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Latiaslatios sprites!

Discussion in 'Creative Archive' started by latiaseonlatiostytos, May 5, 2009.

  1. Well... here are some sprites I've been working on!

    Latias and Latios trainers
    Another Latios and Latias trainer
    ... No comment

    Dark Latios
    Dark Latias

    (New sprites will be added above)
  2. Just so you know, for us to be able to see your sprites, you'll have to upload them to somewhere like imageshack.us.
  3. does it cost money to post anything on imageshack.us? I'm asking because I really short on money... and if it does... I'll just have to not post any sprites... :-\
  4. It's completely free.
  5. Places like ImageShack, PhotoBucket and tinypic are free. Most of the hosts used these days are free because, well, much of the internet is. I'd personally reccomend Photobucket, but only because I have more experience with it than ImageShack or tinypic (or was it url? I think it was pic).
  6. okay... thanks guys.... I'll get the image up as soon as I can (Around next week, because I need to be at my dad's place to be able to to anything) and who knows! maybe I'll have more done! ;D

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