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Ask to Join Last Chance of Hope (Discussion)

Discussion in 'General Role Play Discussion' started by DManArt&RP, Mar 2, 2019.

  1. This is not an ordinary story. This is interacting with things that happen outside of the roleplay world. Anything you say might affect something in the story. Also, I am not really talking here, this is just a message I am passing on from someone else. This world has become connected to this one specific place we are in right now. The people who live in this world are not aware of this and I plan to keep it like that for just a little while longer. The world of Osa is going to be in danger and I am asking you of this one request, help them survive the Coldex. This thing, this aberration should not be here. It is spreading and it will only get worse.

    Time is already running out and your massiahs are the last hope for the first zone. Now the Coldex will be nearby in the town near your massiahs. They need to get out there and warn the others. I am about to tell you a lot of important stuff in case your new here, so make sure you understand this well. You need to make sure they get to Zone Two and collect the Polar Module and continue to Zone Five to place the Polar module into the Purinox. Just pay attention and you will be fine. Now in order for your messiahs to stick out to others and be noticable, they will have special traits from others in this world. But first, I will tell you about the zones.

    The Layout of the Land:

    It is a perfectly circular island and is divided up into five zones. These zones work in harmony to stay alive and function properly. Nobody here is different from humans, they are even called humans. The lands each variety in resources and have special things for each of them. Now they are starting to fill with the Coldex.

    Zone 1: (Wastelands)

    The wastelands hold the most amount of resources to supply the second zone and fourth zone. People here are scared and don’t like to think about bad things. When people here started to drain the area of resources, the Coldex began to come into existence. This anomaly is very odd and can cause many things to the body like amnesia and strokes. This ooze like substance showed up first from the now abandoned quarry. People now fear the ooze and have kept it at bay by putting up a steep edge to keep it from rising up. It has been working for the most part, but anywhere down below has become infested with Coldex. Now the Coldex has spread to the surrounding areas around its quarry containment area. The people are in a state of evacuation and are hopeless unless if the messiahs do something.

    Zone 2: (Technology)

    This zone takes resources from the first zone to make technology and other tools. They send these tools to other parts of the land and they have become one of the best suppliers to the most zones. The people here are very smart and can find their way around small problems and sometimes even big ones. They show no fear to anything as they know that every problem has a solution.

    Zone 3: (Suppliers)

    This is an agricultural zone that keeps the other zones supplied with good food and clean water. It was strategically put here because this is the most efficient route of transport for the supplies. The people here are peaceful and nothing seems to bother them unless if it has to do with anyone messing with their crops. Lots of people here know how to make the best use of food.

    Zone 4: (Defence)

    This layer is a final stand for the fifth zone. Most of the people there have experience in combat and overall defence. They are more on edge than others and might require some getting used to. They don’t have much need for friends or somebody to care about other than family. The zone consists of a wall surrounding the inner and outer area towards zones three and five. The inner area has many resources for building and resource gathering.

    Zone 5: (Strategy)

    This is the final layer of the land. The people here are no richer than others and actually are only the topmost zone because the have no need to be so close to the outside. They give support to other zones to make sure that everything works as best as possible, they are basically a government of sorts. They make sure that zone one makes the most of the resources, that zone two makes their tools the best, that zone three is able to do their best at harvesting and growing, ad that zone four keeps everyone safe the best way possible.The people here know their way around strategy and are always busy to put others first.

    Now I ask of you one last time, will you help them? Once your messiahs make it to the land, the Coldex will know what is going on and make sure they are stopped. I give you my luck, and I hope you can guide them through this mess.

    Now about the whole sticking out part, you are going to look like a mix of a human and an animal. People call them spirits or missiahs, they are the same thing. They don’t look too different, just the special features of animals put onto humans. For instance, if you were a cat, then you would get the ears and the tail, but nothing else really changes. With that to the side, it is time for their creation to start.

    Messiah’s Bio:
    Name: (Nickname)
    Appearance: (Animal and anything else to their outfit)
    Special Ability: (Minor abilities)

    My Messiah’s Bio:
    Name: Jade
    Age: 16
    Gender: Male
    Appearance: He is an otter and has a the features of the otters whiskers and has a slicked back hairstyle like an otter. His outfit has a brown cargo jacket and a navy blue tee-shirt. His pants are just black jeans.
    Personality: He has an open mind towards other and is caring over others. He is a little bit of a jokester. He knows when to act serious and when to make the right decisions. He has a good nose for good food, although he never complains over bland food.
    Traits: Outgoing, Careful, Lighthearted
    Special Ability: He is able to heal from water and can enhance water’s ability to things that need water like plants.
    Other: N/A
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  2. I am curious.

    I am Interested.

    If I understand this mission, there will only be one messiah for each zone correct?
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  3. Well maybe, that could be possible but there might not be that many people. There is no set amount for each zone.
  4. That is good to know. Expect something from me later tomorrow.
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  5. Seems interesting, I'll get back to this later and put my sheets later ^-^
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  6. Name: JC (This is her real name so she doesn't really have a nickname with it)
    Age: 17
    Gender: Female
    Appearance: She is an Arctic wolf with light blue eyes but her right eye appearing slightly blind. She is a light skinned young lady with a well feminine lean build. She is 5"4 in height. She has dark brown hair as her bang covers her right eye. She has the features of the wolf consisting of the white ears on her head and tail and the high sense of smell. She wears casual clothing consisting of a black tank with a purple and black plaid shirt over it with black skinny jeans and flats on her feet with the straps wrapped around her ankles securely. She wears bandages around her wrists and ankles as glasses rest on the eyes wearing a silver and black cross around her neck but is tucked into her shirt.
    Personality: She is mostly quite distant to others and is only close to her older brother Shadow. She is gentle most of the time once you get to know her but has a stern side to her which she will not hesitate to use. She is slightly stubborn as this sometimes gets out of hand giving off a cold but stern voice. Despite her stubbornness, she uses her head in difficult situations before she acts and is very understanding and would listen to anyone's problems that seem to be bothering them but most importantly she will always be there for ones important to her but also to protect. She is a brave young lady and will stand up for what's right.
    Traits: Quite distant, Stern, Gentle, Slightly stubborn, Thinks before she acts, Understanding, Always there for ones important to her, Brave
    Special Ability: Can wield ice giving a healing ability effect to her and others
    Other: Has severe asthma leading to Tuberculosis, is the young sister of her brother Shadow, She wears a white wolf mask streaked with light blue at the sides as her eyes give a bright glow at the eye holes of the mask as if looking like she has a wolf face.

    Name: Shadow(JC sometimes calls him brother instead of Shadow
    Age: 18
    Gender: Male
    Appearance: He is a black wolf with light blue eyes. His features are a wolf with black ears on his head and tail having a high sense of smell. He has black hair that is slightly longer in the back with a bang resting on his right eye. His clothing is casual like his sisters but a black tank with a plain black buttoned-down shirt with skinny black pants and casual shoes on his feet. He wears an expensive watch on his wrist and a black cross around his neck but is tucked inside his shirt. He is 5"8 in height with a well masculine build and is light skinned.
    Personality: He is always Brave to do anything no matter how risky it may be but knows his limits. He is gentle once you get to know him perhaps even sweet and will help anyone in need. He has this overprotective instinct over his young sister but he will do it for others if needed.
    Traits: Brave, Gentle, Overprotective(of his sister), Understanding, Sweet
    Special Ability: Can wield electricity strong enough to cause a power outage but he can also use it as a force shield.
    Other: Is the brother of JC, He wears a black wolf mask that is gold streaked at the side as his eyes also give a bright glow as if looking like he has a wolf face
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  7. @LunarSilvally accepted. I am probably going to wait till we have at least 4 people, maybe 3
  8. Thank you and that's fine
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  9. Name: Halycion, nicknamed Hal
    Age: 17
    Gender: Males
    Appearance: 5"9 in height with an Umber Skin tone. he has short brown wavy hair and a 5'oclock shadow. He is the cuckoo bird. while a bit hairy he mostly has fine rows of tiny grey feathers on his arms and legs. his iris are a dark orange color. His feet are that of that of birds so he rarely wears shoes except for occasionally sandals. He wears red bathrobes with a yellow t-shirt and dark blue sweat shorts underneath.

    Personality: being referred to as a genius, Hal embodies the idea of relaxation and a carefree attitude. he likes to spend his time having parties or sitting around doing nothing. While he is exceptional at solving puzzles and naturally brilliant, He will always try to find the easy way out of solution and put task aside if he doesn't like doing them. He enjoys other peoples company and desires for everyone to seek out whatever makes them happy, even if there are consequences.

    Traits: Lazy, Calm, Positive, Naturally brilliant, Wisecracker, Irresponsible, Naive.
    Special Ability: Can make dense, tangible clouds. They also can have the same properties of regular clouds such as rain and lightning though it takes a while for the lightning to charge.

    Other: Anything I need to change, let me know.
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  10. @Sentorus67 accepted! I am fine with the clouds, but an they also rain? I don't want to make it seem like there are two people that have electric powers.
  11. sure, changed it so there basically regular clouds you can also sit on.
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  12. Name: Karl Nivea
    Age: 16
    Gender: Male
    Animal: Owl
    Appearance: Pale skin on a lite build, he's rather thin and lanky. A spectrum of brown and black colored specks dust his limbs, chest and face. Karl's face is sharp and bold, with glowing yellow eyes in the center. He sports stringy grey hair that cuts off right at the start of his jaw line. The post striking feature of the boy is his massive, strong, grey wings, which can tuck in tight enough that they are completely undetected when covered with a shirt. He wears, most often, simply khaki shorts and a collared t-shirt with a baseball cap.
    Personality: Optimistic and lively, Karl tends to enjoy being the center of attention. Whether it's showing off his flying skills or tell a story that nobody can resist laughing at, Karl would rather nobody else be the host of his one-man, walking party. While he makes good company, one would quickly figure out that it is a miracle that Karl is alive- the young male can barely take care of himself. Aside from his inability to cook, disinterest in bathing, and knack for getting himself into near-death situations; Karl's one true passion burns for competition. Karl is always up for a fight, whether it be a race to the bathroom of a talent show; sign him right up! This does, as usual with the competitive types, make him a rather sore loser. In fact, losing a simply competition, especially something in his element like flying, can hurt the boy's bride so much that he goes into hiding for days, as if anyone cared. Still, after being knocked down; though it may take some time; Karl always bounces back, he is quite surprisingly tenacious.
    Traits: Optimistic, Playful, Childish, Braggadocios, Determined, Rash
    Special Ability: Karl simply possesses the abilities of an owl, this includes: flight, enhanced sight and hearing, super-sonic screeching, stealth when in the air, and night-vision.

    Name: Jocelyn (goes by Jojo) Stern
    Age: 18
    Gender: Female
    Animal: Frog
    Appearance: Jojo has dark, golden skin which can be rather bumpy on her shoulders and back. Webbing is spread between her fingers, and her build tends to be rather short and thick. Jojo has a round face with soft features and large, dull green eyes. The girl's hair is short and bouncy, curling at the edges. Her hair is a dark chocolate shade at the root, and towards the bottom; at her shoulders; it turns blonde. Jojo usually wears a short, brown sundress with matching sandals.
    Personality: Jojo has the personality of the southern mom in the neighborhood who was really sweet, but absolutely terrifying if you chose to upset her. She's a patient girl, with a good sense for when she needs to intervene and when things will settle themselves. She has a way of taking charge of things, whether other people like it or not, and anyone who denies her authority would succumb to her wrath. Jocelyn, being practically an adult- takes her role in life very seriously, making sure to keep anyone younger than her in line and keeping everyone as safe as possible. Otherwise, though, Jojo is extremely sweet and caring. Although she knows how to apply some tough love, Jojo emits an aura of security and compassion. She would spend all day cuddling a young child, but she's a busy girl; with her self-created duties and all. Jojo is especially good at keeping her head on during stressful situations, she has an amazing ability to stay calm. Although her poker face is an overly sweet smile, it's hard to read past though dull eyes and grinning lips.
    Traits: Patient, Bossy, Calm, Sweet, Tough
    Special Ability: Aquatic restoration makes her amphibious. Jojo also possesses limb regeneration powers, she can't heal a wound- but if an entire limb is missing, it'll grow back in a matter of minutes.
  13. @Barefoot_Kittens accepted! I think I can start it tomorrow now that we have a lot of characters. If somebody else wants to join after the rp started, then they will appear in the next zone
  14. Is it possible for a char to be more then one animal or is it only limited to one?
  15. It can only be one, sadly. If you are talking about mixing a Cat and a Dog, they are polar opposites. Just go with an animal that suits what you would have gone for @LunarSilvally
  16. oh because my char Aura is wolf-Phoenix and dragon so I just wanted to ask if that was ok but its fine I'll stick with JC and Shadow for now, I'll add another one probably later but we'll see
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  17. I'm confused on where they are starting? Where does your first post take place? Are all of the characters just randomly waking up there?
  18. Yes @Barefoot_Kittens we are in Zone 1 and they wake up randomly near a mining town.
  19. I am going to wait till others respond to the rp before we go too far.
  20. I am so sorry for everyone who is waiting on me to reply. The roleplay is not dead and I hope to continue at a slow pace. I have been felling really down because of something that happened. I don't mean to be rude in any way by having this happen, but right now, I am putting this roleplay in a slow-mo state. I hope you all understand.
  21. Hey no worries I understand ^-^ Feel better alright your health is more important
  22. Perfectly fine, take your time! Hope you feel better soon.

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