even get close, the chainsaw's hilarity value is such that it can actually turn users into brain-dead morons as they attempt the most suicidal things.

    - Watching people's skulls explode in a fountain of blood never gets old. I don't think I have to explain this one, although it doesn't seem to cause many to favour the Longshot sniper rifle over the Lancer's chainsaw.

    - Tickers are small, walking bombs that...well, tick. If they're nearby, you can use your melee attack to smack them into a group of enemies and then shoot the Ticker to make it explode in their faces, usually killing anything near it. It's hard to pull off, but very funny and very satisfying if you can.
  14. Carmen Lopez

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    Every time someone mentions Link's recovery, I think of this image. I just imagine the word FAIL written under this image. Brawl is full of opportunities for lulz. Koopa Shells on Shadow Moses Island and Soccer Balls often make for hilarious situations. I always laugh at anyone unfortunate enough to fall victim to a stage hazard (Spear Pillar is my favorite here).
  15. Left 4 Dead 2 (Already!):
    On offline splitscreen co-op, my friend hid inside of an outhouse. Because I love making a reference to something every 20 seconds, I grabbed an axe, smashed a hole in the door, and shouted "Heeeeeere's Johnny!". Just as that happened, a Hunter pinned me to the ground. I guess I wasn't Johnny after all!

    Original Left 4 Dead:
    Inside the elevator shaft that leads to the final stand-off on No Mercy, I shot a witch. She stood, screamed, and climbed over the rail, plummeting to her death without touching anyone. That, my friends, if the definition of fail.

    Super Smash Brothers: Brawl
    Never bring a green shell into the bunker on Norfair (spelling?). All 4 players (including me) jammed inside the bunker and somebody tossed the shell. Everyone had already taken a lot of damage so as soon as the bunker opened, everyone flew off the stage at roughly the speed of light.
    Also, in Frigate Orpheon, NEVER use a Warp Star when the stage is about to rotate. I had nothing to land on.
  16. Secad MS

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    I only have one that has stuck in my head for a long time. It was in Pokemon Diamond. When I was going through the Veilstone Galactic HQ, I read a sign that said to check that no one was in the bed before getting in it. Exactly what are you implying in an E game, Nintendo, hmmm?

    Another, more recent one, is when I was first going through the storyline for Platinum. I was approached by a trainer with the pre-ev of Abomasnow (name escapes me right now). The sprite was cross-eyed. Oh my goodness, I laughed for three minutes straight.
  17. The stupidest thing i saw during the game that want me to roll around laughing .... well that would super smash bro brawl
    My sis she was marth and she got the special ball thing and she use it on her enemy but he jump over her and she fell down a cliff
    and yes i laugh a-lot xD
    One thing the game should do: MAKE U CONTROL THE SPECIAL!
  18. Like most people's brawl. My bro was Toon Link and he did the downward thrust from the air and he missed the stage and SD'd himself. We both were crackin up for a few minutes. This happened yesterday actually.
  19. Rex

    Rex Resident Furry

    I've three more! In Star Wars: Battlefront the Jedi and Sith are supposed to be indestructible, but they can be killed!

    I was playing on Bespin: Platforms, as a Battle Droid. I'm in one of the turret's shooting at any enemy that gets near me. I turn the cannon to look at one of he bridges and who do I see but Mace Windu running over to my turret. So I shot at his feet and he flew off the stage and fell to his death.

    Another time, again on Bespin: Platforms, this time as a Rebel. After my team advanced and took control of the center command post, we began the tedious process of clearing out the bridge leading to the Empire's command posts. Among them is Darth Vader, he's standing in the middle of the bridge cutting down any Rebel that comes close to him. Eventually I get tired of seeing our numbers fall, so I chucked a grenade at him. He blocks it and it lands at his feet. He's completely oblivious to the grenade after that, turning to cut down another Rebel. So the grenade blows up at his feet and sends him out the window!

    Different Game, this time Soul Caliber IV, beating up Ivy as her father, Cervantes. I have Cervantes use his lunge attack, where he impales his enemy with both blades, lifts them up, and throws them down. He does the move, and chucks her over the edge. After the victory message is displayed, the game takes a few seconds to take it to the character's victory bit. I move Cervantes forward a bit, and he trips over the edge. And the best part was the way he fell, as if he was going to try and belly-flop the air.
  20. I've had that happen to me many, no, WAY too many freakin' times on Melee.

    Anyway, I was playing New Super Mario Bros. last night, and I couldn't get across a gap, because I accidentally killed some ParaTroopas with the shell of a regular Koopa. I kept hoping back and forth between the walls. I got to a ledge, sighed, made Mario duck, and jumped into the hole.as I did this the DS fell out of my hand and shut. And wehn NSMB goes to sleep mode, you hear Mario say "Bye Bye" I picked up the DS and opened it up, I saw Mario finishing what I started, killing himself so I could start that level over. With it typed out that long, I doubt anyone gets it, but virtual cookie to those who do!

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