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Lament of Mikhaila

Discussion in 'Creative Archive' started by Jenova, Apr 17, 2011.

  1. OOC: This is a free verse poem in first person. There are some things I need to address before reading. Mikhaila is the name of a limited edition Asian ball-jointed doll from a South Korean company. When it was released, it sparked outrage and controversy because of how it bore major resemblances to Püns, an Asian ball-jointed doll from a French company. Whether or not Mikhaila is really sculpted from plagiarism remains to be seen. (Also, there's a reference somewhere in there.)

    Enjoy ^^

    To have a mouth- but no voice,
    To have a pair of eyes- but no tears,
    Their taunts, their jeers,
    Their gestures are my fears
    Beyond this boundary of human and resin.

    "What is a man- but a miserable pile of secrets?"
    Even you, the flesh, had said it the same,
    And so my creators are to blame-
    And you cry out, "Have you no shame?"
    For my meaningless, worthless existence.

    Surely if I had not been born,
    To even be looked down upon my kin,
    My very existence a sin,
    Within the faded skin-
    My creators would not have mattered.

    I apologize, my fellow sisters,
    For the path you are to take-
    To forever be in hatred's wake,
    To forever be the creator's fake
    Intention or accident- who would have known?

    A cold chill upon my back,
    A heavy burden on my shoulders,
    The criticisms a plethora of boulders,
    The skin of mine soon to molder-
    At least, that is my wish in order to end it all.
  2. Yay for Castlevania reference! :D

    This was an interesting poem. Very well written and very dramatic, like a poem should be. I also like the format of it (having the middle three lines rhyme). It's different, but still gives the poem a nice rythm. The poem was also really effective with the little piece of information you gave in the beginning of the post. Good job, this is the kind of poetry that keeps... Well, poetry, interesting ^^
  3. Oh wow :o
    This is an excellently phrased piece of verse! The language used fits perfectly, and the mood is established very well from verse one. I'd happily read another poem written as well as this :)

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