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Lancer Shackles

Discussion in 'Creative Archive' started by Neo Kaos Kaiser, Jun 7, 2010.

  1. Not really sure where to post this but... yeah. Here's the start of the tale again. Enough said :-X.

    ~~~Chapter 1 part A~~~

    “Keep running,” was the only thing the girl told herself. An Oddish was in her arms, breathing heavily the girl walked into a clearing that housed a cliff face. The girl stuck out like a sore thumb, so hiding was out of the question. She had light brown hair that fell to the middle of her back; she wore a light lavender shirt, a tank-top to be exact, under her lavender jacket with dark blue shorts that were just longer then her purple skirt that fell just above her knees, a pair of purple sneakers and lavender socks covered her feet. She was tall like her brother, five foot two, to be precise.

    “Ha, looks like you got no where to run now little girl,” said a woman’s voice. Startled the teen flipped around to see who spoke. She had sharp green eyes that looked like emeralds, her face was bordered with blonde hair that looked pale in the moonlight, and she wore a grin that covered the lower half of her face. There were four of them, three men and one woman, wearing the same uniform, Black in main color with a yellow belt and a pair of yellow gloves and boots. In the same shade of yellow an L went from the left shoulder down to the bottom of the shirt and went across that.

    “Oh yeah, we’ll see about that,” the teen said trying to sound brave, but her voice quivered with fear.

    “I hate it when they struggle,” the first grunt said revealing a pokéball in his hand.

    “Yeah me too,” the second said also having a pokéball.

    “Why don’t we just take it by force?" the third said pulling out a pokéball and pointing at the Oddish.

    “No,” the woman said to the others “we might injure the target,” she put her arm out, to stop them.

    “So you must be the leader,” the teen girl said, still holding the Oddish close.

    “Yeah, so?” the leader said in a sharper tone, pulling out her pokéball and she threw it. It hit the ground with the other three, releasing the pokémon inside. Four flashes of white light revealed a Tyranitar, a Kangaskhan, an Ursaring, and an Exploud.

    “Four on one that’s hardly fair!” A strong male voice said out of the teen girl’s sight. With a soft thud a teenager landed on the ground in front of the teen. The second teen had short black hair and dark brown eyes. He wore a white T-shirt with a black buzz saw pattern on it, a black jacket with a white swirl pattern, his black pants and black shoes look like they blended together. He held a pokéball in his right hand and his left hand was in his jacket pocket. “Hey are you alright?” He asked the teen girl.

    Uh, yeah I am thanks,” the girl said looking down at her shoes not realizing see blushed. The Oddish looked at her trainer smiling.

    “Get out of our way!” the leader said in a very sharp tone, "Tyranitar! Use Crunch!” she said to her pokémon. With a roar it ran toward the boy, causing the ground to shake, it opened its mouth its mouth so that it could bite him.

    “Alright now, Zac you’re up! Come out and use protect!” the new teen said throwing the pokéball, releasing the pokémon within. It was white and blue with red claws. It had a mean expression on its face; grinning wickedly it threw its arms across its chest, causing its fur to stand up on end. The Tyranitar bit the mongoose on the shoulder. Causing the Tryanitar to howl in pain, apparently the pokémon’s fur became sharp as needles, leaving the Zangoose uninjured.

    “This is getting irritating. Tyranitar! Use Stone edge!” the leader said in a venomous tone. “Take down that Zangoose”! The Tyranitar stomped on the ground causing rocks to break loose. The Tyranitar’s eyes glowed with a black aura, as the rocks started glowing with the same aura. Hurtling and the Zangoose the rocks were moving so fast that the teen girl could hear the air billow past them.

    “Dodge it!” the Zangoose’s trainer said through gritted teeth. The mongoose weaved in and out of the rocks, crushing some of them with his claws, the rocks crumbled to dust as they hit the ground or the mongoose’s claws. “Awesome! Now use close combat!” the trainer said waving his arm for a more dramatic atmosphere. The teen girl gasped when see saw a scar running vertically from his middle finger to the beginning of his wrist.

    The Zangoose ran forward on all fours running up a tree, and then jumping from the crown it hit the green behemoth with a series of kicks and punches causing it to fall creating a cloud of dust the Tyranitar fell to the ground.

    “C’mon! Let’s go!” The boy said grabbing the other teen’s wrist, causing her to blush again. Being pulled see dropped her Oddish but the Zangoose, running on all fours again, caught her on his back. After ten minutes of running they came to a clearing that had camping gear belonging to the boy. “That was close,” the boy said, panting.

    “Oh yeah my name’s Megan Koal,” the teen girl said to the boy, also panting, looking down again.

    “Megan, that’s a nice name. I’m Kaos Torque, so how did you get mixed up with Team Lancer?” Kaos said rather hesitantly.

    “Thanks for saving me Kaos. So who exactly is Team Lancer?” Megan said to her hero Kaos.

    “They’re an organization who steals pokémon for profit,” Kaos started explaining. “Then they kill the pokémon’s trainer”.

    “So they were going to steal Petal and then kill me?” Megan asked in disbelief, looking at her Oddish.

    “Yes they were,” Kaos told her “just like my parents”.

    “I’m so sorry to hear that,” Megan said, putting a hand to her mouth. Moving her hand so she could talk, “I got separated from my family about three years ago”. Petal started to shiver. “Oh I’m so sorry Petal! Return,” Megan said returning the weed pokémon to the pokéball that was her home.

    “Good idea, Megan. Zac! Return,” Kaos said returning the pokémon to its pokéball.

    “Oh that’s too bad!” said a very harsh voice from behind them. It was Team Lancer again. “Tyranitar, Blow that girl away with your dark pulse!” she told her pokémon, pointing at Megan.

    The Tyranitar roared in response before a black orb formed in its hands. Thrusting the orb in to the ground it exploded with a dark energy. But, instead of a radial blast the pulse was directed straight for Megan. It was an ‘Arrow’ of shadows; so to speak, it rushed forward and hit her in the gut. She hit a tree causing her to black out. A human silhouette could be seen through the dust. When it cleared nothing was there.

    “Where did they go?” a Lancer grunt said to his admin named Alexis.

    “I don’t know where they went!” Alexis snapped at the grunt who spoke. “Pull out, we’re leaving!” The admin barked at the grunts.

    “Yes, Ma’am!” the grunts said synchronized, returning their pokémon. The admin returned her Tyranitar to its pokéball, before leaving the clearing with her troops.


    Kaos left the forest with the unconscious girl in his arms. Running to Rustboro Medical as fast he could, with out making Megan’s head bounce up and down.

    The sliding doors opened as he walked to the waiting area. Breathing heavily he set Megan down on a purple plastic chair, he walked to the counter and was handed some forms to fill out. It didn’t take to long to fill the forms and get a room for his new friend.

    “Right this way” the nurse said as she stood up and walking to a door leading to a hallway. Picking up Megan, he walked over to the nurse and she opened the door she walked quickly down the hall to a room marked ‘181’. “The doctor will be with you shortly,” she said smiling at Kaos.

    “Thank you,” was all he could say as he entered the room.

    It had white walls with black and white tile. The bed could be shifted into a sitting position so the patient could eat. The sheets were purple with ‘get well soon!’ sewn in with lavender thread. He set Megan down on the bed and brushed the hair out of her face.

    “I’m Dr. Harris, so what happened to her?” a strong voice said. Kaos looked up and saw that the voice's owner was reading something from the clipboard in his hand. He had gray eyes that shined behind his rectangular glasses. His face was freshly shaved and had a toothy grin plastered on it.

    “She was hit by a Tyranitar’s dark pulse, and then she hit a tree causing her to fall unconscious.” Kaos explained to the doctor.

    “Well, nothing seems broken. We’ll need to keep her here for about a month, but it’s odd you don’t normally see Tyranitar around here.” Dr. Harris said looking at Megan then looking back at his clip board.

    “Why will you need to keep her here?” Kaos asked standing up to look at the doctor in the eye, a hint of bitterness in his glare.

    “Well based on the information you gave us she was a target of Team Lancer, so to keep her safe we need her to stay here so we can keep an eye on things,” he said to Kaos, Walking over to the bed to tap a device above the bed’s frame. Kaos assumed the device was an x-ray of some sort.

    “Are you telling me the truth?” the doctor asked turning to Kaos.

    “Yes I am,” Kaos growled at the doctor, looking at Megan his eyes full of worry. Kaos then visited Megan every day for a month, while the whole incident made its way to the back of their minds.

    "I've got to make a call, so I'll be right back," Dr. Harris said as Kaos looked back to Megan. He closed the door as he went through; Harris quickly dialed in a number calling a friend. After ringing a few times a sharp voice flowed out of the device.

    "Hello, who is this?" the person on the other end asked, wincing Harris thought how to ask the question.

    "What did the kids that prevented the capture look like?" he asked readying himself.

    "One had almost all black on with white swirls, the other wore mostly lavender," Alexis said in the tone that Harris knew so well.

    "I'm coming back to headquarters," Harris stated before ending the call.


    On the last day of Megan's stay Kaos came as per usual. But this time he brought a few gifts. Kaos softly knocked on the door.

    "Come in," a voice said through the door. He turned the door knob and with a soft click it opened, he found a nurse changing the flowers in the bed side table.

    "Good morning, Kaos," Megan said greeting him as he entered. A soft smile came from deep within Kaos.

    I'll leave you two alone," the nurse said giggling, as she walked out the door closing the door as she went.

    "I have presents," Kaos said holding up a leather pouch and picture, handing them to Megan.

    "Oh thank you!" Megan said enthusiastically taking the items. She opened the pouch first, a small stone fell out. It was in the shape of a small sun, and orange in color. It gave off a warm glow like a sun; Megan held it glancing at Petal's pokéball. "Ooh, A sun stone thanks!" She said warmly. She put it back in the pouch and brought up the picture so she could see it. It was stunning, the leaves were just turning golden orange and bug type pokémon could be seen through the trees, as the autumn season was starting to settle on Hoenn.

    "I took that a few days ago, I'm not very good at 'capturing the moment' so to speak", Kaos said looking out the window. Right on time Kaos thought as he saw a silhouette of a bird on the horizon.

    "Kaos, can you come here please?" Megan asked as she lowered the picture.

    "Sure," Kaos said looking away from the window. He walked toward the bed to see what Megan needed, not noticing that Megan was blushing.

    "See that painting," Meagan asked Kaos pointing to the painting. It was a painting of a Komodo dragon that was rather large and covered in dust.
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  2. ~~~Chapter 1 Part B~~~

    "Yeah why..." Kaos stopped mid-sentence as a flood of emotions rushed through his body.

    Megan pulled away from Kaos sitting back in the bed, blushing; Kaos rubbed his cheek where Megan kissed him.

    "That was for saving me," Megan said softly. The door clicked as it opened, a Golduck walked in apparently opening it with psychic powers. "Oh, hi Psy," Megan said confused as to why her mother's Golduck was here. Kaos saw that it was the standard blue and yellow with a chip missing in its 'bill'.

    "Psy you can't just walk into... oh hi there!" a teenager, which looked about Megan's age, said as he entered, his voice was calm and controlled. He had short brown hair and brown eyes that looked extremely calm. He wore a sage green shirt under a steel gray jacket, a pair of blue denim jeans covered his lower half, a pair of green fingerless gloves, black shoes, and a black hat finished the look. "My name is Lewis Koal, but I'm sure you both know who I am." Lewis said shooting a glare at Kaos.

    "Nice to see you to Lewis," Kaos said returning the glare.

    A flash of white light came from Lewis' belt and a Butterfree appeared twitching its way every way it could to take in the room. "And this is Pillar," Lewis said after the butterfly stopped twitching and started staring at a bowl of fruit on the bed side table. Megan couldn't help but giggle at the sight.

    "Megan this is your final present of the day," Kaos said as another flash of light came from Lewis' belt, this time a Sandshrew with blue eyes came out looking around the room in a shy manner not like Pillar's twitching. It walked over to the bed, jumping with its arms raised above its head trying to get up to Megan. She bent and picked it up.

    "Aw! You're so cute!" Megan said hugging it. "Oh, and nice to see you again Lewis," she added looking at her brother. "Now excuse me I've got change." she said setting the Sandshrew down, as soon as her hands left the tan body it started to cry. "Oh no, what did I do?" Megan asked looking around starting to panic. Kaos started to try and calm it down; Lewis on the other hand couldn't help but laugh.

    "What's so funny? It's your pokémon!" Kaos said rather angrily.

    "Her name's Armidill, oh and by the way she just wants to be held," Lewis said to the both of them. "Megan pick her up," Lewis said turning around, "Pillar, come on," he told the Butterfree who currently had an orange in his 'hands', trying to peel it. Without looking away from the orange, he followed his trainer. Kaos left after the Butterfree, closing the door Psy followed them.

    "So let's put the past behind us, truce?" Kaos asked holding out his hand.

    "First how do you know my sister?" Lewis asked shaking Kaos' hand.

    "Well first I saved her life then I visited her everyday for a month," Kaos explained withdrawing his hand.


    "Harris you're in control of capturing that Oddish now," a voice said in a hoarse tone.

    "Yes commander," Harris said in his Lancer uniform.

    "What about me?" Alexis asked in her usually sharp tone.

    "You are in charge of capturing the children who prevented the capture," the Lancer commander told Alexis.

    "Yes commander," she said to her superior officer.

    "I expect my administrators to complete their jobs," he said looking at Harris and Alexis.

    "Yes sir!" they both said as they stood and left.


    Megan quickly changed out of her hospital gown that she wore and dressed in her usual attire. Then she picked up the pouch containing the sun stone and the picture putting them in her bag. She then picked up the Sandshrew, she sighed as it stopped crying. She then opened the door she saw Pillar still trying to peel his orange she couldn't help but giggle. Kaos heard the giggle and blushed softly.

    "Pillar looks like he needs help, so what where you guys talking about, during the short time I was changing?" Megan asked as she looked at the two boys.

    Lewis was about to explain that Pillar didn't like help and they where talking about Kaos meeting her, when a loud scream could be heard from the waiting room, about ten minutes later the nurse who changed the flowers came into view clutching a gash in her side. Lewis instinctively caught her as she collapsed.

    "What happened?" he asked eyes flashing from their usually calm appearance to a frantic anger.

    "Wild...Scyther...attacked...cut me bad...." Where the last words the nurse ever said. Lewis closed her eyes as he set the body down. A huge section of wall broke down as an Onix with red eyes charged through it. It roared in challenge as Zac came out of his pokéball.

    "I'll hold it off! You guys go get the Scyther!" Kaos yelled over the roar.

    "Roger that!" Lewis shouted back as he saluted Kaos for his bravery. Running as fast as he could with Megan behind him, they reached the waiting room in all of ten minutes. Breathing heavily they saw the Scyther, It was covered in dust but its 'scythes' were drenched with blood.

    The police were already there guns drawn. They surrounded the Scyther who glared at them with icy eyes.


    "Alright Zac, let's open up with Metal Claw!" Kaos told his pokémon, pointing at the Onix. The Zangoose ran forward on all fours, fore claws glowing with a steely gray energy. It jumped and struck the Onix's head and with a loud crash the Onix hit the ground, with a loud roar the rock snake slammed the ground with its tail, causing pointed stones to float around it.

    Red eyes glowing with a light blue aura, the stones where surrounded with an aura the same color. The stone edge attack launched as fast as they could, Kaos heard them cutting the air making it whistle. The stones dug into the Zangoose, who growled at the Onix, Blood could be seen staining the Zangoose's white fur.

    "One more hit like that could end the battle. Now use close combat," Kaos told his Zangoose as it ran forward. Running on all fours it crossed the space between the two pokémon hitting the Onix with a series of kicks and punches to the head. Zac lowered his arms and the Onix fell to the ground, Kaos threw a pokéball at it hitting the crest on its head. Converting into energy the Onix went into the ball, shaking once, twice and finally a third time the ball clicked and the light in the middle faded.

    "Looks like I caught an Onix," Kaos said walking over, he picked up the ball. He started to run to the waiting room getting there in about fifteen minutes, panting he saw a Scyther surrounded by police officers.


    "Stop its just confused!" Megan shouted running forward stopping before she hit an officer's arm.

    "Get out of our way!" The policeman growled keeping his arm out.

    "Let her pass," Lewis said calmly walking over to Megan handing her a pokéball, "Let her try to catch it," he told the officer who had his arm out.

    "That Scyther killed some one young man!" The officer said raising his voice.

    "Let her try, like she said it's confused," Lewis growled at him, narrowing his eyes.

    "Alright, it might attack though," the officer said after thinking about it for a moment.

    "If it attacks we can handle it," Kaos said walking past them and shooing them back.

    Megan walked past the two she had a clear look at the Scyther. It had a normal green colored body but its 'scythes' were black and dripping with blood.

    "It's alright come here," she said smiling sweetly, tilting her head slightly to the left and closing her eyes. The Scyther looked at the police force, then back at Megan and walked slowly toward her.

    "You know this is a big risk Lewis," Kaos said voice and eyes full of worry for Megan's safety.

    "He won't hurt Megan," Lewis said looking at Kaos, then back at the scene before him.

    'Lewis could always see a pokémon's personality and potential,' Megan thought as the Scyther stopped in front of her. She saw the blood dripping off the pokémon's 'scythes', causing her to think of the dead nurse.

    "I'll call you Darkness, do you like that?" Megan asked as Zac twitched as the Scyther looked at him. It thought as Psy started to munch on a cracker, slowly it nodded still looking at Zac.

    "Alright, Darkness it is," Megan said as she tapped the pokéball Lewis gave her on the pokémon's forehead. The Scyther was then converted into energy as the ball opened, snapping shut the center of the device flashed once, twice and finally a third time, being unable to shake in Megan's hand, it clicked and the Scyther was caught.

    "Well that was interesting," Kaos said looking the sphere that held his newly caught Onix.

    "Looks like someone's going to be on the news," Lewis said to Megan as she looked at Kaos blushing. She ran over and standing on her tip-toes kissed him on the cheek.

    "That was for worrying this time," Megan said blushing, while Lewis was trying to piecing the statement together.

    "Wait... What do you mean by this time?" Lewis half asked catching on, looking from Megan to Kaos, who had a light blush on his cheeks. Looking away from them he saw Pillar trying to get a police officer to peel the orange.

    "Get this bug away from me!" the officer yelled as Pillar tackled her.

    "Pillar you can't do that!" Lewis said tackling the Butterfree, taking the orange away from him.

    "That pokémon is crazy!" she said walking away fuming, while a defeated looking Pillar let his trainer peel the fruit.

    "Happy now, you got your orange but you got me in trouble." Lewis grumbled going into a usual rant about Pillar and his fruit.

    "Looks like someone's going to be on the news," Kaos said in a mocking tone as Lewis turned around a grin on his face. Kaos returned his pokémon to its home as Pillar finished his orange and was returned, Psy was walked toward Megan stopping at her heels.

    "Hey love-birds let's go to the pokémon center," Lewis said causing Megan to blush more furiously than Kaos had ever seen.

    "After we get our pokémon healed we should battle, Lewis, I want the kinks out of Valor," Kaos said looking angrily at Lewis for making Megan blush like that.

    "Who's Valor?" Megan asked still holding Armidill.

    "The Onix we saw earlier. Armidill return," Lewis said pointing the ball at the Sandshrew, converting it to energy, it withdrew into the ball.

    "Yeah Lewis, Valor is my new Onix," Kaos told Megan who put Darkness' pokéball away.


    They left the hospital and made their way to the pokémon center while Psy followed behind Megan, it wasn't long before Lewis got them lost in some area deep within Rustboro.
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  3. I think it will be fine until they get a spot to put it!! I used to be General vulpix, so you know I said I liked it. This is very good so far, and interesting I can't wait till you post the second chapter!!
  4. Okay this one will probably be in three parts, so I have a lot more to type. Anyway hope you like it!

    ~~~Chapter 2 Part A~~~

    "Easy enough," Lewis said as his P*D.A. gave another beep. Now Lewis found them in a system of alleys in Rustboro.

    "You have no idea where we're going do you?" Megan asked putting her PokéGear away, looking around only seeing trash cans and brick buildings.

    "I knew we should've taken a right turn at Devon Corp." Kaos growled looking at Lewis, putting his PokéNav away.

    "Not my fault my P*D.A. said it was this way," Lewis said putting it away before he muttered to himself, "I just forgot to get an upgraded navigation chip."

    "Oh sorry I didn't know you forgot to upgrade your navigation chip!" Kaos snapped hearing Lewis mutter to himself.

    "Don't fight! Why can't we just go back the way we came?" Megan asked looking at Kaos.

    "I'll stop if he stops." Lewis said childishly crossing his arms and pouting.

    "We can leave if we battle." Kaos said rather spitefully, his expression lightened when he saw Lewis pouting, laughing at his friend's dignifying mask crumbling away.

    "I hate battling," Lewis said regaining his posture as Kaos started laughing at him, a twinge went through Lewis as he realized his pokémon were as tired as his raccoon like eyes made him seem.

    I've never battled," Megan said softly, hearing Lewis' response didn't help her problem. She had an Oddish that had trouble learning new attacks and a blood drunk Scyther that had the blood of an innocent nurse on his 'hands'.

    "Megan just let your pokémon's strengths and weaknesses lead. So good luck when we cross that bridge," Lewis said walking into a trash can, falling down he cursed his bad luck. Jumping up he followed them again.

    "We'll stand a better chance by sticking together," Kaos said turning into a different alley, taking note of the metallic ground.

    "Kaos I've got a bad feeling about this." Megan said as Psy 'quaked', she walked closer behind Kaos as they went farther in the alley. Lewis walked behind Psy and laughed at its randomness. A man jumped out of a garbage can at the end of the space, he had dirty blonde hair and a proud look on his face... until he realized a banana peel was on his head. All three of them burst out laughed at the sight, the man shook his head until the peel feel off his head.

    "Ugh that's nasty!" he said kicking it away.

    "That's what you get for hiding in a garbage can!" Lewis struggled to say the sentence, he was laughing so hard.

    "Anyway bask to the main point, Dual's a proud member of the Rust Turf Squad! Now Dual shall battle one of you," he said looking them over, until he saw Megan a grin appeared on his face.

    "Why are you looking at me like that?" Megan asked looking at him disgusted.

    "Because Dual challenges you, little purple girl!" the man named Dual said, pulling out two pokéballs and throwing them, releasing a red bug that had eye patterns on it's claws, skinny legs and a gray under belly, its abdomen was a bit larger, indicating that it was female. And a Gray winged scorpion that had bright yellow eyes, red ears, red 'arms' leading to gray claws and a tail that had two points on the end, short gray legs protruded from its 'hips'.

    "Um... Petal, Darkness you're the stars!" Megan said throwing the pokéballs in the air. A small blue plant that had short legs and red grass on her head appeared from the first sphere. A green mantis as tall as a person stood from the second arms crossed in front of its chest. Black 'scythes' could be seen where its hands should be. Blood covered the tips of its wings and claws. It eyed the Scizor venomously, while Petal looked on the verge of fainting before the battle even started.

    "Okay Megan this is your first battle so do your best!" Kaos yelled over the scraping of metal and the howl of the wind. Dual apparently pushed a button to raise them to the roof tops.


    "Dual says both of you steel wing!" Dual yelled as the wind picked up, both pokémon flew up their wings glowed with a steely energy. Both of them took to the sky, reaching a point they dove down. Scizor struck Petal a scream of pain filled the air.

    "Petal moonlight, Darkness you dodge the other steel wing!" Megan yelled her Oddish tumbling backward. The Scyther flipped over Gliscor landing gracefully on the other side of the field. The Oddish was engulfed with yellowish that lasted for a couple seconds, before disappearing. "Alright awesome, Petal use petal dance on the Gliscor, Darkness use your fury cutter on Scizor!" Megan yelled gaining confidence, and pointing at the two pokémon. Flowers grew around the roof through the bricks; the Oddish stripped the flowers of their petals and sent the now whirlwind of multi colored leaves at the fang scorp pokémon, the petal dance hit Gliscor head on causing it to lose control in the wind. The Scyther lunged at the steel/bug type 'scythes' raised, it swung down hitting its evolved form in the side resulting in the Scizor also losing control in the wind.

    "Dual says little purple girl needs her medicine, poison jab on the Oddish, Gliscor! Use your double hit on the Scyther, Scizor!" Dual yelled as his two pokémon corrected them selves. The Gliscor's claw glowed purple poison dripping off of it, it dove toward Petal striking the weed pokémon in the face (being the only place it can hit) knocking it into the brick 'lip'. The Scizor claws glowed blackish purple as it neared the Scyther; it hit the mantis ninja once in chin then in the stomach sending it into the 'lip' as well.

    "Are you both all right?" Megan asked as both pokémon got up. They stood, shakily, and nodded. A white light enveloped Petal as she cried out to her trainer's question, it grew taller and green grass like hairs could be seen protruding under a green 'flower bud', honey like drool was oozing out of her mouth. "Petal, is that you?" Megan asked looking at the Gloom happily when she nodded. "Use sunny day Petal, Darkness you use counter!" she said and both pokémon nodded, Petal briefly charged up a white orb in her hands before thrusting it into the sky, the clouds parted showing the sun shining brightly down on the battlefield. Darkness charged forward kicking the Scizor in the chin then slamming it on the ground with his heel.

    "Dual says iron defense Scizor and harden Gliscor!" Dual said shading his eyes with his hand. The wind picked up Darkness and sent him tumbling through the wind currents.

    "Megan let your Scyther use wing attack on Scizor and Petal use solar beam on that Gliscor!" Lewis called chasing his hat around, followed by Psy's laughing.

    "You heard him, Darkness wing attack on the Scizor, Petal solar beam on the Gliscor!" Megan said triumphantly as the Scyther dove toward Scizor, anger in his eyes. He hit his evolved form in the stomach and she started spiraling, until she hit the ground, unconscious. Particles of sunlight were being drawn toward the center of Petal's 'flower', it fired the light at the fang scorp pokémon, a beam that glowed an almost white green color hit the ground/flying type in the torso and it flew into the lip and it's head bobbed on it's chest unconscious as well. She hugged both her pokémon before she returned them.

    "Dual says return and that Dual concedes defeat," Dual said bowing throwing a key at Megan and produced his pokémon's homes, recalling them for the time being. Megan caught the key and looked at it closely. 'Dual lost so please don't blame Dual!' was engraved in the handle.

    "What's this?" She asked looking away from it and back at her opponent. He merely shrugged before he went back onto his lift, followed by the three of them and Psy. The lift stopped as it fit into the ground like before the battle.

    "Another ride and I might lose... whatever I had to eat?" Lewis said putting a finger to his chin thinking if he had anything to eat that day. Kaos, Megan and Psy laughed at this making Lewis pout again.

    "Aww... you're so cute!" a calm female voice said from behind them, they looked around to see a girl that looked about fourteen watching Lewis sweetly. She wore a gray mining uniform and mining hat, white shoulder length hair with pink streaks could be seen under her hat, calm tan eyes were looking deep into Lewis' calm brown ones.

    "Dual must go back to his trash can now!" Dual said running back to the lone can at the end of the alley, lifting the metal lid he dove in, replaced the lid and peaked over the edge watching the scene before him.

    "Um... ok then Dual?" she said looking at trash can. “He has a few loose screws, referring to himself in the third person, living in that trash can and in battle he always says 'Dual says', so who are you guys?" she added looking back at them.

    "I'm Kaos Torque," he said somewhat confused by her straight forwardness.

    “I’m Lewis Koal and I must say it’s a pleasure to make your acquaintance miss,” Lewis said bowing. He straightened out his back and something hit his head, but when he looked nothing was there.

    “It’s a pleasure to meet you Kaos and Lewis! You can call me Missy.” she said looking at the both of them. “Especially you Lewis,” she added looking back at him.

    “Um… My name’s Megan Koal,” Megan said looking at Kaos then at her feet.

    “Yeah, yeah whatever,” she said shooing away Megan’s comment.

    “Who do you think you are? She was just trying to be friendly and you just say ‘Yeah, yeah whatever’ that‘s just over the top bad behavior with me,” Kaos growled looking at Megan then back at her.

    “I agree that was pretty sour,” Lewis said taking note that Kaos had a poke ball in his hand.

    “Well I’m sorry that I don’t take everything as seriously as you do! Now let’s battle!” she said irritated by Kaos and Lewis’ comments.

    “Now there’s something that doesn’t make want to puke!” Kaos said throwing his poke ball, a giant snake made out of rocks appeared out of the flash of light. Red eyes watched Missy carefully.

    “An Onix, so that’s an obvious choice for me!” She said putting the red and white sphere she held away, and produced a black on top white on bottom one instead, a ring of yellow color went all the way around the top of the sphere. She threw the ultra ball, it hit the ground before it split open, revealing a giant serpent as well but this one was made out of steel not rock. Two teeth could be seen in its open mouth, the Steelix was apparently a male one.

    "Alright but we're battling in my territory this time!" Missy yelled over another scraping of metal against rock. When the elevator stopped Lewis walked shakily off the lift and threw up his breakfast which was chunks of wheat toast and bacon bits now.

    "So that's what I had... I forgot!" Lewis said laughing. His laugh echoed through the tunnel, Valor slithered to one end of the tunnel Kaos behind him, Missy and her Steelix across from them.

    "You can beat her Kaos!" Megan yelled her voice echoing. She saw Lewis' breakfast and started coughing, Psy glared at him and Lewis stopped laughing and watched Psy's

    "Alright time to dim the lights," Missy said pushing a button on the wall behind her. The lights dimmed and made the cave even darker.

    "Ladies first," Kaos said bitterly, narrowing his eyes staring her down.


    "Ok Steelix! Flash canon!" Missy yelled, the cave echoed her command. Kaos, Lewis and Megan covered their ears at the sound of the Steelix's roar. A few rocks fell from the ceiling; a small crack appeared above the steel snake's head. A ball of pure steel energy formed in its mouth, a beam of energy like the orbs fired from the core. It hit the Onix below the chin and it roared in pain. The source of flash canon got smaller as the beam kept firing until it disappeared. The remains of the attack were a scorch mark on the Onix's body and a nightmare.

    "Hey Valor let's show them why your higher in the PokéDex than Steelix, rock slide!" Kaos yelled and Valor roared his response this time. The snake thrust his tail into the wall. Closing his eyes for a second he pulled it out then thrust it back in, and moved to the left, He thrust it upwards and rocks flew from the wall and ceiling and hit the Steelix in the head, just pinging off. The crack grew larger from the attack.

    "Steelix show them your iron tail, and for the first time try not to be careful!" Missy yelled venomously pointing at the rock/ground type. Pure steel coated the last three links of the steel/ground type's tail. It slithered toward the rock snake an evil look in his eyes.
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  5. I still like this story. :p

    Your writing style slightly remembers me of Sem's, I dunno, it just does. I hope to see the next chapter soon!
  6. Okay here's more and right where we left off in that battle. Enjoy!

    ~~~Chapter 2 part B~~~

    "Valor defend yourself with protect, then stone edge!" Kaos yelled as the Steelix neared. Valor roared as the stones remaining from the rock slide attack. A sphere formed around the rock snake keeping the steel snake at bay while its tail bounced ricocheted of the stone barrier. A spider web of blue aura spread through the stones that made up the shield. The rocks broke apart revealing an angry looking Onix who roared sending the rocks in all directions, ricocheting off the walls. They hit the steel snake's head crumbling to dust on impact. When the dirt cleared a Steelix looking pretty mad, scratches on its face and an angry looking Onix, red eyes with a slowly fading blue aura watched the Steelix as it slithered back to its position.

    "Steelix let's kick it up a notch! Gyro Ball on the Onix and don't you dare mess this one up!" Missy yelled, her voice echoing throughout the cave. Steelix roared again and started to rotate all of his links slowly. Three bands of pure steel energy formed around the snake's gyrating body.

    "Counter with iron tail, Valor!" Kaos yelled as the steel/ground type approached the rock/ground type. The Onix's tail glowed much like the Steelix's had but weaker. The rock snake swung his tail from the left side to the right clipping the Steelix on his metallic cheek; the steel snake hit the rock snake's sixth link, a roar of pain arose from deep within Valor. The crack grew larger still. The Steelix slithered back to its position a slight dent could be seen where iron tail struck.

    "Alright you've done made me mad now! Steelix destroy that Onix with Iron head!" Missy yelled at the top of her lungs, and her Steelix screeched, Lewis covered his ears and Psy used protect to prevent him and Megan from going deaf. Psy gave Lewis a look that said 'sucks to be you' and Lewis moved his hands and whistled some random tones to make sure his hearing was still fine. The Steelix was covered in a shroud of pure steel energy and started ramming toward the Onix at a high speed.

    "Dig okay, Valor?" Kaos said voice trembling, the Onix nodded slowly as the Steelix neared. Valor beat his head on the ground until a hole appeared; it dove into it tunneling as he went. The Steelix stopped looking for its prey. "Look under the sea of rock and you'll see the true power of rock types, Valor can you show them what I mean!" Kaos yelled with his eyes closed.

    "Steelix iron head when it surfaces!" Missy yelled in a panic stricken voice. The Steelix nodded getting ready to pulverize his previous form to dust. The Onix popped up in front of the steel type who struck his head on the ground, the Onix dove back into the ground before the attack hit. "What did you do? Are you cheating?!" Missy yelled like a spoiled brat and started pouting, as her Steelix kept trying to destroy Valor.

    "Not cheating but showing why my name's Kaos Torque! Valor on the other hand likes seeing Steelix hit their head on the ground constantly." Kaos explained as the Steelix now dizzy from the constant head banging was hit by the rock/ground type's dig launching it into the wall. The Steelix was peeled off of the wall by the force of the attack; Missy raised her arm and returned the steel type to its pokéball.

    "Great job Valor!" Kaos yelled to his Onix who sighed and closed his red eyes. Kaos recalled his pokémon to its pokéball. The Onix was converted into energy and was withdrawn into the sphere. "Now then shall we continue?" Kaos asked; an evil looking grin was plastered on his face, another 'cage' in his hand.

    "Yes we shall! I haven't lost yet! Magmortar burn him to a crisp!" She yelled throwing a red and white sphere into the field. It bounced on the ground before splitting open, revealing the pokémon inside. It had yellow 'hands' with three claws that could barely be seen over the end of the 'hand'. 'Hair' was billowing like fire; the shoulders had wisps that billowed like fire as well. A flame camouflage pattern covered most of the torso, save for the shoulders. Four pink spikes were protruding out of its back.

    "Alright Zac you're up!" Kaos yelled throwing the 'cage' in his hand. The blue and white Zangoose materialized and thrust his hands toward the Magmortar, spreading his claws. "Zac would you like a new toy?" He asked his pokémon, who nodded. An evil look in his eyes, the Magmortar recoiled slightly at the leer.

    "Ok Magmortar, how's about a flamethrower, make that Zangoose a crispy critter!" Missy half asked her pokémon, raising her hand palm out thrust. The Magmortar raised its 'hand' like its trainer did, withdrawing the claws to far back to see. Missy dimmed the lights so much that now you couldn't see anything. A stream of fire from the Magmortar's 'hand' sliced through the darkness illuminating the field.

    "Zac dodge and use metal claw!" Kaos yelled as the string of fire neared. The Zangoose ran forward fore claws, a steely white. It jumped above the flamethrower twisting in mid-air it struck the mass that was marked by the glow of heat. Grinning Zac landed a few paces behind Magmortar, striking its arm as it ran past, back to its position. A Scorch mark was on the Zangoose's arm.
    "Looks like your Zangoose can't stand the heat, Fire Blast!" Missy said waving her hand. The Magmortar raised its hand a ball of fire was inside the 'hand'. A thin stream of fire ran through each slit. The Magmortar staggered a few steps back as the ball grew in size. It 'threw' the ball at Zac, who covered his eyes from the intense glare. Kaos gritted his teeth in frustration, and covered his eyes too. Zac roared in pain as the fireball hit him in the chest knocking him into the wall behind Kaos. He got up and stood shakily while a certain Magmortar grinned in the Zangoose's direction. Zac growled at his opponent and walked back to his position.

    "Zac where's that fighting spirit you showed a little while ago? Crush claw on that Magmortar!" Kaos said his eyes readjusting to the dark. The Zangoose's claws started glowing white.

    "You think we're just going to let you do that? Fire punch to retaliate that crush claw!" Missy said calmly as the Zangoose's claw glowed white and Magmortar's fist was engulfed in flames. Kaos held his breath as white claws and flaming fist ran toward each other. The two attacks collided resulting in yet more roars of pain. Zac hit the wall and Magmortar hit a hole Valor dug. Zac pried himself off the wall and the Magmortar popped out the hole. Missy turned lights back on and waited for the end of this stare down. Magmortar's face was bloody and a cut ran through its left eye, the right side of Zac's face was covered in soot. The Zangoose lurched forward but caught himself; the Magmortar on the other hand was out but standing tall.

    "So does anyone else think that's weird?" Megan asked stepping back a couple steps. Kaos caught a key Missy tossed to him that had 'Now can you leave me alone' engraved on it. They returned their pokémon and moved back to the lift, where Megan hugged Kaos. Missy pushed the button on the side of the lift and they rose back up.

    "Megan you're got a lot weirder since I last saw you." Lewis said over the scrapping of metal and stone.

    "Hey!" Megan said letting go of Kaos and putting her hands on her hips.

    "Just saying," Lewis said closing his eyes. Psy sighed at their fighting as the elevator stopped. An image flashed in Lewis' head. A Pidgeotto with a long mane flew through his head. "That reminds me..." he said trailing off.


    "Alright that looks like everything!" A man, who was with a white lab coat, navy blue shirt and black pants and shoes, said excitedly clapping waking his ten year old twins. Lewis rubbed his eye with his wrist, yawning Megan sat up sleepily.

    "I was having a nice dream dad!" she said crankily, she wore purple shoes, a lavender shirt, a purple zip up jacket and navy blue shorts, looking at Lewis she stood by her mom. Lewis sat silently. He picked himself up and he was watching Psy stretch and walk over to his trainer.

    "Albert I think Lewis should go with you, Psy can you go get Petal so that Megan won't cry." she said getting her purse with her supplies. She wore a white lab coat, a pink sweater, a black skirt and black high heels. Psy saw the small plant and slowly stalked it, a few seconds latter he came out the Oddish surrounded in a pink aura. Setting it down telepathically it waddled over to her trainer.

    "Mom I don't want to go!" Megan said trying to pick up her pokémon. Giving up Petal happily ran around the group. A brown and cream colored bundle flew through the open window. Hitting the wall, it squawked and flew into Lewis' room.

    "Sally where are you?" the man named Albert said acting like he didn't see that. Lewis crept silently down to the end of the hall where his room was, and Sheer's current hiding place. He wore a sage green long sleeved shirt, faded blue jeans, green fingerless gloves, a black hat and black shoes.

    "Sally you there?" Lewis said jumping around the corner, running into the room. He saw the Pidgeotto's brown and cream body feathers, red head feathers fell down to the middle of her back. Cream and red tail feathers where spread like a fan. Pink legs led to three white talons on each foot.

    "Olivia why did you make their rooms have to be at the end of the hall?" Albert asked his wife chuckling at how his son walked down the hall.

    "Because if they where across the hall from our room we wouldn't be able to sleep," Olivia said calmly as a white flash erupted from the small bag. A little porcupine like animal looked happily at her. It had a tan under belly, emerald green eyes, and bluish green fur on its back. "Lava what are you doing?" she asked the Quilava who watched her still.

    "Good girl," Lewis said with the Pidgeotto perched on his forearm. He gave the bird to his dad, who looked shocked at his pokémon's friendliness toward another person. Lava, the Quilava, jumped on Lewis and fell asleep on the boy. Olivia returned her pokémon to its pokéball and chuckled at how Lava played with Lewis. Lewis got up and grabbed his tan backpack. A flash erupted from the pack as Wane, the Kabutops, shook off. It had a 'D' shaped head, Scythes for hands, fin like things on its back, thin legs attached to the torso long scales made up the under belly, the body was a muddy brown color and the Scythes looked the color of bone. It looked lazily around and yawned, Lewis fished out its pokéball.

    "Lewis I thought you had to return that to the academy!" Albert said shaking his head. Lewis returned Wane into the red and white sphere, putting it back into the bag. Petal stopped running around and looked at the family; smiling Megan returned it to its home.

    "Dad I'm going to battle with it tomorrow so Mrs. Torque said that it should stay with me 'til then." Lewis said shrugging walking back to his room. Lewis closed the door and someone knocked on the front door of their little beach house. Olivia walked over and opened the door. A woman in her early thirties stood there a smile plastered on her face. She had dark brown eyes and black hair she wore a yellow dress, a straw hat and yellow flip-flops on her feet. A boy that looked around twelve stood a few steps away from her he wore a white shirt and black jeans, black shoes covered his feet.

    "Howdy there Ma'am, can you tell me when the ferry for Hoenn pushes off?" She asked cheerfully, Lewis walked back into the living room a plastic bag in his hand, which was full of Goldfish crackers. "Howdy Lewis, How's Wane?" she asked still cheerful. His parents looked at him funny.

    "She's my substitute teacher Mrs. Torque, Ms. Joan is sick; He's fine by the way." Lewis said a slight smile on his face.

    "Hey mom where's Hoenn?" Megan asked looking at the map on the wall. Lewis pointed southeast and made a cutting motion with his hand. "Oh!" Megan said catching on to the 'not right now sign' that Lewis explained to her a while ago.

    "It says on your ticket and at the port," Olivia said, Psy eating a cracker from the kitchen, she saw Lewis' point and motion and she couldn't help but smile. Mrs. Torque took out the tickets and looked them over.

    "Well color me surprised it'll leave in about five minutes! C'mon Kaos we've got to go!" she exclaimed putting the tickets away. Closing the door Olivia looked for Lava's pokéball and saw it split open and the pokémon was licking Lewis' face. She sighed and recalled the pokémon and put the sphere back in her purse, Megan did the same with Petal putting her home in her school bag, purple in main color and over the shoulder style.

    "Well shall we or do you need invitations?" their dad asked clapping again. The other three members of the family nodded and walked out the door. Lewis ran to their boat and let Wane out of the ball. A few minutes later the rest of the family boarded.

    "Mom why can Lewis borrow a pokémon from school and I can't, it's just not fair!" Megan whined, Wane jumping in the water.

    "Because you have your own pokémon and Lewis doesn't." She said starting the boat. Albert took the wheel and they made their way to the Seafoam Islands. Wane followed them, before that incident.


    "Hey Lewis can you hear me!?" someone yelled in his ear. Lewis jumped and saw that they where back above the surface. "Yep he can," the voice said again, looking up he saw Megan's face watching his. She slapped him and walked away. Kaos helped him up and followed Megan. Lewis followed, looking around he saw the gate and a person standing with his arms folded. Kaos and Megan showed thier keys and he raised a pokéball.

    "You need to battle me now." he said simply. He had long black hair and he wore a black suit with a white tie.
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  7. Thanks for your comment Black Rock Shooter. Sorry for the wait but Here's the rest of Chapter 2. Once again Enjoy!

    ~~~Chapter Two Part C~~~

    "And who do you think you are?" Lewis asked raising his hands. A flash erupted from his belt and Lewis looked at the pokémon that came out of it and smiled seeing the glare she gave the trainer. Tan covered the top of the head and back, a white under belly, a brick like pattern was also on the back and blue eyes made up the body features. Short claws served as fingers and longer ones served as toes. Arms and legs where short and a little thick. The Sandshrew curled into a ball and started spinning.

    "There's no way I'm battling a Sandshrew!" he said shaking his head and kicked the pokémon away. Lewis pulled something out of his back pack that was covered in a black cloth.

    "Lewis what's that?" Megan asked quietly and Lewis unzipped his jacket and took it off, he then unwrapped the cloth and a vest full of throwing knives sat on the ground. He put that on and replaced his jacket, he pulled another clothed item and this time a short sheathe fell out. He pulled it up by the belt and clipped it diagonally over his other belt.

    "Megan, Kaos you should stand back." Lewis said unsheathing the short sword in a relaxed movement. It had a falcon wing shaped blade and a falcon beaked shaped gut hook on the tip. The hilt was oak and smooth from use.

    "Lewis you better tell me what's going on!" Megan said panic lined her voice. Lewis returned the Sandshrew and ran forward. A shadow with their sword drawn stood in the way.

    "I was wondering why you hadn't revealed yourself earlier, Lewis!" A soothing female voice said and two more shadows appeared. One held a silver Desert Eagle with a suppressor at the end of the barrel and the other held a grenade launcher, both pointing at Lewis.

    "Aether, Leana and Samantha I assumed you stopped following me. Megan I wanted to tell you everything but that whole incident at the hospital distracted me. I was an assassin but I turned against my superior officer's orders and fled. Before you ask I regret what I did then and I tried to put the past behind me, but it always finds me no matter what I do." Lewis explained sheathing his blade.

    "You're an assassin..." Megan said quietly. Falling over Kaos caught her.

    "Lewis you just had to make today the day to tell her!" Kaos said angrily helping Megan up.

    "Lewis it's time to die!" Aether said removing his hood. His Blonde hair was unkempt as usual, gray eyes shone evilly in the sun and a wicked grin plastered on his face. Lewis threw a knife at him plugging the barrel. Lewis grabbed the girl holding the pistol around the torso unsheathing his knife again and pressing it against her neck.

    "Picking on the weakest member of your former squad just to save your own life you've stooped lower than I expected!" Samantha took off her hood as well revealing her face. A stern look was plastered on her face and emerald green eyes shone sagely under her orange hair. Lewis pulled off Leana's hood and her long brown hair flowed out of it. Her brown eyes were shining with happiness and panic.

    "Make a move and she dies!" Lewis shouted adding to Leana's panic. "Don't worry I'll get you away from those two," He whispered to her calming her down immediately. He grabbed a knife from his vest, under his now unzipped jacket, and threw it at the man who guarded the gate and he fell, a key sliding out his pocket. Kaos ran over, picked up the key and opened the gate. Lewis threw a pokéball and his main transport appeared in a white flash. She had brown and cream body feathers, red and cream head feathers fell down to the base of her neck. Red tail feathers where spread like a fan. Pink legs led to three white talons on each foot.

    "It's nice to see you again Lewis," Leana said climbing on to his pokémon's back. Lewis climbed on behind her and put his hands around her waist, she leaned back her shoulder resting in the middle of his chest. The Pidgeot flapped her wings once and was airborne.

    "Altaria, take flight and follow that Pidgeot!" Samantha shouted throwing a blue and white sphere with red lines on the top. A flash of white light revealed a head, feet, neck and two hair tufts all in the same light shade of blue. Cloud like wings covered the rest of the body and a white beak was surrounded by white cheeks. A black collar was around its neck with a small speaker in it. It flapped its wings four times to get airborne and follow the normal/flying type. "Dragonbreath Altaria shoot it down." Samantha spook into an ear piece she wore.

    It threw its head back and a stream of green mist flew toward the Pidgeot at a high speed. It grazed the bird's wing and the trio began tumbling toward the ground.

    "Inferno cover us with flamethrower!" Leana shouted throwing a red and white sphere into the air. It split open and she caught it. An orange dragon with a pair of magnificent wings flew from the point of release. Two horns protruded from the base of the base of its rectangular skull. Thin arms came from below the point where the wings met the body. A tan underbelly ran to the tip of its flaming tail. Three white claws protruded from the tip of its fingers. Emerald green eyes scanned the area and spotting the girl it nodded opening its mouth a ball of fire was in the center of its four fanged mouth. It turned and fired a stream of fire embers parted the stream as it neared the targeted Altaria.

    "Flapps use aerial ace to stay in the air. Pillar help Inferno with psybeam!" Lewis shouted throwing a pokéball into the air as well. Revealing a Butterfree with green eyes, a pair of pink feet and hands hugged his body; a pink nose sniffed the air madly. Pink tinted wings fluttered rapidly to keep it in the air, a purplish body made up the rest of its form. Lewis caught the pokéball and he leaned closer to the bird's body. They turned up ward and leveled out. A multi-colored beam of energy flew toward the Altaria, which dodged both attacks gracefully.

    "After this I want to relax for a while." Leana stated simply. A buzz crackled from behind them and a scream from the Dragon/Flying type. The Pidgeot swooped low to the city, breaking the Altaria's line of sight.

    "Inferno!" Leana called and the Charizard flew next to them a small butterfly on its back. The Fire/Flying type found the red roof of the center and landed in the alley by the side. Flapps landing next to it ruffled her feathers and Lewis slid off helping Leana down Lewis grabbed the butterfly and it stared up at him, breathing weakly.

    "Pillar... you all right?" Lewis asked his pokémon quietly. It shook its head antennae bobbing as it did. A tear slid down Lewis' cheek landing on its forehead. Its breathing slowed and grew shallower. It closed its eyes and stopped breathing.


    "Any new information on the targets?" Alexis inquired walking into Harris' laboratory. She walked next to the screen and saw three boxes of text.

    "Yes but little, Agent X is with them and he foiled the plan to kill them with those two pokémon." Harris said grimly and the door opened again this time two people walked in wearing black uniforms with a yellow "L" on one glove.

    "Actually Agents X and Y are with them." Samantha said sitting down and spinning to face them. Aether set down his grenade launcher and sat as well.

    "So she still has feelings for him, then?" Harris asked leaning back. A speech bubble appeared in the corner and Alexis slid the mouse over it and clicked. A silhouette of a person was in the middle of the screen.

    "I hope you have good news." he said in his hoarse voice.

    "Unfortunately...no," Alexis said to him.

    "Well I'll send more men, make sure that this job fails not!" he barked at the two.

    "Yes sir, Mr. Shackles." All four of them said at the same time. Harris closed the link and turned around.

    "Ok let's get it done!" Aether yelled picking up his grenade launcher, running out the door. Samantha followed at a steady pace. Alexis and Harris continued their research on the teens.


    Lewis set Pillar's body down and Inferno burned it. He walked out and saw a gang of bikers were picking on Megan and Kaos. Leana walked out and two of them ran over grabbing her arms, she started screaming and a shadowy figure landed on one and jumped back onto the other. It landed a knee on the ground and claws glowing with a nightly energy. It had blackish-blue fur, red head 'feathers', a red 'feather' collar shoulder and tail. A yellow stone with three lines above it, red eyes white teeth and claws completed its appearance. A thin chain sported a chunk of ice and a small dog tag. It flipped back into its shadow and jumped out of one of the biker's shadows, striking him in the back. This repeated until the other members where out for the count. It walked over to Lewis and bowed, straightening it nodded to Leana.

    "Bors great job, thank you." Lewis said simply the Weavile following him over to his friends. "You all right?" Lewis asked helping them up.

    "Yes we're fine thanks," Megan said walking over to Leana. "But is she all right?" She asked reaching for her hand to help her up. A flash of white light erupted from her bag and a small canine stood their. It had Yellow fur and a white collar. The fur was sticking up like needles and long yellow ears protruded from its head. The inside of the ears were black and black eyes were the rest of it features. It growled at Megan and fired a weak thunder wave from its body barely missing her.

    "Circuit stop please, ok?" Leana said petting the Jolteon's head. Calming down it watched the two new teens carefully. Lewis walked into the center and sat at a table, followed by the rest.

    "Lewis when did this all start?" Megan asked sitting across from him. Leana sat next to Lewis and Kaos sat next to Megan.

    "Four years ago, after I fell out of the boat." he said grimacing. Kaos on the other hand sat clueless as to what was going on. "I'll explain after we get a room for the night." he said getting up and walking to the counter. Bors, the Weavile, slid into his shadow and appeared next to him.

    "How may I help you?" Nurse Joy asked looking at the Weavile then back to him. Lewis returned the Weavile into an ultra ball.

    "One room for four and can you get these guys back up to speed, please?" Lewis asked having received a glare from Leana.

    "Sure I just need a PokéDex or a trainer Card." the nurse said nodding slowly.

    "Here you go," he said handing a card to her; she placed it in the computer as he grabbed a tray placing a four pokéballs, a great ball and an ultra ball covered in pale blue numbers.

    "Lewis Koal?" she asked removing the card from the computer and handing it back to Lewis, along with a second card.

    "Yeah." Lewis said simply She took the tray over to a machine and scanned each one. Then she placed them on a machine with six slots.

    "Have a nice day!" she said cheerfully. Megan, Kaos and Leana repeated Lewis' steps (minus the room key one) and she took them placing them next to the machine with Lewis' pokémon.

    Lewis walked to the elevator pushing a button it opened and the four of them walked inside. Slowly raising to the ninth floor it split open and they walked out. Lewis walked down the hall and saw a familiar face.

    "Just turn around and walk." Lewis said turning and quickly walking away.

    "Hey wait!" someone called from down the hall.

    "Too late," Lewis said with a sigh turning he saw a girl with black hair and blue eyes. She wore a black tank-top with pink skulls on it, black jeans, a pink belt and black and pink boots. She watched him breathing heavily, eyes sparkling. Leana put her hand in Lewis' and the girl eyed her venomously, and Lewis looked confused.

    "Long time no see!" she said looking back at him smiling slightly. "New faces sorry didn't mean to be rude. My name's Val. Lewis come on someone wants to see you!" She said running down the stretch of the hall to a door painted pale blue. Lewis lead the group to the door and Val knocked twice followed by a scraping sound. "Why don't you visit later, 'kay?" Val asked opening the door and closed it swiftly behind her.

    "Our room is right here," Lewis said simply walking across the hall to a room marked '79' he slid the card key into the lock and it beeped, opening the door Lewis walked in and set his bag on a bed on one of the two bunk beds. The room had white walls with blue stripes painted length wise and black carpet. Brown wood furniture decorated the area. An alarm clock read 4:30p.m, white sheets covered the beds and pillows. A pale pink stripe was just barely visible under the green blanket. Lewis sat on the bottom bunk, Leana and Kaos claimed the top. Megan had the bunk across from Lewis.

    "So start explaining please." Megan stated simply, looking at her brother with an unblinking stare.

    "Get comfortable because this is going to be a long story." Lewis said as Kaos sat next to Megan. Leana was next to Lewis.
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