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DPPt/HGSS Lapras moveset

Discussion in 'The Doctor's Clinic' started by typhlosionlover10, Jun 9, 2008.

  1. Now I need a Lapras moveset. I would really like it if I could make it a BoltBeamer,but if that is not good for a Lapras,that's okay.
  2. You can use this one ;D:
    Lapras @Leftovers
    EVs: 188 HP / 124 Def / 196 Sp Atk
    Modest Nature
    Ability: Water Absorb
    -Ice Beam
  3. OK but how do I get EV's?Do I have to keep track of them myself,or is there somewhere on the game where I can check them?
  4. Unfortunately you have to keep track of EVs yourself. The only thing the game will check for you is if your pokemon has maxed out EVs, this is where you get your Effort Ribbon (I believe that is the right one) in Sunnyshore?
  5. Battle Geodude for defence, bidoof for hp, and Gastly for Sp Atk

    Each gives 1 EV
    w/ Power Items, 5
    w/ PKRS gives, 10
  6. So I should battle 188 Bidoofs,124 Geodudes,and 196 Gastly?
  7. Do you have the Power Items or PKRS? They Help a lot.
    Ill give to you if you want.

    If not,
    Go to Iron Island Mines
    Battle for Defence EVs
    Graveler (2) Onix (1) Steelix (2)

    Go to Solacean Town
    Battle the Cowgirl Below Town
    5 Bidoofs = 5 HP EVs

    or Battle Gastrodons = 2 EVs each

    Go to Old Chateau
    Battle Gastlies or if you have the Advance Games
    Battle Gastlies = 1 Sp Atk EV, Haunters = 2 Sp Atk EVs, and Gengar = 3 Sp Atk EVs

    Use 10 Calcium, 10 HP Ups, and 10 Iron
    To take out 100 EVs in each

    And Last,
    Use the Counter App to keep track of EVs
  8. Uki


    Another moveset (kind of the same) is:

    Lapras @ Leftovers
    Nature- Modest
    255 Special attack, 255 speed
    Ice Beam
    Confuse Ray
  9. Lapras@Wise Glasses
    -Ice Beam
    -HP Ground

    Ice Beam and Thunderbolt give great coverage.
    HP Ground is to hit Magnezone and Lanturn.
    Surf is for STAB.
    Toxic is against walls.
    Sing is to cripple.
  10. Pokepok

    Pokepok Guest

    Lapras@damp rock/wise glasses
    EV train in everything especially special attack
    Surf/HP ground
    Rain dance
    ice beam

    Surf: STAB good water move
    thunder and rain dance :combo with damp rock
    ice beam:STAB and nice move
    HP ground:for electic types

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